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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of May 19-25, 2022



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report for Week of May 19-25, 2022



Fishing on a Scale of 1-10 (10 being best):  6

Temps:  Weirdly cold.  Mid 50’s at night to high 80’s in the day (bring a sweatshirt)

Las Arenas:  Lots of variety but mostly coldwater species.  A few tuna, dorado, wahoo.  But great roosterfish to 50+ pounds.  Pargo, cabrilla, snapper, pompano, trevally, palometa, sierra, jack crevalle, dog-tooth, amberjack, yellowtail, bonito.  Have to go to the island to find bait.

La Paz:  Mostly big yellowtail 10-40 pounds.  Some cabrilla and rockfish.   Rougher waters in the mornings and cold!  Catching mackerel for bait to catch the big yellowtail.




Right up in the surf near the Punta Arenas lighthouse, Troy Kuzminsky from Washington found a big rooster and was able to release it!

I lost count of how many roosterfish Guy Markus from Utah caught and released over 2 days. Maybe 6 of them, but here’s one of the big ones!

Paul Markowitz (right) brought his amigo Rick Willis with him to fish with us in La Paz and these were Rick’s first ever salt-water fish. It included cabrilla, triggerfish, white bonito and a yellowfin tuna.

Yeow! Captain Pancho was out with Dave Kosnosky from Washington when this huge roosterfish…estimated at over 80 pounds…pounced on Dave’s 22″ ladyfish bait. Dave said the fish blew up and actually tail-walked across the water like a marlin! They were able to release the fish unharmed.

Captain Jorge and Troy Clovis with one of the few dorado caught this past week. We should be catching alot more normally this time of year, but waters remain on the cool side.

Trolling a Rapala xRap in the shallows, Dave nailed this big cabrilla.

Alot of good-eating variety here! Mike Lubliner and Pat Boyle have cabrilla, rainbow runners, mullet snapper, yellow snapper and dog-tooth snapper on the cleaning board with Captain Jorge

Bob Kuzminsky’s rooster was taken on a live bait just yards from shore near Punta Arenas.  They released the fish.

Enjoying his new retirement, Ruben Cornejo picked up then released this roosterfish just off the beach. This is “Roosterfish Alley.”

If Steve Wright looks a little tired, it’s because his arms are probably a little worn from fighting several big roosterfish like this one! Steve released all his fish.

Yellowfin tuna, yellow snapper, dog tooth snapper and a big pargo liso made for a great day of action!

Another big rooster for Steve. He rocked several big roosters and was able to release them all.

Big smiles from Bob Kuzminsky and another roosterfish!

It was an up-and-down week, to be honest.  What’s going on??? CRAZY!

This is more like late March or April weather and fishing!

Winds, waves and colder weather…even fog were issues that affected the fishing and had us working harder for the fish. Bait was sometimes an issue as well because it was also affected by conditions and some days were just plain rough. These cooler conditions are lingering alot longer than normal when we should be into almost summer climates by this time. It’s a long thermometer to be sure. Nights are in the low to mid 50’s (cold) and then jumping into the high 80’s by daytime.

Roosterfish running 10-50 pounds (and larger)  have truly been a highlight as the fish are now prowling the shores and beaches around Las Arenas and Bahia Muertos. Our anglers are catching them on sardines, but the larger ones are falling for the bigger ladyfish (sabalo) baits slow trolled behind our pangas. Those same areas are holding jack crevalle, pargo, snapper, cabrilla, sierra and amberjack. Schools of white bonito have added to the action. Occasionally someone hooks a dorado. Billfish are swimming around, but not quite ready to bite. We are getting more pompano and trevally than I have ever seen. Same with rainbow runners…baby cousin to yellowtail.

Surprisingly, yellowtail up to 40 pounds should be long gone, but they’re still on the area north of La Paz and feeding on mackerel. I think as long as the waters stay some what cooler than normal and the mackerel stick around, so will the yellowtail. No doubt this has been the best yellowtail season in my memory after 30 years down here, but I wish the dorado would show up finally.

Football season starting?  Football-sized tuna here and there!   Troy got one!

Keeping an eye out…we’ve had little teasers of tuna and wahoo lately.  Trying not to get too excited then get disappointed, but it’s encouraging that they are around!  We’ll keep you posted.

Captai Armando put Matt Harringer and his guys onto a couple of nice little fun yellowfin tuna as well.

That’s my story!


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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of May 11-18, 2022


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of May 11-18, 2022



Brad Sleder visits us a few times a year from S. Carolina and was out with Captain Pancho when he got this big roosterfish to chomp down on a live ladyfish he was using for bait. They were fishing just south of the Punta Arenas lighthouse and were able to release the big rooster.

