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OPENING PHOTO: Can it possibly be? Yes, Johnny Bartee of Glendora CA and Alan Isham from Rancho Cucamonga CA are holding up YELLOWFIN TUNA! Go figure! A welcome surprise in an already weird year. The fish showed up a few times this week of S. Cerralvo Island. Check out the nice pargo too!


The La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for June 24, 2007

PHOTO 1 : Bruce Husson from San Diego hefts one of several nice dorado he hooked fishing out of La Paz this past week. Although fishing was hardly wide open, this was by far the most consistent week of dorado fishing of the season with all of our La Paz boats getting limits or near limits most days as dorado season seems like it’s finally kicked in. If winds continue to die down and conditions improve, the dorado bite will only get better!

PHOTO 2: Rick Carlton came down from San Diego and hefts a nice roosterfish that was released. Although it’s hard to see, Rick’s panga is only a few dozen yards off the beach at Las Arenas where roosters are still holding around the bait. In the last few weeks it would seem the roosterfishing has tapered off. In fact, the roosters are still there up to 50 pounds. It’s just that not many anglers are fishing for them anymore now that dorado and good-eating amberjack have shown up. Live sardines are still best for these pez gallo with the larger ones falling for live large ladyfish (sabalo). Big fish…big baits!

PHOTO 3: Mike “Intimidator” Gravert has a great time fishing with us. In fact, he fished 10 days with us. All the way from Sacramento, I can’t get him to smile when he holds fish! But, he’s never happier than when he’s fishing. Over his trip, he got several blue marlin (released), dorado, pargo, snapper, cabrilla, wahoo and a few other species as well. This dorado was caught out of La Paz.

PHOTO 4: Kelee Sharlack didn’t have too bad of a trip. From Northern California areaa, this early season bull ripped a live sardine off Espiritu Santo Island. Kellee was fishing with her favorite Capt. Joel and got quite a few of these nice dorado over the course of her stay. Fishing the dorado right now, can be hit-or-miss all day until you hit the right spot then it can turn into utter madness as fish slam from all angles. As one clients told me, “We could have had 40 fish in an hour if we wanted to!” Fish are loving the live baits, but the larger bulls are hitting trolled feathers and stripped bonito. So, bring your tuna feathers, anglers! Bright colors work best.

PHOTO 5: For our Las Arenas boats, there are fewer dorado but they seem to generally be larger fish. Greg Covello holds a pair at Las Arenas Beach near the lighthouse.

PHOTO 6: Wahoo are still biting…sort of! One day everyone gets hit. Then for two days, nothing even bumps! The hot spot is still some of the high spots at the south end of Cerralvo Island trolling with larger dark Yozuri Magnums or CD 18 Rapalas. No wire is best. One method we seem to find effective and has resulted in some strikes is to troll like normal then stop the boat. Sometimes, it seems that wahoo are simply trailing and not striking. When the boat stops…WHAM!!!! Here’s Mike Gravert again. Good day when you get a wahoo!

PHOTO 7: La Paz has more dorado (5-15 pound size), but generally, Las Arenas has the larger fish although fewer of them. Sam Henning on his first trip here from Colorado stuck this good bull off Las Arenas fishing with Captain Victor.

PHOTO 8 : Check out the colors on this pargo. Derek Chu of Philadelphia spent two days off the end of Cerralvo Island with his dad and they hammered all kinds of pargo, cabrilla, jacks and pompano.

PHOTO 9: This is me and Captain Victor who many of you know. I was working my light spinning rod in front of the Arenas lighthouse and got 3 of these beasts. It’s your every-day garden variety needlefish that we all hate. But…look at the size. Check out the head! The beak of teeth was about 2 feet long and if I had let go the tail, it would have touched the deck of the panga.


Well…some folks who fished down here this past week might tell you that fishing was not very good. But, I gotta tell you…not many of them were OUR folks! We did pretty good! It wasn’t wide open and if you fished few days with us, there were some rough spots…winds came back…bait a little tough…periods of slow fishing.

