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PHOTO 1: Marty Newbury from Oregon was on his first trip down here to La Paz. This was his first day on the water fishing with our fleet out of Las Arenas. He got a sailfish that he released. He got roosterfish that he released. And, he got dorado including this ripper bull dorado…that didn’t get released! The fish looks big, but also figure in that Marty is pretty big too as a former college football player.


La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for the week of July20-26, 2008

PHOTO 2: I like fun photos. Can’t help it. Here, Kurt Hargett, his wife Corrina, and amigo Martin Newbury all from Oregon pose with some of the dorado they got fishing with our La Paz fleet north of La Paz. The majority of the fish are dorado right now north of town varying in size from small fry up to larger bulls in the 40 pound class.

PHOTO 3: We’ve had alot of neat folks from Oregon lately for some reason come visit us. Captain Armando with our Las Arenas fleet helps hold up a sweet bull dorado held by Randy Evans…FROM OREGON! Next to our Californians, I think we’ve had more folks from Oregon and Texas than other years.

PHOTO 4: Late in the week, the dorado got picky and the bite got scratchy, but our good amigo, Tom Moon from the Los Angeles area, said they kept at it and over two days still got some nice bulls like this one. Much of the bite took place in the afternoon and he said you just had to wait. In fact their best flurry of dorado was when they were fishing inshore for pargo when a jag of dorado came swimming through the shallow water.

PHOTO 5: Fishing two days with our La Paz fleet, Rob Woods poses with one of his dorado after a good day. They hooked six this particular day, but reported that there wasn’t even a bite until the afternoon. But rather than change plans, they were patient and the fish showed up!

PHOTO 6: Dave and his wife Linda-Lisa-Lacy-Lucy Evans (I know she’ll read this) got into some nice dorado fishing. In fact, they got about 8 different species of fish over the week they spent with us. Here, the Oregon couple show off some quality dorado.
PHOTO 7: Show me an unusual pose and you stand a better chance of making the report. Bob Connell, Jr. holds one dorado aloft while Chad Everett’s fish is so big it drags the sand! They had to work hard for their fish, but managed to fill their ice chest to take home.

PHOTO 8 – Mr. Willie Randolph (no not the baseball guy, but everyone asked him)…fished several days with us and also got into the dorado while fishing with our La Paz fleet. Las Arenas had alot of variety, but this time of year, if you want dorado, our La Paz fleet is the one to be with. Willie is from Henderson, Nevada.

PHOTO 8: Captain Jacobo with our La Paz fleet poses with Camille Randolph from Henderson NV, who came with her father. Here’s how dad described the event:

” . . . after 2 days of fishing and a not so productive morning, I instructed the captain that we wanted to come in early. On the way in, the captain placed 2 trolling rigs in the water. About 30 mins into our trip the Captain spotted a Marlin skimmy across the surface and immediately placed the boat on an interception path to the Marlin. In a flash, the marlin was on our tail. The Captain sped-up/slowed-down several times in an apparent attempt to keep the fish interested–and he was; however, no matter how many attempts the fish made at the plugs (and there were several!) he was not hung. In desperation, the captain had me drive the boat (now that’s desperation for you!) while he prepared a rod with live bait. That did the trick! For the next 3 hrs, my daughter, Camille, was in for the fight of her life which ended, unfortunately, with the death of the fish. It was our hope to catch, photo, and release this magnificant fish but it didn’t work out that way. My daughter and I will cherish the memories from this trip for the rest of our lives, and we look forward to our next trip to La Paz. “

PHOTO 9: There’s still alot of roosterfish along the beaches at Las Arenas. Schools of smaller fish are great fun with the light tackle. But there’s some 50-90 pounders in the same area. This guy will hopefully grow up to be one of the big boys. He was caught by Kurt Hargett from Oregon who got into a bunch of these and released them.
PHOTO 10: Eric Hinderliter said it was the “time of his life.” He and his family came all the way out from Illinois and were convinced to try a day of fishing with us. They nailed a bunch of large dorado like this one then sat down to a big fish dinner that they’d be hard pressed to find back home in Illinois. The smile says it all.