Yes! Looks like wahoo are finally back in the area. Jim Sweet from Montana decided to commit a whole day to chase wahoo at the south end of Cerralvo Island and got this wahoo with Captain Armando on a trolled Rapala.

Thumb’s up from Captain Alfredo with Ryan Hales who put the hurt on this big boy yellowtail in surprisingly calm waters near Espirito Santo Island.

Kallie Steever just got married and came down with her husband specifically to catch a roosterfish. She did pretty good right off the rocks south of Bahia Muertos on this rooster that she photo’d and released. She and her husband are both firefighters from Grass Valley CA.

Keith Hemstreet from Washington gets a hand from buddy Brad Sleder on one of the few dorado caught this week…a nice bull.

Big smiles for Dr. Bruce Mullen from San Diego area and his rooster he caught and released just off Punta Perrico.

Captain Victor poses with our Arizona amigos, Mike and Roxsand McCleary and quite a great mixed catch of good-eating fish including cabrilla, rainbow runners, pargo, triggerfish and snapper.

Oh yea! Kirt Steever caught and released 3 of these roosterfish fishing with Captain Jorge right off the shore in shallow water. Beautiful fish.

That’s alot of fillet! Barbara and Bruce have cabrilla, snapper, huachinango, triggerfish and a few others on the cutting table after a day of fishing.

Great shot of first-timer with us from Jordan UT, Guy Markus and his roosterfish caught and released on a live sardine.

Two of our new Montana friends, Mil and Ann Siefke with rainbow runners (yellowtail0, pargo, snapper and cabrilla.

Whoa! That’s a hog of a cabrilla caught by Kendra Hales and even Captain Alfredo is straining to lift the big-belly fish!

First one for Steve Wright from Utah taken north of Punta Pescadero in shallow water with live bait. The fish was released.

All the way from Michigan where he said they are still able to ice fish, this is Ryan Morgan with one of several roosterfish he caught and released.

Captain Victor put Brad on another wahoo this week as well as one of the few dorado caught. Hopefully, the dorado kick in soon as waters warm

Ryan Hales had himself a pretty good week of fishing with us. Here’s another roosterfish to pose with and Captain Jorge before releasing the fish.

I have never seen so many palometa (yellow pompano) as we have caught the last 2 or 3 weeks. We are catching more in a day than we would catch in a normal year. Great eating too! Mil Siefke and Jim Sweet check out their haul.

Kendra’s first is a big rooster with Captain Jorge. The fish was taken on live bait in that shallow area just north of Boca de Alamo.

Another of the better cabrilla caugh this week. This time it’s Guy Markus.

It was a strange week on so many levels. Everyone caught fish, but the weather and water conditions made it a bit more difficult than it had to be. Mostly, just when I thought winter was done, it reminded us that anything can happen out on the water. Couple that with a full moon and (of all things) a solar eclipse and  there were some crazy moments out on the water.  It couldn’t help but affect the fishing!

For one, just when I thought we were done with the winter winds, they kicked up again from the north. In fact, they were so strong, the port captain shut down all boat traffic in-and-out of La Paz Bay for 2 days. That meant no fishing! Fortunately, we were able to put folks out with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet on the east side, so everyone could get out. However, one day the waters were so rough, the bait guys couldn’t catch bait. So, there was no live bait to sell or use. Therefore, not much caught. The next day, the waters were a bit calmer and the anglers could get bait, but there was a big swell and alot of chop.

Despite all that, air temps were still a very pleasant 90 degrees and sunny on the average and we still had a huge variety of fish. Normally, by now we’re in to the warmer water species like tuna, dorado, wahoo and billfish.

Cory Stewart with his dad, Dennis, and Captain Adolof check out the day’s catch of pargo, snapper and ‘cabrilla.

However, I think due to the winds keeping the waters cooler, the catch mainly consisted of cooler water fish with no shortage of pargo (dog-tooth as well as spawning mullet snapper/ pargo liso), snapper, cabrilla and jack crevalle. Plus some super catches of pompano and big palometa amarillos. Overall, I think I counted about 14 different species caught.

Captain Pancho poses with one of the larger pargo liso that are now moving into our waters to spawn.

Not so good eating, but tough when you finally hook them. Jack crevalle are called “toro” in Spanish because of their feisty and belligerent nature at the end of a line.

The real spotlight, however, remained on the nice catches of roosterfish which seem to get larger every week. Lots of legit fish in the 10-40 pound class were caught and released falling for live sardines and larger ladyfish. Some 50 pound class fish were also hooked most close to the shore between the Punta Arenas lighthouse and just south of Bahia Muertos.

Kirt has another one!

Crystal Baker with one of her caught-and-released roosters. Crystal is from Michigan.

