LaPaz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of July 7-14, 2019





Our amigo, Ken Chaplin from Washington, has fished and hunted all over the world and always does well with us at Tailhunter. His first day on the water with us he got into some big roosters including tangling with this beast just outside of Bahia Muertos. The fish was released.


While fishing close to the rocky shallows of Espirito Santo Island for rockfish like cabrilla and pargo and snapper, Mike Garcia said he let his “sardine swim the wrong way away from the rocks and wasn’t paying attention” when his line took off and he found himself hooked on this big-headed bull dorado. The fish was brought to gaff after a long fight. Mike is from Houston TX and was fishing with Captain Rogelio with our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet .

A couple of nice great-eating rock fish including a pargo liso and yellow snapper for our amigo, Steve Kechichian, currently living in Seattle.

Mike Garcia from Houston was fishing with his dad, Eddie who lives in Boston and on their first trip to La Paz fishing with Tailhunter Sportfishing. They were in shallow water close to shore fishing for dorado and roosters, when this big striped marlin hit his sardine on light 30-pound test line. Mike battled the fish for over 2 hours and finally got it on board for a quick photos and released the fish swimming away strong .  Love the facial expression!  Yea, Mike!


That’s a pig of a roosterfish! Captain Victor gives Jean Edwards a hand with this giant roosterfish so she can get the photo and get it released. Early in the week, they were all big roosters and have been for several weeks.

Another cold-water fish, but no one is complaining are these giant pompano that have shown up in the shallows. Scott Miller got this guy out’ve Bahia Muertos. Scott is from Washington and this was his first trip with Tailhunter.

He’s now 14-years-old and we’ve known Grayson Richmond from Colorado since he was a youngster and he’s always been quite a fisherman. With Captain Moncho, he got into this nice jack crevalle.

It’s a pretty smile for a pretty dorado. Great colors! Captain Archangel and Ron Kellogg help out wife, Leona with the photo. More dorado showing weekly.

That’s alot of bull! (dorado). Nicole Balbas holds up the lighter end of her bull dorado with a smiling Captain Gerardo.

I love this photo of Kathy Wong as her pargo looks like it’s trying to biter her in the ear as Captain Armando holds onto the gaff.

Matt Brown from Cupertino CA came to La Paz fishing for a 2nd time and got his first roosterfish. He ended up hooking and releasing 3 nice roosterfish like this one just off the beach at Punta Arenas.

Eddie Garcia came all the way out from Boston to fish with us for the first time and I’m only sorry he’s a little blocked by the tail of his dorado held up by Captain Jorge . Eddies is holding onto the pargo liso. Good to have Eddie with us this week. Really enjoyed his visit.

Nice cabrilla for Ed Mitoma with Captain Alfredo looking on. Big cabrilla like this trophy have been a great bite lately.

Double pair of barred pargo for Mike Fisher and Chuck Williams from Washington on their first visit to La Paz with us.

First day…first big dorado in hand and in the photo for Jim Looney.

Nothing like your first rooster and the roosters have been feisty lately. Scott Miller gives a grin before releasing the fish.

Love this guy! Bill Richmond has visited us many times of the years and is always a welcome friend . He worked hard this week when the fishing was scratchy but ended up with alot of species to take home including this tasty pompano. Punta Arenas in the background.

What a mix of fish. Exactly what I’ve been referring to. We’ve got warm and cold water fish all mixing it up these days like the dorado, cabrilla, triggerfish, snapper and pargo on the cleaning table at Bahia Muertos.

Hidden by the dorsal fin of this big rooster is Captain Arcangel helping Mike Fisher photo his fish before letting it go.

Big roosters can hurt strong men! The bend on the rod and braced agains the gunwale and deckchair, Ken Chaplin battles a big roosterfish.

On the flyrod! G-man (Grayson Richmond) released this tough jack crevalle .

Again…such a variety of fish on the table. Nicole and Ed Balbas with Captain Gerardo hold onto a yellowtail plus yellow snapper and pompano on the beach at Muertos.


Once again, the fishing remains unseasonably crazy.  It’s mid-July, but the fishing still hasn’t quite caught up with the calendar.  It’s still more like April-May fishing…than summertime fishing.


Normally, we should be thick into the bluewater species that inhabit the warm waters and warmer seasons.  Our fishing reports should be full of dorado, tuna, wahoo, billfish and the like.  We should be talking about hot sunny weather and flat balmy Baja seas.


But, it’s not like that and Mother Nature is only grudgingly moving to where it should be.  She’s not going easy.  For instance, we still have erratic un-predictable winds that pop up from nowhere and tear up the sea.  A few miles away, it’s flat. We have blistering sunny weather one day that feel like a tropical sauna.  By afternoon, it’s raining.  Or we have days when it’s overcast and heavily clouded.


One day waters are blue.  Next day, or even later in the day, the waters turn green, cold and turbid with strong currents.  Or, one day dorado bite and the next day, we see all kinds of dorado, but they could not care less about biting a bait or jig!


Sure,  we’re seeing more dorado and bigger dorado. And that is a good sign. And a few billfish mixed in. Plus assorted large and small roosterfish, bonito, and jack crevalle.   But, we are still catching crazy cold-water fish like spawning pargo, cabrilla, amberjack and even fish like sierra and yellowtail, the latter two being definite cold-water species.


That just tells me that there’s warm surface water, but below that, there’s a strong layer of colder water holding these other species.


Everyone is catching fish.  It’s just that the bite is unpredictable and varied.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of

July 1-7 ,2019


Water – Calming down and getting bluer and warmer.  Surface temp about 80 degrees.  Colder thermocline 30-60 feet down drops another 5-15 degrees.  Still choppy some days especially in the mornings.

Weather – Consistently highs in the mid-90’s and nighttime cools to mid-70’s. Feels warmer some days, but then the afternoon breeze cools things down.  Very tropical

Wind – Mostly better than other weeks.  Calming down hopefully.  Did have one day at Las Arenas/ Muertos where a baby storm went through and made it tough to go out for about an hour or so, but then it blew out and the folks got out on the water.  We just waited it out.

Fishing – Lots of variety, but more of the warm water-water fish like dorado becoming more prominent.  No wahoo, but fish caught this week included lots of big roosterfish (Las Arenas); dorado (La Paz); pargo, cabrilla, jack crevalle, skipjack, bonito, amberjack, pompano, yellowtail, palometa, snapper, baja grouper, marlin, sailfish.

