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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 23-30, 2016


This was done really really early in the morning after we had put out our boats and I did NOT wear my day-glow green shirt this time!


Weather – Nice.  High 90’s day/  high 60’s night  Very pleasant.  Getting cooler.  Had two days quite windy

Water – Blue and generally clear.  Surface temps in the mid-80’s.  But cooling down with the weather

Las Arenas Bite – The fish were twice as big.  But not many.  Tuna and wahoo main targets.  Lost more fish than we should.

La Paz Bite – All the little dorado you want.  Can be like a fish pond.  Releasing lots.  Some marlin still around.

Forecast – Really tapering off.  Gone from 20-40 fishermen a day to 4-8 per day.  Holidays approaching.  More snowbirds. and folks who just look for some sunshine and not necessarily here for water sports.  Town is nicely quiet!

Whalesharks – Got 3-8 right out in front in 10 feet of water.  Mostly 10-15 foot “babies” but there’s a few 20-30 footers too!  Fun swimming with them!

Quote of the Week – “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can by a fishing rod and that’s pretty much the same thing!”




Now THIS is a good day! Jorge Romero with Captain Ramon “Moncho” Green stuck 6 nice tuna out’ve Muertos Bay using squid.


Rusty Cain has made two trips with us this year and loves fishing with Captain Armando. He got his first tuna and he also nailed this fat speedy wahoo as well!


Our great fun family from Washington, the Millspaughs spent the whole week fishing with us. Check out the variety here…tuna…wahoo…roosterfish…dorado. Left to right, we have Tanner, Travis, Kendell and Julie. They tried to release the rooster, but couldn’t.


Captain Gerardo poses with Kirsten Ettner and Mike Hanson from Oregon and a couple of their Muertos Bay tuna!


Our San Francisco buddy, Paul Nagata visits us each year…sometimes twice a year and poses with one of the heavier tuna of the week.


New amigo from the Bay Area, Scott Evans was always smiling and fished hard despite the tougher bite. He’s all smiles here with one of his tuna.


Captain Armando with Justin Thomas from San Diego fishing with his father-in-law, Rusty Cain from Lemoore, CA. For each of them, it was their first tuna!


The Millspaugh family again with another fun day’s catch of tuna! That’s alot of fillets! They took 6 ice chests of fish home with them after a week on the water.


Captain Jorge holds up Scott’s tuna while he sneaks in a little peck on the cheek!


That’s a hefty chunk of tuna for Travis Millspaugh. The fish this week were definitely bigger…and tougher!



Paul didn’t get many tuna this week, but at least they were quality fish like this tuna with Captain Jorge.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 23-30, 2016

Now that we’ve come to the end of the month, I can say to all doubters…the best bite of the month took place during the full moon!  We had some pretty great conditions this past week, but it seemed that the further we got away from the full moon the pickier the fish got.  Still, everyone got bit. Everyone took home fish.  The action just wasn’t as heady as it had been the previous week or the week before.   In many respects, the fish were bigger…twice a big as before!  But only half as many fish were caught which meant some days some anglers didn’t get anything while their buddy caught one or two fish!  

Also, water are getting cooler.  We’re coming up on the end of the season and conditions are changing.  We’re getting cooler water fish like amberjack and sierra and the winds are also noticeably just a little stronger from the north week-by-week.


For the most part, not much changed.  I almost don’t even count the fishing anymore. The dorado are there.  They have been there for months.  Some days all you want.  And more!   You can catch easily limits by noon.  Stay out longer and catch-and-release many more.  

The problem is, they’re relatively all small fish.  Five pound mahi up to maybe 10 pounds.  If you wanna bring the kids or the family or don’t have much experience this is awfully fun and sometimes frantic with double and triple hookups.  Fill your cooler!

On the other hand, after a day-or-two, most folks have the “cake” and go for the larger and more elusive fish at Las Arenas.

There are billfish out there still. Mostly eating the smaller dorado.  Sent one panga out specifically only for marlin and they hooked four and lost 3 after nice fights. 


In a word…the fish got twice as big this week.  But, there were less than half-as-many!  

Basically, whereas we were catching 3, 4…6 ten-to-fifteen-pound tuna before, this week the fish were 20-35 pounds, but the boats only averaged 1-3 fish each.   Sometimes not even that.  But, these were definitely bigger, heartier and feistier fish.  I can only think what the counts would be like if so many fish had not been lost.  But, alot were lost!

Several reasons for that…

1.  Tougher fish and bigger fish

2.  Lack of experience (all part of the fun!)

3.  Danged triggerfish  (we’re using chunked squid for bait.  The triggerfish dive bomb the squid. Their teeth nick up the line.  Then a tuna bites.  The line snaps under pressure!)