PHOTO 11: Uncle Al Cohen from the Los Angeles area, always does well. He’s been fishing down here for a couple of decades. This big bull was taken north of La Paz. Note the tail end where he said it looked like something had taken a bite out of the fish…a fresh bite! Al comes down every year.
PHOTO 12: Look carefully. There is supposed to be a picture of Larry Crass from Santa Maria here. He is holding a HUGE dorado. But, maybe Larry is a vampire. No matter what I did to the photo, it would NOT appear on this page! Pretty eerie. But believe me, it’s BIG FISH!!! It’s almost as big as his buddy Al Cohen’s fish (above).

PHOTO 13: Can it be? Sure looks like Dave Wight from Torrance CA has a catfish. Actually, it’s a cominate sea catfish. Check out the whiskers!

PHOTO 14 and 15: I’m not sure this is something I’d want dangling between my legs, but Pete Wight from Torrance CA was kayak fishing in front of the Costa Baja Marina and jigged this Pacific Cutlassfish up. Pete has a habit of catching weird species everytime he comes down. There’s over 700 species of KNOWN fish in the Sea of Cortez.


The week started off incredibly well for both our Las Arenas and La Paz fleets. A continuation of the great full moon bite, there had been a solid rip of a bite going on. So much for theories of bad fishing during a full moon.
I would have thought that as the full moon waned and got darker that fishing would have continued strong or even gotten better. We had dorado slashing our La Paz boats and marlin suddenly showing up in the chum lines. It was almost a question of having TOO MUCH FISH!
For my La Paz fleets a smattering of dorado, but mixed with roosters, pompano, bonito, amberjack, wahoo, sailfish, and pargo made for great fishing as well.
Then, about Wednesday, clouds moved in. Winds came up. But that’s it. Not a big deal. But for whatever reason, the fish just got lockjawed. I mean, marlin could be seen and would refused to take a bait. Same with dorado. They’d swim around the boat and then look at a bait like it had stink on it or something or simply bite off the back half. That’s really frustrating to see dorado all around and then they aren’t hungry. Dorado are usually so voracious that something must be off if they’re not opening their mouths!!!
Still, there were fish to be caught. You just had to be a little more patient. You had to be persistent and you had to bring your “A” game. You might only get one flurry and you’d better not be sitting on your hands. If you missed your shot you missed your shot. Miss and go home. That big bull is only swimming by once today! But, everyone got fish. You just had to work it a bit more.
The big thing is that tuna finally made a sustained showing this past week. I’m not sure I’d get real excited just yet, but schools of small football yellowfin tuna popped up at the north and south side of Cerralvo Island. I wouldn’t have even called some of these “football fish” as they were about 5 pounders, but there were a few 10-15 pounders. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.
If you’re coming down this week, bring some patience. Some of my captains told me that the clients were too antsy and if they had just waited, the fish were coming. Let the captains do their thing. Also, flurocarbon leaders made a big difference in both the quantity and quality of the catch.
That’s my story!
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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: What a week for dorado! And it wasn’t even full-turbo yet…it’s just getting started, but take a look at some of these photos! There’s some big fish running through here and here’s a perfect example. Cheryl Atkinson rolled up on this 50 pound class dorado and is seen here with popular Captain Jorge with our Las Arenas Fleet. Cheryl is also one of our favorites and always does well. Scroll down and see what her husband, Len, caught!


La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for the week of July 12-19, 2008

PHOTO 2: Darned good week for marlin and sailfish. David Wight of Torrance was on his first trip with us. He nailed the dorado and got his first two marlin as well. One was released, this 300 pound blue marlin was fought for 90 minutes. Captain Miguel with our La Paz Fleet stands by. All the meat was donated to families.

