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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Feb. 4-11, 2018



Rick Kasper from Wyoming has a big grin with his tuna and dorado and says they also caught cabrilla, dozens of bonito and lost a bigger dorado!

Tuna Armando 2-18

Captain Armando got the guys onto the tuna spot returning with a nice batch of YFTs!

Steve Reich tuna 2-18 tags

Steve Reich from San Diego with a nice day of tuna

tuna doc doug 2-18 tags

Dr. Doug Finn from New York likes spending a few weeks every winter in La Paz and getting in some fishing.  He shows off one of his yellowfin tuna on the beach at Muertos Bay.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Feb. 4-11, 2018

Our fishing report this week is almost identical to last week.  Not many folks fishing this time of year. Typical windy days and then great sunny days and the key is really figuring out which days will be windy or not.  On the days it’s windy there’s two choices.  Either stay ashore and figure a different day to fish or go out and fish inshore where we’re catching the usual structure fish like pargo, cabrilla or snapper.  Just a little outside, bonito, sierra and jack crevalle add to the catch. Maybe the occasional dorado.

However, on the calmer days when we can move off just a bit further, especially over to Cerralvo Island, there’s yellowtail, big dog tooth snapper and the SURPRISE!!!! ….some decent 15-30 pound yellowfin tuna.   Slow trolling deep running Rapalas, live sardines and chunked frozen squid have been working best.
Normally, we don’t see these tuna out here this time of year.  The tuna are usually a spring / fall fish for us, but this is a real nice bonus.  There’s a spot of tuna off the south end of Cerralvo Island holding the fish but it’s all dependent on being able to make that quick run over if the wind and waves allow.  Fortunately, this past week there were some good days to make the run because if it’s blowing, it’s also hard to get the bait!
This would be nice if it holds out.  I’m not sure if these are left-over fish from last season or we’re onto the beginning of a super new season!  Will keep you posted for sure!  Pretty cool stuff!


Our 2018 Tailhunter Road Tour has Jilly and I splitting up and headed in different directions this past week.  Jilly covered the super Great Western Hunting and Conservation Show in Salt Lake City, UT.  I held the fort in our booth at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmans Show in Portland, Oregon!
Wow…what killer fun shows!  Thank you everyone who came to visit!  When we’re alone it sometimes makes it hard to chat as much as we’d like to, but we sure appreciated seeing you and big thanks also to all of you who booked trips with us this year!  We’re looking forward to the visit.  We’ll have some fun!
Next, we split up again . I’ll be in Bakersfield and Jilly head to Boise Idaho.  Come visit and we hope to see you there!
That’s our story!
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Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report: 

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La Paz – Las Arenas Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of Dec. 7-14, 2014

Tracey and Brian Campbell tags small dorado 12-14

Tracey and Brian Campbell were originally supposed to visit us last September, but Hurricane Odile got in the way . They were able to visit us this past week and get in some scuba diving, snorkeling and even a few days of fishing. Day one produced some nice dorado for taking back to Maryland and for dinner at Tailhunter Restaurant!

Carlos tags marlin small 12-14

Carlos Cota just went out for an hour. That’s all the time he had. We went just past the point in about 30 feet of water to catch a few snapper for dinner and ended up with this striped marlin instead. Just shows some of the crazy variety right now. They weren’t able to release the billfish.


Captain Jorge and Yolanda Wheeler, our amiga from Las Vegas got some HUGE sierra not too far offshore from Bahia de Los Muertos.




La Paz – Las Arenas Fishing Report for Week of Dec. 7-14, 2014

This past week was much more characteristic of December fishing.  We had a little wind.  A little breeze, especially late in the day.  Waters are turning cooler and so is the air temp, but the sun has been out all week and it’s a pleasant time to be in town.  Not many folks are in town now so you have the waters and the town pretty much to yourselves.

For the fishing, it seemed like it was different from day-to-day and panga to panga.  All of our fishing right now, is pretty much with our Las Arenas fleet, because the waters out of La Paz are more subject to the rougher waters and also greener waters not conducive to very good fishing.

But, for the bite, we’re still getting some nice wahoo…some billfish…and dorado.  Plus rooster fish seem to pop up ever few days as well.  The problem now is that it’s not consistent.  I tell folks there’s a big difference every day.  If the blue water fish aren’t biting then the inshore fish like sierra, pargo and cabrilla be come the target or, if the waters are bouncy or rough, there’s just no way to go too far out and you’re relegated to staying closer inshore fishing structure fish like the species mentioned.

The rub is that it’s hard to tell which fish will bite when.  We do keep an eye on the winds and generally speaking if the winds are blowing from the north, then we’re gonna be fishing inshore and there’s not too much chance of blue water species.  However, that being said, we DID hook a striped marlin this week less than 50 yards from shore in only about 30 feet of water and some of the dorado we hooked this week were close to shore as well!

 That’s our story!  Hope your holidays and Christmas season are off to a good start!

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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