Fish Scale of 1-10:  A solid 6



Captain Gerardo gives Erik Foraker from Washington a hand with a big roosterfish caught and released off Punta Arenas. The fish was released and 3 were caught that day off the panga.

Mike and Jacquiline Aguilar caught 3 big roosterfish including this beast on a single day. All fish were released.


Miles and Sydney Wagner with big-time bull dorado there at Bahia Muertos staying at their dad, Gary’s place at Rancho Costa.

One of my favorite photos of the week. Captain Jorge gives a thumbs-up to Will’s big roosterfish. Will is from Denver and released the fish.

That’s alot of fish for an 11-year-old, but Levi Moore from Encinitas CA did the job on this big roosterfish then took the photo and let it go to swim strong!

Our buddy who never stops smiling! Rick Kasper has a handful if dorado for the camera then the grill. Rick is a hunting guide and TV personality in Wyoming and Arizona.

Just off the beach, Anabel, holds up a pretty roosterfish for the camera before letting it go.

And another roosterfish for Erik and captain Gerardo doing the great photo-bomb for the camera!

Deno and Mark Buchanan with the big tuna of the week hooked off Cerralvo Island.

Beautiful and rarely caught Baja Grouper or Golden Grouper taken by Vern Marschall who spent the week with us and fished two days . He caught this one off Espirito Santo Island.

The roosterfish is almost bigger than Jacqueline!

Colorful shot and another rooster on deck for Eric Ryan who released the fish.

Headed back to the hotel grill with two legit dorado, Jason Wagner took these fish working that area just outside of Bahia Muertos.

Big smile for Nick Gatelein with his first roosterfish at dawn off Las Arenas. Good way to start your day!

Incredible colors on this big dorado caught by Anabel not far off the rocks at Punta Perrico.

The tired satisfaction of besting a big fish is evident on our buddy, Ed Mitoma, who finally got his big roosterfish then realeased it . He also had another one on the line that got away. Punta Arenas in the background.

Another one for the camera! Levi Moore was on a roll with another roosterfish caught-and-released.


All the way from Kansas, Lilly Korbach, has a pretty smile for a pretty jack crevalle. She was staying at Rancho Costa there in Bahia Muertos.

1..2..3…LIFT! It’s a handful for 14-year-old Seth Moore and his big rooster almost as long as he is tall! Despite it’s looks, the fish swam off strongly upon release.


From Paso Robles, CA and on his first venture with Tailhunter Sportfishing, Scott McGuire put quite a few dorado like this on the hook.

Kris Korbach poses another big one for the camera shot then quickly released the big roosterfish.

That is one giant needlefish! Andy Lauber from New Orleans took this beast.

Weather was a little more agreeable this past week although we had one bit of a bump.  We caught a lot of different species again as well including: snapper, pargo, jack crevalle,  pompano, marlin, sailfish, several types of bonito, yellowtail, tuna and others.  However, the hotshots this week all came down pretty much to two species:  Dorado and roosterfish.

Pompano still biting. Jacqueline Aguilar does the honors.

First day out…first day on the water…first marlin! Andrew Tawaroski from Florida with Captain Gerardo . Andrew released the pretty fish.

Jules caught this football tuna off Bahia Muertos.


For the most part, this is the time of year when we should be swarming with dorado.  However, this year started pretty sluggishly with these warm-water species as waters have been taking their time getting warmer and no thanks to the pestering cool winds that have plagued us for months.


But, it seems like the fishing is finding it’s stride.


There are still patches of cold green water.  There are still erratic currents that push the bite and the baits off the mark.  But, this past week it was a lot more consistent although still not fully up-to-speed.  Nevertheless we saw more and larger dorado in the counts, especially for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet that fishes north from the city towards Espirito Santo Island and around Punta Coyote and Punta Mejia.


Those areas not only produced some great shallow-water fishing for the pargo, cabrilla, amberjack and snapper, but the shallows also produced dorado without having to go too far off or venturing to some of the other high spots or finding floating sargasso weed the dorado could also be found.

What a great shot and check the colors of Lauren and her dorado off Espirito Santo Island. Great smile too!


It wasn’t full turbo and not every panga caught fish every day, but over-all pretty consistent on the dorado.  It could be a day of picking off a fish here-and-there all day.  It could be a day where one panga found the dorado and the boat next to it couldn’t buy a bite.  It could be a day where it was slow for hours then all heck-breaks-loose in a frenzy of action…then it dies.  Just no way to tell.

That’s the right kind! Bull dorado headed for the fish box for Andy Lauber from New Orleans. Check out the flat ocean behind him! Like glass.

You could run into a school of firecracker-sized dinks or a group of larger bigger fish.  Or, it could be one big fish of the day.  But, the dorado are definitely around.

You don’t have to go far for bluewater sportfishing here! Eric Ryan caught this pretty dorado right off the rocky cliffs of Espirito Santo Island in shallow water.


The bigger story continues to be the roosterfish.

As one of our guys told me,

“I’ve never seen so many roosterfish in one spot.  We were hooked on two of them but others that looked like giants were boiling right next to the panga.  We could have caught all we wanted all day long if our arms held out!

Firs roosterfish for Taryn Mitoma! Punta Arenas beach in the background. Taryn did a great job in releasing the fish.


In all my years here, I have never seen this kind of rooster season. We are catching and releasing as many fish in one week as we might catch in several months of fishing.

One more rooster! Seth and Levi Moore!

Fish  are running 10-70 pounds and actually schooling in big groups and boiling on the surface in feeding frenzies!  Anglers coming down to just catch one fish for the bucket list end up hanging 2 or 3 in a single day and losing others.

“I fought two roosterfish for almost an hour each and that was it! It was still early and I wanted to back to the beach.  If we never caught another fish the rest of the week, those two fish made my trip. Seeing them swim away was awesome!” 

Will from Denver holds up another one for the camera.

He’ll grow up to be a monster! Nick Gatelein on deck at sunrise .

Pretty much all the fish are getting released and they’re really close to shore in shallow water.  Using mostly the large 12-inch ladyfish for bait, some of the battles are lasting well near an hour-or-more and exhausting anglers, especially first-timers having fun, but not used to the strain these big fish can put on arms, backs, legs and fingers!

“I finally got the roosterfish off my bucket list.  But, I paid the price.  A big blister on my finger and sore arms.  Never thought a fish could be so strong.  Great time!” 

Mike Aguilar has another!

Right on top of the rocks! Vern holds up his rooster.