Same with the wahoo.  The fish are definitely there and we got a couple.  But lost so many more.  Seems like the fish are bigger and surely more vicious.  Or maybe just smarter.  We’re losing alot of trolling lures the past few weeks to fish that seem to know how to hit the lines from the side…or something!  Only getting maybe 1 for every four fish that we hooked.  

Other species included some late-season rooster fish; scattered dorado; bonito; lots of triggerfish; sierra and even an amberjack.  A few marlin hooked too and lost. 



Check out all the sports gear and bags and bags of pencils and pens from Paul Nagata and Scott Evans. Some cool medical supplies as well and backpacks!  Jilly jumps into the photo.


Always fun to have them visit, Al Jones and Jeanne Sheasby brought a load of much needed school supplies for us!

Out with a bang!  If this is about the end of our season, there was surely no end to the generosity of our Tailhunter Tribal family who continued to bring so many goods for our supported charities.  Thanks to all of you and a special shout-out to Vic Patton, Joe Barrera and Tom Maher who brought a huge bag of clothes I could barely carrry it.  I didn’t get a chance to take their photo and give them the proper props.  You guys rock!  Muchas gracias!

That’s our story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 16-23, 2016



Weather – Cooler than normal, but lots of sun.  Low 90’s and sunny in the day / High 70’s low 80’s night with breeze.

Wind – Was great all week until wind blow late in the week and screwed up the Las Arenas bite.

Water – Temps in high 80’s and blue

Fishing Quality – During full moon early in the week the bite was great for nice tuna, wahoo, roosterfish and dorado.  Then at the end of the week it stank at Las Arenas.  La Paz – mostly only small to medium dorado.

Fishing Quantity – Fewer but bigger slugger fish at Las Arenas with 1-6 fish per panga.  La Paz, limits of small dorado most days.

Coming Week? –  Waters cooling.  Winter-type winds increasing.  Catching more sierra and rainbow runners.  Hope the tuna haven’t left us!

Quote of the Week – “To fish is human.  To throw back is divine.”




John Luker from Arroyo Grande CA has been our amigo for more years than I can count. Always a pleasure to have him here just like having a handful of nice fat yellowfin tuna!


I love this photo! Even Captain Arcangel looks like he’s in pain holding up these tough fish. Michelle was really really tired and said she had a sore back and arms from fighting fish! She and husband, Rudy, went home with 3 good days of fish in the ice chests.


Fresh on for the box! Great shot of Greg Hayes with a hot wahoo struggling not to get it’s photo taken!



Texas in the house! Kelli Hohn from Pipe Creek TX was fishing with Captain Hugo and has a colorful yellowfin tuna on the gaff!


This photo is frameable! Amigo from N. California, Tim Butterworth has been visiting us for over a decade and he got his biggest wahoo and a fine fine photo to prove it!


Like I said in the report, the tuna got a little chunkier this week. Julio Cornejo was fishing with Captain Gerardo and shows off one of his yellowfin!


From Lakewood CA, Tim Stansell got himself a really pretty ‘hoo fishing out’ve Bahia de los Muertos with Capitan Hugo on Roger Thompson’s boat. Check out those colors!


The Pfaff Brothers from Clovis CA started their trip off nicely with some yellowfin tuna out’ve Bahia de los Muertos! Best mustaches of the week, guys! Great to have you here!


You will be hard pressed to find funner folks who were real troopers this week! Shayna and Jason Andersen from Utah hung in there tough all week and fished harder than anyone and always smiling even when the fishing was slow.


What better way to spend your 11th birthday? Tristan Cornejo from Whittier CA with a nice dorado and big smile north of La Paz near Espirito Santo Island.


Captain Armando had himself a very productive week like these two nice yellowfin while fishing with John and Maryann Mussel.


This might be the biggest dorado of the year! Dana Hohn does her best to cradle the big bull for a great photo. She’s from Texas.


First timers with us, Russ and Lisa Alex went home with alot of fish including a bunch of tuna fillets that they caught with Captain Pancho. They fished most of the week.


Big smiles for John Mussel and Captain Armando and one of the larger tuna of the week.


Captain Gerardo helps with the photo shoot with Steve Long and Dana Milano with a couple of nice tuna and a wahoo from their first day of fishing.


Like I said, Armando had a good week! Wahoo here for Craig Brown and Bob Layko our good amigos from the Pacific Northwest. Bob always comes down to celebrate his birthday with us.


