Weather – low to mid 90’s in the daytime and sunny.  Very humid at times.  Nights comfortable mid-70’s

Water – mid 80’s warm.  Underwater visibility 20-70 feet.

Fishing Quality – Big wahoo 30-60 pounds / nicer tuna 20-30 pounds/ lots of small dorado

Fishing Quantity – If you fished Las Arenas very slow.  Big fish or nothing.  La Paz generally all the small dorado you want.  (HOLD EVERYTHING…As this was going to print on Sunday, our Las Arenas pangas blew up nicely on tuna and wahoo!)

Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet – One or two bigger fish or nothing especially earlier in the week. Slightly better later in the week  (Sunday after this was already written and produced, our Las Arenas pangas slammed tuna and wahoo!)

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet – Most days dum-bass fun action on lots of small dorado.  Great for kids, first timers, light tackle.  Fill-the-ice-chest-fishing.  Bite was later and later it seemed, but still good numbers.

Quote of the Week – “All fishermen are liars except you and me.  And I”m not so sure about you!”


The happy girl dance! Her 2nd wahoo of the trip and a great way to start the morning for Nina Duc Le from Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can still see the deep diver Rapala XRap hanging from the mouth. She also got tuna and rainbow runners.


Tom Mullican from Idaho is on his 2nd trip to us this year and I gotta say, he put the wood to the wahoo this week! I think I lost count of his wahoo…4? 5? 6? Here’s a photo of one of the big ones. There’s another photo down below of a larger wahoo and one of his tuna.


Our good friend, writer, author and musican and all-around-good-guy Tom Gatch from near the Ensenada area finally made it down to visit us with in La Paz and got in a few days fishing. He shows off a couple of nice yellowfin tuna on the beach at Muertos with Captain Pancho.


First time fishing with us, Greg Hayes and wife April with a badboy wahoo from Muertos/ Las Arenas. Captain Victor gets in the photo too!


I love this shot of our Sacramento buddy, Dave Wakabayashi who arleady has his cigar lit for this photo with his big wahoo.


From Denver, Dr. Betsie Spoerke could not be more fun or love fishing more! She was great, especially after landing her first tuna with Captain Gerardo!


Paul Saucedo has a big smile with this dorado he caught north of La Paz with Captain Raul. The fish along with the rest of the catch ended up for dinner at Tailhunter Restaurant for a birthday dinner!


Now THIS is a log wahoo! Mike Davis from Arroyo Grande put this big one in the boat near Muertos Bay and he’s all smiles! Parts ended up as sashime for dinner.


The first tuna for Cooper Andie from Paso Robles CA! I was told he stroked the fish with perfect rhythm all the way to the boat.


Double hands of dorado for Lloyd Okimura and Lon Tsukamoto, our buddies from Sacramento who ended up taking a couple of ice chests full of dorado home.


Here’s Tom Mullican again with one of the larger tuna of the week, a healthy yellowfin just off the beach at Las Arenas.


Captain Jorge and Nina Ducle and a beautiful wahoo…her first ever after several trips to fish with us, with the Rapala still hanging from it’s mouth! She even kept the head which has so much meat in it and often gets thrown away. She ended up catching 2 wahoo and several tuna!


His biggest wahoo ever, we think this one went over 50 pounds which is hard to tell from the angle of the photo with the fish headed away from the camera but this is a BIG wahoo and Tim Butterworth also a big guy! Our buddy spent a whole week with us and is from Sebastapol CA.


Jonathan Duc Le from New Mexico has fished with us many times, but I didn’t know he had never caught a tuna until this week with a hefty yellowfin fishing with Captain Jorge.


I think this is a totally frameable photo of Brooks Andie and his son, Tyler, and some of their dorado! Great shot.


It’s a wonder!!! One of my favorite guys of all time Jon Luker from Arroyo Grande CA and Cooper Andie from Paso Robles and a first-day yellowfun tuna.


Like I said, Tom Mullican had a great week. Here’s another shot of ANOTHER of his wahoo. This is a PHAT fish!!!!


Just a great colorful photo of Captain Jorge with Nina Ducle who had quite a week with three wahoo plus and other species. Here’s one of her tuna!


If these look like a yellowtail, it’s because these rainbow runners are cousins to yellowtail and are a good indication that waters are starting to cool as we’ve been catching more and more like these that Mike Davis caught.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 9-16, 2016

We’re coming down to the last few weeks of the season and conditions are changing!

It was difficult to describe fishing this past week for anglers who visited La Paz.  In some ways it was great fishing.  In some ways, it was some of the slowest fishing of the season.  Weather was great. Water was great.  It all depended on where you fish and what you were fishing for.


If you were simply looking for action… if you had kids…or first timers, fishing was really quite good relatively speaking.  The dorado bite had all the fish you could ask for most days.  The only problem was that often the whole day could be really slow then the bite blew up very late with crazy off-the-wall double and triple hooks-ups.  The other thing was that these dorado continued to be the 5-10 pound shorts we’ve had the last two seasons with only the occasional 20 or 30 pounder that simply dwarfed the other fish.

Still, if you just wanted to fill your zip-lock bags, it was hard to beat and still fun.  On some occasions, the bite would be early and our anglers would catch a bunch, release a bunch and be back on the beach with their toes in the sand at the hotel before noon and having lunch!  Kind of a nice day!

The biggest issue continues to be live bait.  There hasn’t been any for about two weeks, so the captains are making due with dead bait; catching bonito; and then we’re also selling fresh squid in the morning as well…and it all seems to work just fine.

One thing to note, is that the bite was super all week for the most part.  However, as we got into the full-moon, the bite slowed down.  It’s usually just the opposite.

That’s what happened at Las Arenas…it got stronger as the full moon came on.


For the 2nd week in a row, fishing was extremely slow in terms of NUMBERS of fish and ACTION.   Our pangas averaged no more than 1-3 fish per day, which is why I was glad we have two fleets so that I could send our clients to fish in La Paz where they could load up on dorado.

For Las Arenas, what we lacked in numbers we made up for in quality.  The few fish we caught were generally BIG fish.  But you only got that one shot, if you got it at all.  I won’t kid you that for some boats, they barely got bit.

For the ones that did get bit, they got the wahoo or their lives in some cases.  All the wahoo this week averaged 40-60 pounds!  These were huge ‘hoo that bit chunks of squid or dark Rapalas.   Some of these were simply free swimming fish near the rocks or shore that took a bit of dead bonito or a big fat slap of squid thrown at them.   We had one fish estimated at 60-70 pounds on the line for 15 minutes when a killer whale jumped in a grabbed it!

For other species, the tuna bite has slowed radically, but the ones caught were the larger 20-30 pound fatties that put the bend in some surprised rods.  Again, the chunked squid was the ticket.  However, we only caught 1-4 of these fish a day among several pangas.

