La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 18-27, 2022




Our amigo, Tim Larson, has been visiting us for years, but this past week landed his personal best largest dorado. Great shot and a pretty bull mahi!

Captain Alfredo gives Steve Ritz a hand with this big-headed bull. Steve has been with us for years and usually makes two trips a year. He tangled with this dorado on light tackle and fought it for over an hour! Steve is 86-years-young!

First day meat day! Brian Rubino and Mike Martins stacked the dorado on their first day of fishing big time!

Love this photo and this lady! Lisa Hicks from Washington has big smiles with her favorite Captain Victor out’ve Bahia Muertos. We’ve know Lisa for almost 20 years of visits to Tailhunter.

Oh yea! Josh Robert was just here about a month ago from Nashville. He had so much fun he came back and had his way with several big bull dorado like this one.

Two of our long-time favorite characters. Jess Franco from Prescott AZ and Mac Treasure from Reno NV. Both retired fire captains.

Oh my! No, Josh did not catch this. He’s just helping with the photo. Actually, Julia his wife, caught this beast on 30-pound test and battled it for over an hour. She refused to give up the rod even tho’ she said her hands were cramping and her arms were shaking! Well-done!

Captain Victor with Tim Larson and Paul Jordan with a good start to 3 days of fishing.

Vonnie McGonigal is the owner of the famous Vonnie’s Fishing Fleet in Sitka, Alaska. At the end of the season, she treats her crew and lodge workers to a big trip and this year brought them down to see us! Sandy Cromley works in the fish packing area of their lodge and the two ladies cranked out some fun dorado fishing!

Dan and Sammy Hicks! Sammy is 12 now and Dan has been fishing with us even before Sammy was born. Great fun family from Washington and one of our favorites. Lots of meat on the table!

It’s been a few years, but Patricia and Phil Andreason came to visit us after several postponed efforts because of Covid. They made up for lost time with Captain Armando.

The start of 3 days fishing for Grant and Julie Nakagawa who are always fun every year. They’ve already given dates for next year with their favorite Captain Armando.

Love this shot! Gerry Hermosillo from L.A. is feeling pretty powerful after his day of fishing! LOL

Two of our newest Tailhunter Tribe amigos…Bruce and Tanner Robert came down to celebrate Tanner becoming a dentist. Check out the size of Tanner’s bull! Whoa!!!

Captain Jorge with another of our new amigos! Terry Suminski came to visit from Sitka Alaska for some warm-water style fishing.

Our Utah amigos, Bick Lessor has been with us before, but brought first-timer Scott Bowes to come fish with Captain Gerardo. I have no idea how that little pompano ended up getting caught with this good mess o’ dorado!

Two more of our great retired firefighters, Jimmy Andrews and Gary Bowie with Captain Armando got a cleaning table full of dorado.

Fishing with their favorite Captain Pancho, Marlene and Taky Kikuchi hooked up on a good batch of dorado plus a tasty barred pargo.

Josh…with another big bull in the fish box! He had a banner trip on the dorado.

Jon Eide has been fishing with us for years from Minnesota, but never ever got a roosterfish until this past week! It’s even more remarkable since this is not usually roosterfish season! Jon released the fish post photo!

Jeff Sakuda has been with us about 20 years and loves fishing with Captain Jorge! Jeff is from Cypress CA and a retired pilot for United and comes down twice-a-year.

Captain Alfredo approves of Wade White’s dorado he caught just outside of La Paz Bay.

Lee Hazelquist with his first sailfish! The fish ate a live sardine and Lee battled it on light tackle. The fish could not be released.

Rapid City, S. Dakota is a long way from the ocean, but it was fun to have Dick and Lucy Mahlendorf come visit us for the first time. They sure took home alot of dorado fillets to share with neighbors!

Two of the best! On their 2nd visit this year, Steve Ritz and Larry Chastain. The got into a swarm of dorado by the looks of it with their favorite Captain Gerardo.

Two more of our newest Tailhunter amigos who were out with Captain Jorge, Vicky and Mark Sherwood from Washington had a good day on the dorado schools.

Pretty photo and great colors! Juli has another dorado!


We had a little “tickle” of a storm that was supposed to pass through that had us all watching nervously as it bounced outside to the Pacific and didn’t affect us as we had feared like other storms these past few weeks.

But, other than that and a few cloudy days,  it was a wonderfully boring week for weather finally with just super conditions and it left us with some terrifically solid fishing.  In fact, it was one of the better fishing weeks of the season.

Not much variety to speak of, but that’s because the dorado were so numerous and voracious!  They weren’t giving any other species a chance, but no one was complaining.  Some boats were done by 9 or 10 a.m. with full limits of mahi and had released even more fish than they had caught.

The fish were generally legit 10-20 pound fish with some in to the 30 and 40 pound class.  Many anglers laughingly complained that they had dorado all around them feeding “like a fish pond” and would see some big dorado on the perimeter, but the “smaller” fish were so aggressive that the big ones never had time to grab a bait.

Still, everyone had fun.  Everyone who wanted dorado or had never caught a dorado got into fish!

We also have some decent billfish hook-ups on sailfish and marlin as well, this week with about 80% of the fis lost or released.  One big blue marlin actually snapped the rod in half!

Other species included cabrilla, rainbow runners, triggerfish, snapper and lots of tough bonito!


Just a heads-up that we’re already starting to fill up early for our 2023 fishing season! We’re getting reservations daily and we don’t want to miss you!

In order to accommodate growing tastes we’ve broadened our hotel offerings once again.  Lots of different choices depending on where to stay…





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Get in touch with us and we’ll customize a fishing package just for you!  If you’re already part of the Tailhunter nation and you want specific rooms or your favorite captain, don’t wait.  We’re booking fast!

The best fishing is May to October!

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We’ll look forward to seeing you in 2023!

That’s my story!


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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 10-17, 2022




Dan McKinley from Washington was with us last week with his family. He was having so much fun, he stayed to fish an extra two days, but sent the rest of the family home, including son, Ryan. Nice dorado too!