Here she is! Always in the fish. Donna Thompson holding a pretty wahoo on her boat with Captain Hugo. The wahoo were elusive this week insofar as I heard alot of stories of fish biting off the lures! This one wasn’t so lucky.


Holy cow! That’s a big roosterfish! Captain Victor and Greg Hayes share a laugh as they try to heft up the big gallo before releasing it!


Kyle MacDonald and his buddy Chad Kerley from Glendale CA hold up a couple of their yellowfin tuna caught with Captain Armando out’ve Bahia de los Muertos. One of the fish is especially girthy!


Kelli Hohn again this time with her wahoo on the Thompson’s boat with Captain Hugo. Big smiles!


Another great shot! We love families and the Andie family from Paso Robles CA…Brooks, Kristi and sons Tye and Cooper (kissing the fish) had some fun days fishing with us!

Joe and Francisco Schimeck from Grass Valley CA got into the tuna too. Joe came back a 2nd day and got wahoo and more tuna!

Joe and Francisco Schimeck from Grass Valley CA got into the tuna too. Joe came back a 2nd day and got wahoo and more tuna!


Hard to see it here, but Lisa Alex could barely contain herself when she hooked and landed this trophy rooster! It was a great catch! The big fish was released.


“You really want me to fight the fish AND lift them both up for a photo?” Cooper Andie from Paso Robles looks a bit worn out!



A pretty good day and alot of heavy fillets for the cooler for the Cornejo boys with three good-sized yellowfin and a wahoo to top it off!


Greg Hayes has one of the larger bull dorado of the week. Normally ALL the dorado this time of year should be AT LEAST this size!


No one worked harder for their fish this week than Jason Andersen. He finally got his yellowfin in the boat!  He always hung in there!


One of the kind of dorado we were hooking directly north of La Paz. John Mussel does the honors on this bull.


Almost bigger than him! Ty Andie does his best holding up his fish with Mike Davis for the camera. One more fish lying on the ground too!


Shayna Andersen put a number of these dorado to the wood while fishing north of La Paz around Espirito Santo Island. Check out the water!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 16-23, 2016

You would have thought the week would be exactly the opposite…at least the way alot of anglers feel.  With the big full moon this past week, folks tend to shy away thinking that the bite diminishes during the big moon.  

I’ve never been a big subscriber to that, at least as far as fishing down here in La Paz.  There’s alot of other variables that can affect it like wind, current, etc.  But standing alone, the full moon is just one factor.  And crazy as many folks might think, we had one of the best bites of the year while that big moon was shining down.  Perfect weather and water too.  

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet

True to form as it has been for months, if you just wanted to “catch fish” and just wanted “action” there were plenty of dorado to play with if you fished with our La Paz fleet. For some days and some boats it was all you wanted and boats were back by noon and clients back on the beach having lunch before mid-day!   It varied a bit from day-to-day, the overall, the dorado were hungry and willing to chew.   A few days, the bite was delayed and didn’t happen until late.  

So, we just told folks to be patient and sure enough, the schools would charge up at the end of the day with double and triple hook-ups and fill the box.  Or catch-and-release as fast as they could go.  

But no one didn’t catch fish…and all dorado.  We did see and hook a few marlin, but nothing stuck.

Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet

This is where the magic happened this week.  Fishing had been kinda stinky and sticky.  A real pick bite. 

Then, as the moon got fuller…so did the bite!

Bigger tuna…20’s…25’s…30’s   Wahoo came on stronger with 30-50 pound fish.  Roosterfish were mostly 40-80 pounds.  We even got a few dorado too.  The tuna, especially bit hard and put the hurt on some arms, backs and tackle.  There were several fish fought for 30, 40 minutes or longer that never got to the boats because they were lost.  The wahoo were biting through leaders and a few billfish came up on light tackle for a few minutes of thrill before busting off.  All-in-all, some pretty decent fishing.  Not off the charts, but good, steady and strong for most folks…most days.

Then, the moon started to slide on us.

And so did the fishing.  And another variable…strong winds later in the week that virtually shut down the bite.  There was one day when all of our boats at Las Arenas COMBINED…got ONE needlefish.  Nothing bit.  We used lures, live bait, chunked bait, dead bait…and only ONE needlefish!  I can never even remember a day like that…EVER!

Anyway, hopefully by the time you’re reading this things have turned around! 


Al Jones and Jeanne Sheasby always bring stuff and no different this year. School supplies for the kids.

Al Jones and Jeanne Sheasby always bring stuff and no different this year. School supplies for the kids.