There’s still some giant rooster fish around up to about 60 pounds.  There’s a smattering of 10 pound dorado and we’re also getting more and more big rainbow runners that are cousins to yellowtail and indicative that cooler waters are moving in as the season changes and starts to come to an end.

HOLD EVERYTHING! –  It was too late to get it into this report but SUNDAY our Las Arenas pangas got slammed with nice wahoo and tuna…under a full moon!  You’ll have to wait until next week for all the photos and details.  Hope it holds up!



This is so great! San Diego in the house! Joe and Sam Bina brought their family and friends and all kinds of toiletries, school supplies and and toys that are probably all headed to the women’s shelter here in La Paz!

From Moscow Idaho, our amigos Jim and Jeff with a big load of school supplies

From Moscow Idaho, our amigos Jim and Jeff with a big load of school supplies


Chris Kerley and his family filled up a bunch of really great toys and school supplies and educational materials that are probably going to Vista Hermosa Barrio.

Many thanks to all of our Tailhunter Tribe who brought stuff down this week…AND EVERY WEEK!  You make such a difference to so many lives here in La Paz and also to those of you who donated to our scholarship funds as well.  I think just from the little bits, three more kids will be able to stay in school for another year with clothes, books, transporation and food!  God bless you all!

That’s our story!



Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

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Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


WEEK AT A GLANCE- (1-10 being best)

Weather – 8 (great time to be here…cooler than normal, but sunny beach days!)

Water – 8 (gorgeous blue 85 degrees)

Quantity of Fish – 8 (if you’re fishing for dorado) 2 (if you’re fishing for anything else)

Quality of Fish – 4 (too many small dorado, offset by nice wahoo and larger tuna)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 7 (season winding down but fish still biting!)

Quote of the Week – “Lord grant me a fish so big that in telling the tale I won’t have to exaggerate!”




Firefighter amigo, Ken Campbell, finally got his dorado with Captain Armando this week. It was a good week for alot of our amigos to get their first wahoo!


Angelo Oliverio holds up some dinner…a nice yellowfin tuna and one of the huge triggerfish we were catching this week.


Tom Mullican has already been her in the springtime for 10 days of fishing and our Idaho friend is back again for two weeks and started off with a nice wahoo with Captain Jorge of our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet.


Captain Armando was on fire this week and loaded up on some of the better dorado with Steve Manney and Dana Murray from Washington.


Kelly Mizuno has been our amigo for many many seasons! Recently retired, he’s now an Alaskan fishing guide and shows off a dorado and Captain Gerardo has a tang! In my 20 years here, I’ve never seen one caught! They’re very good eating and Kelly caught several! Kelly and his wife, Stephanie are from the Sacramento CA area.


Gary Jackson from Oceanside CA only had one day to fish our Las Arenas fleet with us and made the most of it even though he only caught one fish! He rocked it with one of the larger wahoo of the week!


From the San Francisco Bay area, John McLucas and Bill Lee have fished with us for years and started their week of right with a nice rack of dorado, wahoo and triggers!


First time with us, Betsie Spoerke, from Denver holds up one of her bull dorado! Love this lady who is always smiling! She’s such a gamer!


Jim finally got his wahoo not too far from Punta Arenas after many frustrating years! They also had another one right to the boat ready to gaff when it broke off. This particular fish snapper Jim’s fishing rod too! You can see the Rapala in the fish’s mouth. Jim is from Moscow, Idaho.


Beautiful fish with Captain Armando (again) and Steve Manney and Dana Murray from Washington with their first-day wahoo.


Bev Idsinga from New Mexico has fished with us and caught many fish, but this stubborn bonito was the first fish that she baited, set the hook, and fought all on her own all the way to the boat! Well done, amiga!


Jim Adair’s got a yellowfin too!


Alex Dumbrowski with the tuna and Bob Manney with a huge dog-tooth snapper had alot of great fillets to put in the ice chest after their day at Bahia de los Muertos. Both live in Washington.


Our buddy, Dougie Idsinga, from New Mexico has a great shot of one of our La Paz dorado he hooked north of La Paz Bay.


Captain Pancho takes a photo with John Mc Lucas and his yellowfin tuna. There were definitely fewer tuna this week, but the ones we caught were respectable-sized fish.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 2-9, 2016

With some of the best conditions for ocean and weather in awhile, the beginning of the week was pretty scary.  Other than smallish dorado with our La Paz fleet, it was like the ocean shut off the fishing faucet.  The ocean turned into a desert!  There were no fish.  We had trouble getting even a bonito, triggerfish or needlefish to bite!  There was NOTHING!  After several weeks of some pretty decent fishing, the fish just got lockjaw and showed no interest in anything we were throwing, dropping, chumming or dragging.

Fortunately, as the week went on we recovered!

Tailhunter La Paz Fleet

This has become our most consistent area.  It’s pretty hard NOT to catch some fish if you fished with our La Paz Fleet.  There’s a mess of dorado and 99% of all the catch were dorado.  The problem is that some of them were awfully tiny and a good majority were under 10 pounds.  So, honestly, it was easy to catch 10, 20 or more dorado and hook-and-release as fast as you could go which is what most of our clients did releasing a majority of their catch after having some fun.  For several days some of our pangas were coming back to the beach well-before lunchtime and found our anglers already poolside with a cold one by noon and big smiles.

The downside of all that is the issue that regretfully there were so many small fish.   I’d estimate that the largest fish were only 15 pounders at most.

The other issue we faced this week is that for the first time, there was zero live bait to be had.  No mackerel, sardines or caballito to be purchased.  That didn’t stop anyone from getting limits of fish or having a good time, but we were using squid, chunked bonito and also trolling more often than normal.

Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing

This is where the bigger fish were this week.  But, it was anemic and unpredictable.  As mentioned earlier, the first few days of the week were like trying to pull teeth from a chicken.  There was absolutely nothing biting.  But, it got better.

But, the catch was erratic from boat to boat or area to area and it changed daily.

It seems the tuna bite is over, but there continues to be a smattering of 10-25 pound fish that like eating the big chunks of squid that we’re selling.  There are also some nicer 8-20 pound dorado…much larger than than the dorado we’re finding in La Paz.  But not as many.  Boats averaged only a handful of dorado per day.

The upside was that every day, we had a handful of wahoo hook ups of good-sized 30-45 pound fish.  I’d say about 1/2 got lost, but the ones that made it to the beach were good chunky speedsters.  The wahoo were a nice bonus and had a preference for trolled Rapalas.


How to even begin to say thanks to the folks who brought down SO MUCH gear, toys, supplies and other things for our Tailhunter Outreach program!  Several HUNDRED POUNDS of suitcases, ice chest and bags just filled with everything from school supplies, clothes, backpacks, hygiene products…even enough gear for a kid’s soccer team are just going to light up some lives…you have no idea!  We try to distribute pretty evenly between an orphanage, women’s shelter and two underserved schools.  Tailhunter Tribe…you’re the best!  Take a look at the photos plus an extra shout out to Tim and Paula Campbell…I didn’t get to take your photo (I was cleaning fish!) but hugs as well to you!