For La Paz, just when I thought the yellowtail have to be gone because of the time of year, the big fork tails bit hard. We had one day where all of our boats got 2-7 big yellowtail running 20-40 pounds with lots of fish lost to the rocks or inexperience with these hard sluggers. Most of the fish were caught on live mackerel.

A stocky fat yellowtail for Dennis Stewart who was celebrating his birthday.

A few dorado caught, but until the waters warm up a tad, they’re just mostly not ready to feed although we’re seeing scattered schools. Same with the billfish and tuna.


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It’s been a head-banger of frustation.  IT IS NOT YOU!!

Apparently, the bank that supports the credit card transactions bailed so they had to find a new bank to handle the transactions.  The search has taken week and its been a nightmare.

But, apparently the issue has been solved and the website is working!!!  Pick SANTANDER Bank when you fill out the application online.

That’s my story!


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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Bahia Suenos Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of May 3-9, 2022


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of May 3-9, 2022



Jason Munroe from San Diego says he finally got his “bucket list” fish with this big rooster. He was out with Captain Gerardo.  The fish was released.

All smiles as Pat Schwyhart from Washington State hefts this big yellowtail and Captain Rogelio looks on.

On the flyrod! Fred Telleen runs a guide service and flyshop in Montana and was visiting us for the first time. Check out this big roosterfish caught on the flyrod out’ve Las Arenas. The fish was released.

One of our newest great amigos. Ken Bays came in from Oregon where he lives up on top of a mountain and was fishing La Paz for the first time. He had not fished in 30 years, but did well catching a number of species including one of the only dorado of the week.

There you go! Captain Blas helps Crystal Baker from Michigan with one of the big boy yellowtail off Espirito Santo Island. Sweet fish!

Another flyrod roosterfish! This catch-and-release by Omar from Montana who was staying out at Bahia Muertos at Rancho Costa.

From Denver, Brad and Brian Svoboda pose with a pair of yellowtail that fell to live mackerel north of La Paz off Espirito Santo Island.


Our long-time Alaska, amigo, Mike Schoder shows how it’s done. On the flyrod outside of Bahia Muertos with another rooster before the quick release.

She finally got one! Captain Rogelio help Ela Schwyhart with her yellowtail off the island. Ela looks pretty happy!

Love this photo of the ladies with Captain Jorge. Jordan Goodman, Gail Svoboda and Rebekah Goodman (Jordan’s mom) with some of their palometas on the beach. They’re from the Denver area.

A good start. Ela and Paul Schwyhart got a bunch of snapper and pargo that Ela loves whole to fry up and make fish soup!


A slug yellowtail in the boat for Mike Schoder from Alaska headed to Tailhunter Restaurant for some sashime and Hawaiian poke!

Chad came out from Minnesota with his amigos Jason and Steve Munroe from San Diego with a good day on the water posing with their 4 yellowtail.


When Jorge give you a thumbs-up, you know it’s a good day. One for the camera as Dave Edwards from idaho takes a quick photo of one of his roosters before releasing it.

David Goodman and sister, Libby started the week off with a mix of palometas, snapper and triggerfish.

Brad gets a roosterfish his first day on the water and it’s a nice one. The fish are getting bigger by the week. Brad was able to let this one go and grow bigger.

Jim Stahlman’s wife, Naraiza, loves it when Jim brings fish back to Idaho. Here’s some yellowtail and a big cabrilla for her. More in the fish box.  Jim is coming back in September.

Somewhere behind that mask, Ken has a grin, as he tried to hang onto this heavy roosterfish. That’s Las Arenas beach in the background. Ken was able to let this one go. This is “Roosterfish Alley.”


Ryan Morgan and Crystal Baker with Captain armando with a nice variety on the beach including palometas, cabrilla, triggerfish and pompano.

Fishing guide from Montana, Fred actually gets to fish. He took home this chunky yellowtail for some ceviche!

It’s all relative. Our amigo, Gary Wagner who owns the Rancho Costa Resort there in Bahia Muertos loves taking his itty-bitty trout rod out and has a blast all day catching and releasing feisty roosterfish like this little fella.


Dave’s got another rooster on the day!

Hre we go. Flat waters close to shore produced this good-looking rooster for one of the nicest guys, Jason Goodman. Jason brought his whole family from Colorado on their first trip, although Jason has been with us before.

Fred Leuchte, Captain Gerardo, Zelda Rincon and Dave Ducas started their week with a dorado and a bunch of pargo and snapper.

There ya go! Ryan Morgan with the assist from Captain Blas on another yellowtail. Ryan came in from Michigan for his first trip with us.

This past week had a bit of everything going on with it. A little of this. A little of that.