PHOTO 3: Yes…spearfishers rock! Jeff Saito, Craig Nunokawa and Corey Fujita spent a week with us. Jeff and Craig are from Maui, Hawaii. Corey is from Torrance CA. These guys blew up the schools of amberjack (big cousins to yellowtail). Here, they hold up just a few of the big jacks they speared off the El Bajo Seamount north of La Paz. Spearfishing in Mexico is an incredible atheltic sport. This is all free-diving. No scuba tanks allowed! (MORE PHOTOS BELOW)

PHOTO 4: Our buddy, Len Atkinson, comes down here to La Paz with his wife, Cheryl (see photo 1) several times a year. He’s always after a wahoo and so far has been unsuccessful. Well, this week he finally got one. But look closely! No one could believe the size of this wahoo! Normally, they’re 40, 50…80 pounders. This little guy is about 2 feet long and hit a lure half his size! The wahoo are still out there at the south end of Cerralvo Island for our Las Arenas fleet.

PHOTO 5: One more big big bull dorado. Steve Vetrone from Monrovia CA came down for his annual summer-time trip and got into our dorado bite this past week as well. The fish are eating a variety of baits including mackerel, caballitos, sardines, stripped bait, whole small bonito and feathers.

PHOTO 6: Dave Flake from Temecula CA hold up his big bull dorado just out’ve the water. Great colors! Dave’s the author of a number of thriller books and his book, “Tight Genes” about genetic engineering with an NFL football team is not only a great read, but is being made into a movie to be released in 2009. This was Dave’s first trip with us as well.

PHOTO 6: James King from San Antonio, Texas fished off Espiritu Santo Island for this dorado. The schools are congregated in several spots north and East of La Paz.

PHOTO 7: Kodak moment for father and son. Roger Hall and his son, James, were on their first trip from Oregon down to see us. James got his first marlin as well as this bull dorado just a tad larger than dad’s bull.

PHOTO 8: From San Bernardino CA, these are the Antillon boys…Merle, Jr (13)…Merle, Sr….and David (11). The boys had never caught anything larger than a trout from the mountains near their home in S.California, but got two solid days of dorado fishing in plus dad got a marlin.
PHOTO 9: Just a pretty shot of a hooked dorado getting some air. Merle Antillon (photo above) got this nice shot.

PHOTO 10: Dorado trifecta! S.Californians… Bill Swan (Santa Ana), Mark Grant (Downey)and Abe Favela (Baldwin Park) were all down on their first run with us. All bull dorado taken north of La Paz.

PHOTO 11: Craig Nunokawa from Maui, Hawaii…showing how it’s done underwater with an amberjack he just speared.

PHOTO 12: Craig Nunokawa and Jeff Saito both from Hawaii pose with some of the larger amberjack they shot this past week.

PHOTO 13: Cari Casillas and Captain Victor representing! Cari gives the thumbs up on a tough jack crevalle. The jacks are still along the shorelines near the beaches and although they might not taste good, always put up excellent blazing fights.

PHOTO 14: “Iron”Dan Aguilar (left) from Riverside CA gets a hand from Captain Alfredo and somewhere behind the fish with his gut poking out is Captain Jacobo with this big time bull dorado. What a week.

My video footage this week wasn’t very good…pilot error! So, I put basically the whole week of images on a video for you. Check it out. Turn up the sound!
Small warning…yes, you will see some billfish hung up. Four were taken this week. The biggest one and one of the smaller ones, all the meat was donated. We realeased 8 other fish.