Nash Johnson does his best to blow up wit his mouth one of the many soccer balls he brought down!


Here’s the Washington gang! It’s hard to tell about all the stuff they brought down but several hundred dollars worth of supplies, toys, clothes and other items. Thanks to Steve, Peter, Alex, Nash, Dana, John Erick Bob and John. Nash’s company alone donated over $150 of school supplies. Just incredible. Just bags and bags of much needed things!


What you see here, in addition to book bags, school supplies and clothes is basically enough shoes and soccer balls to outfit an entire youth soccer team! That’s Don Busse wit the soccer ball on his head, Brad Baker, Jim Adair, Angelo Oliverio, Ken Campbell and Wiley Randolph…always great to have the visit from the L.A. area! Gonna make alot of kids really happy!


The Okizaki brother, Gary and Danny came down with two soft ice chest filled wit dictionaries, book bags and so many other things for the kids!


The grow ’em differently in Indianapolis Indiana where Steve Summers and his friends come from, but none with bigger hearts…they brought down FIVE SUITCASES this week just jam packed with everything from clothes to bags and books to backpacks!!! Oh…and funny costumes too!


Awwww…Bev and Dougie Idsinga our New Mexico amigos came for just 3 short nighs, but hauled down so many great clothes for little kids! Thank you, more than you know!

That’s our story!


Jonathan and Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


WEEK AT A GLANCE  (1-10 being best)

Weather – 8 (sunny low to mid 90’s / but cooler than normal/ humid)

Water – 8 (up to 88 degrees, but some cooler patches moving in)

Winds – 8 (not an issue)

Fishing Overall – 6 (not bad)

Quality of Fish – 6 (not alot of huge or trophy fish although some nicer tuna and roosters)

Quantity of Fish – 7 (limits of dorado / 1-4 tuna per day/ lots of bonito)

Live Bait – 2 (Dismal / We’re selling fresh squid for $30 per day and using other dead baits but all working good)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 7 (Optimistic but I can see the end of the season coming up!)

Quote of the Day – “Fish.  An animal that grows in size between the time it’s caught and the story told to friends.”



Our Colorado fish brother, John Ehlers comes every year and has caught a bunch of fish on his bucket list, but until this week, a wahoo has always eluded him! He made up for the lost time with this beauty!


John Pooley and Captain Victor with a good start to a fishing trip! Five nice yellowfin tuna! John and his wife Leslie were on their first trip to visit us from Tribuco Canyon CA


Hard to find a nicer couple than Monte and Marlene Aldridge who came for the SECOND TIME this year on a last-minute-whim! The also got into some nice tuna as well as dorado and other species. They’re from Annabella Utah.  They also brought a load of stuff for our women’s shelter!  (See photos way down the report!).


Captain Armando helps out a smiling Jim and Christi Brenneman from Idaho with their first fish of the trip on the beach at Muertos Bay. They also spent time with us snorkeling and swimming with the whalesharks!


Whoa! This is the “RIGHT KIND!” This is what ALL our dorado normally look like! Bill Stewart from Oregon and Captain Gerardo with a heck-of-a-nice bull dorado!


Neighbors from Folsom, CA, Jae Park and Mike Kingsmore show off a yellowfin tuna and a rainbow runner they caught near Punta Perico.


Not a bad day of dorado fishing for Kinh Duong who only had one day to fish! He’s from the San Jose CA area.


All the way from Wisconsin, Jeff and Wendy Elgin with Captain Armando started their trip with a bunch of yellowfin tuna.


Pacific Northwest amigos, Bill Stewart from Oregon and Dave Parker from Washington with some of their dorado they caught north of La Paz Bay.


Two of our favorites! (The people…not the fish although we love tuna!). John and Dolores Ehlers have been good friends of ours for years!


Some people have too much fun! This is Al “Bonito” Basye and Mike Witt who rocked the yellowfin tuna their first day out. I think they got 6 fish that day.


Mike and Dan from the Northrup Grumman Fishing Club came to fish with their amigos and take a knee to pose with 4 chunky yellowfin.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 25-Oct. 2, 2016

It wasn’t a spectacular week by any stretch, but there was some good to solid fishing most of the time.  Tuna and dorado were the main targets but the catches were rounded by billfish, wahoo and big rooster fish.

It was a pretty easy breakdown on where to fish and what you wanted to catch.  The areas were pretty distinct.  It makes for an easy report this week.


If someone only had one day to fish…if someone wasn’t too particular and just wanted action and catch a fish, the areas around La Paz with our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet was the place to be.  If you had a line in the water, you couldn’t help but catch a dorado.

They weren’t everywhere, but there were enough spots that sooner or later, you’d run into them and then it was “game on.”  Sometimes, the bite was early.   Sometimes it was late.  But almost every one of our pangas this week that fished La Paz got limits or near limits of dorado.

The downside of all that is that alot of these fish were only 5-10 pounders.  Great on light tackle, but a 15-20 pound fish would have been big…and unusual.  Normally, during this time of year, that size fish would have been one of our “smaller fish.”

But, as I said, there was no shortage of action and you just had to weed through the short guys if you were to have any chance at larger fish.

The other side of so many small fish was that this is what billfish like to eat and there were several marlin hookups (nothing stuck for long) while anglers were right in the middle of fishing for the school dorado.

One other issue…

For the last two years as we’ve endured El Nino conditions, finding live bait has been a struggle.  But, for our La Paz fishermen, more often than not, we found enough to go place scarce as it might be.  Well, this past week, we couldn’t even find a minuscule amount.  It was tough.  We resorted to doing a little more trolling than normal and also using dead bonito and other dead bait.  But, they all seemed to work just fine even without the live bait.  Good thing dorado, aren’t too picky.



While fishing out of La Paz was a sure thing and there were lots of dorado (albeit small) to catch, if you fished with our Tailhunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay fleet you were taking it to another level.

There weren’t many dorado at all.  But, tuna were the primary targets and most days each panga got 1-6 decent-sized yellow”fun” tuna in the 10-25 pound size.  Fun size for most folks!

The trick on these tuna were the fresh dead squid we have been acquiring for our fisher folks; cutting it up; bagging it and making it available for each of our anglers.  This had to be fresh restaurant quality calamar and preferably the white bodies, to the tentacles.  Picky fish!  But, two or three of these fish would fill up an ice chest.

Other species that rounded out the Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay catch included a few wahoo and some 40-70 pound rooster fish that are still hanging around the beach areas.

UPDATE:  SUNDAY – As this was going to print…easy limits of dorado for La Paz.  Las Arenas, really slow.  Only one tuna.  One wahoo.  One big roosterfish.  Hope it’s just a one-day aberration.  :(



Big group of generous hearts! Jim and Christi Brenneman, Dolores and John Ehlers, Jeff and Ann Lilla hauled clothes, school supplies, bookbags and toys down for our charities!