Almost all of these fish are being caught by our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet and the fish are scattered from the Punta Arenas lighthouse down to Boca de Alamo then also around Espirito Santo Island.


Of note, at the beginning of the week we did have a “torito” (small bull) hit around our Las Arenas area.  While La Paz stayed flat calm,  when our boats at Muertos Bay were ready to go out, suddenly the torito hit which is essentially a small localized wind/rainstorm almost like a baby hurricane. They come out’ve nowhere with no warning.  It whips the winds and waves and no one could get off the beach.


But, they can blow over quickly.  We kept everyone in the vans and decided to wait it out rather tha come back to town.  Surely enough, about 90 minutes later the winds died and, although the waters remained choppy, our anglers finally got out on the water.  Fishing was less than stellar, but fortunately, the big roosterfish stuck around!



That’s my story!

Jonathan & Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”




La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of June 23-30, 2019






Dave Lester from Temecula CA with another beast roosterfish for the camera before putting it back in the water.  Dave and his 3 buddies estimate they hooked and released 31 roosterfish over 4 days. 

Daniel Bovee 2 EDIT RESIZE TAGS dorado 6-19

What beast is this? DJ Bovee from San Diego fishes with us several times a year and hooked this massive bull dorado, the likes of which we have not seen in years!

Enzo Moreno is just 11-years-old from San Antonio, Texas.  He caught and fought a marlin all by himself; he caught numerous other species including dorado and put this hefty yellowtail in the box as well. 

Zach Smith had an eventful 2 days of fishing with us.  His first day he hooked this pretty striped marlin.  The fish could not be released and Zach donated all the meat to the local folks who welcomed the fresh fish 


Our fun amigos for many years who always do well, Tim and Angela Farrell from Oceanside, CA with their favorite Captain Moncho and a handful of tough-fighting pargo liso and yellow snapper!

Pretty as could be.  Joe has another pretty roosterfish to the boat to photo and release.  The roosters were sure thick this week. 

This might be my favorite photo of the week.  Nina Moreno and Captain Rogelio mug for the camera with Espirito Santo island right behind them just a stone’s throw away. 

Rooster Burgess TAGS 6-19 rooster

Big fish…big mouth! The kind that can inhale a 12-inch-long bait! Ron Burgess gets a hand from Captain Moncho. Fish was released.

Pargo dave TAGS gee 6-19

That’s a handful of pargo liso for Dave Gee from San Francisco who grimaces to hold the stout fish for the camera. Great eating meat!

Al Burgess tuna TAGS 6-19

From Florida, our long-time amigo, Al Burgess needs to take a seat after battling this 100 + pound yellowfin tuna off Cerralvo Island for almost 2 hours!

rooster wrestle TAGS gabe lao kim hunt 6-19

Kim Hunt and Gabe Lao are doing their best to subdue this feisty rooster so they can take a photo and release it, but the rooster is having none of that and smacks them all over the place. Great effort by Kim and Gabe who caught 4 roosters this day.

Cathy Boos 6-18 TAGS Luis dorado

Shaka sign from Captain Luis and Cathy Boos from Washington posing with one of her La Paz dorado.


Tom Hoey and Terry Hawk with the right kind of dorado! They hooked this legit pair off Muertos Bay. Some of the largest dorado of the season!

Jonah rooster resize TAGS arcangel 6-19 copy

This is a great photo. It’s not often over the 2 decades that we’ve gotten Captain Arcangel to smile, but we got him here with Jonah Voigstberger from Bakersfield and her first rooster. Caught and released.

Alise Ferguson TAGS jack crevalle 6-19

No shortage of fun and crazy fishing when the schools of jack crevalle move in like this one caught by Alise Ferguson from Colorado Springs CO. Las Arenas Beach and lighthouse nearby.



Victor with some tasty pargo lisos.

rooster don TAGS 6-19

Nothing like starting off your day with a trophy catch of a roosterfish right off the bat for Joe and quickly released.

Nick Tovar Fili Zach Smith TAGS 6-19 sailfish

Zach Smith and Captain Fili give Nick Tovar (right) a hand posing with his sailfish on the beach at Bahia Muertos. Nick was not able to release the fish and donated all the meat to local families.



These fish might not look big, but hit and fight like freight trains. Kent holds up a colorful pargo liso he managed to pull from the rocks.

Ron Moncho rooster TAGSS double hookup 6-19

An incredible shot! Off Cerralvo Island, Captain Moncho poses with one roosterfish while Ron Burgess already has another big rooster on the line!


Alot of good eating and variety on the fish cleaning table including big triggerfish, pargo, yellow snapper and cabrilla (seabass) for Jonah and John Voigtsberger.

Dave boos rooster TAGS 6-19

Captain Gerardo with the thumbs-up photo bomb of Dave Boos and his roosterfish.

Chase wallis kentucky TAGS 6-19 marlin

From Kentucky, Chase Wallis staying at Bahia Muertos in the Rancho Costa Resort got himself and big striped marlin after a good battle. He donated all of the meat to the local families when the fish could not be revived.

Amberjack RS TAGS Nick Gatelein 6-19

I love photos that are different and kooky like Nick and his big amberjack while he sports the cool beard and mustache face garb!


Fishing with us for years, Terry Hawk, has caught and released quite a few roosterfish with us.


Two great guys. Dave “Splash” Lopez and nephew Nick Gatelein from Los Angeles wit two pretty dog-tooth snapper.

zach smith pompano TAGS 6-19

Yes, pompano are still biting and yes, they are the largest I have ever seen down here in our waters in 25 years. Zach Smith has this one under control and released it.

GAry Jason rooster TAGS 6-19

Good amigo and owner of Rancho Costa Resort in Bahia Suenos, Gary Wagner with his son, Jason took this long roosterfish just outside of the bay. The fish was released.

Don's Fish of mystery TAGS 6-19

The parade of weird and unusual fish continues. We’ve had milkfish…blue treval;y and now an island trevally. Another member of the diverse jack family. In 25 years, I’ve never seen one down here and neither had any of our captains.

I want to say it was really a great week of fishing.  But, I can’t.  So many times, I thought we were right on the verge of it, but then it got crazy again.  For sure, we had some spectacular fishing and maybe one of the best if not the best fishing of the season.


However, the fishing is still all mixed up and unpredictable.  Many folks caught the fish of a lifetime; or their largest; or their first or the most they have ever caught and that was great.

Gabe lao rooster TAGS beach 6-19

Gabe Lao, Elk Grove CA Roosterfish off the beach. Released.


