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PHOTO 1: You’ve seen these two guys before. They are regular poster children with Tailhunter International because they always do so well AND take great photos. Mitch Chavira and Charlie McGhee from San Diego area are holding a few of their many yellowtail they took fishing over several days down here.

PHOTO 1: Fresh off the rail…Punta Perrico in the background. Mitch and Charlie hold two more forkies.

PHOTO 3: This is what the term “mossback” means. It’s the dark green/emerald back of a big old yellowtail. Also called “homeguards” because they don’t seem to migrate as much and hold “down home” in the rocks and other areas where they grow big and mean!

PHOTO 4: Helmut Tutass from the S.F. Bay area is a professional commercial diver up there and came down for some sunshine. He stands here with Captain Victor on the beach at Muertos holding a nice yellowtail.
PHOTO 6: Helmut Tutass and his wife, Mary, also spent a day fishing north of La Paz and hit El Bajo Seamount where he got 6 yellowtail and 3 other broke off.

La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report for Sunday March 30, 2007

Sure….here you go… it;s kinda hard to believe, but let me put this into context…

Normally, La Paz isn’t exactly Yellowtail Central. We get our share, but the normal Meccas for yellowtail are north of here in Loreto, Mulege, Santa Rosalia, Bay of L.A., etc. Normally, when we do get the yellows, it’s in late March or April.

This year, they started two months ago and the bite has just gotten better. As winter winds have given way, the yellowtail have come on like gangbusters. The initial bite was mostly off Bahia de Los Muertos in the shallow rocky waters just off Punta Perrico not 5 minutes away from where our panga fleets leave the beach. Unlike early fish, these fish kicked right off the bat with 30 and 40 pound sluggers!

And it got better from there. As the winds diminished, other spots north of La Paz around Cerralvo Island and Espiritu Santo Island joined the fray. Some days are better than others, but overall, this is possibly the best yellowtail bite we’ve seen in years. At El Bajo yellowtail, normally deep fish, are crashing and foaming on the surface chasing baits with bird diving on the melee. At La Reyna north of Cerralvo, the lighthouse and other high spots are producing fish tickling the 50 pound mark on big baits and iron. And, the original spot between Muertos Bay and Las Arenas seems to have that same school holding and holding. These fish are not line shy and have been hitting, 40, 50 and 60 pound test, but probably 50 percent or more of the fish are rocking anglers or busting them off. The key is to get out early and get to the fish first and before the sun gets too high.

For about 3 or 4 days this past week, the bite was just solid. El Bajo, especially, north of town was producing 5-10 fish per boat. with anglers telling me that they lost almost as many. Several rods got busted. Literally snapped. As one angler told me, “I had my Shimano 30 buttoned down in full drag with 60 pound test and could NOT stop the fish!” Another wasn’t ready when he got hit and was almost yanked over the side had the captain not grabbed him.

The La Paz side was definitely the hot spot this past week, but as we got into the weekend, perhaps because of more traffic on the spot, the bite slowed. For our hot spot at Muertos, the yellows were not quite so thick…at least, not as many fish were put on the boat, but….whoaaaa…the pargo jumped into the gap!

The pargo have been getting ignored, but they came on strong this week. Lots of hookups on BIG fish, but not many made it to the boats. Perhaps 1 fish out’ve 10-15 hook ups! That’s how powerful these fish are! But, we also had good light tackle action on a variety of other species including sierrra, big eye jacks, jack crevalle, pompano and roosterfish, not to mention bonito and skip jack. All-in-all, a pretty good week!

Tell ya what…if you’re coming down…here’s some tips..heavy short rods…40-60 pound test…flurocarbon leaders in 30-80 pound diameters are working well.