The filled ice chests full of shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, school supplies and other things for our women’s shelter and orphanage and filled ’em up with fish fillets! Big kudos to Marlene and Monte Aldridge from Utah for helping out! Much appreciated!

Quick shout out to our Tailhunter Tribe member show brought down stuff for the schools, women’s shelter and orphanage!  More grateful than you can know and I only wish you could see the smiles when these things are delivered.  You DO make a difference!

That’s our story!


Jonathan and Jilly

 Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


WEEK IN SUMMARY (1-10 being best)

WEATHER – 8 (threat of rain never really materialized mostly sunny warm and humid cooler than normal)

WATER CONDITIONS – 8 (cooler than normal but clear and blue)

QUALITY OF FISH – 7 (hard to argue with roosterfish, wahoo, tuna and billfish)

QUANTITY OF FISH – 5 (lots of dorado around La Paz / Las Arenas has fewer but better fish)

BAIT SITUATION:  3 (Not much at Las Arenas so we’re selling special squid / La Paz has some live bait)

JONATHAN’S ATTITUDE:  7  (“I have no idea what you’ll catch today. But you’ll catch SOMETHING!“)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Good things come to those who bait”




Captain Jorge helps Ralph Cortes wit his first wahoo that he caught with a Mini Whopper Stopper fishing rod.


Dan Lewis was hoping to catch a tuna or two this trip! At Muertos Bay with a nice handful of yellowfin.


Beautiful photo of our good friend, Dave Lindell from Pendleton, Orego and his yellowfun tuna with Captain Armando.


First day of fishing was a good one for Mike Hryciw from Portland. In addition to tuna and dorado, he also put this nice wahoo in the boat.


Darla came all the way from Arkansas and got this nice dorado with Captain Ramiro working the boat.


Good start for first-timer Bill Stewart with dorado, tuna and a huge triggerfish. Bill’s from  OREGON.


Ken Seibert from Washington was intent on getting a roosterfish with us and he did it several times over including this hefty guy that hit a big bait and was released after the fight.


Captain Jorge gives a thumb-up to the camera on Gerry Valiquette’s first marlin that he caught just off the rocks near Punta Perrico.


Duncan Sides from New Mexico spent a single day on the water with us on a visit from Angel Fire, New Mexico and caught a mess of dorado, but I heard the funnest part of the day was being allowed to drive the boat.


Our smiling amiga, Malina Lindell, from Pendleton OR and Captain Armando with a big rainbow runner, cousin to the yellowtail.


Captain Moncho grimaces trying to help Dan Gleason of San Diego with his first marlin.


Frank Guillen and Andy Reynolds pose up with a couple of their nice football tuna.


Jeff Lynn and Pete Codallos were here from a trip they won with the San Diego Make-A-Wish Foundation and took him a mess of dorado and some tuna like these.


From Utah, Wendy Greatorex with Captain Adolfo and one of the larger dorado of the week just outside of Bahia de los Muertos.


Ben Fischer finally got his wahoo, although not on a flyrod as he would have liked. But, he’ll surely take this nice speedster! With Captain Moncho.


Debbie is a bit camera-shy here but she and her amiga Milicent had fun with dorado, triggers and tuna.


From New Mexico, young Sam Sides is all smiles with one of several dorado he hooked fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.


Jorge Romero with Dave Lindell after Dave’s first day on the water and a good start of tuna, dorado and a big triggerfish.


Dr. Ed Moreno gets a hand from Captain Victor and his buddy Charlie on Ed’s first marlin. Ed came down from Texas.


More tuna for Jim Garner and Wendy Greatorex from Utah on their first visit to La Paz with Tailhunter.


Wayne Siebert from Washington was hoping to get his first roostefish down here!


Captain Gerardo with Mike Czarneki from Denver and his first trip down to see us and he stuck a nice wahoo right off the bat.


Olivier came from France to spend the week diving, but decided to take one day to fish and was rewarded with some nice dorado and a pair of tuna.


Good start for Mike and Jean from Oregon and a few of their yellowfin tuna.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of Sept. 18-25, 2016

It wasn’t great fishing.  But there were some great catches.  At best, I’d say fishing was steady.  There were some slow times and some nice flurries.  I say there were some “great catches” because although maybe the numbers weren’t spectacular, many of the anglers did hook wahoo or their first rooster fish…maybe their first tuna or dorado…their first billfish.  No denying the smiles on that account.  Some fishing can’t be quantified by how many fish are in the box.  Sometimes, it’s just the satisfaction at the end of the day.

So, in terms of numbers, fishing was not as good as the week before.  In terms of some quality catches, it was not bad at all!

La Paz Fishing

If you were just interested in putting limits in the boat and crazy action, then our La Paz fleet was on top of that.  While there were some real ruts as we looked for fish, the waters could suddenly blow up with dorado or you could have a day where you’d spend the day picking up a fish or two here and there and at the end of the day realize you had a pretty full box of fish.

For sure, the dorado were 90% of the catch.  They ranged from little punks to the “larger” 20-pound class fish.  There was no rhyme or reason as to where to find the larger fish and there was some grumbling about so many little fish.  I have no control over that, but if you don’t have a line in the water, you definitely have no shot at all getting one of the larger models.  Very often the anglers would get “stuck” in the middle of the firecracker dorado then find that one bigger boy just swimming around the perimeter.  And that’s the fish that makes the whole day…or the trip!

However, for sure, if you just wanted a go at pure numbers of biters with a good chance of filling an ice chest over several days, the fishing with our La Paz fleet was the ticket.


If variety of species was more interesting.  If exotic species was on the bucket list.  If you wanted a shot at the big leagues, and maybe not get as many fish, then fishing with our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet from Muertos Bay was the better place to be this past week.

Not as many yellowfin tuna, but they’re still there.  Smaller footballs in the 8-12 pound category with some larger up to 20 pounds taken.  Squid has been the best for them and chunking has worked well.

But, above-and-beyond the tuna, it seemed all week there was a shot at wahoo.  Every day we had a few hooked…and a few lost.  But the ones that came in were nice healthy 25-40 pound fish.  We had a couple of rookies hook some this week and they were kind of ho-hum about the catch.  I had one guy tell me, “Fishing was slow.  Only got one of those long-skinny fish.”   They don’t realize that wahoo are like a holy grail in some places.  Folks come for years trying to get just one “long-skinny fish!”  Nor do they realize how prized the meat is.  I had another rookies give away almost all his wahoo because someone told him wahoo were “members of the mackerel family” and mackerel meat is oily and strong. I told him wahoo is about $30 per pound in the states and his mouth fell open.

Anyway, in addition to the mackerel, we also had more of those big slugger rooster fish back in the shallows.  These were a trophy-grade fish with some going up to 60 pounds.  The key is spending the time to catch those big ladyfish (sabalo) to use for bait.

