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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 22-29, 2022



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 22-29, 2022



What a smile! Sue Cross from Santa Cruz has been waiting for awhile to come visit us again and she got right back into it with some fun on the dorado grounds and this nice bull! (Thanks again for the empanadas, Sue!)

Jim Bailey from San Diego on a first-time visit didn’t do so bad with the dorado at Bahia Muertos! Good day!

Good to have Adam Florence from Kansas back to visit us. He was out with Captain Pancho and hooked this sailfish on light tackle and a spinning reel outfit! Even moreso…they were able to release the fish which swam away strongly! Well done!

First day for Sal Pamiza from S. Carolina with our son-in-law from Hewitt TX, Brian Reid and a good start on the fishing week including a rare blue tiger dorado on the end of the table.

Brent Ritchie and Tom Brewer have some mahi meat on the table to have cleaned up for them!

Thanks, Chris Bedsaul for the awesome underwater dorado shot!

Captain Rogelio gives young Ryder Jensen a hand with his bull dorado to take a photo! Ryder had a couple of fun days with us.

Wayne Vanzandt and Mike Jennings rocked it for 3 days with the dorado producing some good quality fishing with Captain Victor.

Great new Tailhunter amigos, Julie Hansen with sons Marcus and Alex had fun with the mahi schools.

Nothing wrong tangling with some of our feisty bonito that will pull you outta your socks! Ryan Jensen with Captain Rogelio and another catch-and-release!

Some awesome sierra caught by Michelle Rahn and Sue Cross who had enough dorado from the first day and decided to fish for something else! Sierra are a sure sign that waters are cooling off. Delicious eating fish too!

Jim and Brenda Bovee with their favorite Captain Pancho.

The Haltons…Belle, Brian and Liz squeezed in one day of fishing and did well with dorado to take and have cooked up in town.

Mike with Captain Jorge and some good color on the deck!


Straight up…fishing was pretty good…when we could go out.

About half the day this week were bumpy and rough and windy and probably would have been best to not fish, but folks still wanted to get out.  One day the wind forecasts were so strong, the La Paz port captain shut down all boat traffic preventing anyone from going out.

One day our boats pretty much got blown off the water after a brave effort to catch fish.  I think we had 8 pangas out that day.  They came back with 4 fish total for all those fishermen.  This is what it looked like at Bahia Muertos where we launch.

Normally, what it looks like:

This is what we got in the video below.  This is why all the windsurfers come to the area and love the coming months so much.  These winds will only get stronger as winter arrives.

It rarely happens, because normally during the season it’s so calm, but we actually had some folks get seasick this past week which is unfortunate.

But with growing frequency,  the winds will be increasing and why we consider November to April to be our off-season and why so few fishermen are out on the waters.  (It’s why all the windsurfers and kiteboarders descend on our area in the winter).  Plus, it’s getting cooler and our captains and I were actually wearing sweatshirts in the mornings.

However, on the days we did fish, the dorado are still biting nicely.  Decent 5-20 pound fish were the average with limits or near limits most days.  The fish are eating live baits, dead baits, chunked bonito strips and trolled feathers.   The fish can be found in numerous places and often, not that far off the beach or shoreline or as close as the rocks and cliffs.

We still have a few billfish also being hooked as well as plenty of bonito, some jack crevalle, snapper and cabrilla.  However, cooler water fish like sierra, pompano, trevally and rainbow runners are starting to show up in the counts with more frequency.  I even heard that some of the commercial pangeros hung some yellowtail off the south end of Cerralvo Island.

So, warm water fishing is transitioning to cooler water fishing and species and we’re pretty much seeing the last of our fishing groups for the year now that the season is changing, but also as the holidays approach.  More snowbirds coming to town looking for sunshine and not so much interested in being on the water.

BOOKINGS FOR 2023 – 30 years in La Paz!

Dates for 2023 filling faaaaast!

We are just coming off another banner year right now and we were booked up 3-6 months in advance.  We had to turn many folks away or many of you were not able to get your favorite captain or hotel.  We don’t want to miss you or have you disappointed.

Reservations are coming in daily and many folks left La Paz and went home and gave us dates for 2023 already.   Don’t wait!  Really!

We are NOT going to be able to do as many shows as we normally do.  With the price of gas, it’s impossible to drive for 3 months and go 10-15,000 miles of driving so we have to cut down on the shows.  So, don’t wait until show season to get in touch with us.

Write me directly:  Tailhunterfishinglapaz@gmail.com

We have more hotel options too plus condos and villas:

La Concha Beach Resort

Costa Baja Resort

Gaviotas Resort


Hotel Moro

Casa al Mar Hotel

Waterfront Marina Hotel

We’ll put together a customized trip for you.  The best times are May to October.