But WAIT (as they say in the info-mercials) !!!!
If you fished with us a few days, you went home with fish! You might have an off-day but overall, there was some great fishing in between too and all our anglers got fish.
So…check out the photos and that will tell you the story. Yes, the winds came back up again and turned the waters off-color and cooler and made some mornings bumpy, but if you had a bait in the water you probably got bit! Let me bust it out like this…

We still have alot of variety around the south end of Cerralvo, Punta Arenas and Punta Perrico. Generally these are the areas where the water was calmer although some mornings there were late starts until you could get enought bait.
Wahoo continued to tease with a few fish caught every other day or so. People would crash the areas and scatter the fish then take a few days for the area to re-load.
Dorado could show up at anytime and anyplace. Generally, many of the dorado from Las Arenas were the larger variety especially if you were fishing the buoys.
Marlin are rather abundant. Some boats got multiple hooksup daily as many of the billfish are starting to finally warm up to the idea of eating a bait and are also actively eating all the small dorado in the area.
Inshore species like roosterfish are still around although not many are being caught as anglers have turned their focus more towards the better eating fish like the dorado and wahoo. Still, any of the sandy beach areas could hold pez gallo if you threw a handful of bait and watched the combs explode. In the same area, jacks and pompano are also being caught.
As well, amberjack up to 50 and 60 pounds were caught this week along with more pargo and a smattering of small yellowfin tuna popped up in the middle of the bonito and skipjack schools.

For the second straight week, dorado were the central focus of our fleets. Safe to say, I think we’re finally into a solid dorado season. Some boats did better than others, but almost all our boats would get limits or near limits ( We did have one boat that took a load of bananas and and didn’t catch a thing while their buddies on another panga discovered the bananas, threw them overboard and suddenly started hooking up!)
Fish are school-sized 5 to 15 pounders mostly with a few 20-30 pound bulls mixed in and some larger fish getting lost. Live bait works best, but larger baits like caballitos and mackerel or trolling dead bonito strips or feathers seemed to produce the larger fish.
The best areas are around Punta Coyote, Las Cruces and the gap between the islands. Same areas are getting lots of marlin sightings.
1. Bring flurocarbon leader if you have it. 30 and 40 pound leader seems to make a difference
2. Dark colored Rapalas or similar for the wahoo
3. Small swivels if you have to use leader
4. Trap-hook rigs (double hooks) for the larger pargo
5. Lots of sunscreen and a giant hat…it’s HOT!
6. We do not troll alot down here, but some of the bigger dorado are coming up on feathers!


If you are flying in September or October down here and you are holding a ticket with Delta Airlines or it’s partners you need to call up your travel agent or Delta Airlines. This past week, Delta canceled or changed many of the flights to La Paz during those months. For some, it was simply a matter of a time change. Others have been re-routed so that there’s a short stop somewhere. Others (not many) have been cancelled.
That’s my story!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
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U.S. Office: 3319 White Cloud Dr., Suite A, Hacienda Hts. CA 91745
Mexico Office: Carr. a Pichilingue KM 5, Numero 205, La Paz, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: Alissa Dufour came up from the East Cape with her husband, Chris for one day fishing with us out of Las Arenas. They did great. Check out the size of this nice amberjack. Amberjack came on strong this week. Many of the rocky areas around Cerralvo Island as well as Punta Perrico sometimes running in schools under the boat. The key bait was to go get zebra fish as bait from around the buoys then come back to the rocky areas and it was like dropping meat in front of a hungry lion.


La Paz / Las Arenas Fishing Report for June 17, 2007

PHOTO 2 – Cute as a button, Jaimie Ivins, from Orange Co. CA had a great week. In addition to a great week of fishing, she just found out she and her husband are having their first baby! That didn’t stop her from pulling on fish like this great wahoo that’s about as big as she is. She’s helped by Captain Loreto. The fish was taken off Cerralvo Island. Wahoo continued to hit with a few getting taken everyday. The darker Marauder/Rapala/Yo-Zuri type trolling lures were best. Fish averaged 30-50 pounds.

PHOTO 3: Chris Dufour from Fresno CA just finished his first year of teaching first graders and was on a serious Baja vacation for R and R. He and his wife, Alissa, fished with us one day off Las Arenas with Captain Ramiro. Chris had never caught a dorado before and his first turns out to be this 30 pound class slugger bull dorado! As you can see from this week’s photos, there were alot more dorado this week as the mahi bite turned on for the first time with consistency.

PHOTO 5: Greg Covello from Modesto CA always does well with us. Last year he nailed a 400 pound black marlin on a panga about 100 yards from shore. This year he got didn’t get a big marlin, but hooked several stripers and got this nice wahoo off Cerralvo Island.

PHOTO 6: Dorado coming off the outside buoys was the ticket this week. If you hit the right buoy, it could be banner action. Captain Jorge “Moscorone” fished with Jeff Dawkins and Lee Spack and put some mahi meat in the ice chests! The secret on these dorado was to be the first to the spots before boat traffic built up.

