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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 8-15, 2017



Weather – Sunny and warm, but early in the week too windy for my liking because it messed with our fishing.  When the winds cut, the fishing came back online.

Water – Blue and warm with surface temps running in the low to mid-80’s.

Fishing–  With the early week winds, it was a bit sticky and picky, but really picked back up again mid-week when the winds went elsewhere.  Dorado back.  Tuna back…and bigger!  Roosters and wahoo around too.

Catching – Pretty good until some monster tuna came roaring through and decided to play.  Hooking big tuna is one thing.  Fighting and catching them is a different issue and some big fish were lost.



From Kirkland WA, John Stendra (holding the head) gets an assist from Bill Bigelman, also from Washington, and Captain Victor from the Tailhunter Fleet on a slug yellowfin tuna caught right off the beach near Muertos Bay and estimated at 70-80 pounds. John fought it for an hour on 40 pound test and also fought another fish over 3 hours before it broke off at color.

Don Busse has been visiting La Paz for years and fishing with Tailhunter Sportfishing, but never got a sailfish until this week when he hung this beautiful fish on light tackle fishing with a sardine for tuna with Captain Pancho. After a long fight, the fish was photo’d and released. Don is from Lakewood CA.

John Gibbs from Lakewood CA had caught a few tuna just off the beach at Las Arenas with Captain Moncho of the Tailhunter Fleet when the captain suggested they slow troll a small bonito and maybe get a wahoo in the shallows. Instead within minutes they got hammered by this big rooster fish…John’s first. They photo’d and released the fish to swim away strong!

Captain Armando was on top of the big fish again when he put Steve Manney (holding the tail) onto this 60 pound class yellowfin. Dana Murray helps with the head and the photo op! The guys are from Washington and visit us every year and took home ALOT of great fish!

Holding his own! Peter Walker tries to balance his big tuna so we could get a photo of it. He’s on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos.

Walt Menda from the Sacramento CA area has been fishing with us for years, but never got a wahoo until he was trolling a purple feather outside of La Paz Bay trying to catch some bonito to use for bait when this big log wahoo came up and hit the little feather! The guys were laughing because the big fish pretty much wore him out!

Our super buddy from Seaside, OR, Bob Bradley finally made it down to visit us after many years and started off his trip with a nice load of yellowfin tuna fishing with Captain Armando out’ve Las Arenas. Bob’s wife, Trea, is a professional chef and know a thing or two about cooking up seafood.

First trip hammers a trophy fish! Jerry Gibbs made his first trip down to see us and right-off-the-bat fishing with Captain Pancho hauls in a speedy wahoo and guys try to get for years!

Honeymoon fish for Mike Crandall with this pretty bull dorado and flat seas fishing out’ve La Paz. That’s Bonanza Beach at Espirito Santo Island in the background.

Captain Armando gets in all the good photos this week! Cami Summerhays from Utah was fishing the panga just off the rocks at Punta Perrico and got bent on this fat pretty yellowfin tuna. The fish got chunky this week.

Joe Marroquin and his son, Henry, from San Dimas CA were also first-time visitors to us in La Paz and had some full days of tuna fishing and also catching dorado to bring home. Great photo of the two!

It seems the dorado are getting a little bigger each week! Bill Bigelman poses with a good-looking bull mahi.

San Diego in the house with Jock Argust and Norm Cole  and some tuna headed for the coolers.

Two of the funniest guys who visit us from the San Francisco area, Ken Cereghinto and Kim Stuart pose with Captain Adolfo and some of their fat yellowfin.

Never a bad day when Ken Campbell and Wiley Randolph are in town to see us and fish. They loaded on the tuna as well. Muertos Bay in the background.

Marni Zauner from Bakersfield CA is my new hero. She’s been planning this trip with us for years and made all the arrangements for her family. The day BEFORE the trip, she busts her foot (you can see where I circled the crutchs and the plastic bag around her cast) and it didn’t stop her from fishing or anything else on the trip! What a gamer! Here with Shelley, her mom and Captain Jorge

More fun Utah friends! Dave Johnson and Stori McCarrel got in some of the good yellowfin tuna bite with us.

In case you can’t tell where he’s from, Taylor Sering, from Oregon finally came down to see us with his dad and says, “I’m coming for the rest of my life!” He started his trip with two nice dorado fishing out’ve La Paz.

All the way from N. Carolina, Jeff Cassens was fishing with our Captain Jorge when he latched into this thick wahoo in the channel off Punta Perrico.

Brad Baker has a frameable photo here with another nice yellofin tuna in the boat. Check out the flat waters!

Kris Honkola is the beer master of beer masters and travels the world to taste different beers and always has a great time. He was just inside of Bahia Muertos not far off the launch ramp (behind him) whe he caught this good looking roosterfish! The fish was promptly released.

We love this lady! Trea Lamarre from Oregon has been trying to come see us for years and we finally got her down to have some fun. She and Captain Joel got into a nice bit of dorado north of La Paz Bay.


Mark Bonsak and Brad “Fish” Sleder did fished the whole week with us and filled some coolers with tuna like these plus dorado!

Just a great photo of John Stack and a full-colored fully lit tuna just out’ve the water a few hundred yards off Punta Perrico (you can see the big houses in the background). He and Kris Honkola took home a nice batch of fish after a week of fishing and also camped out on the island over night with our snorkel/ dive trip.

Bob Larson, hefts up two more yellowfin for the camera! Bob’s from Washington and comes down every year.


Bruce Bower and Eric Moen do double lifts of tuna with Captain Gerardo!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 8-15

It couldn’t last forever and we’ve been having such an incredible bite on fish since the end of August, that I didn’t want to jinx it hex it, but knew it had to end sometime as all good things must.  So, when winds started to blow earlier in the week and turn up the water; creating chop; dropping the temperatures; etc.  I figured it was about time.  The seasons are changing.  It’s been a good great run.  Fall is here and we will say “adios” to the best bite in years.

Those same winds that plagued and devastated so much of California started to kick in down here too.  Surely, not at that magnitude, but enough the it put quite a damper on the fishing.  Our counts dropped off quite a bit.  So, I figured we were on the slide and the “great bite of 2017” was over!  Even two weeks when the full moon raged, the fish still couldn’t get enough.  So, it was over and done and had been a good run.
Then, the winds quit…


Well, the winds died down and the tuna came up hungry and voracious again!  Right off the point. Right off the beach.  Flat blue waters and foaming breaking fish all the way down the coast and out to Cerralvo Island.  And they were larger!
The 8-10 pound fun footballs gained traction and came back at 15-25 pounds.  Then, the got eve bigger!
Late in the week, 30-200 pounders crashed the pangas leaving broken hearts and busted tackle as our anglers suddenly found themselves double-bendo for 1, 2, 3 or more hours on big angry tuna…only to lose them!  But, the ones we did get in were still 40-80 pound slugs!   Really pretty pretty fish.
On top of that, add in a few wahoo…some roosters…lots and lots of skipjack (non-edible) and blue bonito (very edible) a handful of dorado and we’re talking some really excellent days on the water and exhausted fishermen at night!