This is what Mitch Chavira had to say:
“These fish are brute’s and you gotta pick up the Pace. Pro or not, if you hook a big guy and he’s close to the rocks it’s all you can do to stop em. You need luck and experience. We did well with our loss ratio at Punta Perrico but it was much tougher at El Bajo. The day we got 12, we were rocked on about 35% of our bites. It was a very steady bite all day. We played around with some A & B testing of fluorocarbon vs. mono and various line weights, 30, 40, 60 and it didn’t seem to matter. The key to getting bit is to watch the water for boils, and chum like crazy. You gotta get em going and get bit near the surface to have the best shot at boating these slugs. We were also using short stout rods with A LOT of back bone. If you cant show these toads who’s boss from the get go, you’re in trouble. I think the ideal line would be 50lb maxima ultra green on a small two speed like a Shimano TLD 20 or a star drag Trinidad 40.”
This is Charlie’s take on it:
“We fished an hour earlier than anyone else every day and we fished twice one day. In fact, I would recommend that you put your costumers on your first boats out at Muetros as the bite is very short lived and always shut down around 8:30 when we were there. We fished with 40# Floro for the first three days at Muertos. No real problem with the rocks as the captains pull the fish into the deep water. When we got out to El Bajo, I decided to see if Floro mattered. I silently went to straight tie. No difference! It makes me think that 60 might be the call at el Bajo as the rocks got all the big ones. (You need to button it down and pull! There are some big fish there just waiting to be caught). We fished with Mustads. I think I am totally over the Owner and Gamagatsu thang! $4.95 for a pack of 20 hooks is just right for me. I’m sorry but those hooks don’t make you a better fisherman.As far as iron is concerned, I am an iron guy and I tried like hell to catch a fish on iron. I hooked one on surface iron, throwing into a boil. Nothing on yoyo (iron).”
Thanks, guys!
That’s my story!

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: Whoaa…off Punta Perrico the yellowtail are still milling! These first two photos are two of our best amigos and favorite poster boys! They know how to fish and they also take great photos for us trip after trip. This is Charlie “Stix” McGhee, a great drummer, music professor and angler. We’ve done several long range trips together. Stix knows how to put fish in the boat. This yellowtail is impressive. It’s almost as tall as him…and Charlie is taller than me!

PHOTO 2: Mitch Chavira, like Charlie McGhee also from the San Diego area and perhaps one of the best anglers in our area. He’s another of our poster boys. I have so many photos of him over the years as well as his son, Cole. Many of them make it into the magazines that I write for. Mitch knows how to pose with a fish! Check out this huge yellowtail. Note the calmness of the water and how close they are to shore! I keep telling folks that unlike so many other places in the Baja, we don’t have to go out very far for our fish! The guys fished at Punta Perrico which is literally 5 minutes away from where the boats left the beach.

They got 12 of these in one day. Some anglers are hooking this many, but the fish are taking them into the rocks. When these bad boys bite, you gotta PULL and lock down. Once they turn their heads…you’re done! Mitch and Charlie have fished the area for years and have done big fish out at Guadalupe Island as well.

PHOTO 3 : Jack Galloway from Alaska came down for some sunshine and tangled with some of our big yellowtail. This is an absolute HAWG fish! The yellowtail continued to bite off Punta Perrico, but some of the other area also started to open up as well.

PHOTO 4: A great rack of trophy-size yellowtail. This bite has been ongoing now for the better part of two months…close to shore and fish willing to eat live bait in shallow water. Fish are going 20-40 pounds with some larger. Great eating!
PHOTO 5: Sara Galloway is 12 years old. She and her dad came from Alaska. Take a look at this great picture! That’s a big mossback yellowtail she has there and check out the other ‘tails behind her. Sara got a couple of these fish with her dad, but lots of fish are getting the better of anglers taking them into the rocks before they can dig in and get the fish out!

PHOTO 6: Take a look at the size of this big boy (No, I’m not talking about Captain Victor who seems to be wearing a bit of winter weight…we’ll work it off him!). Seals got into the act and tore into some big fish. Nothing more frustrating than hooking a fish then watching the dogs get him. We don’t normally have a problem with seals, but every now and then one gets a wild hair and comes out to the fishing grounds ruining some great trophy fish!
PHOTO 7: I guess this needs no explanation. This is the bandito. I don’t like to hurt ’em permanently , but I don’t want them around either. That’s why I always try to keep a dead bonito or skipjack around. If the sealion comes around, I fill up the inside of that dead fish full of the hottest hot sauce I can find and throw it at the seal. The seal gulps it and immediately goes ballistic flipping around the ocean. And goes away!

PHOTO 8: This one made it to the boat. Great photos and a trophy fish for Sara. This would be great framed. That’s alot of meat there. Captain Victor lends a hand. Even a 12-year-old can do it!
La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report for March 23, 2007

Happy Easter everyone! God bless you all and your families!

The yellowtail got bigger, feistier and hungrier this past week. Check out these photos above. I guess if you just read the captions, there’s not much more for me to write without sounding like a broken record! See, the thing is, La Paz just isn’t known as a great yellowtail fishery. When someone says, ” I really want to catch yellowtail!” and are in earnest, I usually send them to Loreto, Mulege or Santa Rosalia where the waters are cooler and the yellowtail fishery is much more predominant.