PHOTO 7: Check out “Iron” Dan Aguilar and Dave Gault from Riverside CA. Great dorado fishing, right? But take a look at what Dan is holding…it’s a mako shark. Dave was fighting one of the dorado when the shark came in and took a piece of the dorado’s tail! Captain Adolpho (“Yofo”) grabbed a steel leader and tied it on with a baited hook and the shark bit! Hook up! About a 25 pound mako shark. Although we don’t encourage shark fishing (can be a bit dangerous), this fish is great eating. Tastes alot like swordfish!

PHOTO 8: Officer James Henning is often patrolling around Denver CO, but brought a group of 10 to visit us this week. Here, he’s holding up a nice dorado while standing on Las Arenas Beach.
PHOTO 9: Kendall Weickum and his son Gary, did some great dorad fishing also taking this nice pair of mahi on their first of 3 days of fishing. Captain “Albondigon” Gerardo is in the center.

PHOTO 10: Yes, the roosterfish are still here and they’re off the Las Arenas lighthouse in what has to be the best roosterfish season we’ve had in awhile. The only problem is that there’s also so many jacks that they zoom in a hit the baits before the big pez gallo can slam in. Cesar Carillo is one of our great amigos and comes down every year from the Modesto CA area. He was intent on getting his first rooster and nailed this bad boy right off the beach. The fish was revived to released. Cesar also got wahoo; pargo; dorado; and one day had 4 marlin hook ups and releases this past week.

PHOTO 11: Our amigo, Len Atkinson and his wife came down to celebrate 39 years of marriage. They also brought me the gift of gifts…3 vacuum sealed In-N-Out double double animal-style burgers that I had been craving! They were soooo delicious! Anyway, here Len hefts a nice female dorado with the help of Captain Jorge. They also nailed some nice amberjack and spent most of their time handing out free fillets to whoever wanted fish!
PHOTO 12: Check out the smiles. Check out the big amberjack “pez fuerte.” These nice fish are bigger cousins to yellowtail and much better eating. Rajer Choobek and Paul Castellano from Los Angeles had a nice week of fishing with us getting pargo, jacks, ambers, and dorado.

PHOTO 12: Despite the hot weather, there’s still some big pargo here which are usually associated more with the cooler waters. Check out this bad boy…the fish that is…not Mitch Kiuharski from Denver CO who had his hands full pulling this guy out’ve the rocks. The larger pargo are still there in the rocks near the SE end of Cerralvo Island as well as off Espiritu Santo although the amberjack are doing their best to steal the spotlight. Bigger the baits, the bigger the fish!
PHOTO 13: Dr. Pek Chu from Northern CA is a dentist. His son, Derek, is in his dental residency in Philadelphia PA. They took a break to check out the teeth on some of our rock fish and got an incredible amout of great-eating variety including, pargo mulatto, red snapper, yellow snapper, pargo liso, pargo perro, pompano and a few others I can’t remember over two days fishing the islands.

PHOTO 14: I have no idea where Chad Theis lives. He wouldn’t tell me. He wanted me to go find a basketball and play him hoops (Why?). His friends think he’s sometimes from outer space! But he sure did well with these two big pargo.

PHOTO 15: “Scuba” Steve is prison guard by day and a dorado fisherman when he comes to Baja. Steve is here on the beach at Las Arenas with one of a number of dorado he caught.

I guess this is another week when I can just let the photos do the talking! If you read the captions, it gives you and idea of what kind of week we had. The winds finally slowed down and both Las Arenas and (finally) La Paz started to kick out the dorado. Las Arenas had the larger fish, but La Paz had the most fish (although lots of them were smaller 1-5 pound fish we encouraged releasing). However, there were still 20-40 pound bulls that were nothing to sneeze at. Sargasso weed paddies are starting to build around that area between Cerralvo and Espiritu Santo Island. As long as winds don’t blow it all apart again, we hope the dorado bite just gets stronger. These little fish if left to live will be 10 pounders in a month and 20 pounders by the end of summer or fall.
Because there’s so many little dorado around, so were the marlin. Still many were reluctant to eat our baits, but there were still a good number of hook-ups, bust-offs, and releases. Striped marlin in the 100 pound class and blue marlin in the 200-300 pound class were the mainstays. Most were released by anglers.
Inshore, still super action on pargo (lisa, dog, red, yellow and barred) with lots of fish still taking guys into the rocks. However check the photos and some guys just have a knack for doing better than others! The nice addition were the influx of big amberjack that moved into the same spots. Ambers like the rocks too, but the difference is that they’ll come up and out of the rocks so they can be fought easier. There’s still big roosters along the beaches as well as jack crevalle and pompano too!