Just like our Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet, when I saw the winds kicking in and the whitewater chop in the bay, I thought it was all over.  The dorado went lockjaw and we went from easy limits to picky fishing for a smattering of dorado here and there.
Then, late in the week, the winds dropped off.  And the dorado came back heavy.  Lots of little dinks under 5 pounds, but also more legit 10-20 pounders in the box as well plus inshore pargo, cabrilla and rooster fish.  The biggest surprise was when one of our pangas ended their day, they started tossing their extra baits in the water and suddenly tuna showed up in the wake and now a tuna bite was on!  Not very common for our La Paz fleet, but it resulted in some nice 15-20 pound ahi for a few days!
Shout-out gracias to everyone who brought down donations this week for our outreach programs or donated to our scholarship funds. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of everyone, but you know who you are and we’re awesomely grateful, but no moreso than the kids, families and programs YOU help and bring smiles to!

Take a look at the load of shoes, clothes, school supplies and so much more brought in by Don Busse, Brad Baker, Jerry Gibbs, Ken Campbell, John Gibbs and Wiley Randolph! Wow! A tablefull!

Our San Diego amigos Jock Argust, Eric Moen, Bruce Bower and Norm Cole with clothes and school supplies probably headed to Vsita Hermosa families.

Armfuls!!! Jilly and Tim Butterworth try to balance it all! Tim and his wife, Paula, have been so very generous every year! She once sent down boxes and boxes of schoolbooks.

Washington was well represented by these crazy guys! Dana Murray, Bill Bigelman, John Stendra, Steve Murray, Alex Dumbrowski, Bob Murray, Pete Walker and Bob Larson (getting a funny man-hug!) LOL

Kris Honkola, John Stack (T-Rex), Jeff Cassens (Landshark) didn’t bring anything down! Instead, they decided to help the local economy and went on a local shopping spree to buy lots of clothes, blankets, and other much needed things for winter. They do this kind of thing every year and spent a fun week with us down here!

That’s our story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
TAILHUNTER RESTAURANT BAR Top 5 – Rated in La Paz on Trip Advisor
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U.S. Office: 8030 La Mesa, Suite #178, La Mesa CA  91942
Mexico Office: 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico
from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-53311
Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 1-8, 2017



Weather – Couldn’t be better.  Sunny and warm.  Maybe a little too much humidity for some, but seasons changing and it’s getting progressively cooler

Water – Blue and clear, but like air temps, the season is changing.  Waters will start to cool.  I hope not too soon.  Fish are sensitive.

Fishing – Hard to imagine it being much better with nice variety including tuna, dorado, billfish, wahoo, pargo, cabrilla, roosterfish.  In terms of numbers, it’s great.  If the fish got bigger, it would be even better! No one complaining.

Catching – Easy limits most days.


Three in the hand and more in the boat…great tuna start for Tom Ramsey and Matt Fields who started their fishing week with Captain Arcangel and a boatload of yellowfin tuna!  The tuna seem to be getting just a tad larger with every week.

A great photo of Chris Van Leeuwen from Utah with some larger grade yellowfin tuna on the beach at Muertos Bay.

Harley Nelson is the owener/ operator Stockman’s fishing lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada and made his first trip this week to visit La Paz and fish with Tailhunter Sportfishing. He caught lots of tuna and dorado, but on his last day with Captain Jorge, hooked up with this big-time rooster fish not far from the Punta Arenas lighthouse on live bait. The big fish was released and swam away strong.

John Kennedy had himself a great week of tuna and dorado fishing, but also topped it with one of our wahoo this week with Captain Victor.  Lots of reasons to smile!

Eric Ostrom from Florida and Bob McPhee from California had just two quick days to getaway and fish and got in on the dorado and tuna bite.

Leave it to the first timer to get the trophy! From Montana, Jeff Carr was with friend, Dwight Smith and Captain Archangel on his very first day and time fishing in La Paz and Mexico and hit the jackpot with a nice wahoo!

Marty and Pam Martin had a full week of this kind of fishing and went back to Montana with a vanload of fish, even after donating fish and releasing fish! Our amigos are from Great Falls, Montana.

Three generations of smiles from Bob, grandson Jacob and son Jason Rudloff from Northern California who hammered some easy limits out’ve Muertos Bay of yellowfin tuna.

Heather and Alan McCrory, our first-time visitors to La Paz to fish with us, we out with Captain Armando and appear to have sat on a nice school of yellowfin tuna with some good size to kick off the week.

A last-minute trip by Tom Van Leeuwen and son, Chris from Utah turned out pretty well with nice days of tuna and dorado.

Our buddy, John Kennedy again in the fishing report twice! This time holding a roosterfish that came up in the middle of the tuna schools and got itself hooked on a sardine! John released the gallo!

Stephanie and Trent squeezed in a single day of fishing with Captain Gerardo and made the most of it with a looad of tuna and dorado to cap it off.

I think I will frame this photo of Jorge Romero. A man only has two hands! Catches the fish and gaffs his own fish! A man of many talents! Check the flat waters!

Captain Pancho with Marty Martin and another yellowfin headed back to Montana! Fatter fish lately


The fish get heavy when someone tries to take a picture! Captain Archangel and Dwight Smith grimace and laugh as their picture is being taken!

John Virgin had a prett incredible week of fishing as he shows off another healthy yellowfin tuna on the gaff.

After many years, Dave Cagnacci and brother Mark, from Ventura CA finally made it down to La Paz and were fishing with Captain Jorge and filled some coolers with quite a bit of yellowfin and dorado.

She had never caught anything bigger than a trout, but Jamie Rudloff with husband Jason, had quite a kick holding onto a bent rod attached to a yellowfin tuna!

Larry Chastain and Steve Ritz fished with Captain Gerardo on their first-ever trip fishing in La Paz and jumped right into the tuna bite at Muertos.


No full moon slow down on the fishing.  Still full turbo although we were kinda nervous that the full moon was coming up and would affect what has been one of the best fish bites in recent years.  Fortunately, not so!


There appears to be a full line of tuna that came up outta the trenches about 4 weeks ago and, so far (with fingers crossed) shows now sign of abatement as tuna are biting at both the north and south end of Cerralvo Island plus close to shore from the Arenas lighthouse and south 2-3 miles to Boca de Alamo. Some of the fish are right inside of Bahia de los Muertos and many times well within a stone’s throw of the beach in shallow water!
Limits of tuna between 10 and 30 pounds have been the norm rather than the exception as the fish chase the abundant sardine schools that we haven’t seen in 2-4 years.  Many of our anglers are limiting by mid-morning then using the rest of the time to target dorado, cargo, cabrilla, wahoo and rooster fish.
The big roosters are still around and the ones we caught and released this week were all big thick 40-80 pound fish either just off the rocks or the sandy areas near the Arenas lighthouse.  As well, for the first time in several weeks we locked into some 30-40 pound wahoo.