But, there was just no getting a handle on what was biting . One day the bite was in one spot and the next, it was shut down. Clear blue water one day become green dirty water with current the next day.  One panga rips up the fish and the boat next to it can’t get a bite.  It was that kind of week.


I’m not sure where to start so let me break it out with our two different fleets.  The fact that we have two fleets fishing two different areas often made the difference between having a good day or a so-so day!


For our La Paz Tailhunter Fleet


The week started well.  This is where we’ve been getting yellowtail, amberjack, pargo and cabrilla and snapper. Plus lots of great eating white bonito.  Really weird because these are all coldwater fish, except for the bonito!  And it’s already 100 degrees and the end of June and beginning of July.  For example yellowtail are a fish we usually don’t see much of after April or so!

However ,yellowtail between 15-25 pounds have been biting now for almost 3 weeks.  By far our La Paz fishing north of town has been the most solid fishing most of the month.

If you wanted to just have a solid day of fun and action, this is where I had you fish.  I could really depend on it doing well and everyone having fun.

dorado sy TAGS 6-19

Espirito Santo Island. Sy’s first dorado experience was a good one.

Rick dorado 6-19 TAGS

No, that’s not Richard Branson, but Rick Kasper has been on many TV shows and had his own hunting show for many years. He’s an old hand at fishing with us down here.

The weird thing, however, is that almost in the same spots where we were hooking the cold water fish, we were also hooking dorado which are warm water fish!  The dorado ran 10-25 pounds and these are the kinds of fish we should be hooking this time of year.  But with the presence of both fish, this means there’s a thermocline in the water column with warm waters about 81 degrees at the surface, but below that is a very chilly thermocline holding colder waters.  This was confirmed by our scuba divers who ran into the colder water about 20-40 feet down.


Very unusual!  But, like I said, everyone catching fish.


Until about mid-week.  The fishing really died down.  My captains told me cold green water with lots of current and strong winds kicked the bite to the curb.  However, as the week went on…the bite came back little by little as temperatures rose again (we set a record 107 degrees Saturday) and waters calmed with dorado and other species once again getting active.

Nina 2 dorado 6-19 TAGS

Nina hooks another one!


For our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet…


The week was mostly slow.  But let me clarify.

zach smith capt fili jack crevalle TAGS 6-19

Jack crevalle “Toro” Captain Fili and Zach Smith

There were fish biting!  No doubt.  There were lots of those cool white bonito.  And pargo, jack crevalle, cabrilla and amberjack and  (Needlefish…yuk).

pargo Dave Lester TAGS 6-19

Dave and a pretty and big yellow snapper.

But, the big pargo liso were schooling!  These huge mullet snapper are 10-30 pounds and are really difficult fish in the shallow waters, but these fish are normally schooling in these big groups in the colder waters of March and April.


Among the toughest and most difficult fish in our waters, pargo liso frustrate many an angler and frustrate strong men. However, Tim and Angela Farrell with Captain Moncho yanked these bad boys out’ve the rocks.


All of a sudden, here they are.  The thing with them is that they are tough tough tough to catch.  I have often told folks that if you get 10 hookups and get 2 or 3 to the boat, it’s about par.


So, folks were coming back saying what a tough day they had.  Then, I’d find out they really hooked 6, 8, 10 pargo but busted them all off!  That’s GOOD fishing…but bad CATCHING!

Don pargo TAGS 6-19

Pargo liso for Joe! Great eating.

Similarly, we had some tuna biting…and these were all 100+ pound beasts!  1 and 2 hour battles ended up with broken lines.  In one case, our guys had the fish right next to the boat ready to stick the gaff after an epic battle and suddenly a huge shark rolls up and in two bites completely wipes out the fish!

Marlin zach smith TAGS 6-19

Striped marlin waiting to be carted off to local homes.

Oh…and marlin and sailfish caught too finally although a couple of nice fish broke off.  Best billfish bite of the season!


But the best part of the week…(drumroll)…ROOSTERFEST!!!


Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay is known as the “Roosterfish Capital of the World.”  World record roosterfish up to 150 pounds have been caught on this beach area.


Well, this week, I’ve never seen the roosters go off like they did.  I estimate almost 100 roosters were hooked and released between 5 and 70 pounders!

Armando rooster RS TAGS dave lester 6-19

Captain Armando and Dave Lester in the Baja sunrise with an early big roosterfish released.


On a single day alone, our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet had 8 pangas on the water and got 35 roosterfish!  That’s unheard of!  One of our boats caught and released at least 10 fish.  This doesn’t even include the fish that were lost or broke off!


From Denver, Adam Tarowoski got his first roosterfish this week. Fish was released.

Then, at the end of the week, another surprise.  We have not had many dorado caught this year around the Las Arenas area.  Most of the fish have been around La Paz.  Other than an occasional dink fish, not much to speak of.


Wow!! That’s huge bull dorado! Whoa…Jen Wilson from Colorado Springs CO with one of the largest dorado of the season.

Well, all of a sudden we have bit 20-45 pound bull dorado in the water!  Where’d they come from?  We haven’t seen dorado of that size in 3 years.


It’s a strange strange season!  Oh…and we broke heat records this week too.  107 degrees over the weekend.

That’s my story!


Jonathan & Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for

Week of June 16-23, 2019





THE BIG PICTURE and the REST of the STORY. . .

My hero of the week! Enzo Moreno is only 11-years-old from the San Antonio area of Texas. He hooked this marlin with Captain Armando. He fought the fish for 2 hours on 30 pound test line! He refused help and battled it all by himself. He got the fish to the boat…took the photo…and released it! AWESOME!

The tuna popped up again after being somewhat absent the last few weeks. Bob Lederer from Massachusetts with Captain Jorge and a nice rack of footballs and some larger models!

San Diego birthday girl, Michele Conklin, was just off Punta Perico and dozing off when this big boy rooster hit her bait. Her largest rooster and she was able to release it!


That’s alot of cabrilla meat. This big seabass was taken by Dave Gee from San Francisco.


A legit La Paz dorado! Gary Lunger poses with a pretty mahi caught north of La Paz.

Captain Pancho strikes a pose with Justin Larson! The young man from San Diego caught and released 4 big roosters the same day!

A pretty good day and a pretty photo of the Steele Family…Ashley, Dan and Zach and some nice yellowtail headed for the cutting board.

Crazy to be catching yellowtail in June! These are cold water fish and normally, we don’t see them after about April. However, Dave Gee holds up another one with La Paz Malecon in the distance.