Let’s get you set up and we’ll see you in 2023.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing

Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing
8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863
When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 15-22, 2022



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 15-22, 2022



That’s a good look! Kenji Yamada from Juneau, Alaska with another nice bull for the box. Mom, Jackie is on another fish. They own the Shelter Lodge operation up there in Juneau and always great to have them visit!

Ed Mitoma with a beautiful bull to match his shirt! Ed has been coming to visit us for years and only had two quick days to squeeze in a fishing vacation and hit this mahi his last day.

Oh man! Where have these tuna been? Leif Dover from Atlanta, GA and Kevin Todd who lives near Austin TX with Captain Gerardo and a trio of fat tuna plus a dorado and cabrilla on the cleaning deck.

Captain Victor poses with Doug Dickerson from Kentucky who brought his son down for two days of fishing and started out on the right track with a table of dorado.

As the waters cool off, we’re seeing more and more rainbow runners back in the count. These cousin to yellowtail are tasty eaters. Angela Ventura is all smiles.

Surprising to have roosterfish in the counts this time of year, but there are still some around. Richard Yamada, owner of Shelter Lodge up in Juneau, Alaska with a nice one off Punta Perrico that he caught and released.

Captain Jorge with two of our favorite folks from Henderson NV, Lois and Gary Tsunoda started 3 days of fishing with some dorado to put in the cooler.

First time, amigos from Utah, Colton Francis and his dad, Kent with Captain Jorge and one of several dorado on the day . Good to have them visit!

Adam Staible and Tony Riley with a colorful shot of dorado on the beach at Ensenada Muertos.

I neglected to post this last week, but Greg Saubolle from N. California has come to see us twice this year and was out with Captain Arcangel when he got this big dorado as well as a bunch of others and I also see a sizeable barred pargo on the cleaning board as well!

Just another good day on the water. Keith, Leif and Kevin with a good harvest of dorado and tuna.

Roy is pretty happy.

Ron Byrd with John and Nancy Quiring got on top of the tuna when they came up. Nice dorado and pargo too!

The right kind! Mike Jennings from Washington came back to see us on a last-minute trip and hit the dorado schools for 3 days including this nice bull mahi.

Cross a roosterfish off the bucket list for Joey Nawa. Caught and released!

Another sign of cooler waters. Eric has himself a little trevally!

One of the nicests and sweetest of our amigas, Jackie Yamada brought her crew from Shelter Lodge in Juneau AK for 3 days of fishing and gets a hand here from Captain Pancho on another bull mahi.

Two double fists of dorado for Dave and Candi Staigle on a first-time visit with us here in La Paz.

Captain Jorge with a thumbs-up for Brian and Chris from Atlanta who fished 6 days with us. Dorado, rainbow runner and a snapper on the cutting board.

Leif and Chris…another good day!



It was another fairly good week of fishing, but there’s no doubt that the seasons are changing and our top-water warm-season fishing is tapering off.

Winds are getting stronger and breezier, especially from the north.  It’s getting choppier and waters are starting to cool off.   The result is a gradual change in the species of fish as more colder water fish start showing up.  There are some areas where it is starting to get too rough and we will not be able to fish those spots any longer.

Not co-incidentally, fewer fishermen as it not only gets cooler and rougher but we get closer to the holidays.  As we get fewer fishermen, we’ll start to see more snow-birds hit town who are just here to get some sunshine and not particularly here for fishing plus windsurfers from around the world as the winds increase.

That being said, the dorado are still biting with most fish in the 5-15 pound class and larger fish up to about 30 pounds.  Both our Tailhunter Las Arenas and our Tailhunter La Paz fleets are finding the schools which range in a wide area.  I would say there are more fish around La Paz and as close as the tankers anchored in the bay, however, the larger fish are found around Las Arenas and Cerralvo Island.

Oh yea! Wayne Vanzandt with Captain Jorge, did a “bait dump” on the way back into the beach at the end of the day and tossing all their live and dead bait into the water at the same time and the waters blew up with dorado including this big bull.

We did have a little jag or two of legit quality 25-40 pound tuna on-and-off.  Nothing to denote a full “tuna bite.”  However, a few fish showed up in the counts mostly from south of Bahia Suenos.

We still have some marlin and sailfish taking baits and lures plus inshore pargo, cabrilla, snapper, jack crevalle and lots of bonito some days.  However, the presence of sierra, rainbow runners, pompano and trevally are all indicative of cooler colder waters that have moved in corresponding to the changing seasons.

Bottom line…our official 2023 season is just about tapering off.  It’s been a helluva season!

