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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of June 16-23, 2021


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos / Bahia Suenos Fishing Report for Week of June 16-23, 2021



One of several marlin hooked and either broke off or released by Bernie Cooks from Reno NV. This one was a big blue that broke off at the boat on light tackle.  Dozens were hooked this week and most were either released or broke off.  Very few were kept.

First-time visitor, Jim Price from the Riverside CA area with a huge bull dorado on the beach at Bahia Muertos.

Yup! Those are the first real tuna of the season taken on the backside of Cerralvo Island chasing the porpoise schools. Captain Jorge with long-time Tailhunter amigo, Steve Ritz and new amigo, Owen Cruz.

Every year, same time year-after-year, Kelly Jimenez from Loveland CO hits big fish with captain Pancho like this hefty roosterfish she caught and released out’ve Bahia Muertos.

Yea! Finally some wahoo on the deck! Chris Garden from Arizona staying a Rancho Costa shows off the speedster taken on that purple Rapala.

What a trip he had! Jaxon Adams from Utah with his dad, Jeff, had a long battle on this striped marlin while fishing with our La Paz fleet.

Matt Cooley from S. Africa really wanted to catch a roosterfish and had only one day to do it. Check out this beauty that Captain Gerardo estimated over 80 pounds. Matt struggles to heft it for the photo before releasing it.

This is a MONSTER!!! Huge bull dorado for Owen Cruz. Not just his first time to La Paz but also his first time fishing on the ocean and on his FIRST day he hits the jackpot.

Tim and Gavin Corcoran rocked this nice wahoo out’ve Bahia Muertos from Gary Wagner’s place at Rancho Costa.

Lynn Starnes is a great angler and a heckuva a professional photographer. Most of the marlin photos in this week’s report are all here fantastic shots. Here she is with a rooster of her own with Captain Jorge before a quick release.

Young Noah Stark gets help from mom, dad and Captain Rogelio on this thick marlin. He also released another one. Nicely done! The meat was donated.

Captain Jorge gives a thumbs-up for the rooster photo with Bernie Cooks cradling this nice fish. The fish was released.

Check the head on this big bull dorado! Kelly was fishing with Captain Chito when she put the wood to this trophy mahi.

Matt Brown from Philadelphia give Sean Gill from Colorado on his big striped marlin he caught fishing with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet. They donated much of the fish.

Has to be one of the best photos of the week. Early morning dorado for first timer amigo, Chuck Gibson fishing with Captain Jorge how has a great smile for the catch. This needs to be framed.

Heidn Bahr only had one day to squeeze in for fishing, but with Captain Arcangel, he put her onto this marlin that resulted in a long long battle.

First-timer and first-day luck for Jaxon Adams who gets a hand from his dad on this big-headed bull dorado.

Table full of football tuna ready to get cleaned and a good photo with Jim Price who got in on the early tuna bite this week.

The rough windy ocean doesn’t deter Rhonda Hoyt with the big smiles for hooking this dorado north of La Paz.

Just a crazy beautiful photo! Stephanie Stark with son, Noah and Captain Pancho off the cliffs with a pretty rooster ready for release.

He always gets into the fish, Dr. Santiago Morales has an ice chest full of tuna fillets to bring home.

Scott and A.J. Dworak with Captain Armando show off some of their first-day tuna. The boys are from Colorado.


Great sample of some of the variety available right now. Kelly and Diego with dorado, triggerfish, pargo, snapper and cabrilla.

Jeff has a dorado for the camera to start the day and great colors ready to release.

In some ways the fishing this past week was not as good as it had been. There were alot fewer fish caught. But, what we lacked in quantity, was more than set off by the quality of the fish we caught. Maybe our anglers didn’t catch as many fish, but the fish they did catch were bigger.


I have to be honest, it was kind of a weird and erratic week.  It wasn’t a great week.  There was some great fishing.  It wasn’t a bad week.  But, there was some bad fishing.   It was up-and-down and it was sideways.  Bottom line, everyone caught fish.  But, it was all over the place!