Happy Fella! Captain Jorge with our amigo, Dave Conklin and a hefty rooster taken not far off the Las Arenas sand. The fish was released.

Pretty photo with great colors! That’s a big yellowtail and Jackie Laes from Oregon enjoying some sunshine and some fun fishing.

Captain Raul gives 8-year-old Alice Wiebe from Bradley CA with her yellowtail.

Another fish we don’t see very much this late in the year, but a feisty ferocious fighter is the pargo liso (mullet snapper). Dana Jacklin wrestled this pretty fish out’ve the rocks.

First roosterfish for Ramy Shatara who gets a hand from Captain Arcangel. Ramy released the fish and caught it on light tackle.

Bob Lederer gets the tail-end of this striper he hooked just outside of Bahia Muertos while fishing with Captain Armando!

Big cabrilla like this lurk in rocky structure and reefs making them a difficult fighter, but Jeff Morgan got this tasty seabass into the boat.

Best week of roosters that I ca remember. Here’s another one for the photos gallery taken by Adam Larson. Adam released the fish which swam off strongly.

The man behind the mask is Dan Steele who gets a hand from wife, ashley on a thick pretty rooster he hooked not far off the shallow rocks at Punta Perrico then released it after the photo. Check those colors!

There’s alot of good-eating on this table. I see cabrilla, triggerfish, snapper and pargo including the one being held by Mark Jacklin.

Craig Hoffman from Phoenix AZ and brother Bryan, all the way from London got into the tuna bite with a table-load of yellowfin tuna.

These are tough fighters on hook and line…among the hardest to pull in for alot of our anglers. Ramy Shatara at the La Paz municipal pier off-loading some of his bonito

Family day! Desmond and Julia Sjauwfoekloy from Los Angeles with Julia’s cabrilla.

Keith Paulson gets a grip on double bull-dorado that he caught with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.

With his first roosterfish, Bill Eggleston makes the photo gallery. The fish was released and he was fishing south of Bahia Muertos.

Lots of hard-fighting jack crevalle kept rods bent and reels screaming! Michele Conklin with big smiles and Captain Jorge.

Kyle Eggleston has to be one of the funniest first-timers we have had down here so far! First day out he got in on the rooster bite!


Captain Arcangel with Jonathan Hicks from San Francisco and yes, the big pompano are still biting.

Another rooster on the books for young Justin Larson, caught and released. He had a spectacular day.

Dan Steele, again behind the mask, with another yellowtail!

Strange fish of the week! Related to roosterfish, amberjack, pompano and jack crevalle, this is the first time we’ve had a Hawaiian trevally show up! Just goes to show you what a crazy season we are having! Tom Dietz does the honor.

Hefty amberjack (pez fuerte) for Miles Wagner and Kris Kobach coming in late with dinner at Rancho Costa.

It was like Jekyll & Hyde Week.  It was also a week of strange fishing on so many other levels.


The first part of the week, cold winds, choppy seas, off-color water and strong currents really had us all working hard to get fish.  After a pretty decent previous week, it was like “What next?”  On top of it there was a full moon.


For our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet…


Las Arenas fishing virtually shut off the first 3-4 days this week.  Some snapper and pargo and cabrilla.  Lots of bonito.  Jack crevalle kept rods bent. But not much else.

Our buddy, Doug Oclassen from Colorado right off the sand with a nice jack crevalle.


Thankfully, we had the roosterfish!

The rooster cruising the shallows! Pretty pretty pretty!

What a week for roosterfish…maybe the best I have seen in 25 years.  We had fish running 10-70 pounds.  Some pangas caught, 2,3…4 fish each day and lost several others!  Fish were literally schooling up like we have never seen them.

Dennis Adair’s rooster was so big the photographer (Glenn Oclassen) couldn’t back up any further to get the whole fish. Captain Ramiro on deck!

Justin and Adam Larson with another gallo.


Many anglers took their first or largest roosters ever!  I can’t tell you how often folks came back from fishing with big smiles but asking me for a band-aid for the blisters on a thumb or inside index fingers from reel with folks fighting a single fish from 15-45 minutes.  Then doing it all over again! It was crazy!


Also remarkable were the mullet snapper (pargo liso) on the backside of Cerralvo Island.  Normally, these big scrappy pargo school-up in huge undulating crashing pods in March and April!


But all of a sudden, here they were!  Fish up to 20-30 pounds were busting guys off as they watched this schools crashing the surface.  So many fish were lost and frustrating so quite a few anglers as these powerful fish took them into the rocks!

These pargo lisos can be beasts. Captain Ramiro at Muertos.


About Wednesday, it seemed like things changed.  By Thursday, it was like someone threw a lightswitch.


The winds died down.  The temperatures kicked into the low 100’s.  Humidity rose.  The sun blazed and the waters turned bluer.

He’s bent! Ramy shows good form on a fresh one on flat waters!


And the fish suddenly got into the game!


Tuna started crashing with yellowfin as small as footballs, but as large as 40-pounds. Most fish caught on the banks near Cerralvo Island. We have not seen many tuna in about 4-6 weeks.

Fun brother and sister Nina and Enzo Moreno from Texas with a double pair of yellowfin tuna!

A pretty “football” yellowfin tuna with Chad Oclassen

Marlin also got active with a number of fish caught and released. All the fish ranged from about 100-130 pounds.

Oh yea…marlin on the line!


For our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet…


Fishing was much better than Las Arenas if you just wanted to fill the ice chest and wanted some good rod-bending action.

The areas around Espirito Santo Island and Punta Coyote and Punta Mejia were productive for a number of species.

Stephon and Jason Munroe with some La Paz action in the panga

Zach Steele and a tasty Mexican cabrilla

Desmond and Joshua with his snapper and a big smile. Cool sunglasses!


No shortage of both tasty white bonito and hard pulling skipjack (barriletes).  Plus inshore, lots of snapper, pargo, cabrilla, trigger fish and amberjack.  You could have fun all day with that.

It’s mine and I caught it! Zach has his bonito in the boat

David Goodman has another tough bonito.


Plus add in the dorado that are roaming around and getting better every week with fish running 10-25 pounds to put in the ice chest and you can have a full day of fishing.

Pam and Bill Eggleston with a few of their dorado.


However, just like the unusual pargo liso near Cerralvo Island that popped up in big schools (a cold water fish), we had yellowtail show up!  In my 25 years down here, I’ve never seen yellowtail in June.  Normally, by April, we’re all done with any yellowtail in these waters.  Just like the pargo liso, they are cold water fish!