PHOTO 16: I met Spike Ivins years ago when he was a deckhand on the long-range boat “Red Rooster” out of San Diego. One of the best fishermen we’ve ever had down here. He’s standing with his wife Jamie and both of them live in San Clemente CA. Just before coming down, they found out they were pregnant and the doctor told them to still come down and have some fun. They did pretty darned good!

PHOTO 17 and 18 : “Intimidator” Mike Gravert from Sacramento CA came down this week for 10 days of rod bending. But, he also had another agenda. Somewhere during the week he was intent on asking his long-time lady, Kelee the “big question!” It was quite an adventure, but he finally just pulled her out on the pier behind La Concha Beach Resort at sunset and took a knee. We were hiding with our cameras and captured the moment!
Oh…by the way…during the week, they caught 2 blue marlin, numerous dorado, wahoo, and a bunch of other species releasing most of their fish. Good folks!

PHOTO 19 – UNSUNG HEROES – I cannot say enough about these guys. Strange picture? Well, on their last day, Chris Silva in red, James Booth behind him and their buddies Mike Booth and Bill Sharp from Riverside CA, told me they wanted to bring all the fish they had caught to the old folks home at St. Vincente here in La Paz. Wow…that was great. They must have had 2 full ice chests of fish. On the way to the home, they wanted to stop at the market to “buy a few things.” Well, each guy got a full basket and like kids in a toy store threw just about everything into these 4 carts…eggs, hams, chickens, tortillas, canned goods, rice, flour, vegetables, milk, juices, soap…things were flying! I think I even saw Mike Booth sneak a bottle of tequila into his basket. “They’re old…they’re not dead!” he said with a wink!

They bought over 500 bucks of groceries. What a great great gift when we arrived at St. Vincents. Thanks guys. You rock!
Over the past week it seems that we’re seeing more and more luggage misplaced by the airlines coming down here. Delta seems to be the worst. I don’t know what’s up with them. It’s getting worse. I don’t know if they just hit a bad patch or what, but here’s some advice:
1. Board your plane EARLY. People who come on last stand the great chance of luggage not making it.
2. Label your gear
3. Do NOT put your medications or parts for your PAP machines in your check-in luggage. Carry it on!!! PLEASE. We’ve had several vacations almost turn to disaster when critical medications were left in check-in luggage that did not arrive until a day or two later. Bring an extra copy of your prescription so that if your meds do get lost you can take the prescription to a local pharmacy.
4. There seems to be no problem with line on reels.
That’s my story!
Happy Fathers Day everyone!
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
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FAX: (626) 333-0115
U.S. Office: 3319 White Cloud Dr., Suite A, Hacienda Hts. CA 91745
Mexico Office: Carr. a Pichilingue KM 5, Numero 205, La Paz, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO 1: Erik Boye from the San Francisco area, probably did as well as anyone in the 3 days he fished with us. In fact, he was “on fire.” I think the biggest fish he had ever caught before visiting us this past week was a rainbow trout. If I recall correctly, he got wahoo, pompano, amberjack, dorado, jack crevalle, roosterfish and a few more. The list was too long!
Wahoo are still biting south of Cerralvo Island. We’re having one of the better wahoo seasons we’ve had in a few seasons. Dark-colored rapalas or Yo-Zuri type lipped lures are working best with no wire. You do get bit more with no wire, but I tell you what…I’ve lost 4 of these hard-to-get lures the last two weeks and still haven’t been as lucky as Mr. Boye!



PHOTO 2: Check this out! How good of a shot is this? Early season dorado in the hands of Jennifer and Tony Mouncer from Oregon. We had more of these show up this past week, but still nothing wide open. We seem to be a few degrees off still with winds stirring up some green water and collaring a bite that seems to want to take off. But look at these colors. Check out the flat water that is so glassy you can’t tell where the blue water ends and the blue sky begins!

PHOTO 3: Carlos Vasquez from El Monte CA came down with his family but took two days to fish with us out of Las Arenas and did as well with his buddy, Bernie Melendez (photo below) as anyone given the limited time. Amberjack like this showed up at Punta Perrico as well as the South Side of Cerralvo Island with fish upt to 30 pounds. The trick to getting these cousins to the yellowtail was to catch the zebra fish (pilot fish) first to use for bait. With a zebra, the ambers literally inhaled the hooks! Las Arenas was the hot spot for these great fighters this past week.