Alot had to do with winds that blew strong and cold in the mornings…and sometimes into the afternoons.  Where did these winds come from?  Totally unpredictable.  We found ourselves wearing jackets in the morning.  But, the winds really played a factor in clouding up the water and also blowing apart the big sargasso weed patches that were holding all those dorado for weeks.

All that great dorado action we’ve had for about 3 weeks dissipated somewhat. Definitely not as many dorado hit this week. However, the size and quality of the fish we hooked were some of the largest fish I have seen in decades. We had fish that were well over the 40-45 pound mark with some larger fish lost. A few of the bulls had heads that were easily 12-18 inches across and put up spectacular fights.

We even had tuna finally show up under the porpoise schools way on the outside. Football-sized fish of 10-15 pounds were running with the schools outside of Cerralvo Island, but on several days, our anglers fished them until they ran out’ve bait and the fish foaming and wanting more! This is really the first time we’ve had tuna in almost 3 years. Perhaps it also has something to do with the appearance of schools of tuna 6” squid we’re finding in the waters and in the bellies of the fish.


Roosterfish were as small as 15-20 pounds. But in many cases, especially if larger baits were used were 70-90 pounders! Almost all fish were released.


The most remarkable even of the week were the marlin that finally decided to bite.

Again, I think alot of the great fishing this year had to do with the fact that Covid protocols kept all activities of the water this year so the fish had time to grow. Bait was unmolested. There was almost zero traffic on the water.

Brent Gaddis from San Diego .

So, for the first time in many years, we have had a wild billfish bite this past week.  I am not kidding if I tell you that we maybe had 30-50 marlin biters this past week!  Unheard of!

On several days, our pangas were hooking or getting bit by 1-5 marlin or sailfish per day! Whether they wanted a marlin or not, the marlin were literally swimming around the pangas sometimes. Folks who weren’t interested in hooking a marlin told me they drove the boat away from the spots and the marlin still followed them.

Diego Jimenez from Colorado

Marty Sering from Oregon

Others, fishing lighter tackle for dorado or other species suddenly found themselves on a long-battle…some lasting well over an hour…on these billfish. A number of first-timers got the thrill of a lifetime hooking several billfish on long struggles . On several occasions, there were double and triple hook-ups on marlin or folks would be hooked on a smaller dorado or bonito only to have a huge marlin eat the hooked fish! Exciting stuff!

FYI…probably 90% of all the billfish either broke off or were released.  The photos shown in this week’s report represent only a tiny fraction of the fish hooked and in many cases, the anglers shown had already released other fish before finally running into a fish that could NOT be released.   Much of the marlin meat was donated to folks that needed food. 

Other species this week included, amberjack, snapper, pargo, cabrilla, bonito, skipjack, pompano and jack crevalle.

That’s my story!

Jonathan & Jilly

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of June 8-15, 2021


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of June 8-15, 2021



Maybe the biggest dorado so far of the season for our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet as the dorado are slowly making their way south. Captain Jorge with John McVay and a good-looking bull mahi on the beach at Muertos.

Captain Luis gives Denise Randall with another trophy dorado in that hot spot in the channel between Cerralvo Island and Las Cruces where the sargasso weeds have been building up.

Lucien Sanders from Idaho is our new poster kid for Tailhunter. Every time he comes down he catches the biggest fish and takes the best photos like this pretty bull with Captain Gerardo out’ve Bahia Muertos.

You can almost hear this big roosterfish roar as Sean Barnett from New Hampshire on his first trip to visit us caught and released this big fella just off the beach at Punta Arenas.

Just an incredible fish. An incredible photo. Dr. Jim Good from Denver CO with the understandable smiles.

Dean Kalmbach wanted a roosterfish for 10 years and finally got one and cradles this one for the photo before releasing it.

Elizabeth Vasquez had only one day to fish but was able to get into some of that dorado bite in the channel fishing with Captain Raul.

Our newest fun guy is Rich England who came all the way from Massachusetts. We lost count of his roosterfish catch-and-release record, but here’s a sample of one of them he hooked right in the shallows off Punta Arenas Beach.

One of our newest Tailhunter Tribe members is Cesar Garcia making the most of just squeezing in a single day of fishing with a pretty bull dorado.