Larry Barnard with his favorite Captain Victor has fished with us many years, but this was his “personal best” dorado. He foul-hooked it on the side which made the battle triple-tough, but he got the big bull to gaff!

Captain Jorge poses with Andy LeVeque from Washington and his Tecate to finish off a good first day on the water at Bahia Muertos.

Clark Torres, Mike and Melissa LeVeque with some big-boy legit bull dorado. Check out all that meat! They had 3 solid days of fishing and brought the family of 10 to visit us for the week.

John Waters and Erin Martin started their week off with a nice box of dorado!

This is the way to start the morning with a brilliant sunrise and a big wahoo that bit John Vondrak’s “banana red” Rapala with Captain Gerardo. It was the first of 2 wahoo this day. (scroll down for the 2nd photo)

From Montana, Lee and Renee Leveque with Captain Victor and a nice day of dorado and a striped marlin. It could not be released and meat was donated.

Kim Spicer is telling husband Brian that she caught more dorado than he did! Fun couple visiting us for the first time and they did well over 3 days fishing.

Jess Keller fortunately was able to get in only one day fishing after the storms because the other days got cancelled, but he did well with nice rack of dorado headed for the freezers.

Ted Tamborski with Captain Edgar was another victim of Hurricane Kay that got several days fishing cancelled, but was able to get out 3 days and hung this sailfish north of La Paz.

Yea…tackle busting big bonito kept rod bent and folk smiling. Darrel had a kick on his light tackle rigs.

This isn’t roosterfish season, but there are some little fellas still hanging out here and there. Wes Miles put this on on the boat off Punta Perico for a quick photo and release.

Dan and Lisa Hicks from Washington with their son Sammy have been fishing with us almost 20 year, even before Sammy came along. Always good to have them visit. They started their week with some great mahi action.

Gary Piekaar and Chris Biggs came down for a quick 2-day trip and went home with some good dorado meat. It was their first time with us at Tailhunter.

Konrad “Mad Hatter” Knoeferl has had to keep postponing his trip for several seasons, but it was good to finally get him down with Pal Chris Lucas posing with some of their dorado they caught fishing out’ve La Paz Bay.

Dan, Ryan and Wes…nice day of dorado, guys! All from Washington visiting us for the week.

Mike Guest from Arizon has fished with us many times over the years and told me he was coming down for a wahoo even though I told him there weren’t many wahoo around this year. I’m glad he proved me wrong!

Captain Jorge gives Brian Spicer the “thumbs-up” after catching this rooster just outside of Bahia Muertos. The fish was released.

Don McKinley is a former missionary and 93-year-young and still going strong! Grandson Ryan helps with the photo, but 3 days of fishing and Don didn’t need any help reeling fish! Great to have him visit us .

John’s 2nd wahoo of the day on his funky yellow Rapala with Captain Gerardo. This one’s a fatter ‘hoo!

Double D!  Darrel and Don from Washington.  Some huge bulls on the table there in front to them.


Captain Armando having some fun with amigos, John Eide from Minnesota and Joe Vondrak on the beach at Bahia Muertos.

First-timer Lori Worthington from Oregon sadly lost 2 days fishing to the storms, but got in one day with Captain Gerardo and made the best of things with a fun dorado day.

Captain Gerardo with Andrew Harrison and John Vondrak. Quite a variety…dorado…wahoo…rainbow runner…pompano and snapper!

Andrew with the big smile for another dorado.

Carrie “Sparkle” McKinley is just a joy to have visit us from Washington. She can fish too!

John Eide with another fish for the box.

Beautiful morning shot of Kim Spicer with Captain Jorge just outside of La Ventana across from Cerralvo Island

I have no idea who’d behind the fish, but I do know that Captain Ramiro got him a huge bull dorado.


After stormy weather, you just never know what the fishing is going to be like.   We had a tropical storm…followed by a 3 days hurricane…followed by a full moon last week.  It was a triple whammy-punch-in-the-nose kinda week with lots of cancelled fishing trips and disappointed anglers.

After a storm it could take days for the water to clear and settle down.   You just never know and after all the run-off from the rain, I figured it was gonna take awhile.  A full moon was not going to do us any favors either!

But, right off the bat it seemed the fish were as eager to eat as we were anxious to go fishing and catch them.  It just seemed to get better the further we got away from the stormy days.  At times, it seemed like there were so many dorado in the water it was like hand-feeding fish in a pond.  Turn up the sound and check out this video and look at all the dorado in the water!

There were some days where the boats were done by 9 or 10 a.m. and the anglers were tired and headed back to shore with full fish boxes!

It didn’t happen every day and it wasn’t like this for every boat, but overall, it’s been the best dorado fishing in several weeks.  Our Tailhunter La Paz fleet seemed to catch more fish, but they were smaller.  Our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet got fewer fish but they were definitely larger models.

The nice surprise were the wahoo that finally started biting.  We picked up a few between Cerralvo Island and Bahia Muertos boating some nice 20-40 pounders and losing others.   We haven’t hooked many wahoo this season so it was a nice bonus.

In addition to the wahoo, also hooked some marlin and sailfish and the catch was rounded out with some big bonito, pompano , trevally, cabrilla, snapper, pargo and even a few out-of-season roosterfish!  All-in-all a pretty solid fishing week

Parting shot. Pelicans can be a pain in the B stealing your bait all the time, but Andrew seems to have made a new bestie!


Many of you have stayed with us for decades at our beach favorite, La Concha Beach Resort or had us set you up at Costa Baja Resort/ Marina  or Casa al Mar on the Malecon.  We love all those spots!

However, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added several new locations in order to give our anglers more choices and more variety.  Over the new few weeks, we’ll show you some of our new additions.

This week, we wanted to show off a real gem and a hidden special spot for us…Gaviotas Beach Resort.  It’s right on the Malecon so you can walk to everything.  These are 2 BR/ 2 Bath condos so you get lots of space and a full kitchen, not to mention spectacular views of the bay and waterfront from your huge waterfront patio.  Spa services available as well!