The dorado bite that has settled into the area just kept going this past week.  Not much to say except it’s often all the action you could want.  Dorado aren’t big but 7-20 pound fish are most common and limits have been pretty easy the anglers telling me they’re releasing several more dozen fish after that!
One day of wind late in the week made for some rough waters, and diminished the bite somewhat, but when the winds died later in the day, the fish went on the chew.  As the week went on, the mornings were slow, but the afternoons provided the most action.
That’s our story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
TAILHUNTER RESTAURANT BAR Top 5 – Rated in La Paz on Trip Advisor
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U.S. Office: 8030 La Mesa, Suite #178, La Mesa CA  91942
Mexico Office: 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico
from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-53311
Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2017


Here’s a great personal video from Fred and Lisa Cruz  who were into the tuna bite with us.  Fun to watch!  Check it out.

Week at a Glance

Weather – Perfect.  Seasons are changing.  Feeling more like fall.  Less humidity.  Daytime mid-90’s and mostly sunny.  Nights low 80’s and clear with a seabreeze.

Water – surface 85 degrees and blue

Fishing – good as it’s ever been in a long time for tuna, dorado and roosterfish.  Bait a little tough this past week in La Paz, but the dorado ate everything thrown at them anyway.

Catching – Lots of limits.  We’re selling extra ice chests like women’s shoes at a Nordstrom sale.  Can’t keep ice chests in stock as anglers realize how much fish they’re taking home!

Notes:  Don’t come down or go out without your fishing licenses in hand.  The inspectors are checking.  Get your license here: http://www.bajasursportfishing.com


Here second visit here this year! Claire Swift from San Clemente, CA knows how to fish and got into the tuna this trip just outside Bahia Suenos.

Not a bad day and a good start to the fishing week for Ben Lindell from Le Grande, Oregon. Ben has been down to visit us twice this year and shows a rack of tuna and dorado.

Great colors and flat waters! Montana in the house! Marty Martin has one of several tuna to kick off the start of his fishing trip.


Wow! Let the dog out! A big dog-tooth snapper/ pargo perro for Dave Lindell fishing with Captain Victor.

Wade Gomes our Arizona amigo had himself quite a week of fishing and poses with a pair of his dorado he caught fishing north of La Paz with our Tailhunter Fleet.

Lisa Hicks always does well when she visits La Paz and was with her favorite Captain Victor from the Tailhunter Fleet when she caught and released this nice rooster fish not far from the Arenas lighthouse She said she was laughing because it was bigger than the rooster her husband had just caught and he had been giving her a bad time until she hooked up. Both fish were released.

Roger Young was with Captain Chito fishing north near Espirito Santo Island  and was trolling a little plastic feather to catch bonito to use for dorado bait when this big blue marlin came up instead. They were not able to release the fish and most of the meat was donated. Roger is from Missouri

A pretty good week for roosterfish with another catch-and-release opportunity for Stan Andre from Northern California with Captain Pancho. Great colors.

Hard to have more fun than these two! From Wyoming, Sid Kendall and Bruce Diechmueller who didn’t let the fact that his arm is in a sling stop him from three fun days of fishing. Their first time visiting us.

Big smile and a big roosterfish for is birthday! Captain Gerardo gives Norm Clayton a hand with a big rooster. He’s visited us a number of times, but never got a rooster until his birthday this week! The fish was released.

There’s alot of great colors going on here for our friend, Jeff Swift, from San Clemente CA who hung this yellowfin tuna south of Muertos Bay with a sardine.

Our Missouri friends, Marilyn and Roger Young, with some dorado to add to their fish haul that included marlin and tuna.

Louis Abels from Colorado fished with his friends and Captain Armando to take several nice limits of tuna over two days.

Xavier has some fun with cigars! Great photo!

A very unusual catch for Brad McBride from Arizona because we normally don’t get pompano until spring time when the waters are cooler which tells me may be our waters are chilling out a bit. The pompano are great eating.

John Mussel made a last minute trip to squeeze in two quick days of fishing and was rewarded with a nice load that included dorado like this bull taken near Espirito Santo Island.

Good friend, Roy Stenzel, who lives in San Diego, but has a house in La Paz fished with his friends and Captain Armando for some tuna, dorado and surgeonfish.

Love this photo of Captain Boli with our good friend, Katie Olson, from Bishop CA who visits us every year. They caught these fish just outside of La Paz Bay.

Here’s a quick video showing you just how close the sardine schools are at Bahia de los Muertos.  they’re right at the launch ramp no the beach!

He’s been with us many times over the years, but came to celebrate his retirement from the Sacramento Fire Department, Tim Nishimura brought son Kenny for a week and went home with a full load of tuna and dorado.

It almost looks like Wade Gomes is fishing somewhere on the Colorado River perhaps Lake Mead not from from where he lives in Arizona, because the waters are so calm and the rock look like the river gorge, but he caught two of these nice rooster fish in a row near the rocks and released both. The other one was bigger!

More tuna? Yes! Shawn Kirk from Colorado and Marilyn Young from Missouri add 4 more tuna to several ice chests of fillets the took home after almost a solid week of great fishing.

First timers with us from Utah, Bob Jolley and Al and Jay Curtis with some of their tuna from the first day of fishing out’ve Muertos Bay.

It’s amazing he kept his shirt so white! Stan Andre had a good week on the tuna including those two that make this week’s photos gallery.

Terry Hawk put the wood to this gorgeous roosterfish just off the beach outside of Muertos Bay with Captain Pancho. The fish was released strong.

Colorful rack of tuna and dorado for Bob Kochs and Tom Cole with Captain Armando. The guys are from Arizona.

Check out the great colors on this “tiger dorado” caught by Brad McBride.

Starting his fishing week off with a boatload of tuna, Terry Hawk, poses on the beach at Muertos.

John Nagy and Kevin Shiotani with one of the better bull dorado of the week.

Gerry got in two days of fishing with us and had a nice bundle of tuna the first day.


From Oregon, Leonard Post and Dave Lindell, have a tuna and pompano, both great eating. The guys are from Pendleton OR.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Report for Week of Sept. 24-Oct. 1, 2017

We probably had one of the best and most consistent bites of the season this past week.  With the exception of a bump here and there where they had an off-day, overall the best weather and the best fishing in a long time.  Flat calm blue waters mostly with surface temps around 85 degrees and air temperatures a balmy 95 with humidity dropping as we pull away from summer and head into fall.