Here’s a guy who loves to fish!  Oh yea! Huge big smiles for the big fish for Scott Randall with Captain Armando. The big dorado was released.

No shortage of color in this photos with two colorful dorado caught by Chao and Jacob Sanders from idaho. I think that’s their daughter taking a nap next to them.

This is a great photo. Double doubles for father-son Sean and Nick Barnett who double-teamed this pair of roosterfish and posted the great photo . Both fish released. They came all the way from New Hampshire.

Jim again in the gallery with yet another dorado! He caught alot of dorado and released most of them or gave them away.

Another of our avid lady anglers, Julia Kalmbach, has a feisty jack crevalle on hand before releasing it to torment someone else at a later date. These fish can fight!

What a great photo of a fresh blue dorado posed by young Lucien Sanders.

Katie Sgro squeezed in a day of fishing on one of the days that happened to be among the roughest of the week but still managed a good box of dorado to take home for hanging in there.

Steve Seeley gets the best beard-of-the-week award as he takes a photo with one of several roosterfish he was able to catch-and-release.

Another fish on the deck for Nino. On one of the roughest days in a long time, Nino stayed out and the day produced some good fish.

When the fish are on the chew, it can be lots of fun for the whole family.

Denise with another fish to add to the totals although this rooster was released. Captain Armando helps with the photo.

Emily and her dad Jason had a fun day on the water.


It was another good week of solid fishing with lots of action for the most part. . Until it wasn’t so good. There were a couple bumps here and there where maybe one panga did poorly or an area just didn’t produce.

There were also two days late in the week where we had a freak wind storm with winds from the south AND the west crashing and we actually were unable to launch any boats at all.  The subsequent days, the water remained somewhat turbid and green from the winds and it took a bit to get the fishing back on track with some really slow days for awhile.

Also,  some folks swung for the fences and spent their day chasing more elusive species like tuna, marlin or wahoo that didn’t show up.

However, everyone who chased what was there going on, got plenty of fish.  Mostly.  Most of the time.  It was a bit of a weird week.  Frankly, most of the fishing photos you see in this week’s gallery were caught earlier in the week.

Straight up, our La Paz fishing was far better. If you wanted to load up the ice chest, the dorado continue to be more than accommodating. You just have to find the right spot. There’s alot of floating sargasso out there (kelp paddies), but not every spot is holding fish.

The sargasso attracts sardines and other baitfish, especially flying fish that are laying their eggs and for the dorado, it’s like a floating buffet. If you hit the right spot, it can be non-stop action. Some of the “paddies” hold the younger 5-10 pound fish. Many anglers are tossing them back. But other paddies hold 15-30 pound and larger dorado that are really putting the wood to some of the anglers and a good many large fish are getting lost, but still lots of fun.

Our Las Arenas fishing is finally starting to see a few dorado as the sargasso moves south but mostly the bite for our fleet there has been a variety of fish including jack crevalle, snapper, pargo, cabrilla, bonito, amberjack, yellowtail, pompano, yellow jacks. Some days have been better than others. Roosterfish between 10 and 50 pound are still prowling the beaches with some larger. !

We have also had a couple of big striped and blue marlin come up on the lines that I’m told were 150-400 pound fish that hit baits, but the hooks didn’t stick.  As the week progressed, we saw more and more marlin cruising the surface or half-heartedly attaching baits and lures.  They’re in that sleepy state when they’re just getting acclimated to the warmer water and not really feeding to the frustration of many anglers.  However, within the next week or two, I would bet the billfish start going off.



Don’t forget that there are now direct flights on American Airlines for the first time in a decade direct from the U.S. to La Paz from Phoenix and from Dallas on selected days of the week!   This will last through summer.  Hopefully, longer if it stays popular.  Many of our clients have booked on these flights.  They’re great and saves that 3 hour drive from Cabo!  Don’t miss out!

Get in touch with us and we’ll put together a complete hotel/ fishing package for you!  Lots of dates are filled or filling fast!  We’re looking forward to seeing you this year!

That’s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly

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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of June 1-7, 2021


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of June 1-7, 2021



Dave Lindell has visited us many times over the years and always finds a good fish or two, like this nice roosterfish he caught and released with Captain Armando outside of Bahia Muertos. Dave is from Pendleton, Oregon.