We’re just about coming up to the end of the season after more than 20 years down here and I can see the home stretch.  Just maybe one last shout-out to all of you Tailhunter Amigos and Tribe Members with the big generous hearts who came down and brought down donations for our charities here.  Whether it was clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, toiletries or other things for the orphanage, the Vista Hermosa Pueblo, Care for Kids or the La Paz Women’s Shelter, it was all gratefully accepted with more smiles than you can imagine.

For those of you who left cash for our FANLAP scholarship funds, I believe we kept 7 kids in school this year and enough money came in just the last 2 weeks to keep 3 more kids in school for a year.  This is all done because of YOU and we cobble together those 20’s and 10’s and other denominations and just-like-that, aother kid is kept in school!  GRACIAS!

Greg and April Hayes took home alot of fish this week, but they also left even more...great school supplies and clothes!

Greg and April Hayes took home alot of fish this week, but they also left even more…great school supplies and clothes!

Pretty amazing that $300 keeps a kid in school who otherwise would have zero chance.  That $300 buys a pair of Jordan Nike basketball shoes in the U.S.  Here, it provides a uniform, books, school supplies, meals and transportation for a whole year for one kid.  And that kid, in turn, must keep up their grades AND help mentor a younger child.  So, kudos to all of you for making the world just a bit better and brighter!

I don’t have the exact weight, but this past fishing season YOU brought enough stuff to fill about 4 rooms from floor to ceiling with stuff for folks who don’t have it as well as you and I.  I believe the tally was something like 4 TONS of very cool needed stuff.  We are beyond grateful!

That’s our story!


 Jonathan and Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 9-16, 2016



Weather – low to mid 90’s in the daytime and sunny.  Very humid at times.  Nights comfortable mid-70’s

Water – mid 80’s warm.  Underwater visibility 20-70 feet.

Fishing Quality – Big wahoo 30-60 pounds / nicer tuna 20-30 pounds/ lots of small dorado

Fishing Quantity – If you fished Las Arenas very slow.  Big fish or nothing.  La Paz generally all the small dorado you want.  (HOLD EVERYTHING…As this was going to print on Sunday, our Las Arenas pangas blew up nicely on tuna and wahoo!)

Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet – One or two bigger fish or nothing especially earlier in the week. Slightly better later in the week  (Sunday after this was already written and produced, our Las Arenas pangas slammed tuna and wahoo!)

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet – Most days dum-bass fun action on lots of small dorado.  Great for kids, first timers, light tackle.  Fill-the-ice-chest-fishing.  Bite was later and later it seemed, but still good numbers.

Quote of the Week – “All fishermen are liars except you and me.  And I”m not so sure about you!”


The happy girl dance! Her 2nd wahoo of the trip and a great way to start the morning for Nina Duc Le from Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can still see the deep diver Rapala XRap hanging from the mouth. She also got tuna and rainbow runners.


Tom Mullican from Idaho is on his 2nd trip to us this year and I gotta say, he put the wood to the wahoo this week! I think I lost count of his wahoo…4? 5? 6? Here’s a photo of one of the big ones. There’s another photo down below of a larger wahoo and one of his tuna.


Our good friend, writer, author and musican and all-around-good-guy Tom Gatch from near the Ensenada area finally made it down to visit us with in La Paz and got in a few days fishing. He shows off a couple of nice yellowfin tuna on the beach at Muertos with Captain Pancho.


First time fishing with us, Greg Hayes and wife April with a badboy wahoo from Muertos/ Las Arenas. Captain Victor gets in the photo too!


I love this shot of our Sacramento buddy, Dave Wakabayashi who arleady has his cigar lit for this photo with his big wahoo.


From Denver, Dr. Betsie Spoerke could not be more fun or love fishing more! She was great, especially after landing her first tuna with Captain Gerardo!


Paul Saucedo has a big smile with this dorado he caught north of La Paz with Captain Raul. The fish along with the rest of the catch ended up for dinner at Tailhunter Restaurant for a birthday dinner!


Now THIS is a log wahoo! Mike Davis from Arroyo Grande put this big one in the boat near Muertos Bay and he’s all smiles! Parts ended up as sashime for dinner.


The first tuna for Cooper Andie from Paso Robles CA! I was told he stroked the fish with perfect rhythm all the way to the boat.


Double hands of dorado for Lloyd Okimura and Lon Tsukamoto, our buddies from Sacramento who ended up taking a couple of ice chests full of dorado home.


Here’s Tom Mullican again with one of the larger tuna of the week, a healthy yellowfin just off the beach at Las Arenas.