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing


Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, MexicoPhones: 
from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos / Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Oct. 7-13, 2022


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay / Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 7-13, 2022



Hugo Rafael from Santa Ana was with Captain Pancho from the Tailhunter Fleet in La Paz and really just wanted to catch some inshore pargo and cabrilla for some dinner when he hooked this massive bull dorado. He was using a dead sardine for the rockfish and only had 25 pound test line. He battled the fish for about 30 minutes before landing it and when they put it on a handscale, it weighed out at 26 kilos (57 pounds). Hugo is only about 5’3” tall! He never did catch any rockfish, but had plenty of meat for dinner.

This is what you call a good fun day. Denver amigo, Joe Hicks with sons, Marco ad Hudson. A box of dorado plus a striped marlin that they all got to pull on.

Rusty Cain has been visiting us for years and was not gonna pass the rod of during his 4 hour battle on 25 pound test with this trophy sailfish. His hand was still cramping and shaking when he posed for this photo. Alot of the meat was donated.

Our long-time San Diego amigos, Byron Shovlain and George Bonner with their favorite captain Arcangel (managing a rare smile!) and some of their yellowfin tuna.

I”ve been waiting almost 3 years for Billy Bates from Idaho to finally make it down after Covid and other things forced cancelations. He finally made it with his son, Royal from San Diego, and they started the vacation with a nice rack of dorado and a legit yellowfin tuna. Two thumbs-up!

Sweetiest folks from Oregon on their 4th visit to us. This is Mari and Chris Bedsaul showing off their first-day catch at Ensenada Muertos.

Kentucky in the house! Doug Dickerson fished with us early this year and had time for two quick days this past week so he brought his son down for two days on the water before heading to Sammy Hagar’s birthday in Cabo.

Carson City, Nevada is where John and Arla Washington live and it’s such a pleasure seeing them each year. Could not be more fun and they pose here with a fat tuna and some good mahi on the cutting table.

Friends since kingergarten, Walt Menda and Dave Wakabayashi have been visiting us for years until Covid hit in 2020, but finally came to see us.

Buddy Middaugh and Mike Gistlink teamed up for a nice table of mahi!

Alan Martz has visited us for several years now with his dad and brother. He’s got another dorado for the box!

There you go! Nice bull dorado for Angelo Oliverio, Captain Jorge and Joe Malone. Outside the photo, there’s also a nice bunch of dorado on the cleaning table.

Austin Texas visiting us with Mark Trutna and Jason Hurst on their visit with us at Tailhunter.

Good start for Marco, Joe and Hudson on a 3 day outing with us from Denver. They rocked it for 3 days on the water.

Captain Julio in the mask with Billy and Royal Bates after a day fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.

We had Chris Girard from Washington for 14 days of great fun! He gives a thumbs-up on his catch of dorado plus a rainbow runner at the end of the table.

Gorgeous shot of Chris Bedsaul and his bull. Great colors.

Craig Shijo and smiling Walt Menda with a dorado hooked just outside of La Paz Bay.

Dale Martz has another dorado!

Joe and Angelo had some great days with Captain Jorge who has some fish cleaning to do!

Brad Baker needs a pink shirt like Captain Arcangel and Jim Adair. Some big dorado, but check out the nice pargo on the table too!

Fishing inshore in the rocks is a hoot! Mari Bedsaul with one of several cabrilla and pargo she caught.

What’s wrong with this picture of Joe Hicks? LOL. He didn’t realize until I saw this photo. Nice bull dorado!

Kenny (“K.C.”) Campbell one of the best guys ever, brings a bunch of his amigos to visit us each year. Mike Gistlink was on his first visit to us and they were out with Captain Armando.

Nice chunks of meat! Debbie and Chris Girard spent 14 days with us and were incredible fun the whole time!

Even with the full moon and some breezier conditions, still a nice solid week of fishing with a good mix of surface biters. Temporatures are definitely cooling and the seasons are changing a little sooner than normal, but it’s been that kind of strange year and we’re just happy the fish kept biting.

Once again, for both our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet and our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet, dorado were the main attractions. Here and there one boat might have a slow days, but overall, it was limits or near limits for all our anglers. The dorado were more numerous for our La Paz anglers, but larger fish seemed to show up with our Las Arenas anglers. But, frankly, you just never knew what was coming back in the fish boxes. If you had a bait in the water, you might hit a ferocious school of 10-15 pound voracious juveniles willing to hit anything and fight each other for it or you might get that 25-40 pound trophy that you never expected and always seems to hit your lightest line and smallest reel! There were definitely some big fish lost.

Most of the fish were caught on live and dead sardines, but trolled feathers and hootchies also worked and many of the larger fish were caught on strips of fresh bloody bonito. Catching the bonito, in and of itself, provided plenty of action in between the dorado bites.

No wahoo to speak of in a year that has seen a dearth of the prized speedsters, but every day we’re still hanging some 20-30 pound yellowfin tuna south of Cerralvo Island. It’s usually an early bite before all the boat traffic shows up.