I guess you can tell by the great photos…DORADO WEEK!!!! Except for about 1 day when it an unexpected summer storm hit us with some rain (we still fished and still got fish) and the day after when the waters were settling down (we still got fish)…it was a solid week of dorado fishing.
As you can see from the photos, there were some good bulls caught with the largest bottoming-out a 50 pound scale! But lots of fish in the 30 pounds class mixed in with smaller fish. This also resulted in a pretty good week for billfish with blues, blacks, stripers and sailfish breezing through and perhaps drawn to the area by the large number of dorado and bonito to eat like a big buffet line.
The fishing zones extended from as far north as El Bajo Seamount north of Espiritu Santo Island down to the “gap” between the south end of Espiritu Santo and north Cerralvo Island down through the channel between Cerralvo Island off Las Cruces where sargasso patches were gathering and holding fish…all the way down to Las Arenas and outside to the buoys. So much for full-moon worries!
As well, roosterfish were still hugging the beaches plus pargo, some late season yellowtail, cabrilla and we’re also watching the amberjack come on stronger and stronger with seemingly larger fish every week. Some of the ambers were in the 40-50 pound class.
Most of the fish are being taken with live and dead baits (stripped bonito) so hooks are your number one weapon plus flurocarbon leaders are a plus. However, some of the larger dorado and marlin aren’t real interested until you drag something fast moving by their noses…like a feather! Some of the most violent strikes have been on small to medium-sized feathers.
One alert to make. The local authorities are now checking permits to fish around Espiritu Santo Island. It’s not clear to me what “around” the island means…whether that’s 100 feet of 100 miles off the island, but it’s a 4 dollar charge per person if they ask. Seems they are there one day checking the boats then don’t show up at all for days and days. Trying to get the story on this so we can supply the “bracelets” which shows you’re covered.
Have a great week!
That’s our story!
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FAX: (626) 333-0115
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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: Al Cambell knows how to hooke ’em and pose ’em! From Santa Rosa CA, Al is a professional photographer and poses with a rooster estimated at about 75 pounds. It’s alot bigger than it looks! Al and Captain Gerardo are both big guys. The fish was released. Big roosterfish are still off the Las Arenas ledge and lighthouse!


La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for July 13, 2008
PHOTO 2: Our amigo, Mitch Chavira from San Diego never fails to produce some of the best fish and best photos we ever get off the water. This was was outstanding for big amberjack…big cousins to yellowtail. Mitch here holds a 50 pound class “Pez Fuerte”. One of the best spots this week was the famous El Bajo Seamount.

PHOTO 3: Bill Johnson gets the smiling rights on this nice dorado he got off Las Arenas. For our Las Arenas fleet, the fish were scattered. One day the outter buoys were hot. The next, it might be the channel up by Las Cruces. Some days, the mahi would flash through not more than a few yards offshore. The fish were not congregating as much so we were trolling a bit more than usual to bring the fish close then keeping them around by chumming or leaving slabs of bloody bonito in the water.

PHOTO 4: Too nice of a photo to ignore. Those of you who like the inshore fishing, it can still be great. Mostly, many of the inshore species are being ignored because everyone is outside chasing the glamour fish! However, fish like this nice cabrilla are always around. Mitch gets his mug in the fishing reports twice this week! Felicidades! That’s Espirito Santo Island behind him.

PHOTO 5: Like I said…it was a great week for amberjack! R.J. King from San Antonio, TX is still in high school and on his first-trip to visit us. He hung this sweet 38 pound amberjack fishing with our Las Arenas fleet.

PHOTO 6: Corey Poach was on his first drip down here. Richard Natividad, on the right, has fished with us several times and has a knack for dorado. The guys are from S.California. Both gents hold up some dorado headed for the barbecue. They were fishing with our Las Arenas fleet. The dorado action changed from day-to-day and boat-to-boat. There was no pattern, but if you were at the right place and the right time and had a bait in the water, you were bit! By the way, much to the skepticism of the rest of the group, these guys swear that PINK LINE works best! Hard to argue with fish in the box!

PHOTO 7: Mary Wehner and her husband, Dave, were just with us and here Mary holds up a 37-pound yellowtail. That’s a trophy fish no matter how you cut it. The thing is, yellowtail season ended about two months ago! We had a great yellowtail season and normally don’t catch ‘tails after the early part of June. However, the last week or two, sporadic bites of yellowtail continued to come in indicating that there’s still come colder water down there. Some of my divers reported seeing yellowtail in the 60 pound class roaming the El Bajo Seamount!