Dave Gee rocking the yellowtail!

Yellowtail headed for the freezer for Ramy

So, here we are almost at the end of June and at the technical beginning of summer and our boats are coming back with 2, 3 or 4 yellowtail and losing more in the rocks.  Fish going 10-20 pounds…totally legit.


Weird thing is that often they’re in the same spots as the dorado which are warm water fish!  That leads me to believe that there’s warm water on the surface then a chilly thermocline down deeper that brought the yellowtail up from colder deeper waters to feed on the abundant bait.  At least, that’s what I’m speculating.  But no complaints!  These are fun good-eating fish!

That’s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of June 9-16, 2019





Great week for roosterfish! First timer, Dru Toeniskoetter took this beauty right off the beach fishing with Captain Victor and son, Jack, looking on. The fish was released.

The fish gal…Tyler Murphy…supressing a grin and holding another wahoo. She’s from Lakewood, CA. Always on the fish!

All the way from Arkansas, Tim Weaver, has a knack for big fish. His first rooster. Caught and released off Cerralvo Island.

These two had a fun week with us. Doug and Penny Nuffer got a mess of fish including this big dog-tooth and the dorado outside Bahia Muertos.

Even with a recently surgically repaired shoulder, Jason Goodman from Denver on his first trip with us stood up and battled this big tuna for 45 minutes before boating it. Amazingly, the fish bit while they were in shallow water near the island then towed them off to deeper water.

Big smiles and deservedly so! Just graduated, Joshua Suedkamp and Captain Boli with a legit bull dorado he hooked right near the rocks. Josh’s first trip with us from Denver, Colorado.

A nice start to several days of fishing, some great eating amberjack and big triggerfish on the boards for Deon Stein who brought his group down to fish with us from N. California.

Lots of first-timers taking roosters this week! This is Mandy Nuffer with Captain Victor holding a hefty gallo just outside Bahia Muertos. The fish was released.

Wahoo!!! Bryan Sanford got this ‘hoo fishing with Captain Ramiro outside of Bahia Muertos confounding his brother, Craig, who keeps coming down and never getting a wahoo himself. Bryan came out from Nebraska.

Almost as big as him!!! David Goodman poses with a dandy cabrilla he caught north of La Paz near the island. David came out with dad from Denver.

First trip. First day. First roosterfish. Right-off-the-bat! Joshua put this pretty rooster on the boat then released it! Good job, Josh!

The week started with quite a few striped marlin hook-ups! Cassie lifts one up there in Bahia Muertos. The fish could not be released and they donated the meat to the local families.

I think that’s Captain Gerardo giving a thumb-up behind a smiling Doug Nuffer and his first roosterfish! They were both pretty happy. Doug said he battled the fish for almost an hour and then did the good thing and released the fish!

That’s a thick wahoo for Captain Archangel (smile!) and Dave Rosenberg who took the ‘hoo his first day out just outside Bahia Muertos!

Oh the strain! Gutsy David Goodman lifts up this dorado for the camera and the good pose!

Nothing but smiles and alot of good eating fish. Jack Toeniskoetter and mom, Dru caught about 12 different species of fish this day with Captain Victor.

That’s the right kind! The dorado finally woke up this week especially fishing north of the city! Bryan and Captain Boli hold up another bull.

It was another good week of pompano fishing right off the rocks and beaches like this one with Tim Weaver off Punta Perrico. Tim’s from Arkansas.


Another good day! Lindy and Bryan back on the beach behind La Concha Hotel with more dorado!

Captain Jorge and Mandy Nuffer pose with another big delicious pompano. Related to yellowtail, roosterfish, jack crevalle and amberjack, pompano are hard fighters and great eaters!

Just off the beach, Mike Black from Idaho, got his first roosterfish and a great photo! The rooster was released!

There’s a reason the Mexican name for the jack crevalle is “toro” (bull). They are ferocious fighters! Get into a school and it’s bendo all day. Mandy Nuffer with one close to the beach in the surf . The fish was released.

From Boise, Idaho on their first trip to visit us, Lisa and Mike Black with a nice day of dorado fishing towards Espirito Santo Island.

For a first-timer, Josh got into some really nice big bull dorado this week. Some of the largest of the season! That’s Espirito Santo Island in the background.

Captain Armando with another nice jack crevalle! Super fish on light tackle.

After a number of chilly weeks where it was more like April fishing than June fishing, there was reason to optimism early on.  Just like someone had thrown a switch, the winds died.  The waters calmed and cleared.  It got hot.  It got humid.  It felt more like summer…finally!


And the fish bit nicely for both our Tailhuhter Las Arenas and Tailhunter La Paz fleets. We got a good variety of fish and great action on a whole range of species.


And we didn’t have to go very far offshore either!  Many of the fish were caught within a stone’s throw of the rocks and beach.


This included striped marlin where for two days, almost every one of our pangas hooked at least one striper.  Dorado between 5 and 30 pounds were suddenly feeding after several weeks of being so lethargic and lock-jawed.  A few wahoo started biting again. A couple of big tuna were hooked right up against the rocks in shallow water.


Inshore, cabrilla, amberjack and pargo; snapper and jack crevalle; as well as big pompano, palometas, dog tooth snapper and even a few yellowtail and sierra bit.  Plus all the skipjack and white bonito you wanted. Some big roosterfish were hooked and released.


Then, the winds kicked up again later in the week.  And it kicked up greener colder water; stronger currents and knocked the bite back down, especially for our Las Arenas fleet which started producing only a smattering of bluewater fish and the pesky white bonito.

Tasty and feisty white bonito like this are everywhere. More than I have ever seen. David Goodmam poses for the camera!


La Paz faired better in the winds. Dorado still hung in there on the chew.  Inshore fishing away from the winds, didn’t slow down at all.  You could stay in the shallows and hook everything from snapper to cabrilla…which many of our pangas decided to do.


Dave Conklin with a rare milkfish. Normally, I see about 1 of these a year. We’ve caught several in the last few weeks. They look like a giant sardine. Very unusual because they don’t eat baitfish! But, the ones we have hooked ate live bait.  They have alot of bones so they get released. I’m told they are related to tarpon.

I have never seen so many gigantic needlefish like this year. Normally maybe 2 feet long, this year, we’re seeing 5-6 footers like this guy hooked by Lisa Black and Captain Pancho.