Bait was harder to find this week for some reason.  It’s been like that since the last weather pattern hit us two weeks ago.  That’s been strange since bait has not been an issue all season, but suddenly, it’s scarce.
That being said, there was no problem usually finding limits of dorado scattered all over north of the city from San Juan de la Costa to Espirito Santo Island to the north of Cerralvo, the Charro Bank and Punta Gorda.
Using chopped squid, limited live bait, dead bonito and other baits, dorado sometimes ran hot and heavy with our anglers telling us they released dozens of dorado keeping only a handful of the larger fish and having a ball with non-stop action.  The biggest issue was sometimes running into too many little guys or trying to get through the voracious little ones to get to the larger bulls on the perimeter. Still, lots of fun.
Seeing more and more billfish too especially feeding on the smaller dorado!


Sometimes fast and furious as the tuna bite continues to rage.  Some boats do better than others, but generally speaking overall between 10-25 pound tuna; a handful of dorado; lots of bonito; throw in some jack crevalle, cargo and cabrilla and there’s an incredible amount of action to be had.  Some anglers are happily getting really beat up!
We had one group only fish a few hours…get a load of fish… then run back in time to play a round of golf and still be done early!
For the last 3 weeks, it’s been the best tuna bite in years.  The key is the sardines and right now, they’re balled up right there at the launch ramp in Muertos Bay.  The proximity of the bait has brought lots of the sport fish right into the bay including the tuna, dorado, big roosterfish, jacks and others.


Jilly with Tim and Kenny Nishimura from Sacramento with a load of school supplies.


Malina and Dave Lindell come every year with so much great stuff like these backpacks and notebooks. They’re from Pendleton, Oregon.

The Okizaki brothers from S. California had lots of stuff that will go to the Women’s shelter here in La Paz like toiletries and hygiene items.

Our Montana Family! Larry Wilson, John Virgin, Deana Wilson, Dwight Smith, Pam Martin, Marty Martin, Jeff Carr and Sharon Virgin hauled down new kids and adult shoes, clothes, school supplies, and toiletry items! WOW!!!

Mike and Annette Crandall celebrating their honeymoon brought down all kinds of hygiene items for the Women’s Shelter.

Last week, Don Vegter and Chelsea Roos from Torrance CA brought down enough gear for an entire team of little soccer players that included balls and uniforms!

Some of the kids at Los Planes that got school supplies. Great and grateful little faces! Thanks everyone!

That’s our story!

Jonathan and Jilly
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
TAILHUNTER RESTAURANT BAR Top 5 – Rated in La Paz on Trip Advisor
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U.S. Office: 8030 La Mesa, Suite #178, La Mesa CA  91942
Mexico Office: 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico
from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-53311
Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 17-24, 2017



Weather – Fortunately, Tropical Storm Norma veered out to sea at the last minute.  Great sunny weather all week, but some strong winds late in the week.  Mid-90’s to mid-70’s.

Water – Blue and warm. Windy areas less clear, but 84 degree surface temps.

Fishing – OK for dorado on the La Paz side, but really good tuna biters on the Las Arenas side.  Blue marlin surprised us this week.

Catching – Pretty good.  The size of the fish 10-30 pounds is ideal for most folks so once they get the hang of it not many fish lost.  Biggest problem might be anglers too tired from battling some of these tuna!


The “right kind” for Dr. Art. Flippin from Colorado who put another nice yellowfin tuna in the panga with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet. The fish was caught just at the mouth of Bahia de Los Muertos which you can see n the background.


Captain Armando with Austin Herron (from Texas, of course!) and Sam Smith from Arizona on their first day of fishing with a couple of handfuls of yellowfin tuna.

Ben Kirk caught alot of fish this week, but none larger than the big blue marlin he hung while fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet around Espirito Santo Island at the Charro Bank. They were not able to release the fish. Ben also caught a load of tuna and dorado during the week and is from Colorado.

Our amigos from Lynden , Washington, Fred and Lisa Cruz had a banner week of tuna fishing with us.

Check out how close to shore the tuna schools were located! Esteban Ramiro poses with one of his yellowfin headed for the cooler!

Like fishing in a lake! This is our Captain Adolfo with our amiga, Kate McElroy fishing with us for the first time. With yellowfin tuna in hand, check out the flat waters and proximity to the beach for this bluewater fish! Kate is from Oregon.

We love having our long-time, amiga, Katie Olson, come to visit us. She loves fishing with our Captain Boli and our La Paz fleet and shows off some of her dorado ready to get cleaned and packed up! She now lives up in Bishop CA with husband, John.

Big smiles for Jay Curtis from Utah on his first trip visiting us as he holds of two of his tuna on the beach there at Muertos Bay.

Last day of fishing at the end of the day, Fred Cruz from Washington finally got the big roosterfish he was chasing while fishing with Captain Gerardo. After the photos, the big fish was released.

One of the best eating fish we have, the barred pargo (pargo mulatto) is not only colorful, but a tough fighter in the rocks but Esteban was able to yank this guy up!

More good Colorado, amigos! Connie and Art Petz with Captain Armando and a batch of yellowfin tuna and a trigger fish. They got 8 tuna in the box.

Just to show you some variety, Ben and Shawn Kirk got a limit of tuna, then topped it with some dorado and a big barred pargo with Captain Jorge.

Flat waters and schooling dorado are perfect to throw the flyrod and Austin Herron took this feisty bull on a 9wt and a Deceiver pattern at the mouth of Bahia de los Muertos.

By the time this photos was taken, Oregon amigo, Frank McElroy had been catching tuna all week and having a blast in the flat waters close to shore at Punta Perrico.

Our Northern Cal visitor for the first time, Kelly Hufford was spearfishing and shows off a barred pargo and parrotfish.

Usually, we catch these great eating pompano in the sprintime, but Fred Cruz added this to a big batch of tuna to top things off.

Great shot! Art Flippin with another yellowfin tuna, this one just off the sandy beach at Punta Arenas.

If you look carefully at this colorful shot of Kate and Frank McElroy holding some of their tuna and dorado, you can see how close we are to the launch ramp at Bahia de los Muertos. As the week progressed, the fish schools moved right into the bay.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay fishing report for Week of Sept. 17-24, 2017

We were a little nervous about how the fishing was going to be this week after the “scare” that Tropical Storm Norma gave us to start the week.  To re-cap, Norma had us right in the crosshairs for several days as it approached the Baja Peninsula, and given the devastation that Tropical Storm Natalia did earlier in the month, there was a lot of anxiety.

Fishing had really been great, but with Norma approaching and early winds increasing, the La Paz Port Captain shut down the port and hence all fishing and water activities were prohibited for several days.  No one could go out and the winds kept increasing and started to churn things up.
Then, the storm just veered off after hitting us with just some strong winds.  Not even any rain.  Norma just turned left and headed out to sea of which we were obviously very grateful.  But we had been off for three days stuck on land and we didn’t know if the fish would still be there or if the winds had changed the water and ergo the fishing!