We also had a pretty nice bite of striped marlin as well. Almost always they were incidental catches hooked when the anglers were fishing for dorado or tuna, and not specifically targeted.  Most were released.






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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


For those of you who like it visually…

WEEK AT A GLANCE (Scale of 1-10 being best) 

For those of you who don’t have time…

Weather – 8 (great until Sunday!)

Water – 7 (not bad until Sunday when wind and waves mucked it all up)

Fishing Quantity – 8 (if you were fishing for dorado)

Fishing Quality – 3 (if you were fishing for dorado and only got the peanut-sized fish)

6  (if you caught other species like tuna, wahoo, a roosterfish or larger dorado)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 5 (feel badly for those folks who did NOT have a good week…there were 2 or 3)

Forecast for Upcoming Week – 5 (it all depends on what Sunday’s rain will do)



For those of you who want the whole enchilada with all the sides…


Whoa! We haven’t seen many of these around lately! Brandt Knudsen from Colorado hammered this big bull dorado fishing with Captain Archangel from Las Arenas. Dorado getting a little bigger!


This is a GREAT story! Todd Jones has been all over the place for 10 years chasing a roosterfish unsuccessfully. He had only 1 day to fish and gave us a shot since we’re the “roosterfish capital of the world.” Fishing with Captain Victor, he broke the curse and got this massive rooster we estimate around 80 pounds. Todd told me he’s 6’4″ and 270 pounds so you can see how big the fish is. As excited as he was, he told me he was more heartbroken that they couldn’t release the fish although they tried mightily. The met ended up feeding alot of folks in the pueblo. Oh…he also got a big wahoo on the way in (photo down below). Todd’s from the Salt Lake City area.


Captain Jorge with first-timer, John Green, from S. Carolina who rocked this big-time wahoo and poses on the beach at Muertos.


Robert “Leon Redbone” Martinez with Clyde Dent and some of the better “yellowfun” tuna we got this week.


Capitan Moncho with Karen Gerber from Washington and a BIG roosterfish. She’s just a tiny gal too and did a great job, especially considering this was her first time fishing! The fish was released.


Texas in the house! Kevin Preuss and Randy Moe had a good solid 3 days of fishing with us and included some tuna like these in their homeward bound ice chests.


You’ll not find nicer guys than Ray and Raymond Ahner from Fresno CA and San Francisco CA respectively. They got into a school of rainbow runners in Muertos Bay. If they look like yellowtail they are cousins and very tasty eating fish. These are some of the largest I’ve seen.


Our buddy Kris Honkola brought down first-timer Chris Wilbur with him this year and it paid off with a great week of fishing including tuna, dorado, marlin and several wahoo.


Colin Jensen was great to have down. He had never seen the ocean and never fished in the ocean. Visting from Utah, he made up for it with his nice bull dorado and more!


Fun-sized dorado like these really lit it up this week. Hopefully, they keep getting bigger, but nice to see more and more of them showing up.


All the way from Finland!!!Herkko Miettinen had quite a nice week topped by this big-time wahoo on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos.


Another of our Utah amigos this week with a female dorado…the kind we NEVER even saw last season. Very encouraging to finally be better some better-sized dorado!


Jordan Rabinowe with a nice yellowfin tuna. The “footballs” are sticking around and giving us some fun action around Bahia de Los Muertos. Jordan came with his dad and sister and her husband. He’s from Portland area.


From the Bay Area of CA, Jeff Cassens is all smiles with one of several of his yellowfin tuna.


From Washington, Bob Griffiths, does his best to cradle this big roosterfish so he can take a photo and let it go! Jeff got this just off the Las Arenas lighthouse and the fish swam away strongly!


Capitan Boli with Karen Gerber and one of the better-sized La Paz dorado. They’re getting bigger finally!


Birthday trip for Brandt Knudsen from Colorado! He got tuna, wahoo and dorado to take home!


Kevin Preuss is holding the biggest rainbow runner I have ever seen in my 20 years here. With Randy Moe and his tuna. On the beach near Las Arenas. The guys are from Texas.


Two more Texas guys that happen to be visiting! Ed Moreno and Charles Riley on their first day ripped a nice wahoo and a couple of yellowfin tuna.


Just one more to add to his ice chest! Senor Knudsen put the wood and gaff to this nice speedy wahoo!


What a day! Todd Jones had only one day to fish! He racked a huge roosterfish then stuck this big wahoo on the way back to the beach!


If ever there was a gamer! Carolyn Knudsen from Colorado hefts up another nice yellowfin. She fished 5 of 6 days here like a trooper!


Fun dorado to start the trip for Ray and Raymond Ahner. They added to the count shortly after with a variety of species.


Our Arizona amigo, Ted “Roosterfish” Kuhn, tries his best to pose with a nice roosterfish he caught just outside of Bahia de los Muertos. He used to be known as “Bluegill Ted” before he started fishing in La Paz. Hard to find a funner guy to fish with.


Migue and Chris drove all the way down to La Paz along the mainland then took the ferry across to the Baja. Miguel with another rainbow runner and Chris with a yellowfin tuna.


It’s great to finally see so many dorado finally rolling into our waters. Ed and Jordan Rabinowe at the start of their fishing week!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 11-18, 2016

No storms.  Great weather.  Even the full moon seemed to have zero effect on the bite this week.  Dorado, tuna, big rooster fish and wahoo were all highlights.

La Paz Fishing

If you fished with our La Paz fleets this week, I could pretty much do something I never do…guarantee you fish.  There’s plenty of dorado everywhere.  You cannot help but catch dorado right now.

The downside is that there are so many “dinks”  out there that are literally the size of a big trout, it’s like you’re molesting the nursery.   But, these little guys are born hungry like little pac-man fish and they go after anything that’s in the water.  They are attacking lures twice their size.  They go after and destroy any bait you put in there and ergo, there goes your precious bait supply!   In a word, they’re pests!

But that’s the only way to catch anything even remotely larger!  If you don’t have line in the water, you’re not gonna catch anything.  And there’s some larger 10-30 pound fish running with the “children” but the issue is how many of the squirts you have to deal with to get a larger fish!

The upside here is that these fish are a load of fun on the lighter tackle or flyrods.  The other side is that dorado grow faster than just about any fish in the ocean because all the do is eat.  In a month or two, these fish will double and triple in size.  Two months ago, there were zero dorado around and we were all bitching. So, it’s hard to complain too loudly when there’s this kind of action out here.  We just want ‘em to grow FASTER!

As a little side note to the dorado, if you want to catch a billfish like a marlin or sailfish, a great color pattern for your lure would be…(drumroll)…dorado colors like green, yellow, blue and white!


This is where it was happening all week.  This past week and the previous two weeks (minus that little hurricane last week) was like what Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay were like “back in the day.”