Unmatched view of the La Paz Bay.

The beach is steps away.  There’s a great seafood restaurant next door and a baby Starbuck gourmet coffee shop on the other side. Our Tailhunter Restaurant is a stone’s throw away as well.  There’s a sundeck. Barbecue.  Netflix and Wi-fi.  And washer/dryer on the premises plus bicycles!  For fishing or other activities, we’ll pick you up right out front.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll put together a complete package for you.  jonathan@tailhunter.com

Two huge master bedrooms

Cool off in the pool or grab some rays on the upper sundeck

Full living room with wifi and Netflix overlooking the water.

Lots of space to relax!

Wake up to this every morning!

Happy hour in the pool!


Full-sized kitchen and frig!


In case you hadn’t heard, after a two year hiatus, the Hall Shows are back after a 76-year-run. The dates will be a little different than in the past with the San Diego/ Del Mar Show being the first and Long Beach is now the 2nd show.  Jill and I will be there along with all your favorites!  Make your plans!


Turn up the sound and click the lower right “square” square to watch full-screen.


That’s our story!  Have a great week!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


(Tropical Storm Javier then Hurricane Kay)

La Paz- Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 2-9, 2022




Mean and angry. Hurricane Kay barrels up the Pacific Coast to Baja and Southern California.

Just before the storm, Chris Binkley was able to put the wood to a number of dorado . Clouds starting to gather behind.

Like a boss! Jim Stahlman crushed it on his last day fishing with Captain Jorge and a boatload of quality dorado out’ve Bahia Muertos.

Kay isn’t messing around. Category 3 hurricane coming up the coast!

Captain Blas give Ted Tamborski a hand with thi legit bull dorado. Espirito Santo Island in the background .

Scott Evans was able to get out between storms and got some nice dorado.


Kay looks like she’s pretty angry! You can see all the related bands of water scattered everywhere.


It was an eventful week…to say the least!

We got in a little fishing.  We even got a little fish.

But, the whole story was the two storms that hit us this past week.  Up to then, the fishing had been pretty decent.  Dorado biting steadily if not full turbo.  Everyone catching at least something ever day if not more.  Dorado running maybe 5-15 pounds on the average.  Some larger.  A few marlin hooked.  A few wahoo hooked.  Lots of bonito and a smattering of inshore fish like cabrilla, snapper, pargo, trevally and sierra.

Then, Tropical Storm Javier popped up on us. Lots of strong rain.  Had to cancel fishing for a day.


We got boats out the next day, but I wasn’t very hopeful about the fishing.  Often after a strong rain, the waters can be dirty from the runoff.  Waters can still be rough.  Bait is scattered or difficult.

But, surprise, the boats actually came back with about a limit of dorado each.  Much better than expected.

The next few days, we were able to fish again.  It was not as good as we would have liked and not as good as it had been before the storm as it took awhile for the waters to normalize.  However, there were dorado biting.  If not very strong, at least somewhat and mixed with some other species, at least there was some action .

Tony has one for the fish box!

Then we started hearing about “INVEST 12E” another storm building down the coast.  We watched it building.  It got ominous when it got upgraded to “TROPICAL STORM KAY.”

Within a day, it was re-named HURRICANE KAY with predictions of it being a Category 2 or 3.  We warned everyone flying down.  We warned everyone that we had here. We had to pull boats out’ve the water as the port captain shut down all boat traffic.

And the wind and rain started up again.

Here’s the deal.  We’ve had hurricanes in the past.  Very strong hurricanes including Hurricane Odile in 2014 that was the strongest hurricane in Mexican history that hit Category 4 levels and wrecked homes, businesses, and boats.  Power outtages for weeks.  Chaos.

But, in all the hurricanes I’ve experienced, most storms blow over in a day.  Hurricane Odile was over in about 8 hours.  They move fast.

Hurricane Kay was a lightweight.  And it was slow.  It sat on La Paz for 3 days.  Not strong at all.  Wind…some drizzle…wind…rain.  Calm.  drizzle…rain…more wind.

Just enough to keep everyone stuck in their hotel rooms and our boats tied up.  No fishing.  No doubt it would have been dangerous to be on the water and the port captain had things locked up, but Kay just stuck around and stuck around!

Thankfully, no damage.  No real flooding.  No one hurt.

(Much different in other areas and along the Pacific Coast)

However, it locked down our fishing for 3 days and our anglers shut down as well.  Some guys never got to ever get on the water before going home.  Others lost several days of their fishing days.  Jill and I and the rest of our team felt really badly.  In our 30 years down here, I’ve never had a storm that kept folks off the water for so long and we appreciated that most of our anglers kept their patience with us and with the weather and a situation we couldn’t control nor was it expected.

The fall is our busiest and best fishing time, but now and then, yea…a storm comes through.

As I write this, we did finally get a few boats out.  For some of our anglers, it’s the ONLY day they will be able to fish before they head home.  I’m not real hopeful as the water are still rough and murky and I’m not sure they’ll find bait.  But everyone is just happy to get out.

OH…and since it’s been cloudy the last 4 days, I never noticed…IT’S A FULL MOON!  Can’t catch a break.

That’s my story!  Hoping for a better report next week!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”




La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug 25-Sept 1, 2022



Jimmy Williams (right) was out on the north end of Cerralvo Island with his neighbor Derrek when they hit these pair of jurassic bull dorado! Jimmy was fishing a live cocinero and Derrek nailed his fish on a flyrod!

Captain Ramiro helps Doctor Angie with her first dorado. First time visitor and first time fishing. She took home a nice load of fish.

Really fun folks visiting us for the first time and spent a few days fishing with us while staying at Rancho Costa. John and Sally Jongsma started their trip with a nice pair of just inside Bahia Muertos.

Steve Fajardo from Havasu City AZ looks like a postcard holding his bull there in Bahia Muertos!