In addition, we’re having a pretty good bite on billfish. Most are un-intentional hook-ups when an angler is in the middle of a school of bonito or dorado, but we’ve hooked some nice sailfish, striped marlin and smaller blue marlin with most fish getting released.

Surprisingly, even though it’s not the season, some 5-20 pound roosterfish are biting along with sierra and rainbow runners!

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter Sportfishing

Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter Sportfishing
8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863
When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2022


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2022


BIG PICTURE and the REST of the STORY…

Another big-headed beast! Captain Pancho holds up the tail end of a huge bull dorado caught by Marlene Kikuchi!

Show me the meat! Good amigo, Dana Murray from Idaho, has a thumbs-up for 3 nice yellowfin tuna and a few dorado for the fillet table!

Honeymoon marlin for Terry Sandmeier and his wife Caroline with an assist from Captain Gerardo. The day before, Terry had a marlin on and it popped off. He want back the 2nd day and this time he rocked it. The fish was not able to be released. The Sandmeiers are from Colorado on their first visit to us in La Paz.

Yes! We finally found some tuna. Funny guys Nat Hargett and Steve Manney hung some nice yellowfin to go along with their dorado. The guys are from Washington and come visit us each year.

Paul Nagata has become a regular poster-boy over the years with all the great fish he has caught . Check out this pretty bull mahi! Paul is from San Francisco.

We finally got a visit from Stan Andre and Terry Hawk who fish with us each year until Covid got in the way two years ago then had to cancel again last year and earlier this year. However, they made up for it. They donated all of this dorado meat to the Captain Pancho and the pueblo.

First timer with us Ken Fritz battled this marlin on light tackle while fishing outside of La Paz Bay. He also put some dorado in the box as well. The marlin could not be released.

First timer who had never been to Mexico, Jim Gibson, was fun to have visit us. Nice day of dorado fishing on the sand at Balandra Bay.

Just a great photo that’s worth framing! Grant Nakagawa and Captain Armando with a legit bull.

Whoa!!! That’s some quality mahi. Wesley Peterson (middle) needs some assistance posing with his big bull dorado.

Jim Barlow from San Juan Capistrano with son-in-law Riley had 3 good days on the water like this one with a cleaning table full of dorado. Jim used to fish La Paz many years ago but hadn’t been down for years until giving us a try.

The hat-trick for Nat! A dorado…a tuna…and a marlin that he shared with his amigos. A good day!

Dale Ringer and Andy Hall pose with Captain Jorge and some of their dorado catch.

Double tuna. Double dorado! Terry and Stan…fishing buddies with us for many years.

First-timer from Oklahoma, John Grigsby had fun with his first time fishing for dorado . That’s Espiritu Santo Island in the background.

Big smiles for the honeymoon couple . Terry and Caroline Sandmeier took home alot of fish after spending a week with us scuba diving and fishing.

Ken Fritz with another bull for the fish box.

Les Bek from Oregon was with us for the first time this week and had some good fishing in the dorado schools.

Captain Armando with Dave Eady and Tom Fausnight after a day fishing out’ve Bahia Muertos.

Pete Walker from Washington got into the tuna that first day they showed up!


Long story short…Dorado everywhere!

Although we nervously watched the approach of Hurricane Orlene, it veered off and went inland hundreds of miles to the south leaving us with excellent conditions all week and solid fishing with voracious dorado biting all week. Both our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet and Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet hit the mahi every day with easy limits most days and limits hit early that most of our anglers released more fish than they kept.

It seemed there were more but smaller 5-15 pound fish with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet scattered from San Juan de la Costa to Espiritu Santo Island to the channel between the islands. It can be a pick-pick all day to fill the fish box or BAM…hit the spot and it’s madness for an hour or pandemonium with fish everywhere like a trout pond hitting anything that hits the water.

That included sardines, strips of bonito, jigs and feathers and casting iron.

For our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet, fewer, but bigger fish. Good amount of school-sized fish, but larger 25-50 pound bulls were also evident with some of the best big mahi fishing of the year. Many of our anglers caught their largest fish ever.

As well, we had a nice bite of marlin and sailfish with the bills often swimming and feeding in the middle of the dorado schools or, in some cases, feeding on the smaller dorado and bonito. Several “small” blue marlin in the 100-200 pound class were hooked and lost, but several striped marlin and sails were hooked, landed and released. There were a few long long battles on light tackle!

The big surprise was the show of tuna with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet. Fish up to 30 pounds hit baits for the first time all year! No idea if they’ll stick around, but it was alot of fun or a year when the tuna have been scarce.  Mostly, it was an early quick bite south of Bahia Muertos.  The fish would stick around until all the traffic showed but, but it has been a nice grade of fish.

That’s my story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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