Captain Jorge and Nina Ducle and a beautiful wahoo…her first ever after several trips to fish with us, with the Rapala still hanging from it’s mouth! She even kept the head which has so much meat in it and often gets thrown away. She ended up catching 2 wahoo and several tuna!


His biggest wahoo ever, we think this one went over 50 pounds which is hard to tell from the angle of the photo with the fish headed away from the camera but this is a BIG wahoo and Tim Butterworth also a big guy! Our buddy spent a whole week with us and is from Sebastapol CA.


Jonathan Duc Le from New Mexico has fished with us many times, but I didn’t know he had never caught a tuna until this week with a hefty yellowfin fishing with Captain Jorge.


I think this is a totally frameable photo of Brooks Andie and his son, Tyler, and some of their dorado! Great shot.


It’s a wonder!!! One of my favorite guys of all time Jon Luker from Arroyo Grande CA and Cooper Andie from Paso Robles and a first-day yellowfun tuna.


Like I said, Tom Mullican had a great week. Here’s another shot of ANOTHER of his wahoo. This is a PHAT fish!!!!


Just a great colorful photo of Captain Jorge with Nina Ducle who had quite a week with three wahoo plus and other species. Here’s one of her tuna!


If these look like a yellowtail, it’s because these rainbow runners are cousins to yellowtail and are a good indication that waters are starting to cool as we’ve been catching more and more like these that Mike Davis caught.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 9-16, 2016

We’re coming down to the last few weeks of the season and conditions are changing!

It was difficult to describe fishing this past week for anglers who visited La Paz.  In some ways it was great fishing.  In some ways, it was some of the slowest fishing of the season.  Weather was great. Water was great.  It all depended on where you fish and what you were fishing for.


If you were simply looking for action… if you had kids…or first timers, fishing was really quite good relatively speaking.  The dorado bite had all the fish you could ask for most days.  The only problem was that often the whole day could be really slow then the bite blew up very late with crazy off-the-wall double and triple hooks-ups.  The other thing was that these dorado continued to be the 5-10 pound shorts we’ve had the last two seasons with only the occasional 20 or 30 pounder that simply dwarfed the other fish.

Still, if you just wanted to fill your zip-lock bags, it was hard to beat and still fun.  On some occasions, the bite would be early and our anglers would catch a bunch, release a bunch and be back on the beach with their toes in the sand at the hotel before noon and having lunch!  Kind of a nice day!

The biggest issue continues to be live bait.  There hasn’t been any for about two weeks, so the captains are making due with dead bait; catching bonito; and then we’re also selling fresh squid in the morning as well…and it all seems to work just fine.

One thing to note, is that the bite was super all week for the most part.  However, as we got into the full-moon, the bite slowed down.  It’s usually just the opposite.

That’s what happened at Las Arenas…it got stronger as the full moon came on.


For the 2nd week in a row, fishing was extremely slow in terms of NUMBERS of fish and ACTION.   Our pangas averaged no more than 1-3 fish per day, which is why I was glad we have two fleets so that I could send our clients to fish in La Paz where they could load up on dorado.

For Las Arenas, what we lacked in numbers we made up for in quality.  The few fish we caught were generally BIG fish.  But you only got that one shot, if you got it at all.  I won’t kid you that for some boats, they barely got bit.

For the ones that did get bit, they got the wahoo or their lives in some cases.  All the wahoo this week averaged 40-60 pounds!  These were huge ‘hoo that bit chunks of squid or dark Rapalas.   Some of these were simply free swimming fish near the rocks or shore that took a bit of dead bonito or a big fat slap of squid thrown at them.   We had one fish estimated at 60-70 pounds on the line for 15 minutes when a killer whale jumped in a grabbed it!

For other species, the tuna bite has slowed radically, but the ones caught were the larger 20-30 pound fatties that put the bend in some surprised rods.  Again, the chunked squid was the ticket.  However, we only caught 1-4 of these fish a day among several pangas.

There’s still some giant rooster fish around up to about 60 pounds.  There’s a smattering of 10 pound dorado and we’re also getting more and more big rainbow runners that are cousins to yellowtail and indicative that cooler waters are moving in as the season changes and starts to come to an end.

HOLD EVERYTHING! –  It was too late to get it into this report but SUNDAY our Las Arenas pangas got slammed with nice wahoo and tuna…under a full moon!  You’ll have to wait until next week for all the photos and details.  Hope it holds up!



This is so great! San Diego in the house! Joe and Sam Bina brought their family and friends and all kinds of toiletries, school supplies and and toys that are probably all headed to the women’s shelter here in La Paz!