A rare shot of Captain Arcangel smiling while helping Corey Giles from Utah on the gaff and photo. Arkie has worked for us almost 30 years at Tailhunter and a great guy and captain, but rarely smiles when the camera comes out.

All the way from Michigan, Jason Brown holds a legit bull dorado while uncle Brian McClelland looks on.

Steve has doubles! Both caught fishing just outside of La Paz Bay.

Always smiling, Sue McClelland has visited us many times from Utah and always gets into some nice fish.

Bringing back a nice load of dorado meat! Peggy Fry and Corey Giles headed back to the beach.

New addition to our Tailhunter Tribe, Brian Devlin from Colorado, spent 3 days fishing the dorado with us.

Big beast bull dorado! Captain Armando helps pose it with Tricia and Gary Bondoc.



Just as I was about to publish this week’s report, Tropical Storm Xavier hit us.  Well…mostly it glanced off the Baja and headed west to sea, but enough of it so that today (Friday Sept 2) it’s now raining and winds are blowing up to 30 mph.  Some areas have lost electricity.  In the video you can hear car and building alarms that got set off by the storm.

The port captain has shut down all boat traffic in and out’ve the port so we regretfully had to cancel all fishing for our guests.   Hope we can get back on the water soon!



It took a long time for summer to reach us down here with summer-time fishing as La Niña kept waters cool and fishing unseasonable until almost mid-July.  Then, things finally hit stride and the fishing has been solidly summer and conditions more normal with sunshine, blue waters and typical Baja humidity.

However, this past week, it almost seems like the seasons are already changing to fall conditions.  It’s been sunny but cooler.  Warm, but breezier.  We’ve had afternoon tropical showers.  In fact, this coming week, the weather predictions show chances of thunderstorms here and there almost every day. (See update above…”tropical showers” turned into major tropical storm!)

Afternoon rainshower blows across La Paz Bay.

Hopefully, things aren’t changing too fast because the fishing has been mostly very good, especially for dorado.  That being said, we even hooked some “cold water” fish like sierra that we usually catch in the winter and pompano and trevally that we usually see in the cooler spring!  We’ll have to see…


It wasn’t a fantastic week of fishing, but overall pretty good.  Some good days.  Some not so much.

The mahi have been 98% of the catch with fish in a wide area.  You can pick up fish here and there all day or you can hit that one school and have dorado pandemonium for an hour until your bait is gone and the fish box is full of limits and exhausted fishermen say they’re too tired!  Many of the fish have been school-sized 10-15 pounders.  Many smaller fish are getting kicked back.  A few 20-30 pounders in the mix with larger ones breaking off.

Not much else showing up in the counts, but I think alot of that has to do with folks are fishing for and having fun for the dorado.  They’re great fun and abundant and it’s not complicated fishing.  So, no one is really chasing roosters, marlin, tuna, wahoo or the inshore species.  We have had a few marlin and wahoo hookups, but nothing landed and the bites were incidental.  (The anglers were fishing for dorado!).  The few times that folks fished the rocks, they hit pargo, cabrilla and even some pompano, but everyone really is chasing the dorado.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

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from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 18-24, 2022



Our long-time amigo from Camarillo CA has another big-head bull dorado to put in the box. Note the clouds, but flat seas.

Big smile…Raleigh Inglis fishing off Espirito Santo Island with some mahi fillets for dinner.

Idaho John Stevenson fishing just off La Ventana got an early morning dorado to put in the box.

I’m always teasing Roger that he doesn’t smile enough when he’s fishing! With Captain Rogelio in La Paz Bay.

Jeff Inglis with a fresh mahi coming over the rail!

Shiloah and Pete Wilson had a good day on the water!

Shelton Donnell looks a big disheveled after battling a tough jack crevalle, but he’s been fishing with us for decades and he’s always up for the fight. His 2nd trip this year from Portland.

It was another decent week of fishing overall except for two things that made it different. Once again, dorado were the mainstay of the bite with fish running 5 to 15 pounds on the average and conditions being mostly hot and humid.

However, the week had a few bumps in terms of the weather. We did have a couple of those little baby tropical rainstorms blow through that really kicked it up. Not that we don’t need some rain, but when it rains down here, it really rains. Flooding is not unusual.

Often, these storms are not on the weather radar. With all the heat, they suddenly just build into a big weather conditions.

Usually, it’s sporadic and isolated. For example it can rain in one spot, but 200 yards away it’s dry. It can rain for 10 minutes solid or an hour solid, then the sun comes blazing out. If it happens while you’re on the water, you need to either come back in and hunker down for a bit and let it pass or, if possible, at least drive to a spot where it’s not raining.

We had one day, when one of these storms raced up and it was big enough to chase all the boats off the water. These things are to be expected this time of year. At least (so far), none of these has been a hurricane. Just alot of wind and rain.

The other thing that happened is that there was a noticeable downtick in the number of fishermen on the water and folks in town. This is the bit of slowdown during the season when many families and fishermen are ending summer vacations. Kids are going back to school. Parents have family things to attend to like football and other school or athletic-related activities. So, while fishing remains good, the crowds are diminishing.

Although dorado are the central focus because they are numerous, we also hooked a few striped marlin plus rounded out catches with bonito, jack crevalle, small roosterfish, cabrilla and snapper.


That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug 10-17, 2022



Just another good day on the water! Joni and John Stevenson from Idaho with some fish for the freezer!

Kyle Alexander, first time fishing with us and Captain Jorge, hooked two of these striped marlin and released them both. Really well done! On light tackle at that! Cerralvo Island in the background .

Jeanne Cabales from San Diego is always fun to have visit. Check out her two dorado and the rest of the catch sitting on the transom behind her .

Pete Wilson got two of these mahi on the flyrod as well as bonito and took several on bait.

The Blisses just had one day to fish and Captain Jorge put them on some nice dorado.