I did a double-take when I saw this photo of Captain Armando. Trumpet fish are about 12-18 inches long…NORMALLY. But, we’ve been catching trumpet fish up to 4 and 5 feet long! This one might be even longer

Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World.”  With more than 700 known species of fish and more being discovered every year,  there’s some interesting critters swimming around.  However, this year, we’re seeing an abnormally large number of unusual residents!


That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”




La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of June 2-9, 2019





Weather– All over the place.  From Sunny to even some rain.  Mostly sunny.  Winds erratic and unpredictably.  Unseasonable.  Should be much calmer this time of year.

Water– Winds have made waters cooler than normal.  At times very very choppy and rough.  Water are also cloudier than normal because of the turbulence.

Fishing – Action is good but not what we are used to catching this time of year.  Have to work really hard for quality.  Great inshore action saves the day.  Blue water fish are tougher to get.  But, there’s alot of fish out there, but often, they just didn’t want to bite.

Species Caught This Week:  Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barred Pargo, Dog-Tooth Snapper (pargo), Pompano, Amberjack, 2 kinds of Bonito, Skipjack, Triggerfish, Roosterfish, Rainbow Runners, Sierra, Yellowtail, Jack Crevalle, Polometa, Cabrilla


DAve waite rooster tags 6-19

That’s the right kind! Big rooster for Utah amigo, Dave Waite, who went home and booked another trip to come back this September! This big fish was released.

cabrilla grande john ehlers tags 6-19

Wow! That’s a huge huge cabrilla! John Ehlers hooked this one on he yo yo iron in shallow water and it’s one of the largest we’ve seen in awhile! Dolores, his sweet wife is on his shoulder! They’re from Colorado and have visited us for years. Great amigos! Thanks for the cool mugs! I’m drinking coffee with it right now as I type!

tay rog resize hoo2 tags 6-19

Doubles! Taylor Murphy and uncle Roger Thompson got a double hookup on wahoo outside of Bahia Muertos with Captain Hugo.

Our popular Capitan Jorge and a handful of tasty amberjack with Noe Fierros from Northern California on a return visit to us.

These two have a knack for big roosterfish everytime they visit us. Bennett Clegg and wife, Alicia (giving the thumbs up!) pose with another big boy they released off Las Arenas.


Big dorado of the week to Colton Matson who only had one day to fish, but boated these two big bulls.

George Talbott snuck down for two quick days of fishing and shows off the incredible variety of fish including: amberjack, triggerfish, snapper, pargo and cabrilla.

Whoa! Captain Boli helps Paul Siefert try to hold this 60-pound class tuna in a rolling seas north of La Paz. The fish was hooked in shallow water near Cerralvo Island, but over the next hour pulled the panga out to deeper water! Paul is from Utah.

Captain Jorge holds up a couple of amberjack for John Wagner

Scott Fitchett from Idaho with a nice amber.

Brothers John and Joe Vigneault have a nice pair of dorado.


Pompano everywhere! Great eating too! John Wagner, Captain Jorge and Noe Fierros in the lineup!

Graduation trip for Cahill Parker who catches and releases two roosters on his first try! Dad, Chris has the big smile too!

Just not enough hands! Huge pompano caught by Utah amigos, Doug and Penny Nuffer and the big dog-tooth snapper caught by Penny and battled to get out of the rocks and refused to give up the rod to Doug! Nicely done. Captain Gerardo helps out with the hefty fish.

Check the variety! Triggerfish, pompano, and snapper for Bryan Sanford all the way from Nebraska.

Hank Fitchett was visiting us from Boise, Idaho and right-off-the-bat on his first day hooks the dandy roosterfish off Punta Perrico. The fish was released.

A rare fish. A big fish. It’s the biggest rainbow runner I have ever seen! It’s in the same family as the yellowtail and first-timer Parker Cahill caught it outside of Bahia Muertos.

Good start of pompano and trigger fish for Mandy and Cameron!

It’s June and we are still getting yellowtail normally a cold-water fish. The waters arer really mixed up right now! But props to our amiga, Dolores Ehlers who poses with Captain Pancho.

Reason to smile! Big rooster with Paul Siefert and Captain Gerardo. Caught and released near Las Arenas.

This is the time for pompano, but I have never seen pompano as big as the ones we are getting this season and Donna Thompson’s pompano is a horse! Just outside Muertos Bay.

This gal can fish! Taylor Murphy from Lakewood CA and another wahoo in the boat.

Captain Armando fished with Bob McAndrew and Fred Gray new first time Tailhunter tribe members! Jack crevalle, dorado and amberjack on the table!

Love this photo! Jeanne Cabales and the sheer joy! Amberjack on the gaff. Jeanne is from San Diego.

Donnie Rea probably had the best dorado day we’ve had so far this season boating limiting on dorado north of La Paz near Punta Mejia.

Our long-time Phoenix friends Craig and Kathy Sanford with their favorite Captain Armando and pompano, pargo and white bonito.


Smiling Captain Pancho helps Dolores pose with a polometa!


First day and big rooster taken off the bucket list for Paul Gassmann from San Diego on his first visit. The fish was released.

Brandy Fitchett from Idaho and a dorado caught right off the rocks with Captain Rogelio.

I have come to the conclusion that given the present conditions of the way fishing has been the last two months, it’s NOT June or summertime fishing.  What we have is really early spring-time fishing.  This is more like April fishing than June fishing!


The reality of things is that, air temps are cooler.  Water temps are cooler than normal as well. The winds are taking their time in getting the heck out’ve town and keep being pesky while turning up waves and clouding up the water.  It’s definitely NOT June fishing!

Turn up the sound and check the video below:

But, don’t get me wrong.  There’s no lack of sunshine or action! (Although we did morning drizzle one day).


It’s really quite pleasant to be here and whereas we’d be in 95 degree weather with 70% humidity, it’s sunny and 85 degrees with a great breeze and only 50% humidity.  Us locals are loving it. It’s like living in a postcard!


On the water, everyone is catching a variety of fish.  But, like the weather,  it’s erratic.  Good, but erratic.  Everyone is getting bent but from day-to-day, it’s hard to know what’s biting.

Parker Cahill TAGS rack 6-19

Parker Cahill with quite a variety for one day including palometa, rainbow runner, triggerfish and amberjack. Plus some roosterfish released as well!

One day there’s dorado and tuna.  The next day it’s big pompano or snapper.  100 yards away, a panga gets yellowtail and sierra…cold water fish.  One day there’s big roosters popping up and the next day, the same area is inhabited by voracious bonito and jack crevalle.  Wahoo come and go. Troll for hours and nothing.  Then one pangas runs over a school of them!