PHOTO 8: Paul Kilborn holds up his first sailfish. Like many the past few weeks, he was on his first trip down here and slammed fish. The cool thing is that he did a great job of CPR…Catch-Photo-Release. He got the fish to the boat. He took the photo. He got it back in the water fast and let it swim away. Excellent! Captain Gerardo lends a hand.

PHOTO 9: Zack Barnard is 9, Connor Barnard is 11. They came down with mom and dad. According to dad, the boys handled the fish from start to finish on a tough day on the water and dad said, they just kept smiling! They proudly hold their catches of dorado here!
Just click here and turn up the sound!
Well, we had a pretty active week here. Boy…there were sure alot of species! Where do I start? The weirdest of weird seasons got even more goofy…
But then…add in the weird ones…TUNA…yes we even got a few TUNA. And where did the yellowtail come from all of a sudden? Yellowtail season ended weeks ago when all the cold water left us then…BOOM! We start getting yellowtail again.
Look…I don’t wanna blow smoke up the chimney, but it wasn’t WFO fishing my any stretch. It was good…NOT GREAT. At least not everyday. But, in all honesty, everyone got fish. And most got alot of fish. What I’m saying is that you could be on a boat that just missed the bite or sat on the wrong spot! The next day, you could be the boat that blows up the ocean and comes back with huge tails sticking out of your fish box and pound your chests as kings of the beach. Everyday was different. You COULD have a skunky day one day, then be on top of the hill the next.
Not kidding. If you hit the right spot, it could go world-class and explosive in the time it takes to cast a bait in the water. For some of the boats in our La Paz fleet that hit El Bajo during the latter part of the week…OMG…they whacked some of the biggest dorado of the season and more amberjack than I have seen in one spot in a long time. I had some freedivers in the area and they told me they saw 60 pound yellowtail swimming around down there. Big tuna were also seen breezing the area.
Bottom line…if you fish Las Arenas…light tackle heaven on a number of species. If you fish La Paz, expect about 90 percent dorado…and some of these dorado were tickling the 50-60 pound mark! Get ready to pull! It will be interesting to see what happens this week with the full moon. I’m not a big believer in the full moon stuff, but combine it with wind and the complexion could change of the fishing.
Several tips…this is one time, I would recommend bringing one or two tuna-sized feathers. One dark and one light color. The dorado are breezing. Sometimes, we find the schools by trolling the feathers then after a hook-up, chumming the rest of the school to the boat. Also, bring one or two sabiki /Lucky Joe rigs to catch a few of the larger caballitos or mackerel in the bay to top out your sardines for the day.
That’s my story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: A sure sign of summer when we have dorado like this showing up! The big bulls were out in force this week. This fish tickled the 50 pound scale! Captain Chito Martinez and Jarrett Pfost of San Diego help Illiana Stevens formerly of Alpine CA with this big meaty bull caught east of Espiritu Santo where sargasso weeds congregated all week holding nice schools of varied-sized dorado.


La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report for week ending July 6, 2008

PHOTO 2: Norm Fulco was on his first trip with us and in 3 days of fishing racked up quite an impressive record of hookups. By his own account he had close to 70 hookups…including billfish, pargo, dorado, and snapper. And…yes…out of nowhere at the end of the day he drags a Rapala and nails this nice-sized wahoo off Cerralvo Island. Captain Victor does the gaff work!