Long time Tailhunter amigo who has been fishing with us for about 20 years sometimes twice a year, Darrell Manginelli always gets into the fish. Another good day of dorado fishing here with some big mahi on the cleaning table. Darrell is from Camarillo CA .

Brothers Greg and Wade Gomes from Oregon and Nevada respectively have fished with us for years and got in 3 solid days on the dorado schools and topped it with their last day and a box full of bulls.

Mark Alexander from Sacramento CA was visiting us for the first time. He poses with one of his many dorado he caught over 3 days.


Kevin Ritchie from Galt CA finally got down to us and poses with a few of his dorado ready for the cleaning table.

Captain Victor with Elsie Mulcare from Pendleton OR who is pretty happy with her dorado. Looks like husband Kevin in the background might have another on the line.

Big smiles from Joni Stevenson posing on the beach at Bahia Muertos with one of her dorado.

Trophy pargo for Pete Wilson who gets a hand from his wife, Shiloah. They caught this in the channel between La Paz and Espirito Santo Island.

Favorite goofball friends…Ray and Jeanne Cabales from San Diego. Always fun having them visit.

Tough jack crevalle and a big one too! Shiloah with another great shot.

The Wilsons stacked up the dorado over 4 days of fishing with us.

Dan’s a happy fella! Good day on the water.

Nothing wrong with two nice bull dorado in hand for Wade Gomes. Good way to end 3 days of fishing with us. He had more in the fish box.

Ray…always a funny guy! Love these shots!

Going into this week, I was a bit nervous what would happen to our bite because of the big Super Moon that was predicted.  It’s the 3rd and last time this will occur this year and is a larger-than-normal full moon.  Indeed, especially early in the morning as I boarded our fishermen, the moon was spectacularly huge and gorgeous sitting over the dark waters in the early hours.

However, our fishing bite has been really solid the last few weeks and I was worried what such a big moon might do as it affects currents, tides, the bait situation and how the fishing schools would react…especially the dorado.  Over the past 3 or 4 weeks, we have finally gotten into a more typical summer-time bite that we expected for so long and was delayed for several months by La Nina conditions which kept the water chillier than normal.

Well, after all was said-and-done, I won’t say the moon didn’t have an effect, it did.  But, not as drastically as I had feared.

Overall, at the end of the day, everyone caught fish.  Everyone that wanted to bring home fish brought home fish.  Maybe not quite as abundantly as the week before the full moon, but the fishing days were sold, if not spectacular.

Perhaps the fish were a tad smaller.  Maybe not as many of those huge trophy bull dorado.  And the schools seemed a little more scattered over a wider area and had dispersed along the warmer water currents.  However,  many days our anglers were back on the beach early with limits.

Most fish were 5-15 pounds.  Lots of fish released. Some larger fish in the 20-30 pound class.  Overall, lots of action that varied from day-to-day and boat-to-boat.  A hot boat one day could find it a little slower the next.  And vice versa.  Or a cold spot one day could be the hot spot the next.

Fortunately, most of our anglers fish multiple days so slower days for dorado were off-set by better days and everyone went home with fish.

In addition to the dorado, we had a few nice biters or striped marlin.  A few scattered roosterfish between 10 and 30 pounds are still hanging out and some of our light-tackle anglers are having a blast catching-and-releasing all the little 2 and 3 pound dink roosters along the shore.

As well, there’s still some horse bonito, jack crevalle, pargo and cabrilla rounding out the mix.

One last thing, no doubt this is summer.  It’s very tropical. Very humid!  Every day, we get a little rain shower or some intermittent thundershowers that can last 5 minutes to an hour.  It can be a drizzle or a downpour.  Then, it’s over.  Sun comes blazing out again.

That’s my story!



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 2-9, 2022




Captain Gerardo gives gives a big smile and thumbs-up to Shiloah Wilson’s bull dorado caught south of Cerralvo Island. Pretty fish on live bait. She’s from Meridian ID.

Two of our long-time friends from Portland OR, Roger McCracken and Shelton Donnell started off their trip with a table full of dorado.

First fish of the day is a nice one for Wayne Small with Captain Jorge.

Elsie Mulcare from Pendleton OR was out with Captain Victor and had a fun time for her first time fishing our area.

John and Joni Stevenson pose on the beach at Bahia Muertos with a rack full of sizeable dorado for the cooler. Fun folks from Idaho.

This is a big wahoo! Sheldon with Captain Pancho were into the wahoo until a sudden rainstorm pushed the brakes and boats had to run for the beach.

Nashville in the house. Josh Robert was with us the first time and had a good day with Captain Joel fishing outside of La Paz Bay.

Beast wahoo for amigo, Joe Treves, who was dragging the purple Rapala still hanging from the fish’s mouth when this big wahoo crushed it! Captain Gerardo with the gaff and happy face.

A fish you cannot discount for it’s tenacious fighting ability, but taken and released by Julia Robert from Tennessee. Big fish!

Corpus Christi, TX representing! Our long-time amigo, Raphael Rios stuck this gorgeous bull dorado off the beach at Bahia Muertos.

More dorado for the ice chest. Wayne Small and Kevin Cunanan pose with a good day’s catch.

Josh got his marlin to the boat.

From Sacramento CA, Kyle and Mark Alexander finally made it down and we got them on the water for their first day with Captain Jorge and some great dorado action!

First time fun family from Pendleton OR, the Mulcare trio of Elsie, Kevin and Robert on their first day out.

The rain clouds were just about to bust open, but not before Roger finally got his first wahoo after so many years fishing with us. He insists that he’s smiling!

Pancho and Paolo teamed up for this huge bull dorado.


Yup…there’s still a few around! Josh finally got his roosterfish and Captain Gerardo pumps his fist in the air! The fish was released.

Except for an unexpected bump in the weather at the end of the week, it was pretty solid week of fishing.  Sunny hot temperatures mixed with some good to excellent fishing.