From Moscow Idaho, our amigos Jim and Jeff with a big load of school supplies

From Moscow Idaho, our amigos Jim and Jeff with a big load of school supplies


Chris Kerley and his family filled up a bunch of really great toys and school supplies and educational materials that are probably going to Vista Hermosa Barrio.

Many thanks to all of our Tailhunter Tribe who brought stuff down this week…AND EVERY WEEK!  You make such a difference to so many lives here in La Paz and also to those of you who donated to our scholarship funds as well.  I think just from the little bits, three more kids will be able to stay in school for another year with clothes, books, transporation and food!  God bless you all!

That’s our story!



Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 2-9, 2016


WEEK AT A GLANCE- (1-10 being best)

Weather – 8 (great time to be here…cooler than normal, but sunny beach days!)

Water – 8 (gorgeous blue 85 degrees)

Quantity of Fish – 8 (if you’re fishing for dorado) 2 (if you’re fishing for anything else)

Quality of Fish – 4 (too many small dorado, offset by nice wahoo and larger tuna)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 7 (season winding down but fish still biting!)

Quote of the Week – “Lord grant me a fish so big that in telling the tale I won’t have to exaggerate!”




Firefighter amigo, Ken Campbell, finally got his dorado with Captain Armando this week. It was a good week for alot of our amigos to get their first wahoo!


Angelo Oliverio holds up some dinner…a nice yellowfin tuna and one of the huge triggerfish we were catching this week.


Tom Mullican has already been her in the springtime for 10 days of fishing and our Idaho friend is back again for two weeks and started off with a nice wahoo with Captain Jorge of our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet.


Captain Armando was on fire this week and loaded up on some of the better dorado with Steve Manney and Dana Murray from Washington.


Kelly Mizuno has been our amigo for many many seasons! Recently retired, he’s now an Alaskan fishing guide and shows off a dorado and Captain Gerardo has a tang! In my 20 years here, I’ve never seen one caught! They’re very good eating and Kelly caught several! Kelly and his wife, Stephanie are from the Sacramento CA area.


Gary Jackson from Oceanside CA only had one day to fish our Las Arenas fleet with us and made the most of it even though he only caught one fish! He rocked it with one of the larger wahoo of the week!


From the San Francisco Bay area, John McLucas and Bill Lee have fished with us for years and started their week of right with a nice rack of dorado, wahoo and triggers!


First time with us, Betsie Spoerke, from Denver holds up one of her bull dorado! Love this lady who is always smiling! She’s such a gamer!


Jim finally got his wahoo not too far from Punta Arenas after many frustrating years! They also had another one right to the boat ready to gaff when it broke off. This particular fish snapper Jim’s fishing rod too! You can see the Rapala in the fish’s mouth. Jim is from Moscow, Idaho.


Beautiful fish with Captain Armando (again) and Steve Manney and Dana Murray from Washington with their first-day wahoo.


Bev Idsinga from New Mexico has fished with us and caught many fish, but this stubborn bonito was the first fish that she baited, set the hook, and fought all on her own all the way to the boat! Well done, amiga!


Jim Adair’s got a yellowfin too!


Alex Dumbrowski with the tuna and Bob Manney with a huge dog-tooth snapper had alot of great fillets to put in the ice chest after their day at Bahia de los Muertos. Both live in Washington.


Our buddy, Dougie Idsinga, from New Mexico has a great shot of one of our La Paz dorado he hooked north of La Paz Bay.


Captain Pancho takes a photo with John Mc Lucas and his yellowfin tuna. There were definitely fewer tuna this week, but the ones we caught were respectable-sized fish.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 2-9, 2016

With some of the best conditions for ocean and weather in awhile, the beginning of the week was pretty scary.  Other than smallish dorado with our La Paz fleet, it was like the ocean shut off the fishing faucet.  The ocean turned into a desert!  There were no fish.  We had trouble getting even a bonito, triggerfish or needlefish to bite!  There was NOTHING!  After several weeks of some pretty decent fishing, the fish just got lockjaw and showed no interest in anything we were throwing, dropping, chumming or dragging.

Fortunately, as the week went on we recovered!

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet

This has become our most consistent area.  It’s pretty hard NOT to catch some fish if you fished with our La Paz Fleet.  There’s a mess of dorado and 99% of all the catch were dorado.  The problem is that some of them were awfully tiny and a good majority were under 10 pounds.  So, honestly, it was easy to catch 10, 20 or more dorado and hook-and-release as fast as you could go which is what most of our clients did releasing a majority of their catch after having some fun.  For several days some of our pangas were coming back to the beach well-before lunchtime and found our anglers already poolside with a cold one by noon and big smiles.