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet

When we finally got back on the water, the dorado hadn’t moved!  Thankfully, still out there north of the city.  It wasn’t great fishing because I think the fish did indeed get their habitats a little stirred up, for example some of the sargasso weeds had been broken up, where the fish hang out, but more-or-less, if you found the spot, the dorado were there and willing to bite.  They varied in size between 5 and 15 pounds with a few larger and some days and pangas differed from day-to-day, but overall, not bad fishing at all. One boat would do pretty good and a panga right next to it would have trouble hooking it. Stuff like that.
The biggest issue was that the winds seem to have driven off much of the live bait which was difficult to come by for the good part of the week.  There’s obviously a direct correlation between the bait and the fishing so it might take a bit longer for the live bait school to get it together.
The nicest surprise was the fact that we got an incredible number of blue marlin hook-ups!  After a season in which we’ve had the poorest billfish result in many years, we had more marlin hookups in one wee than we’ve had all year!  There wasn’t a day this week when I think we didn’t have at least one big billfish hooked with most of them going 150-300 pounds.  And most of them were un-intentional bites!  Guys would be fishing for dorado and hook one up or dragging small lures to catch bonito for bait and hook a big blue!   We haven’t seen a whole lot of small stripers or sails all year, but this is definitely turning into a blue marlin kind of year!


After the storm sort of pass through, we let our Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Area sit and rest for awhile because this is where the winds hit hardest and waters were turned over quite a bit.
It started a little sticky but no doubt the tuna that were there before the storm were still there.  It got a little better every day until it was pretty much up to full speed throttle.  Football 10 pounders up to 25 pound yellowfin seemed to be in a nice line from the lighthouse at Punta Arenas then south through Muertos Bay and south again to Boca de Alamo.  About a 3 mile stretch of fish.  Best of all, the fish were literally 100-200 yards from the beach.
Later in the week, the sardine schools moved right into Muertos Bay and so did the tuna schools and we were catching both tuna and dorado as well as rooster fish right within sight of the boat ramp!
Our pangas were limiting early then chasing other species.  On the days when there were fewer limits it might have been a direct correlation to the fact that larger fish were hitting that day and more fish lost.  Overall, just some really nice fishing!


Shout out to all our Tailhunter Tribe and Amigos who keep bringing us donations every single week for our charity adults and kids!  I’ve been remiss in not posting all of your photos, but here’s some from this past week with a big “MUCHAS GRACIAS” plus many others that I didn’t get to take a photo of you…THANK YOU! More than you know!

Amigo, Gary Wagner, with a bunch of the orphanage kids with new shoes and some toys!

Dick and Lorna Gasser and Chad and Jonene Gasser from Utah had a whole tableful of clothese and school supplies.

Jilly with our amiga, Katie Olson, who hauled down two suitcases of women’s clothes that are headed to the La Paz Women’s shelter.

From Texas, our friends, Chris and Mica Lara had an ice chest crammed with school supplies

Marilyn and Roger Young from Missouri with Ben and Shawn Kirk from Colorado had school supplies and tons of those little shampoos, creams and soaps from hotel rooms that have a super need especially at the women’s shelter and the orphanage.

Santa Clause in the house! One of the nicest guys, Barry Strickland had a full box heavy with clothes and school supplies!

Too much fun whenever Dan and Lisa Hicks visit us and this time had all kinds of shoes and supplies and feminine hygiene products! You rock!

From Torrance CA, Don Vegter and Chelsea Roos brought clothes PLUS uniforms and a bag full of soccer balls for an entire team of kids!

That’s our story!
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Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 10-17, 2017



Weather – It was great until a little “rain in the forecast” suddenly turned into “Hurricane Norma” that had us all scrambling.

Water – It was good.  I’m more interested in seeing what wind and rain will do to it this week.

Fishing – For the past 3 weeks, the best tuna fishing in several seasons. Dorado strong.  Roosters still around.  Until the storm.

Catching – Limits were the rule rather than the exception. Everyone going home with coolers

Forecast – Norma petered out and moved off, but still expecting some crazy wind this week that could make it tough on fishing and some rain showers and scattered thundershowers too.  The La Paz port captain is very cautious.  We’ve already been shut down for several days under the “threat” of  a storm even though not a single drop has fallen.  He might just open the port but then shut it down again and we can’t go out.  Vamos a ver!


A sample of some of the larger tuna that showed up! Ed Breuning put the brakes on this nice yellowfin.

A good morning of work! A fat load of tuna and dorado to start the fishing trip for our first-time amigos, Stephanie and Louie Torres celebrating retirement! These folks were a hoot all week!

Whoa! Big big roostefish for Chad Gasser from Utah while fishing with Captain Victor just of the sandy point at Las Arenas. Chad’s first after a bg week of tuna and dorado. The fish was released.

Fishing with our La Paz fleet and popular Captain Boli, Lorna Gasser added to the catch with another young bull dorado!


Big smiles from Captain Jorge with John Case and some of his load of tuna from Bahia de Los Muertos!

Bryant and Mindy Buttars already had a big load of tuna and dorado from the week so their last day, they went out with Captain Armando to see how many different species they could catch. It was a successful day with jack crevalle, snapper, dorado, triggerfish, cabrilla and pargo…all on light spinning tackle too!

A good bit of mahi-mahi fillets to cut up for our good friend, John Terbu and Captain Armando fishing with our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet.

Dick Gasser is a funny guy! He had us cracking up all week but did himself good with nice tuna like this one to take back to Utah!

His first roosterfish, Tim Schlander, picked up this hefty gallo just off the beach at Muertos Bay. He was able to release the fish too!

The man behind the mask is Rafael Rios sharing the day with his wife Ivette and Captain Jorge posing with just a few of their yellowfin. In 4 days, he took alot of fish back to Texas.

First day start for Fred and Lisa Cruz as they pose with some of their tuna just before the storm warnings descended on us! Hopefully, we can get them out a few more times this week!

Captain Victor got Jonene Gasser onto a pretty pez gallo in the blue water just outside the sandy shore-break by the Las Arenas lighthouse. The fish was released.

Hi Trudy! Captain Moncho put her on one of the better bull dorado!

You can see how close to shore the tuna are and the boats bunched up together on the spot catching yellowfin like this double from Jesse Miller and Bob Benjamin.

We had alot of Texas amigos visit us the last week! Mica Lara from Corpus Christi puts another tuna in the boat . That’s a heck of a gaff in her hand too!

Another load of tuna headed to the fillet board for Captain Moncho with Cam Davidson and Ed Breuning visiting us for the first time.