I guess if there was a downside to things, there wasn’t alot of variety.  Compared to earlier in the summer when we had 8, 10, 14 different varieties of fish when the water was unseasonably cool, there’s no doubt that our summer bite is firmly in place.  I say that because probably 95% of the catch this past week was dorado.
…and more dorado!

OH yea! Great way to start the day with sunrise just popping up. Pete Wilson kicks it off with a legit bull dorado! Pete is from Idaho.

Our Tailhunter La Paz fleet needed to run as far as San Juan de la Costa to find the schools, but then in an hour or less, some boats were nailing limits of 10-15 pound fish then catching-and-releasing sometimes as many as they could.
As one of our anglers said, “The dorado schools were like an aquarium.  As soon as a hook hit the water, the dorado seemed to fight to grab the bait. “  Some larger fish in the 20-25 pound class were in the mix, but often, the smaller fish were so much more voracious and fast that the larger ones in the school or cruising the perimeter never got a chance.    I didn’t hear many complaints as our boats came back with alot of worn-out anglers most of the time.
For our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet, the dorado bite wasn’t quite so good.  It could be a bit sticky at times and we had to work harder to find the fish.  However, for what the bite lacked in numbers, the dorado we caught were usually larger with some fish hitting the 30-40 pound class.
The big news as the appearance of wahoo near the south end of Cerralvo Island.  We had some fat 30-50 pound “skinny” ‘ hoo taken, but some of our other anglers reported that they got bit off clean through their lines or the wahoo shook off or bit through the wire of their trolled Rapalas.  Dark-rapalas seemed to be the most productive.

They get to be the “wahoo kings” of the week. Roger McCracken and Shelton Donnell had a few others bite off.  Then, it started to rain and they had to fun for shore

I think we would have caught even more if not for a surprise storm that came rolling through late in the week that was never on anyone’s radar.  Strong wind and rains chased the boats off the water while the bite was still going strong causing pangas to race for shore.
We call these storms “toritos” (little bulls) because the heat from the ocean suddenly rears up an unexpected lashing of rain like a little hurricane.  It lasts 10 minutes to an hour or so then blows out.  But, you definitely don’t want to be out there in the middle of one so heading for shore is the more prudent thing to do and wait-it-out until is dissipates.  Then go back out.
That’s my story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of July 25-Aug. 1, 2022



Oh yea! What a haul of big dorado for Jim and Daniel Bovee from San Diego out with Captain Pancho.

Captain Rogelio looks on as Seth Crowder from Oregon hefts a bull dorado into the boat. Seth was visiting us for the first time from Oregon.

Texas smile in the house! First time fishing with us and Valerie Burgin puts a roosterfish in the photo. The fish was released.

Captain Jorge give Oscar Alba with his big bull dorado. Not only was this his first time fishing in La Paz, but this was Oscar’s first-ever dorado and it turned out to be a trophy fish! He wanted the head for soup and it weighed 18 pounds all by itself and we had trouble vacuum sealing it for him!

The fun Kraushaar Family in a super pose after a day on the water with some cooperative dorado. It’s Tanner, Ashley (mom), Tallen and Jason (dad).  This could easily turn into their Christmas card photo!

Hero move by Chase Willis from Kentucky staying at Bahia Muertos at Rancho Costa who boated this pretty striped marlin then released it!

One of the nicest guys you could possibly meet or fish with, this is Chris Burgin from Texas who got to cross roosterfish off his bucket list on his first try. He also released his catch!

Julia and Josh Robert from Nashville were also some of our first-timers this week and had a great time each day on the water . Here’s a picture of the with their first day catch of dorado, rainbow runner and triggerfish. Great folks!

Captain Pancho estimated that Jim’s big dorado weighed somewhere around 60 pounds! That’s just a beast! Everyone thinks their fish weighs a huge amount, but when the captain says “60 pounds” that’s alot of cred. Jim fought this fish on light tackle for over an hour!

When this happened earlier in the week, I wanted to get really excited when Daniel and Jim Bovee and some of our other boats ran into. school of football tuna busting the water. This is about as many tuna as we caught all last year. But, I didn’t want to jinx things because I figured the tuna were just breezing through. Sure enough, it was a one-day hit-and-run.

Tallen has a nice tasty cabrilla for dinner. Captain Rogelio helps out. Espirito Santo Island in the background.

Yes! Valerie wil tell you she caught largest dorado on her boat that day! Captain Rogelio would not disagree.

Long-time Tailhunter amigo, George Bonner brought is grandsons  Dan and Jack down to fish with us and experience La Paz. First day out with Captain Jorge, a striped marlin and a bunch of dorado. Dan fought the marlin on a spinning reel for over an hour.

Captain Pancho with Shane, Valerie and Chris Burgin and a nice load of fish headed to the freezers.

Big smile from Jason Kraushaar and help from a mystery hand in posing with his dorado.

Tanner Kraushaar is headed back in a few weeks for his senior year as QB for his high school football team, but is getting in some summer fishing first!



We had one of our most consistent weeks of fishing this past week.  That’s not saying everyone caught fish every day or the every boat always caught fish, but given that most of our folks fish 2-6 days, most everyone had lots of action and probably better fishing than they thought and everyone went home with a load of fish that wanted a load of fish.

With weather in the high 90’s, there’s no doubt it’s summertime.  Water temps are in the mid to upper 70’s now which is a good sign . We waiting some extra months for this to happen.
The dorado were more than cooperative.  Both our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet and Tailhunter La Paz Fleet had steady to spectacular bites on the mahi.  For sheer numbers, our Tailhunter La Paz fleet was the place to fish.  Pretty much sure fire action on 5 to 10 pound fish with some larger fish around as well .
For quality, our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet finally got into the game after being surprisingly slow for several weeks with bigger dorado in the 10-30 pound class not uncommon and some beasts in the 40-50 pound range taken every day (captains’ estimates on the sizes!).  In addition, we had one day where the tuna erupted and produced footballs in the 10-15 pound class.
I got really excited about the tuna, but had to temper my enthusiasm as the tuna are anemic and I didn’t want everyone to get excited. Sure enough that was the one day that the tuna blew up.
However, it’s been a pretty good week of striped marlin.  It was probably the best marlin week we’ve had all season with several getting hooked every day.  Most lost or break off.  Most of the ones that got to the boats were released.  Size ranged up to about 120 pounds .
Still some roosterfish around up to about 40 pounds and surprisingly some cold water fish like rainbow runners and pargo liso were still being caught.
That’s my story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing

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from USA : 626-638-3383
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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of July 17-24, 2022



Wow! When Captain Victor thinks you have a “50 pounds fish” that’s alot of credibility . Greg Hall on his first trip to see us from Portland OR with a beast bull dorado. Cerralvo Island in the background.