La Paz gets it share of yellowtail, but it’s sometimes hit or miss. We get a few days in spring, then nothing, then a few more days, then nothing, then a few more days. You get the idea. Fortunately, other fish are often biting when the yellowtail aren’t biting.

But this season the yellowtail have come on like gangbusters and they showed up early. Normally, we don’t see yellows until late March or April, but these fish have been parked off Punta Perrico for the better part of two months. How long will they stay? I have no idea!!! The neat thing is that with the winds calming, we can now start checking out some of the other spots like Espiritu Santo Island or El Bajo or other spots around Cerralvo that have been too rough to get to. Who knows? Maybe even more and bigger yellowtail! We do know that some schools of the big pargo have started showing up around Cerralvo in a couple of our secret spots and also amberjack as well…the big toad boys that go up to 100 pounds. One lump of about 60 was hooked and busted off near the boat at color! But the captain told me he saw larger ones following it up as amberjack will often do! Dang…that gets my toes curling thinking about that. We actually got a few of those big boys last season!

Anyway, the yellowtail are eating sardines. No secret about that. Same with the pargo. Same with the roosterfish and cabrilla. Same with he sierra and big eye jacks we are also catchiing as well.

The biggest problem has been the seals and the rocks. Both are out there ready to cut you off! You really can’t horse with these fish. You have to turn their heads and get them to the boat ASAP! The longer they are in the water, the great the chance you’re gonna lose it!

We’ll keep you posted!


We noticed that on selected dates, Alaska Airlines has dropped it’s rates again. We found some as low as $350 round trip from Los Angeles to La Paz and back. That’s incredible. It was close to double that early in the year! Alaska flies Mon/ Wed/ Saturdays into La Paz. If you happened to purchase one of the higher priced tickets early, you may want to re-book at the lower rate. Even if Alaska charges 75 bucks or so to re-book, you still save money!


Click this. Can you believe it? They are putting marlin in a pen as well as tuna, jacks, wahoo…whatever fish your little heart always dreamed of catching. They put the boat in the pen with you and the fish and you hook up. Guaranteed!!! C’mon… Big bad big game fisherman!!! Pound your chest! Maybe this is what it’s coming to!

It’s a fishing ranch, where they catch ’em; grow ”em in a pen just so YOU can tell everyone you caught a grander marlin or 200 pound tuna! Click this: http://www.bluewaterfishingranch.com/

Have a great week!


Jonathan Roldan’s

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: End of the 2008 Road Tour in Salt Lake City, Utah. After 3 months on the road through Califoria, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and Utah, we’re done. Thanks to everyone who came out to the hunting and fishing shows to see us and came to chat. Now back to home to La Paz and let’s go fishing!

PHOTO 2: Monica was out fishing with Kevin Beehm of S. San Francisco and got into a nice school of jack crevalle. These tough fighters normally run in big schools off reefs and beaches and have such a hardcore reputation as fighters that the Mexican name for them is “toro” (bull). They’ll hit bait as well as lures with a crash and are excellent sportfish on light tackle or flyrods.

PHOTO 3: Another shot of Monica with a jack crevalle. Jacks are related to yellowtail, amberjack, pompano, roosterfish and several other species of the jack family that run in our waters. Most of them taste pretty good. Others don’t. However, all of them are grumpy battlers when hooked.
La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for March 16, 2007

Another surprising and good week of fishing off Muertos Bay. Those big fat yellowtail are still on the chew with more big fish in that 20-40 pound class of slugger. I don’t know how to explain the bite because fish of this quality don’t normally start showing up until about April or even May.

And then again, the better yellowtail bite is usually north of La Paz, especially off the north ends of Cerralvo Island and then around Espiritu Santo Island and El Bajo Seamount. However, for whatever reason the fish gods have decided, these big forktails have decided to park themselves right off Punta Perrico in relatively shallow water. Go figure. Like most things, it’s probably a chunk of bait sitting there or something.

I’ve dove the area with tanks and the area is pockmarked with terraced channels that go from about 10-100 feet with schools of fishing swimming parallel to the shoreline. It would be great to see what these schools of yellowtail look like underwater as they’ve been there in numbers now since February.

The only other time I’ve seen concentrated yellowtail was a dive I did off the wreck of the Salvatierra a ferry boat that went down in the channel between La Paz and the south point of Espiritu Santo Island. Right under the fantail of the large ship, I swam up and felt like I was being watched. I turned to my right and under the fantail there must have been a 20 foot curtain of hundreds of 20-30 pound yellowtail all facing into the current like a huge sheet of fish. It was amazing. I just parked myself on a little patch of sand about 15 feet in front of the school of hundreds of fish and sat down on it and just watched and watched until my air tanks got low. I wonder if the schools of Perrico are like that now too!