Canadian amiga, Natalia Beauchamin, only had one day to fish with us, but got a nice batch of dorado like this one.

Another of our good Utah amigos…Brian Buchanan on the beach behind La Concha Hotel with one of his nice dorado.

It happens. And it happened again, but fortunately, not as bad as Lidia 3 weeks ago.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 10-17, 2017

What’s up with the weather this year? Like I saw one person say, “It’s like Mother Nature said, ‘Hold my beer I’m gonna go cause some problems!'”


Well, we got our 2nd one in 3 weeks…Or did we?  Storm Norma…the storm that tried to be a storm.


Major buzz kill.  Sitting here at my desk looking out at sunny skies and flat seas and knowing we could be out fishing today, but anticipating the appearance of Tropical Storm Norma, the port captain has shut down all fishing and diving operations.  No one allowed out.  It is supposed to arrive with strong winds Sunday night and possibly the beginning of rain.  Or will it?



The advisories are all over the place on this one.  It started as some “rain in the forecast.”  It became a tropical storm.  Then a hurricane.  Then back to a tropical storm.  Then it disappeared.  Then back up to storm proportions again.  Then, it petered out and as of right now, we’ll get some strong winds and some scattered rain over the next few days.
Lidia two weeks ago was only a tropical storm as well, but it caused more devastation and casualties than Hurricane Odile in 2014 which was the largest in Mexico history and hit us with rain and 180 mph winds.  So, the port is closed.  It’s been closed for 3 days even though it looks really calm.  There are some really strong winds outside the bay and at Las Arenas.
But, the airlines didn’t fool around this time.  They started offering re-funds and suggesting they would not be flying.  So, alot of folks canceled their vacations.  We had alot of folks here on the ground that couldn’t go fishing and others we hustled off to the airport cutting their vacations short.  Madness.  Jilly and I had phones and e-mails going pretty much 24/7 adjusting all the changes, cancelations and postponments of rooms, boats, flights, shuttles, diving and snorkeling!
There’s just no way to know about something like this.  You hope for the best but you have to prepare for the worst for everyone’s safety and err on the side of caution .   We hated to lose so many of you to cancelations, but we think you made the right call.
It’s too bad because the fishing has been super.
The “Tuna Stomp” of 2017 continued in full swing off Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay and Las Arenas lighthouse. Fish from 10-30 pounds were solidly biting most days and some of our boats were nailing limits by early morning and coming back or going to chase other species.
When  the tuna took time off, the dorado filled in the gaps plus there’s plenty of bonito keeping the rods bent in between dorado and tuna hook ups.  There were some off-moments here and there, but overall just a really consistent bite.  No wahoo to speak of or billfish, but roosters between 20 and 60 pounds provided some nice diversion from the bluewater species.
For our La Paz fleet…dorado…dorado…dorado.  Oh and some big blue marlin too!  The dorado schools were still out in force most days and it was just a matter of finding them.  Once you locked in, it could be madness for 30 minutes or an hour until you fished ’til you dropped and caught limits and released a dozen or more fish!  And then, here some “Mr. Blue” and the big marlin runs through the school and picks up a bait on 30 pound test and it wouldn’t last long, but the adrenaline buzz was fun!

Hopefully, the fishing returns quickly and by the time you’re reading this, we’re back on the water and full bendo!


Every week we send out several hundred pounds of your donations of kids and adult clothes, toys, school supplies, women’s hygiene items, shoes and so much more to the orphanage at Los Planes, the La Paz Women’s Shelter and the Vista Hermosa Care for Kids Center rotating through a different location each week.  Again, big thanks for so many of our fishermen who find a little space to stuff some much needed treasures.

Because of the storm, I’m not able to put up photos this week. The internet and phone signals have been wonky for the last few days and I can’t get the photos off my smartphone! However, I will post them in the next report!

That’s our story!

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Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 3-9, 2017



Weather – Some isolated thundershowers during the week here and there.  Some cloudy days but over all sunny, warm and humid.  Mid-90’s in the day.  Mid-80’s at night

Water – Some areas still dirty green and brown after the storm with alot of debris, but overall waters recovered faster than I have ever seen it and mostly good warm blue water.

Fishing – Tuna and dorado! Some roosterfish and marlin. Plus lots of bonito, jacks, pargo and cabrilla of you want them. Some days the dorado go nuts. Next day it’s the tuna.  Dorado growing up!

Catching – A few days this week it was stupid.  Everyone done with limits by 10 a.m. Some larger tuna lost.

Weather Forecast – Hopefully no more major storms, but this is the time of year when we can have isolated or occasional thundershowers ever week.  They come and go fast.


From San Rafael CA, Corey Hughes shows off one of the nicer dorado this week. The dorado definitely got bigger with nicer legit bulls finally showing up . Corey fished before the storm…hung with us through the storm…and fished several days after the storm as well.

A good day! From Utah, Captain Armando poses with Lorna and Rich Gasser and some of their first-day catch of tuna and dorado.


He loves to fish light tackle and using 20 pound test and a fresh-water spinning rod, Randy Edge from Salt Lake City was fishing with Captain Pancho of the Tailhunter Fleet and had his hands full with this nice bull dorado just off Punta Arenas. He also battled a few other dorado as well as tuna, bonito, pargo and cabrilla.

Jeff Pfost from Arroyo Grande, CA hung this nice yellowfin tuna on the one-day they had to squeeze in for fishing and it turned out to be a nice one also catching some great dorado. Check out how flat the water is!

Big smile from our amiga, Trudy Grove, who always lights it up each year with a big fish like this nice bull dorado on the beach at Bahia Muertos!

Two of our funnest couples that visit us from Colorado, Frank and Diane Kunze with their favorite Captain Adolfo and two of their dorado from the first day fishing.

Right after the storm, I thought for sure, the fishing would be off, but Wayne and Todd Wilson jumped all over the dorado right off the bat shown here on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos.

First time fishing with us, Alex Noriega put the wood to this nice bull dorado plus a bunch of yellowfin tuna!

Boise, Idaho in the house! James Stahlman and Nariza Manning pose with Captain Adolfo and some mahi mahi fillets headed to the freezer!

More of our Utah amigos! Chad and Jonene Gasser rocked the tuna and dorado big time on one of the days when the fish came to chew early and often!

Aaron Foxworthy hasn’t fished with us in a few years so it was great to have him back visiting from the San Francisco Bay area and had a boat all to himself when the yellowfin tuna exploded just off the beach.

What a sweet lady! This is Janie Edge showing off a bigger dorado than her husband caught! LOL! She boated this beauty on light tackle and a freshwater spinning rod too! Bravo!

The tuna got a little heftier and beefier this week and they were only a few yards from shore! Todd Wilson shows off one of his YFT’s!