PHOTO 3: I was out one day at Las Arenas, the day the tropical storms to the south drove huge swells, waves and wind up towards us. It was rougher than a washing machine, but I was fishing with Jarrett Pfost from San Diego who knows how to fish as he also deckhands out of San Diego. We got 6 medium dorado and then got a double hookup on sailfish as both fish crashed the sardines off the stern of the panga simultaneously. Both of us were on light tackle! Jarrett had 25 pound test spooled on a little Accurate with only about 100 yards of line on it. I happened to grab a little Avet SX with 30 pound test. Both fish went in opposite directions! We did quite the firedrill for awhile but got both to the boat. We were able to release one, but not the other unfortunately, but the meat was distributed to alot of people who needed it. (see the video below)

PHOTO 4: This was the week for some big bull dorado! Jorge Romero is a famous fisherman here in La Paz and is a big guy. He put this bull on a hand scale that read 67 pounds! He was fishing off Las Arenas beach when the mahi struck.

PHOTO 5: Some people swear that pound-for-pound, nothing fights harder than a jack crevalle. These fish are schooling up in several spots for both our La Paz and Las Arenas fleets and are dogged fighters. We release most because they just don’t taste that well, but check out the size of this jack held up by Jarrett Pfost of San Diego.
PHOTO 6: Nothing wrong with this photo. Trophy fish held up by Jarrett Pfost, Illiana Stevens, Charlie Wilmer and Pete Makhaus all standing on Balandra Beach after a day of pulling fish east of Espiritu Santo Island where the sargasso weeds have drawn dorado into the area. The smallest fish here is about 35 pounds. The largest close to 50.

PHOTO 7 : Check out the colors of this great looking dorado hung by Shane Evans. Captain Jorge “Chavelon” helps with the fin. First timer Shane with his clan had some banner fishing over the week that may have spoiled them for future trips. I think they had more than a cooler full of fish to bring home!!
PHOTO 8: The Evans boys…brother Gary and Bill (now living here in La Paz) hold up just a few of their fish from the day. Gary (wearing his lucky black hat) holds the dorado. Bill (missing the entire crown of his hat) holds up a great eating barred pargo.
Wide open dorado plus a double sailfish hook up on light tackle. All sails this week except one were able to be released. All big roosterfish this week were released.



Well…it’s about time! Dorado in the chumlines! Both our La Paz and Las Arenas fleets jumping into the summer bite with dorado in many areas and ranging in size from little punks up to 40, 50 and 60 pound slugger bulls!
If you fished with our La Paz fleet, the hot spots were in the sargasso weeds to the east of Espirito Santo Island about mid-way up adjacent to Partida then out 3-5 miles off the beach. Weeds gathering there hold batches of breezing fish willing to jump a sardine, slow trolled caballito, feather (get hung up on the weeds), or slow trolled slab of bonito. You can go all day and not hit a thing then all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by fish on the chew slamming every rod on the boat. The hardest things become keeping the punk fish off the line so the big boys can feed! Other spots include an area in front of Punta Coyote as well as Las Cruces in the channel and then up by La Reyna lighthouse. Moving in and out and eating the smaller dorado, striped marlin are also being hooked.
If you’re coming down, we’ve been getting some larger caballitos and mackerel in the bay. You just need a few to top off the sardines in the tank. Bring some lucky joe or sabiki rigs to catch the bait as well as a torpedo sinker.
If you fished with out Las Arenas fleet, the dorado could be just about anywhere! Offshore, the buoys have been productive, but south Cerralvo Island on the high spots; the drop off near the Arenas lighthouse; the buoys in Bahia Ventana and the slope beach in front of Boca de Alamo all produced dorado of varying sizes.
As well, the variety for our Las Arenas boats continues to blow me away! This week we nailed a few more wahoo; more big roosters (and small ones too!); a few stray yellowtail; cabrilla, pargo, bigger amberjack and….get this…even some yellowfin tuna popped up at the buoys and under some schooling porpoise!
The only hinderance all week to an otherwise outstanding time were the big swells, wind and chop that came in mid-week from the big tropical storms about 300 miles south of Cabo. The storms pushed out to the west without doing anything, but they did push up some rough waters that made it difficult to fish on Thursday and Friday. Before and after…nice and smooth!
Hope this keep up! Hope you had a good 4th of July weekend!
That’s our story!
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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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