We had wahoo between 20-50 pounds.  There’s a good smattering of yellowfin tuna in the 10-20 pound class.  We have dorado…mostly in the 10 pound size, but got some of the largest dorado I’ve seen in two years up to 30 pounds.

And, we had some monster rooster fish up to about 80 pounds!  In fact, about the smallest I think we got this week was in the mid-20’s with most in the 40 pound class.

Now, in all fairness, it wasn’t wide open and not every boat did great every day.  But over all, with most of our anglers fishing 2 or 3 days, you really had some of the better fishing we’ve had in a long time.

Here’s the ticket…we had squid!

Several weeks ago when the tuna and dorado showed up, we cut open bellies and found they had baby squid in them.  The problem is that there’s zero baby squid to be caught.  Impossible.

So, for about 2 weeks now, we have our staff head to town and buy every bit of fresh giant squid they can get their hands on.  Every night, I’m cutting up to 100 pounds of blocked frozen squid into 3 pound bags to sell to our guys.

From what I hear, we’re buying out the city and are the only ones with the squid.  The fish are eating it and, at the very least makes great chum.

This is not “bait squid.”  This is edible “CALAMARI” that’s “restaurant grade.”  It’s expensive.  But the fish eat it and it’s making a difference.

We had some good guys come to our restaurant for dinner.  They fish with a competitor however ad asked if they could buy squid from me and I regretfully had to turn them down and say it’s only for our fishermen and there’s not enough to sell to anyone else.

So, one of the laughed and said, “Well, we’re here to order dinner.  So, we’d like to order the “calamari plate.”  However, please tell the chef we want 30 pounds of it and not to cook it and make it “to go!”  We all had a laugh.

Anyway, as long as the fish are eating it and I can keep getting it, I’ll sell to our clients to be prepared to purchase it.  It’s better than headed to the water and paying the bait guys the waiting maybe 1-3 hours for them to find enough mackerel or caballitos to sell you…if they find any at all.

For the rooster fish, the best bait is still the big ladyfish so be patient.  You DO have to catch these baits and it can take a bit and you can only catch them one-at-a-time, but this is what the big rooster fish want.  Anything that can wrap it’s mouth around an 18-inch bait is gonna be big!

Lastly, we hit some monster rainbow runners this week.  These were the largest I’ve ever seen down here in 20 years.  Cousins to yellowtail, they look like smaller cousins and are great eating.  Usually, we catch these in the spring when waters are cooler so it’s a mystery why they are here now…unless waters are cooling earlier than normal.  Hmmmmm…



Don’t let it be said that I don’t put out the most up-t0-date-info that I can or that I sugar-coat things.  I really do my best not to!  Despite all my optimism…Sunday, we got some really high winds that knocked the bite down dramatically for our Las Arenas fleet as high winds produced big waves and kicked the bite to the curve.  Except for a few firecracker-sized dorado, the Las Arenas bite stunk.

Tropical Storm Paine came in and is supposed to make landfall way way way north of us along the Baja Peninsula.   We’re not in the target area.

But, some rain clouds moved in.  We’re supposed to get a few little quick thundershowers and then it’s over-and-done. Some showers maybe linger through Monday.   Hopefully, not too much effect on the fishing.  At least, the storm isn’t hitting us directly.  I just feel badly for our Sunday anglers!

Our La Paz fishermen did just fine on Sunday.



Bruce “BC” Champlin and Ted “Roosterfish” Kuhn had a load of clothes, shoes and other items.


Wayne Seibert and brother Ken, brought down some sports equipment for the boys plus bags of pencils.


Joe Prouty and Al McDowell from Washington with much-needed school supplies.


Millones de gracias to Ben Fischer and Dan Gleason for trooping in so much stuff as well!

High-five’s to all our Tailhunter Tribe who brought down stuff for our Tailhunter Charity Outreach programs!  School supplies…adult and kids clothes…toys…sports gear…We can’t tell you how grateful we are.  Several photos of folks never got in here either for various reasons (my cell phone hasn’t worked real great since the hurricane), but God bless you as well even if your photos didn’t make it in!

That’s our story!


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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”



It’s a little longer than usual, but that’s cuz there was a bunch to tell you including alot about Hurricane Newton that his us this week.  Got some good live video in here of the hurricane.

WEEK AT A GLANCE – (Scale of 1-10 being best) 

WEATHER – (Not sure if that’s a 1 or a 10.  Depends how you look at it.  Let’s go with a 5.  It was bad, but could have been alot worse! )

WATER – 7 (Not bad and surprisingly good after a big storm)

FISHING QUALITY – 6 (nice fish, but not HUGE fish but tuna and dorado are always quality fish to have)

FISHING QUANTITY– 7 ( dorado limits are easy and mixed with tuna or other species, you get a full box)

JONATHAN’s ATTITUDE –  8 (Relieved!!!)

FORECAST:  6 (Cautiously Optimistic, but hurricane broke the crystal ball…sent for repairs)




A good day! Firefighters Tim Larson and Jamie Moore with 5 nice yellowfin tuna!


Captain Ramiro on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos flanked by Mike Martin and Brian Rubino and a big rack of good-sized tuna and dorado.


All the way from Ohio on their first trip to visit us, Naomi and husband Jay Harless with Captain Armando. Jay’s first day out and first fish he hangs this nice wahoo too!


The right kind for Steve Douds our amigo from Arizona and Captain Archangel.


Our Kansas amigo, Adam Florence got his son, Elijah out’ve a few days of school to come play in La Paz and chase some fish like this nice yellowfin and dorado.


His personal best roosterfish! Tim Larson holds up a thick gallo just off the rocks at Punta Perrico. He released the fish.


Brothers Mac and Don Treasure are happy fellas with a few of the larger tuna of the week with Captain Pancho. Don’s first time down to La Paz to fish!


Big smiles on the beach along with a nice load of tuna and dorado for Bobby Florence from Kansas with Captain Gerardo from our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet.


Dave “Brah” Hill has been fishing with us almost 20 years from Texas. Dave’s dorado was caught north of La Paz near Espirito Santo Island.


Mike Wilbur poses with a few of his fish on the beach at Las Arenas near the Las Arenas lighthouse.


They guys from Helena Chemical spent the better part of the week with us and got into some of the local tuna and dorado with Captain Jorge at Bahia de los Muertos.


Slugger big roosterfish in the panga for Matt Bradford with an assist from Captain Jorge. Brad released the big fish.


Another nice fish, Elijah! Dorado in the boat!


A bit of variety! Gale Sanderson poses with a good-sized pargo mulatto!


So good to finally start seeing some larger dorado working the area now! This bull grabbed a chunk of fresh squid.


Matt Mills and Matt Bradford hold up a yellowfin tuna and a dorado headed to the fillet table on the beach by the Las Arenas lighthouse.


Now that’s a nice spread of tuna! Dave Hill and his niece Debbie Champley with a morning’s catch…all in just a few hours.