The downside of all that is the issue that regretfully there were so many small fish.   I’d estimate that the largest fish were only 15 pounders at most.

The other issue we faced this week is that for the first time, there was zero live bait to be had.  No mackerel, sardines or caballito to be purchased.  That didn’t stop anyone from getting limits of fish or having a good time, but we were using squid, chunked bonito and also trolling more often than normal.

Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing

This is where the bigger fish were this week.  But, it was anemic and unpredictable.  As mentioned earlier, the first few days of the week were like trying to pull teeth from a chicken.  There was absolutely nothing biting.  But, it got better.

But, the catch was erratic from boat to boat or area to area and it changed daily.

It seems the tuna bite is over, but there continues to be a smattering of 10-25 pound fish that like eating the big chunks of squid that we’re selling.  There are also some nicer 8-20 pound dorado…much larger than than the dorado we’re finding in La Paz.  But not as many.  Boats averaged only a handful of dorado per day.

The upside was that every day, we had a handful of wahoo hook ups of good-sized 30-45 pound fish.  I’d say about 1/2 got lost, but the ones that made it to the beach were good chunky speedsters.  The wahoo were a nice bonus and had a preference for trolled Rapalas.


How to even begin to say thanks to the folks who brought down SO MUCH gear, toys, supplies and other things for our Tailhunter Outreach program!  Several HUNDRED POUNDS of suitcases, ice chest and bags just filled with everything from school supplies, clothes, backpacks, hygiene products…even enough gear for a kid’s soccer team are just going to light up some lives…you have no idea!  We try to distribute pretty evenly between an orphanage, women’s shelter and two underserved schools.  Tailhunter Tribe…you’re the best!  Take a look at the photos plus an extra shout out to Tim and Paula Campbell…I didn’t get to take your photo (I was cleaning fish!) but hugs as well to you!


Nash Johnson does his best to blow up wit his mouth one of the many soccer balls he brought down!


Here’s the Washington gang! It’s hard to tell about all the stuff they brought down but several hundred dollars worth of supplies, toys, clothes and other items. Thanks to Steve, Peter, Alex, Nash, Dana, John Erick Bob and John. Nash’s company alone donated over $150 of school supplies. Just incredible. Just bags and bags of much needed things!


What you see here, in addition to book bags, school supplies and clothes is basically enough shoes and soccer balls to outfit an entire youth soccer team! That’s Don Busse wit the soccer ball on his head, Brad Baker, Jim Adair, Angelo Oliverio, Ken Campbell and Wiley Randolph…always great to have the visit from the L.A. area! Gonna make alot of kids really happy!


The Okizaki brother, Gary and Danny came down with two soft ice chest filled wit dictionaries, book bags and so many other things for the kids!


The grow ’em differently in Indianapolis Indiana where Steve Summers and his friends come from, but none with bigger hearts…they brought down FIVE SUITCASES this week just jam packed with everything from clothes to bags and books to backpacks!!! Oh…and funny costumes too!


Awwww…Bev and Dougie Idsinga our New Mexico amigos came for just 3 short nighs, but hauled down so many great clothes for little kids! Thank you, more than you know!

That’s our story!


Jonathan and Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 18-Oct.2, 2016


WEEK AT A GLANCE  (1-10 being best)

Weather – 8 (sunny low to mid 90’s / but cooler than normal/ humid)

Water – 8 (up to 88 degrees, but some cooler patches moving in)

Winds – 8 (not an issue)

Fishing Overall – 6 (not bad)

Quality of Fish – 6 (not alot of huge or trophy fish although some nicer tuna and roosters)

Quantity of Fish – 7 (limits of dorado / 1-4 tuna per day/ lots of bonito)

Live Bait – 2 (Dismal / We’re selling fresh squid for $30 per day and using other dead baits but all working good)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 7 (Optimistic but I can see the end of the season coming up!)

Quote of the Day – “Fish.  An animal that grows in size between the time it’s caught and the story told to friends.”



Our Colorado fish brother, John Ehlers comes every year and has caught a bunch of fish on his bucket list, but until this week, a wahoo has always eluded him! He made up for the lost time with this beauty!


John Pooley and Captain Victor with a good start to a fishing trip! Five nice yellowfin tuna! John and his wife Leslie were on their first trip to visit us from Tribuco Canyon CA


Hard to find a nicer couple than Monte and Marlene Aldridge who came for the SECOND TIME this year on a last-minute-whim! The also got into some nice tuna as well as dorado and other species. They’re from Annabella Utah.  They also brought a load of stuff for our women’s shelter!  (See photos way down the report!).