Anyway, these fish are eating bait pretty readily so it’s not complicated fishing. Basically, pin a bait on a hook and drift it down. A bit of flurocarbon leader doesn’t hurt. The fish do not seem to be line shy at all.

In addition to the big yellowtail, however, there’s schools of jack crevalle in the area (see the photos). These fish taste like the bottom of a shoe, but are excellent sportfish. There’s also schools of bonito and skipjack, cabrilla (seabass) and pargo in the same area as the yellowtail.


Well, we’ve been on the road since the beginning of January and we just wrapped up our final show in Salt Lake City. What a great venture it is every year and continues to be. Eight states covered in that time and driving the whole time perhaps through one of the worst winters on records through rain, sub zero weather, high winds, snow, ice, and mud. But at each show, at each city it was incredible to see all the old friends and meet the new ones. Thanks for all the hospitality, amigos. We got invited to so many homes and asked out to so many dinners and lunches and drinks, we could have been taken care of from start to finish and never paid for a motel or a meal. Thanks to all.

Now…back home to La Paz and a great 2008 season!

That’s my story!

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International
Phone: (626) 333-3355FAX: (626) 333-0115
U.S. Office: 3319 White Cloud Dr., Suite A, Hacienda Hts. CA 91745Mexico Office: , 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: Winter fishing doesn’t get much beter than this! Shallow water, inshore live bait fishing for big yellowtail! Rob Clark from Santa Rosa CA ripped up this nice forktail off Punta Perrico near Muertos Bay SE of La Paz. Rob got a few of these nice ‘tails and dropped another nice one he fought for a long time before it took him to the rocks and busted off!

PHOTO 2: Again, here’s Rob with a pretty yellowtail. Take a look at the flat waters and how close Rob is to the rocks. Even though winter is windy, we can hide on the lee side of the winds out of Muertos Bay and around Punta Perrico and still get quality fishing for trophys like this yellowtail, pargo, snapper, cabrilla, roosters and sierra. This week most of the yellowtail went 20-40 pounds.

La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report for March 9, 2008
It’s pretty hard to believe. They showed up early this year and have stuck around so far for more than a month. These big yellowtail off Punta Perrico continue to tear up the tackle. If you don’t know, Perrico is the little jut of rock and land just outside of Muertos Bay…that’s literally minutes from our launch spot in Muertos and only several dozen yards away from the beach at times.

This isn’t rocket science fishing either. Literally, a live bait pinned on a hook and dropped over the side on a drift is about all it has been taking. Not much complicated about that other than trying not to let the rod get jerked from your grip! Most times, no lures or weights are being used as the fish are relatively shallow and artificial gear gets hung up and lost on the rocks below.

Indeed, the biggest obstacle, once hooked, is keeping the fish themselves from rocking the anglers! This isn’t wide-open fishing, but there’s surely a good number of fish and the quality of these fish is incredible. Fish up to 40 pounds are not unusual and the boats are ranging from 2-8 fish per boat.

Other fish on the prowl include sierra, roosters, and pargo that were also caught as well as big eye jacks (the good eating ones) as well as skipjack.


Well, after 3 months on the road we finally wrap up our 2008 road tour. We just finished the huge Fred Hall Fishing and Boating Show at the Long Beach Convention Center and again, what a great time seeing all the amigos and also making new friends as well. Anyone coming by the booth knows it was PACKED in front of our booth most times and I’m really sorry if I didn’t get much time to chat very much at times as folks were 3 and 4 deep in front of us! But, we hope everyone had fun.

We are now back on the road and headed back to the cold after a week in the sunshine. We’re headed to one of our favorite places…Salt Lake City where we will be at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Sandy, Utah that goes from Wednesday to Sunday. Come see us. It’s our last show. We have a limited number of comp tickets to give out. If you let us know at least a day before you plan to arrive, we can give out 2 pairs per person for as long as they last. First come, first served. After that, we do have tickets at a discount. Hope to see you then!


Rates have been kinda high this year, but it seems that we got a break this week. Check with Alaska Airlines as rates went down a few days ago to around $380-450 round trip from Los Angeles to La Paz round trip for MANY dates! Also, don’t forget that if you get approved for an Alaska Airlines Visa card, you can get a 50 dollar companion voucher for a 2nd ticket. If you have questions, ask us!

That’s our story!

Jonathan Roldan’s

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Office: 3319 White Cloud Dr., Suite A, Hacienda Hts. CA 91745
Mexico Office: , 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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