Pierre Soyez from France spent 10 days light tackle fishing with Tailhunter Sportfishing in La Paz and caught over a dozen different species including tuna, dorado, jack crevalle, bonito, cabrilla and this nice rooster fish just off the rocks between the Las Arenas lighthouse and Punta Perrico. The fish was released. We got several nice roosterfish this week.

They had just one day to fish, but had a good time! Randelle and Jeff Pfost from Arroyo Grande CA with Captain Gerardo got into some nice dorado and tuna!

Our La Paz Fleet continued to jump on dorado! Dane Fulkerson from San Rafael CA hung with us through the storm and fished before and after the storm spending a few days fishing with Captain Luis of our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet.

Our ever-popular Captain Joel with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet was with Gary Whitaker and had a difficult time finding the fish until late in the day when they hit a spot and everything exploded calling in the rest of our boats to join the fray!

She’s a tiny little gal with a big smile, especially when she’s catching or eating fish! Nariza Manning from Boise, Idaho with a colorful dorado and Captain Adolfo. Check out the glassy water! That’s Muertos Bay in the background and they’re only about 100 yards from the shore.

Master Sargeant Bryant Buttars with the U.S. Airforce in Utah has been talking to us about coming down for years! As part of his birthday present, he finally came down with his wife, Mindy and got to fish with Captain Armando! Using light tackle spinning rods, they got into the tuna and dorado.

Big smiles from Dave Landon and Julia Roberts who fished with us 3 days just after the storm and shown here with some of their dorado after fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.

A really funny guy! This is our buddy, Larry McNeal with some of his batch of dorado. He fished several days with both of our fleets.



A good day with Captain Gerardo! This is Alex and Maria Noriega from the San Diego area who rocked it big time getting into a big bite of tuna and dorado their first day of fishing.

Kathy Terbu from Utah has been visiting us for years and always seems to find a big fish like this nice bull dorado and posing with her favorite Captain Armando.

Look! Diane caught HALF A DORADO! Actually, it’s just wiggling too much! Diane Kunze tries to take a photo with a fresh-caught mahi!


La Paz- Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 3-10, 2017

You would think that after a major tropical storm/ hurricane Lidia that hit us last week, combined with a massive full moon, that fishing would be more than a little off.  That’s usually the case.  

Although Lidia tried hard to be a Category One Hurricane, it still dropped 20 to almost 40 inches of rain on Southern Baja and caused some wides-spread devastation, especially in the Cabo San Lucas area just to the south of us.  Usually, after something like that waters are turned over and dirty.  Lots of junk in the water which is often cooler than normal. There’s a lot of run-off from all the dirt that comes cascading down out’ve the arroyos.   Fishing can get really good, but it takes awhile to settle down.
Then, throw a huge full moon into the mix and I could almost hear the groans as folks filtered into town…happy the storm had passed and hoping for the best, but anticipating the worst.  As one angler said, “I figured fishing would be crappy and we’d be spending alot of time drinking beer and sitting by the pool drowning our fishing sorrows!”
Well, that wasn’t the case!
Fishing re-bounded pretty fast!  In fact, it was almost immediate.  Not as crazy wide-open as before the storm, but there was no shortage of action and some high spots that were as explosive as any we’ve seen all season as both dorado and tuna helped bend rods and keep folks smiling.


North of town from La Paz, the dorado kept on like the tropical storm had only been a little bump.  Not only is there sargasso weed floating out there, but now there’s all kinds of floating debris lining up in the current lines holding dorado and billfish plus some tuna!
It took a little longer for the waters to clear, but some of the best dorado fishing this past week was actually in the colder-dirtier water!  Go figure.
The big trick was finding the right spot.  Once you found it, you could load up the rods and fish boxes with one-stop shopping and wild dorado action of fish between 5 and 20 pounds.  Most of the dinks were getting tossed back because you could hit a spot and it would be a baby nursery of dinks.  Or, all the firecracker fish would jump your baits and not give the big boys time to get in on the feed!  But, a good problem to have with great action.


I was really worried about this area so soon after such a big storm.  However, literally the first day after the storm, we got into the dorado and tuna.  There were not as many or such a wild bite as before the storm, but numbers seemed to be replaced by a better quality of fish!
The dorado seemed to have gotten pumped up during the few days of the storm and came back bigger with more nice 15-25 pound bulls that were legit tackle busters.  Plus, the tuna added a few pounds as well so that we had better and scrappier 10-20 pound slugs!
There were even a few days in there when the fish just went rampant, especially the tuna and the anglers were slamming limits by 9 or 10 a.m. and out searching for other species after that!
One of our anglers told me, “It was incredible.  Within seconds of tossing out our first lines, we were hit.  For the next hour it was double and triple hook ups of yellowfin tuna.  We put 10 in the boat and probably lost and released another 10.  Add in another 10 big bonito and were were dog-tired!  Then, the captain said, ‘Let’s find some dorado now.’ So we caught 4 dorado and told him, we were done and let’s go back to the beach and drink a beer!  That was 10:30 a.m.!”
Some days, it was more tuna.  Some days more dorado.  Some days it was about a 50/50 mix.  Some days were better than others, but overall surprisingly steady biters!


That was quite a little storm we had a week ago which caused closure of flights and airports and some fairly significant damage to some areas, especially around Cabo.  When you get more than 3 feet of rain in about 30 hours, that’s an issue!  We all had alot of road closures, mudslides, rockslides  and flood damage and at one point it was taking 6-8 hours to go the 100 miles from La Paz to the Cabo Airport.
There’s still alot of highway repair going on, but all major roads are open and any washed out areas have detours now.


Thanks going out to so many of our Tailhunter Tribe who brought stuff for the womens’ shelter, the orphanage and the Vista Hermosa Neighborhood…and all of you who bring stuff to us every week . I’m sorry I don’t have photos of everyone, but your generosity brings more smiles than you can ever imagine.

Gary Whitaker and Larry McNeal with school suppies and hygiene items plus adult and kids clothes

Good Tailhunter friends from Utah for many years, Brian Buchanan, Trudy Grove and Kathy and John Terbu with lots of school supplies! John’s beer is not for them!

Jon and Kimo Jennings brought clothes, bags, school supplies and a whole case of notebooks!

Kirt Schlander, Bob Benjamin, Jesse Miler and Tim Schlander had a couple coolers of great stuff.

That’s our story!
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Mexico Office: 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico
from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-53311
Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Aug. 26-Sept. 3, 2017



Weather – Started great.  Ended with almost a hurricane as Tropical Storm “LIDIA” spanked us and created some problems, but she left and things seem to be recovering quickly.  Note that there’s some possible afternoon and evening thundershowers this coming week.  Pretty typical.  Should not be an issue with fishing.  We’re done by then for the day.

Water –  Was great but got pretty turned over by the storm’s strong winds and rain.  But I’m surprised how it really laid down flat immediately after and how it seems to be cleaning up much faster than expected.