Marlin get us all excited, then won’t bite or simply tease the baits like doggies that just want to toss around an old rolled-up sock, then go back to being lazy.

Fish pop up in places they normally are not.  We hook a tuna or dorado only yards from the rocks in water that’s so shallow you can see the bottom.  But, then hook a big pargo in deep water while trolling for wahoo!

I think this past week, I counted more than a dozen different species of fish.  No one is NOT catching fish.  It’s just hard to tell anyone what they will catch.


Many thanks to our folks who brought down donations this week for our Tailhunter Community Outreach program that continues throughout the season.  We have several hundred pounds now and just about ready for the first distribution of the year.  Gracias to Frank Gray…The Toeniskoetter Family (Dru, Jack and Adam)…Jackie and Noe Fierros with John and Debbie Wagner.

That’s our story!

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Jonathan & Jilly

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U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of May 26-June 2, 2019



Weather – Cooler than normal . Real pleasant.  Sunny days and cool nights.  Good time to be here, but maybe not so great on the water.  Winds came back again making it bumpy and rough at times. Very erratic.  Cold in the mornings!

Water – Winds make the waters cloudier and cooler by pulling up colder water from down deep . Affected the fishing

Fishing – Off from the week before . Lots of action . Everyone caught fish.  But mostly alot of inshore fish and tons of tough bonito. Great fun.  But the exotics like tuna, wahoo, dorado, etc. were very picky and harder to get.

Species Caught This Week – pargo liso, barred pargo, dog-tooth snapper, yellow snapper, amberjack, triggerfish, parrotfish, needlefish, tuna, dorado, roosterfish, jack crevalle, white bonito, skipjack, common bonito, milkfish, pompano.




Captain Armando put John Stone on a pig 65-pound yellowfin tuna he fought for over an hour! One of the few that we were able to land this week. Tuna are still there, but were tough sluggers and most broke loose when they bit.

Awesome colors on this dorado caught by Jenny Osborne near Espirito Santo Island. Dorado were around, but not often willing to bite as winds turned waters a little cooler and cloudier. But, the ones caught were legit grade fish.

Glenn Rose and Captain Jorge with two of the better eating fish in our waters…an amberjack and barred pargo.

Weird week in that we only see these milkfish about once or twice a year. They normally do not eat baits, but young Mark Pisano caught this one on a sardine. Very rare!

And yet another milkfish! Two in the same week! This one by Eddie Falcon from San Clemente CA with Captain Pancho also posing. The fish was released.

I keep telling folks we don’t have to go far offshore to catch exotic blue-water species like dorado! Grant Osborne took this pretty dorado right off the rocks in shallow water.

With shorts to match the fish, our amigo Jim Bovee from San Diego fishes us 2 or 3 times a year and caught this pretty dorado north of La Paz.

We did get some nice roosterfish this week, but with them all getting released, not many photos! However, this one was just too cute. Alicia Clegg has caught some monster roosters with us over the years. However, this little fella wasn’t one of them. A quick photo and smile from Alicia and back he went to grow into one of the big boys!

Honestly, my favorite photo of the week! Captain Rogelio was fishing with Mitch McRae of Dallas TX who brought his son and nephew out on the boat for their first time. Cousins Miers McCrea is 8 and from Dallas, and David McCrea (nephew) is 9 and from Roswell, New Mexico. The boys had a blast as you can tell from their faces! Quite a variety of species and they brought some of it back for dinner at our Tailhunter Restaurant.

We are having one of the best pompano seasons that I can remember! Paul Siefert and Dave Waite caught these tasty pompano right off the beach as well as pargo, cabrilla and two big roosterfish that were released.

Bennett Clegg comes every year to fish with Captain Victor. Nice dog-tooth! He also got a big roosterfish that was released.Lots of action this week



if you enjoyed inshore fishing or love the fast brutal action of big bonito.  There was almost no limit to either aspects.  However, exotic blue-water fishing took a dip as erratic winds dropped water temperatures and made for choppy, bouncy fishing .


Like many places in North America, winter just won’t let go.


Sometimes, the winds would hit in the mornings…enough that it was honestly cold.  Sometimes only in the afternoon.  Sometimes, it blew all day and changed directions throughout the day.  This not only chilled the air and water, but really affected the fishing.


With waters clouding up and choppy (some days our anglers got wet!), the fish went into lock-jaw mode.


Dorado were seen all over, especially for our La Paz fleet but they just weren’t interested in eating.  We did catch a few nice ones over the week, but normally, they would be going gangbusters tearing after any bait in the water, but instead acted like someone peed in the pool.


Same with the big tuna we have been dealing with.  We did get a few in the 50-90 pound class and broke off even more.  But hardly the action we’ve seen the previous few weeks.  Again, fish were breaking and eating ,but just wouldn’t eat any hooked baits.  And definitely would not eat any lines over 30-pound test which put anglers at a critical disadvantage if they got bit.


However, if you were just looking for fun action, there were tons of big bonito to contend with that ripped lined and bent rods.  Especially great for first-timers and families!  All you wanted.


As well, the inshore fishing seemed to roll along unabated.  Hard to remember so many species that were caught that included: cabrilla, amberjack, sierra, pompano, yellow snapper, red snapper, dog-tooth snapper, pargo liso, barred pargo, jack crevalle and triggerfish among others.  Plus some big roosterfish in the 30-50 poind class.


For some folks, that’s exactly what they wanted to fish for so it was great.  Just a little disappointing about the bluewater fish and the unpredictable weather.



Over the last five years our friends, clients and Tailhunter Tribal members have been putting all manners of things into the cracks and crannies of their luggage and ice chest to help with our Tailhunter community outreach program.

Paul Siefert and Dave Waite from Utah brought about a gazillion packed toothbrushes and mini-toothpastes for us to give to the local kids!


Each year, we have donated almost 1.5 TONS of everything from new and used clothes, shoes, medical supplies, toys, sporting goods, hygiene items, school supplies and money to our sponsored areas that include a school/orphanage out at Los Planes; the Women’s Shelter in La Paz; the senior center in La Paz and the Vista Mar neighborhood where they lack basics like running  water and electricity.

Thanks for the big hearts!  The season is just starting and already we’re getting a pile of great stuff.  Also, thanks to Paul Nagata…I didn’t get your photo!


That’s our story!



Jonathan & Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”