Captain Jorge gives Jordan Buscema a hand with another pretty fish off Punta Arenas.

From Colorado, Tanner Allen is another of our first-time visitors and his first-day out he catches this striped marlin just off Punta Perico. The fish was released.

Some two-handed good eating for Chris Arechaederra holding a barred pargo and a cabrilla ready for the fillet table.

Love this shot of Bobby Hara with Captain Boli. The smiles say it all. Pretty fish and pretty photo. A good day on the water!

Our amigo ,Gary Wagner with his son, Miles, visiting from Colorado with a solid dorado and one of the few yellowfin tuna anyone has hooked all year while staying at Gary’s Rancho Costa there in Bahia Muertos.

Just sheer exuberance! Tim Nishimura has been fishing with us for many many years as a retired fireman from the Sacramento area. Always good to see him and good to see him having fun. This trip was a present from his son, Kenny (in a photo below)

It always seems like Bill Richmond is up to something! He was having fun with his spinning rod and lots of feisty little roosterfish that will grow up to be 100 pound monsters!

Big smiles from our amigo, Sam Sybesma, who visits us yearly with his family. He was out with Captain Chito and put this colorful bull dorado in the box.

Yeow, they should a wall mount of this super dorado. Matt Wallis from Kentucky put the wood to this fish while staying at Bahia Muertos at Gary Wagners Rancho Costa.

This fella fishes all over the U.S. Hailing from New York, Mike Bonczuk had only 1 day to fish, but paid off with several dorado.

These are our new besties! Sarah and Steve Malone started planning this trip 3 years ago, but stuff kept happening (Covid) and came all the way from England to fish with us.

Nora Taylor from Portland had quite a week with us fishing 4 times and putting a number of dorado on the deck like these two. Great folks!

Jordan Buscema had one of the more productive days at Las Arenas this past week. He not only caught marlin, but also dorado. The marlin was not able to be released.

Tim Schlander brought his sons down to see us. Obviously, they had some fun. Great shot!

Karen Chuck was with us this past week for the first time. She went home with LOTS of bags of dorado plus about 2 dozen frozen tamales as well!

This shot is almost frameable. Bob Benjamin and Captain Licho posing with another bull. Fresh one!

I’ve known Grayson Richmond since he was a little kid fishing with us. He’s 17 now and has always been quite an angler. Captain Pancho with the assist.

Hold it up, Dave! Dave Chavez had a good day with a number of dorado and took home some nice chunks of fish.

Kenny Nishimura just graduated from his Masters program and Northwestern and to celebrate, he bought himself and his dad a trip to come fishing with us.

Scott Pitts is a fanatical 24-hour-a-day fisherman and guide from Oregon. Yea…he can fish! Big bull in the boat!

Tanner and Captain Victor with another bull dorado .

Double brothers, Steve and Brian Chuck went home with more dorado than they expected and filled the freezer. Visiting us for the first time, we sure enjoyed their visit. Fun guys!

UH…OK…nice pose. Not a pose we see very often. Dax Wallis from Kentucky visiting at Rancho Costa in Bahia Muertos presses a bull dorado for a couple of reps. I used to look like this before covid.

You can tell this is a monster fish because Miles Wagner is about 6’6″ tall. Wow. Pretty bull dorado. Great catch, Miles.  He was out visiting from Colorado at Rancho Costa in Bahia Muertos.


Lloyd Johnson back on the beach after another good day on the water has one bull ready to be cut and bagged.

Yes…on the flyrod as well. The dorado were thick this past week. Bill Richmond’s gear and fish with a nice photo.

Micah Sybesma starts college in a few weeks on a volleyball scholarship . He was out with his dad and brother and favorite Captain Chito when he hooked this mahi.

Chance Wallis took this jack crevalle trolling off the south end of Cerralvo Island. You can still see the jig hanging from the fish’s mouth.  He was staying with family at Gary Wagner’s Rancho Costa in Bahia Muertos.

Greg Hall had 3 productively great days on the water with Captain Rogelio. Another dorado on the deck, but first a photo!


I guess I can keep it short-and-sweet this week!  I can just let the photos do the talking and explaining!

It finally “feels” like summer for better or worse after months of cooler than normal temperatures, water and conditions.  With heat now in the high 90’s and accompanying humidity, there’s no doubt that it’s summer finally although it’s almost August.  For fishing, the surest sign are the catches of dorado that should have been here months ago, but only now getting into full gear.

We had a great week of dorado fishing on all levels.  Whether you wanted quantity or quality.  There were schools of feisty 10-15 pound fish, especially north of the city and could suddenly blow up and turn a slow day into full-blown pandemonium and fish landing on the deck or being caught-and-released as fast as a hook hit the water.
On the other hand, the “quality” of some of these fish has been really remarkable with some bulls in the 30-50 pound class (by the captain’s opinion, not the clients because many clients think all their fish are 50 pounders!).  There are some true trophies prowling the waters right now.
Additionally, the billfish bite also looks like it’s stepping up with stripers up to about 120 pounds and some 100 pound sailfish getting hooked daily with most fish getting released or breaking off on light tackle.
Grayson “G-Man” Richmond has been fishing with us since he was a little kid.  He’s now 17 and in high school.  He hooked this striped marlin and battled it to the boat.  However, the fish was so exhausted, it didn’t look like it would make it when Grayson tried to release it.
He “swam” the big fish back and forth trying to oxigenate it’s gills, but to ono avail.  So, he then jumped into the water and continued to swim the fish back and forth until it got strong enough to finally swim away.  Check the photos below and turn up the sound on the video clip!
Really well done!
That’s my story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


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U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

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from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos / Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of July 9-16, 2022



First timer Wrin Wells (left) on his first day on the water gets a hand from his amigo, Ryan, on this trophy bull dorado he pulled while fishing just past Cerralvo Island.