Tim Larson got TWO nice roosterfish and was able to release both of them!


Captain Armando had a fun day with this crew…Gale Sanderson, Jim Andrews and Gary Bowie who visit us every year and got into some of the week’s tuna.


BRRRR…it’s COLD IN HERE! The big smile from Jonathan in the big walk-in freezer with more than 500 bags of fish we vacuum sealed! A great week of fishing and great to send guys home with full coolers!


Hurricane Newton and how it looked when it got ugly last Tuesday.


Calm Muertos Bay…when nature get’s it’s dander up! Everything underwater!

And here’s a little video that we made about being right IN the hurricane.  Turn up the sound.  Kinda fun! It’s only about a minute-and-a-half!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 4-11, 2016

Well…I guess the weather was the big story as Hurricane Newton popped up and plopped itself smack dab in the middle of the week and right in the middle of what had been the best bite of the season.

Fortunately, for us in La Paz, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been or as bad as it was in so many other areas. Fortunately, it also moved fast and only lasted a day and the max intensity was only for a few hours.  However, for those few hours, we had sustained winds of 50-60 mph and gusts edging over 100 mph with rain.  The brunt of the damage was taken by the trees in town with lots of debris scattered about a few busted windows and some damage to roofs.  But overall, we made it through.  The city lost power anywhere from a few hours to a few days and some outlying areas were without water or power for the balance of the week.

A few days of cleanup in the sunshine and everyone was more-or-less good-to-go!

Our own restaurant had some new holes poked in the palapa roof and since we have no walls, alot of debris from the wind came in, but we put things back together and were open like normal again.

The worst part was probably the fishermen we had here had to forego a day and just hang out and watch the weather.  We hate it anytime folks can’t go out…probably as much as they do.  But, everyone we had here was a good sport about it for the most part and rolled with it.  For quite a few, the fishing had been pretty good before the storm and some welcomed the day to sleep in and listen to the rain, wake up, drink beer and just hang out!  Hat’s off to all of that were with us and for your patience!  I wish we could have control over the weather, but you were all champs!

So…what about the fishing?

Prior to Hurricane Newton, we had been having some of the best fishing of the season…of not the last two seasons!  And I’m always worried after any kind of storm.  Weather changes the currents…the water…the visibility…the bait.  It can take days for the waters to recover.  Before the storm, the tuna and finally  shown up. The dorado had woken up. There were billfish and wahoo, rooster fish and pargo willing to bite.

So, it was with alot of trepidation that we viewed the storm.


It has been about 2 seasons since we had tuna of any kind in the area, but for the week or so before the hurricane, some nice schools of football tuna parked themselves just off the beach and were willing to chew!  We had a few days where it was crazy good and guys were knocking out limits of 10-15 pounders and even some larger fish by 10 or 11 a.m. then chasing other species.

The key was having the right bait.  In the tummies of the fish, we’re finding little bitty squid.  Impossible for us to catch tiny squid so almost every night, my staff and I were hunting seafood markets here in La Paz and buying every bit of FRESH consumable squid (not the cheap bait stuff) we could find; packing it into little bags; and having it ready for our anglers.  Using it as chunk bait made all the difference.

The tuna ate the chunks.  The dorado like the tentacles.  When the tuna weren’t biting, we had dorado to catch.  So there was alot of action good solid action.

Then, the storm hit.  And we didn’t know how that would affect things.

We couldn’t fish the area the first 2 days after the storm because the beach there are Muertos had been underwater and battered.  Debris and rocks littered the shoreline so our guys were out there cleaning it up so they could get their trailers into the water and launch.  That took two days.

When we finally did get back in the water…YEA!  The tuna and dorado were still there.  And some of them were bigger!  Fish up to 30 pounds were hitting.  Lots of small to medium dorado most day as well, plus the occasional wahoo, billfish and even some good rooster fish!

So, we’re gonna keep packing squid and hopefully these fish will stick around!


Before the storm, we’d been getting increased action on 10-15 pound dorado.  We had some days when there were lots of billfish hookups too with sailfish, striped marlin and blue marlin running around out there, especially in the areas where the baby dorado and smaller bonito were hanging out feeding on the smaller fish.  It was the best dorado fishing we had seen all season.

After the storm, to some degree, the waters were a bit more turned over, colder and greener than the waters around Muertos Bay/ Las Arenas where our other fleet operates.

But, the dorado were still there.  Although the locations were a little more scattered and the fish a bit smaller.  Instead of finding a school of dorado, our anglers were telling me they’d get one fish…move to another spot and get another 2-3 fish.  Find fish somewhere else and pick up another one and go to a spot and find one more.  At the end of the day, they had a nice little box of fish.  Hopefully, as we distance ourselves from the storm, waters will settle and the fish will school up again.



Bob Griffiths and Karen Egbert brought in a big load of clothes ad school supplies.


These guys from Helena Chemical Company were amazing. First time visitors, each amigo brought down a full ice chest full of everything from clothes to shoes and toys and school supplies!


Nothing wrong with toasting your arrival and a great donation! Margaritas in red Solo cups!


Raymond Ahner and his dad, Ray hauled a full soft cooler down of kids clothes and some neat toys!

Regretfully, making the video above of the hurricane, I messed up my smartphone and either cannot access any of the photos or was not able to take any more photos because we’re missing photos of other big-hearted Tailhunter Tribe members who brought stuff for our kids and families at the Alberge Kids Orphanage, the La Paz Women’s Shelter and the two outlying schools on the outskirts of the city.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Kris Honkola, Andy Hartman, Carolyn and Brandt Knudsen, Tim Larson, Gale Sanderson, Gary Bowie, Jeff Herringer, Jon Holtby, Jim Andrews, Craig Yoder.  You all rock and your generosity is appreciated more than you know!

That’s our story!

combo-signature-black letters

Jonathan and Jilly Roldan

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


WEEK AT A GLANCE (Scale of 1-10 being best)

Weather – 8 (like a postcard most of the week)

Water – 7 (mostly great and blue with some patches of dirty or cold)

Fishing Action and Quantity –  8 (Las Arenas)  4 (La Paz)

Fishing Quality – 7 (nice tuna to big marlin)

Fishing Outlook for Coming Week– 3 (worried about the storm coming Tuesday and winds on Wednesday)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 7 (If you’re happy, I’m happy – lots of happy fishermen mostly!)

Fishing Quote of the Week“Men and fish are alike.  They get in trouble when the open their mouths.”


Jason Robert Rudloff tags 9-16 tuna

First time with us, Jason Rudloff and his dad, Robert, from California started out their fishing trip with a bang. They hung all these nice yellowfin tuna plus dorado (released some too!) just outside of Bahia de los Muertos.

Titman tuna wahoo tags adolfo 9-16

John Titman from Oregon, has one of the best weeks of any angler all year. Here he is with Captain Adolfo and their wahoo plus some chunky yellowfin tuna. John caught so much fish (including the blue marlin below) that he went home with about 150 pounds of fillets (and that was AFTER he released fish and gave fish away!)