Fishing – We had some of the best fishing of the season going before the storm hit.  WFO on tuna and dorado for both of our Tailhunter Fleets

Catching – Anglers were loading up by 8, 9, 10 a.m. in the morning and releasing fish after that!  Loaded up and plugged fast returning to shore early!

Fish – Variety!  Tuna. Dorado. Roosterfish. Bonito. Cabrilla. Pargo.  Jacks!


Corey Hughes, first time with us at Tailhunters, visits from San Rafael CA and got in on the tuna bite at Las Arenas before the storm hit. Skies were already starting to turn as you can see from the photo.

We had such a great time with Larry Morse and his cousin Daryl Boyd from Orange Co, CA who fished 5 days and crushed the fish every day. Regretfully, they got stuck for 3 extra days when the storm hit.

Danny Hypse and his family, daughter Sara and wife, Susie! Drove the Baja to come see us and always awesome to spend time with. They plugged the boat early with tuna and dorado fishing out’ve Bahia Muertos.

Happy fella! Firefighter, Jordan Boyd all the way from Ohio got his first roosterfish and the smiles to prove it. The fish was released.

Good start for Dean Alvarez who caught a limit of dorado and realeased most then added a few tuna for some variety! This was his first day.

Pierre Soyez..from France. Just a pretty pretty fish and picture. Captain Victor in the back. Frameable!

He said it was the best fishing of his life…5 days of action for Larry Morse who limited almost every day.

Carolyn Cain has visited us several times, but never got a dorado…until this week! One of her dorado fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet. Congrats, amiga!

Arnaud Pasquet our new best buddy from Montreal, Canada, and the producer of the TV fishing show “Chasing Monsters” holds on of the La Paz dorado that’ve provided so much action the last few weeks. Arnaud rocked it for 10 days with us.

Coming from Harvey in Texas to Lidia in La Paz, Mariana Bramblett, still got in some good fishing before the storm hit. On her first day out’ve Las Arenas, she got limits of yellowfin like this (how does she stay so clean?) then on the 2nd day limits of dorado before the storm arrived.

The right kind! Captain Adolfo and Jordan Boyd with two of their yellowfin tuna.

Shelby Cain came to visit from New Jersey and had never done this kind of fishing before but got into the surprising bite of yellowfin tuna out’ve La Paz north of the city.

YES! First roosterfish catch-and-release for Arnaud! Big thick fish!

Love this guy! Danny Hypse representing for us and he spent alot of time trying to get the pose “just right” trying to hold two La Paz yellowfin tuna out to get the great shot f our t-shirt.

Plugged! Captain Jorge is flanked by Dane Fulkerson and Corey Hughes from San Rafael CA with 4 of their yellowfin tuna. The guys loaded the boat with limits of tuna and dorado that day.


More yellowfin tuna for Ralph Jackson and Bill Lingo from Texas! They had two solid days of fishing with us before spending a few days on the East Cape.

Father-and-son, Mike and Derek Scannell could not have put one more fillet in their ice chests after 3 days of fishing with both of our Tailhunter fleets coming back each day with limits of tuna and dorado.

Rusty Cain on the right fishes with us every year and sometimes several times a year and this time brought brother, Mike, for his first trip with us and Captain Armando. They got some fat tuna plus dorado each day.

Hard to believe we got tuna like this with Susie Waters with our La Paz fleet, but she got these out’ve schools of boiling fish which is really unusual to see tuna north of the city! But no one complaining!!! Great fun.

A good start! Texas John Bramblett started his two days fishing by jumping into the tuna bite off the Las Arenas lighthouse.

Glen and Jordan Boyd…father and son…nothing wrong with this photo! They had 5 full days of full ice chests!

Most folks try to STAY in the BOAT! Our great amigo, Arnaud Pasquet, was casting by standing on the stern of the panga off Espirito Santo Island and when the lure went out…so did he!!! Makes for great story telling and he’s a gamer and a good sport!

On the knife jig…nothing like the jolt from a fish that comes out’ve the rocks and rips into your lure! Nice cabrilla for Pierre Soyez!

The path of Tropical Storm Lidia was far reaching. It was almost 200 miles wide with some winds over 100 mph.

No fishing today! Normally calm Bahia de los Muertos / Suenos Bay was a tad choppy during the storm.

Storm video I took behind La Concha Beach Resort just about an hour before the bulk of the storm hit us.



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 27-Sept. 3, 2017

Talk about a “buzz kill.”  We had the best fishing of the season going until Tropical Storm Lidia showed up and crashed the fishing party almost turning into a Cat. 1 hurricane, but causing flooding, bringing rains and high winds and basically shutting everything down!

It started with a blip on the weather radar but by the end of the week ports were closing; boats were getting pulled in; folks were taping up windows and grocery stores were getting runs on water and batteries bracing for the hit.
When it did hit, Cabo and La Paz got hammered pretty hard.  Cabo, moreso as it got punched right in the nose.
Fortunately, it did not turn into a hurricane, but winds up to almost 100 mph and torrential rains played havoc on neighborhoods, roads, houses and businesses.  Airport closed and flights were canceled stranding many visitors.
Darnit!  We had an incredible tuna bite of 10-25 pound slugger fish just off the lighthouse at Las Arenas.  Our anglers were lighting it up and getting totally plugged with limits of tuna by 9 or 10 a.m. in some cases.  Then, they’d go for dorado and slam mahi-mahi for more limits!  It was crazy fishing.  It’s the best tuna bite I’ve seen all year and maybe in several seasons.  Everyone looked like a “pro” out there!  Add in some bonito, cabrilla, jacks and we had a lot of tired arms and big smiles!
As in the previous few weeks, the great dorado bite continued north of the city.  Not a lot of big fish, but lots of fun 10-20 pounders have kept everyone bent and smiling.
However, several days before the storm hit, we got schools of yellowfin tuna boiling!  This was pretty unbelievable.  Normally, we’ll get a tuna here or there from our La Paz fleet during the season.  But this was entire schools of jumping boiling feeding fish and our boats would do just the opposite of our Las Arenas fleet.  They’d be all over the dorado schools then suddenly be surrounded by tuna!
Best fishing we’ve seen in ages!
Until it wasn’t!
Normally, after a storm, we expect high winds on the backside as the storms leave.  It’s often so strong to make it unfishable!  However, surprise…wow…not much more than a breeze and flat flat seas!  On top of it, the waters are usually muddy and dirty from all the runoff.  It looks like coffee with cream in it or it’s just dirty cloudy green.  However, I’m amazed at how fast the waters are clearing up!  So maybe things will turn back on again soon!


Just as I’m finishing this report, our pangas for Sunday are coming back!
La Paz – limits of dorado!
Las Arenas – limits of dorado plus some yellowfin tuna!!!
That’s our story!

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