We had mornings that were chilly enough where we had to wear jackets and sweatshirts with blustering winds that kicked up waves that eventually gave way to sunny skies and flast seas. We had fog. We had cloudy days. We had days without a cloud in the sky. It’s what we call the “transition” time when warmer spring/summer weather is moving in, but the winter chill isn’t giving up and going away with some scratching and clawing.

It was the same with the fishing. Just when I think the cooler water species have all but left and the warm water species have moved in, the cold-water species keep jumping back into the ring.

The mix has created an incredible variety of possible species getting hooked. I think this week, I counted 15 different species of fish!

For instance…

We’re starting to see more warmer water species like dorado and billfish poke in and out of the reports. We even had a great jag of yellowfin tuna as well as wahoo. Roosterfish are crusing the beaches in greater number and bigger sizes. Other related members of the jack family that are usually associated with the warmer waters like several species of pompano are also swimming around now and biting the baits.

Talk about some variety. Chris and Jen Sommer had only one day to fish and Captain Armando put them on a bunch of big pargo and jacks!

However, the big yellowtail that should have been gone by now are still holding in the cooler waters around the north side of La Paz where schools of mackerel are also keeping the fish near a ready food source. The ‘tails are a healthy 10-30 pound size and larger ones are getting lost. I’d have to say this is the best yellowtail bite that I’ve seen in years.

First time’s the charm! Jen has her first roosterfish with Captain Armando.

Additionally, other species usually associated with the cooler months and cooler waters include pargo, cabrilla, snapper, sierra, amberjack, sheephead and others. Lots of both common and white bonito, jack crevalle and even barracuda are keeping rods bent as well.

Just a good day to be on the water. Ken Bays with his first roosterfish. Quickly released.

Teaser…we now know they are out there.  Wahoo and tuna popped up for JUST ONE DAY!

Hopefully, more to come before we get too excited! That’s more wahoo than we caught the entire last year!

That’s my story…

Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
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When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of April 26-May 2, 20022



Captain Boli gives our Oregon amigo, Jeff Killian, a hand to pose with one of his yellowtail caught around Espirito Santo Island.


Pretty sight. Another big yellowtail coming aboard! The fish this week were 15-30 pound sluggers!

Utah first-timer with us, Mike Luna caught and released 3 of these roosterfish just off the shoreline on his first day fishing.

Bob Kashka from the San Diego area had just one day to fish and had a pretty banner day with 4 roosters caught-and-released.

She’s on fire! Patty Killian took a number of these hefty yellowtail over 2 days of fishing!

Some dorado starting to show up. Rancho Costa owner Gary Wagner with Mauricia Villanueva and an early season dorado.

It’s like a cheeseboard of fish! A colorful board of fish variety not unusual in the spring with some great eating inshore species . Jim Stahlman and Dave Edwards from Idaho with Captain Jorge holding a polometa (pompano) plus I see snapper, cabrilla and a rainbow runner as well (related to yellowtail). Good start!

Big pompano! It’s that time of year for the jacks to move in. Jason Wagner with dad, Gary, show off a big tasty pompano just outside of Bahia Muertos.

A big boy yellowtail for Mike Luna. There’s another tail sticking out’ve the box at the bottom!

Related to the pompano, roosterfish and yellowtail, this palometa took a bait fished by Bob Kashka.

Beautifuly released of a roosterfish by Mike Luna. He caught three of these his one day fishing.

Rancho Costa owner, Gary Wagner with a springtime rooster soon to be released.

YIkes! Jason got himself a HUGE needlefish!

Way too fun on a trout rod! Baby roosters right in Bahia Muertos all day long with Tracy and Gary Wagner. All fish released.


Even Captain Pancho made the gallery with one of Bob Kashka’s four roosterfish.

Not a bad week at all. Mostly very cooperative warm and sunny weather with highs in the low 90’s and nights in the mid-to-upper 60’s. Things are definitely warming although I went into the water and it was still chilly as are the early mornings! Not a bad idea to bring a windbreaker or light sweatshirt for the mornings until the sun comes up!

As for fishing, we’re moving into warmer species to go along with the warming conditions. We’re seeing a few more dorado which is indicative of the warmer species as well as more roosterfish and jacks such as pompano, jack crevalle and palometas. These are all typical of spring-fish.

However, we still got some really decent cold-water fish, especially the yellowtail from waters north of the city where the waters are cooler than to the south. Some of the yellowtail have been legit 20-35 pound fish and are eating sardines, mackerel, caballitos and jigs.

Inshore fishing for big cabrilla, pargo…like dog-tooth snapper, huachinango, sierra and bonito are still there for some fun action a tad closer to shore.

It’s nice to have calm waters again mostly! It’s a pretty time to be here.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing

8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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