San Diego in the house! Mike Rose and Doug Ladderbush stuck some nice tuna and dorado with Captain Gerardo on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos. They said to me, “Uh your “football tuna” are alot bigger than our San Diego football tuna! “

Chito John Titman blue marlin 9-16

Happy fella, John Titman and Captain Chito and a blue marlin estimated at over 220 pounds. John donated 1/2 the fish. It was quite a week for billfish with a number of fish lost and most released.



Captain Armando had a great day with Joe Hill and girlfriend, Shelly Andrade from the Sacramento CA area who had a banner day during the tuna bite during the week.

Elijah Florence dorado 9-16 tags

We have some great amigos that come from Kansas, including Elijah Florence who fishes the light tackle spinning rods and got these 5 feisty dorado.


Dave Hill from Texas has been fishing with me since about 1999! With his favorite Captain, Jorge, he shows of a couple of his yellowfin tuna!

Wahoo Mike YOung 9-16 tags

First time speedster wahoo for Steve Douds  from Arizona! He explained that his facial expression as well as sore arms and hand joints were attributed to the battle with the wahoo.

Debbie Champley 9-16 tuna Jorge tags

Beautiful shot of first-timer, Debby Champley, with Captain Jorge and another yellowfun tuna in the boat!


Oh-oh! Here’s the path that “INVEST 90E” is showing as it heads towards the Baja Peninsula. It’s not slated to be a hurricane, but winds in the mid-70’s are expected and a few inches of rain.  No bueno. Just a one day event fortunately. I hope.


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 28-Sept. 4, 2016

It turned out to be one of the best weeks of the season down here.  Not only did we have some outstanding weather with warm (but not hot) sunny skies and blue calm waters, but for the first time in about 2 years, the tuna crashed for our Tailhunter Fleet at Las/ Arenas Muertos Bay with some outstanding catches.  Mixed with some of the other species, it was the kind of week we have rarely seen since the El Nino weather conditions dropped in on us 2 seasons ago…and now apparently are diminishing.

Will it continue?  Read on…


In a scene reminiscent of the glory days of the area, for about 4 days this week, yellowfin tuna came up from the trenches to within a few hundred yards of the beach or closer and crashed our pangas!  It started with some football 5-10 pounders, but these turned into heftier beefier feistier 20-25 pounds fish and pulled many first-time anglers right out’ve their flip-flops!

Literally, a long casting distance from the beach in an area that stretched from just south of Bahia de los Muertos to just around the corner to Punta Perrico and the old Hotel Las Arenas, the tuna rolled up with an appetite.  Our pangas were slamming fish with limits in a few hours, then turning their attention to other species like dorado, wahoo and billfish.  What a luxury.  (For once, rooster fish weren’t center stage!).  Even releasing fish, anglers were filling their take-home ice-chests in a single day of action!

I spoke to one person who was scuba diving in the area and he told me, “There’s huge schools of tuna milling around down there, even in the shallow waters!”

For many of our anglers, not only was this the first tuna they had ever encountered, (“Man, I didn’t know tuna were THAT strong!), but for some, it was their first fish or first time fishing (“I caught two and had to sit down because my back and arms were cramping!”).  Imagine your first-fish ever is a 20 pound yellowfin tuna!

But, here’s the rub…the ONLY bait that was working was squid!  Bellies of the fish were filled with small squid that the fish must have followed up from the deep.  That’s why they were in the area.

However, it’s impossible for us to catch little tiny squid!  It’s impossible for to hook them unlike when the huge Humboldt squid come up from the deep with monsters that are 10-80 pounds and we can actually fish for them!

Therefore, it became incumbent on us to scour the city of La Paz looking to buy all the squid we could find.  The better stuff was the bodies, but squid bodies were in short supply.  Also, this couldn’t be “bait quality” squid.  This has to be fresh-dead squid that’s restaurant/ table quality stuff.  So, I had stuff running around and over the course of just a few days, we purchased over 220 pounds of blocks of fresh-frozen squid and then vacuum sealing them into 2 kilo bags for our anglers to have!  It made for some long days, but you do what you gotta do!  As it is, there’s not much other bait out there at Las Arenas.


This stuff is COLD!!! Big 20 pound bricks of frozen giant squid had to be packed everyday hoping to give our folks a bit of an “edge” getting the tuna to bite. We went through about 250 pounds of giant squid in 3 days and scoured every store, market and fish store to have enough everyday! I’ll keep doing it too…if it means the difference on our folks getting bit!

Anyway, after 4 days, the bite quieted down and the frenzy turned to a trickle as the fish moved further south.  At the time of my writing this report,  we have our whole fleet looking south today for the fish!

However, as the tuna diminished, small to medium dorado came up which was the first time we’ve ever really seen dorado in the area so that was good news!  We’ll keep you posted.

And…also wahoo around as well and hitting the dark Rapalas as usual!

My biggest concern as of the time of writing this is that there’s a bit of a storm and rain coming on Tuesday that might be a complete game-changer.  It could make things better or it could dirty up the water; cold water; and scatter the fish..and then it will take several days to clear up again.  Then, who knows?


The story for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet were the billfish.  I think almost every one of our pangas hooked a billfish at some point in the week.  One day each of our pangas hooked at least one sailfish or marlin.  Most were lost.  Or, after a fight, they were released (thanks guys!).  A few of the larger ones that were blue marlin were either kept (perfectly legal!) or were unable to be revived.    The fish seemed to be right in the areas where, not surprisingly, we also found small dorado and small bonito which are perfect candy-food for billfish.

Dorado were also around with a few of the better quality in the 20-25 pound class around and alot getting lost and released as well

Inshore, still some good steady action on big triggers and small-to-medium cabrilla and pargo.



Joe Hill, Shelley Andrade, (Jorge Romero photobomb), Debby Champley and Dave Hill brought a LOAD of much needed school supplies in several ice chests!


Mega and Dave Bosteter from Phoenix, AZ, hauled down clothes, toys, little girl costumes and bathroom supplies for our kids and their families!


The guys from the Helena Chemical Company…you guys are TOO much! They hauled down 7 full ice chests of kids clothes and other supplies for our Women’s Shelter and the Alberga Kid’s Shelter Orphange in Los Planes.


And a well-deserved mango margarita toast by the Helene Chem guys for bringing down so much needed items!

An awesome shout-out to our Tailhunter Tribal amigos who went an extra step and brought down donations for our two schools, the women’s shelter and the orphanage.  This last week almost 300 pounds of items went to one of the orphanges.  These new items might be headed to one of the schools or the women’s shelter.  Tailhunter Donation Nation rocks!  Thank you all!

Thanks also to Jason and Robert Rudloff for their donation.  I didn’t get their photo except ABOVE with BIG FISH!

That’s our story!

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