Our long-time amigo, Dave Lopez got his personal best biggest dorado while fishing with Captain Gerardo. A beastie bull!

A darned good day for our Oregon amigos, Scott and Sarah Pitts. Check out all the meat on the cleaning table with 3 big dorado plus a couple of rainbow runners.

Holy cow…well, a bull actually! Captain Pancho estimated this bull dorado to be well over 50 pounds caught by Cheyenne Wenholz from Fresno CA. She had quite a week. Check out her other photos below!

There are two parts to this photo of the nice sailfish…her first…caught by our daughter-in-law Diana Pfost from Lakeside CA near San Diego on light tackle. See the photo below.

Such a trooper! Diana and Captain Pancho released the fish (Congratulations!), but Diana gets a big of dorsal fin in the face! She was fine. Fish was fine. All good!

It’s a long way from Illinois but Ted Leitliter had quite a week fishing with us. Here’s his big roosterfish he caught and released fishing with Captain Victor.

Quite a story here! Kelly and Diego Jimenez have been our Tailhunter friends for several decades. Kelly hooked this big marlin on a spinning rod with 15 pound test and a tiny hook that had sardine on it! She battled this fish for almost 3 hours before getting it to the boat with both fish and Kelly exhausted. The fish was not able to be released. Kelly never relinquished the rod!

Oh yea! Marcus Yu is an army major who visits us at least twice a year. This trip, he only had a quick 2 days to fish but got into a thick dorado bite off La Paz including these two nice fish.

Pink-shirted Captain Alfredo lifts up another nice dorado for Renee Daly from Oregon who were with us for 9 days on their vacation.

Scott Pitts can fish! He always does well. Great pose with this colorful bull dorado.

Bob Woodard on his first day fishing on his first fishing trip with us got his bucket list roosterfish off Bahia Muertos. The fish was released.

Crystal Barnhart and Chris Crawford are always such a pleasure to have down with us. They were with us for two weeks and got in a few day of fishing. I’m glad they got into the nice dorado bite before heading back to Oregon.

Ahhhh…John Ehlers from Colorado has been fishing with us for ages. Always great fun to have with us and always does well. He and Pancho with another bull for the fish box.

Yes…quite a week of fishing for Cheyenne. She battled this striped marlin off Las Arenas then was able to happily release it! Nicely done!

Dennis Conn with Captain Victor on his first trip with us from Illinois caught and released his first roosterfish.

Captain Pancho said this is the largest rainbow runner he had ever seen. Just another fish for Cheyenne! She and her grandpa John brought the fish back to our Tailhunter Restaurant for dinner that evening.

Beautiful shot and fish for Ryan Bottensak with Captain Jorge. They got two nice bulls that day but 3 others got away. All big fish!

Crazy fish guy, Diego Jimenez from Colorado seems to never stop fishing. One more dorado on the deck!

Normally, Jay Daly is the guy doing the guiding, but he got away from his guide service up in Oregon to put on some shorts and flip-flops to visit us. Obviously, he knows how to fish! He hung these two dorado just north of the city towards Espirito Santo Island.

Captain Alfredo gives Scott a hand with another bull and the gaff. I think it’s the cool dorado shorts that Scott wears when he fishes. Fish can’t see him!

Marcus Yoo on his first day. Baby blue marlin in the boat off Punta Arenas.

Our local amigo from here in La Paz, Jimmy Williams on the right got out and jumped on the big dorado bite as well finding his fish around La Ventana. A good chunk of that fish came to Tailhunter Restaurant where Jimmy hosted some friends for a big fish cook-out dinner!

It’s almost as big as her. Sarah Pitts get an assist from husband Scott and her bull dorado on the beach after a good day on the water. Lots of meat to pack up!

For sure a thumb’s up for Teds big dorado.

Colorful shot and fish for the camera. Bob Woodard does the honors. The dorado were definitely more cooperative this week! Bob is from Oregon.


Cheyenne hooked this on a little fresh water spinning rod. She fought this dorado for almost 45 minutes and that’s why she looks a little disheveled and heated! Well done, chica!


Fishing is still more erratic than I would like it to be and definitely more erratic than what it would normally be.  But we sure had a nice week of fishing finally.

Sure, there were some low spots and some slow spots, but overall, we had the most consistent weather and fishing bite of the season with dorado, especially big bulls making their presence known.   Jags of schoolie-sized 10-15 pounders often provided some non-stop action, especially north of the city but then there were some spots of sturdy 30-50 pound beasts willing to bite, fight and in a good number of cases lost!  That’s why they’re big fish!

The bottom line is that I think we are finally into our long-awaited summer bite about 2 months late!  If you’re coming down to get onto the huge yellowtail chew we’ve had or to catch some cold-water species like amberjack, pargo, trevally, sierra and pompano, you might have missed the boat.

With cold La Nina conditions that stubbornly held on for months and provided an unusual cold-water catch, it’s nice to finally get back on track hopefully, with warmer water species like the dorado, and even a few wahoo.

Still no sign of any tuna willing to bite although we did find breaking fish here and there, but nothing willing to jump a line.   Nevertheless, we had the best billfish bite of the season, again about a month or two later than normal with striped marlin, sailfish and even a few small blue marlin getting hooked.

Like I said, there were some slow spots and some boats would get hooked and the boat next to it would be sitting slack all day.  Or one spots that was hot turns cold the next.  However, overall, a nice week to be on the water.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”