Captain Armando helps out a smiling Jim and Christi Brenneman from Idaho with their first fish of the trip on the beach at Muertos Bay. They also spent time with us snorkeling and swimming with the whalesharks!


Whoa! This is the “RIGHT KIND!” This is what ALL our dorado normally look like! Bill Stewart from Oregon and Captain Gerardo with a heck-of-a-nice bull dorado!


Neighbors from Folsom, CA, Jae Park and Mike Kingsmore show off a yellowfin tuna and a rainbow runner they caught near Punta Perico.


Not a bad day of dorado fishing for Kinh Duong who only had one day to fish! He’s from the San Jose CA area.


All the way from Wisconsin, Jeff and Wendy Elgin with Captain Armando started their trip with a bunch of yellowfin tuna.


Pacific Northwest amigos, Bill Stewart from Oregon and Dave Parker from Washington with some of their dorado they caught north of La Paz Bay.


Two of our favorites! (The people…not the fish although we love tuna!). John and Dolores Ehlers have been good friends of ours for years!


Some people have too much fun! This is Al “Bonito” Basye and Mike Witt who rocked the yellowfin tuna their first day out. I think they got 6 fish that day.


Mike and Dan from the Northrup Grumman Fishing Club came to fish with their amigos and take a knee to pose with 4 chunky yellowfin.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 25-Oct. 2, 2016

It wasn’t a spectacular week by any stretch, but there was some good to solid fishing most of the time.  Tuna and dorado were the main targets but the catches were rounded by billfish, wahoo and big rooster fish.

It was a pretty easy breakdown on where to fish and what you wanted to catch.  The areas were pretty distinct.  It makes for an easy report this week.


If someone only had one day to fish…if someone wasn’t too particular and just wanted action and catch a fish, the areas around La Paz with our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet was the place to be.  If you had a line in the water, you couldn’t help but catch a dorado.

They weren’t everywhere, but there were enough spots that sooner or later, you’d run into them and then it was “game on.”  Sometimes, the bite was early.   Sometimes it was late.  But almost every one of our pangas this week that fished La Paz got limits or near limits of dorado.

The downside of all that is that alot of these fish were only 5-10 pounders.  Great on light tackle, but a 15-20 pound fish would have been big…and unusual.  Normally, during this time of year, that size fish would have been one of our “smaller fish.”

But, as I said, there was no shortage of action and you just had to weed through the short guys if you were to have any chance at larger fish.

The other side of so many small fish was that this is what billfish like to eat and there were several marlin hookups (nothing stuck for long) while anglers were right in the middle of fishing for the school dorado.

One other issue…

For the last two years as we’ve endured El Nino conditions, finding live bait has been a struggle.  But, for our La Paz fishermen, more often than not, we found enough to go place scarce as it might be.  Well, this past week, we couldn’t even find a minuscule amount.  It was tough.  We resorted to doing a little more trolling than normal and also using dead bonito and other dead bait.  But, they all seemed to work just fine even without the live bait.  Good thing dorado, aren’t too picky.



While fishing out of La Paz was a sure thing and there were lots of dorado (albeit small) to catch, if you fished with our Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay fleet you were taking it to another level.

There weren’t many dorado at all.  But, tuna were the primary targets and most days each panga got 1-6 decent-sized yellow”fun” tuna in the 10-25 pound size.  Fun size for most folks!

The trick on these tuna were the fresh dead squid we have been acquiring for our fisher folks; cutting it up; bagging it and making it available for each of our anglers.  This had to be fresh restaurant quality calamar and preferably the white bodies, to the tentacles.  Picky fish!  But, two or three of these fish would fill up an ice chest.

Other species that rounded out the Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay catch included a few wahoo and some 40-70 pound rooster fish that are still hanging around the beach areas.

UPDATE:  SUNDAY – As this was going to print…easy limits of dorado for La Paz.  Las Arenas, really slow.  Only one tuna.  One wahoo.  One big roosterfish.  Hope it’s just a one-day aberration.  😦



Big group of generous hearts! Jim and Christi Brenneman, Dolores and John Ehlers, Jeff and Ann Lilla hauled clothes, school supplies, bookbags and toys down for our charities!


The filled ice chests full of shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, school supplies and other things for our women’s shelter and orphanage and filled ’em up with fish fillets! Big kudos to Marlene and Monte Aldridge from Utah for helping out! Much appreciated!

Quick shout out to our Tailhunter Tribe member show brought down stuff for the schools, women’s shelter and orphanage!  More grateful than you can know and I only wish you could see the smiles when these things are delivered.  You DO make a difference!

That’s our story!


Jonathan and Jilly

 Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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