Just a great shot! Big bulls in the hands of our San Diego amigos. Ryan Brock, John Stone and Jeff Correia ran into a nice school of dorado north of La Paz. There were more fish in the box.

Coral Hart always insists she catches more and bigger fish than husband, Jeremy.

We still have some nice grade pompano hanging out in our waters. John Stone is taking this one home.

Captain Jorge has a thumbs-up for Darren Robinson’s snapper that’s going to get added to the fish box for the day.

Dr. James Good from Denver just has too much fun! This particular day he hooked over 20 dorado and released most of them, but this huge bull is coming back to the freezer.

This is as good a photo as it gets. This is Baja. Just a pretty shot of our amigo from Denver, John Lowdermilk and his roosterfish. Fish was released.

Her biggest fish, gets a hand from Captain Alfredo for the photo. Tricia Kidman from Salt Lake City is all smiles.

Pound-for-pound maybe the toughest fighting fish we have down here, especially when they are horse-sized like this bonito caught by Darren Robinson.

One lonely tuna caught at the south end of Cerralvo Island got us all excited. Other fish were seen, but weren’t interested. Frankly, I think the fish was attracted to Bill Johnson’ great fishing shirt! Bill is another of our amigos from Denver.

A graduation trip after he just finished up at Texas A & M and starts work this summer, Quinn Mattson has double fisted dorado in hand .

Yes, marlin have started to show up finally. Tim Dummler with a pretty catch-and-release of this billfish.

Visiting us for the first time from Florida where he’s a professional chef, Preston Hix got into the dorado bite north of La Paz.

Another of our new Tailhunter amigos visiting for the first time, Brent Wischnack had a great few days with us and gets a quick photo with Captain Joel and a pair of nice dorado.

All the way from Massachusetts, Rich England’s day produced alot of action including several catch-and-release roosterfish like this one!

Alway fun. He never has a bad day, Rick Kasper (right) with amigo, Steve Shaolin, pose with 4 of their dorado headed to the freezers.

David Mkrtychev got his first roosterfish this trip fishing just outside of Bahia Muertos. The fish was released.

A tough fish to pull out’ve the rocks, John Stone adds this nice pargo to the fish box.

Alex Golubev has two more dorado to bring back to shore after fishing in the channel between Las Cruces and Cerralvo Island.

Steve Seeley’s first day and first trip to see us produced 5 roosterfish. All were released.

Gary Wagner has a knack for hitting big cabrilla out’ve the rocks and reefs around his place at Rancho Costa in Bahia Muertos.

Texas in the house! Duane and Quinn Mattson have some meat to take home!

Overall, the fishing just got one week better than last week and that week was one of the best period of fishing we have had in a long time. With great sunny weather and water’s continuing to warm and clear up, the schools of dorado around Espirito Santo Island and in the channel between the peninsula and the northern part of Cerralvo Island continued to be the main focus.

The dorado bite is producing some of the biggest and most plentiful dorado we have seen in years. Alot of that probably has much to do with the lack of fishing all last year during the pandemic. Fish this time of year are normally averaging about 10 pounds. This year, most fish are 20-40 pounders.

Sometimes, the bite starts slow and it takes a bit to find the right spot or right school. Some boats might do better than others on any given day. However, overall, limits or near limits of dorado are typical.

In addition to the dorado, numerous other species continue to help bed rods and produce alot of variety. Most encouraging are the marlin that we’re starting to see in our waters plus a smattering of tuna and wahoo.

Onto that, add in roosterfish between 10 and 50 pounds near the shores (all released); some huge bonito; jack crevalle, pargo, amberjack, the occasional yellowtail and sierra, pompano, trevally, rainbow runner, grouper and snapper and folks are getting plenty of action.

This week, American Airlines initiated the first direct flights into La Paz from the U.S from Dallas and Phoenix. These flights will continue until the beginning of September. This is the first time in almost a decade that we have direct flights from the U.S. to La Paz.


Note:  Michael Wilson, if you read this, please e-mail me: Jonathan@tailhunter.com.  Send me your e-mail address.


That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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