PHOTO 4: OK, so it’s not the most artistically posed fishing photo, but Bernie Melendez’ grin says it all. He and his buddy Carlos Vasquez (above) tore up the bottom fish with pargo, cabrilla, pompano, amberjack, and this upside-down barred pargo (pargo mullato). Some great fillets to bring home! This fish was caught off the SE end of Cerralvo Island.

PHOTO 5: More dorado showed up this past week. I think we’re still on the edge and waiting for the waters to warm fully, but we’ve had a few nice flurries. Here, Katie Olson from Pasadena stands with Captain Jorge “Moscorone” at Las Arenas Beach. Katie and her husband, John, had a banner few days taking dorado, roosters, snapper, pargo and sailfish this past week. Keep tuned. Late in the week the buoys off Las Arenas held some incredible dorado fishing that would be “on” one day then “off” the next. Just a matter of time! Our largest this week as a 47 pounder taken by Mike Law of Northern Cal.

PHOTO 6: Jennifer Mouncer was worried about how she’d do fishing on the ocean with us and we kept re-assuring her that this was EASY!!! She’s now a believer. She and her husband, Tony, from Oregon (photo 1) are already planning two trips next year. They slammed fish including this big rooster that needed a heft from Captain Victor. They released all of their roosters and many of their other fish. There was still a good body of roosters there near the Arenas lighthouse and along the west side of Cerralvo Island.

PHOTO 7: Kyle Bowers is 14 years old and came down with his dad from Denver. Although fishing was really inconsistent for our La Paz fleet, Kyle holds up two of the dorado he boated fisihng off Espiritu Santo Island. He and his dad (see photo below) nailed numerous other varieties of fish with our Las Arenas fleet and Kyle even took several days to complete his SCUBA certification.

PHOTO 8: I’m not sure who has the meaner looking face…this huge barracuda or our amigo, Carlos! We have barracuda here in La Paz, but usually, they’re about a foot long. This hog goes about three feet and was caught off Cerralvo Island wth live bait.

PHOTO 9: For four years, Mike Bowers would come to our booth at the Denver CO Sportsmans’ show and tell me he was coming down. Every year he would tell me the same thing. This year, he finally made it with his son (photo above). With Captain Gerardo driving the boat, Mike and Kyle ripped up roosters, jacks, pargo, cabrilla, big eyes, bonito, and several other species as well. The rooster was released , but they took alot of other fillets home for a barbecue with friends.

PHOTO 10: From the Phoenix AZ area, Chris and Rhoda Brown visited us this past week for some R and R. One day of fishing at Las Arenas provided quite a variety! Smaller dogtooth, yellow snapper, pargo, cabrilla and pompano filled the box…all great eating fish! This is the kind of inshore variety we have this time of year with great action on numerous species.

PHOTO 11 – What the heck is that? I told you there was alot of variety right now! Last week we had a fish that looked like a fresh water catfish that no one had ever seen before. Turned out to be a “chili sea catfish.” This fish also turned alot of heads. Looks alot like a halibut to me and we don’t catch halibut down here. This turns out to be a “gulf sand dab” held by Rob Dickens from San Francisco standing next to Captain Ramiro.

PHOTO 12 : We still have pargo in the shallows right now. The schools are still up against the rocks frustrating alot of anglers as they crash the baits and take guys into the rocks. Hot spots are still the SE side of Cerralvo Island where the amberjack also showed up as well as down around Punta Perrico. Fish like the ones Larry is holding up here are the ones we actually get to see! Larger fish up to 50 pounds or so…we never see! We just hear stories about huge fish that could not be stopped even on the heaviest tackle!


Again, I think this is another week where I’m just gonna let the pictures do the talking. Check ’em out. However, that does not begin to do justice to the total variety of species you can catch right now.
The list is long…roosters, dorado, sailfish, striped marlin, blue marlin, bonito, skipjack, barred pargo, pargo liso, dog tooth snapper, yellow snapper, cabrilla, wahoo, rainbow runners, big eye jacks, pompano, jack crevalle, yellowtail…are just some of the species I saw this week.
I won’t BS you however…it’s not WIDE OPEN. One day the fish are on fire or one species is just exploding and the next day it’s a pick bite or the spot that was blowing up one day seems like a desert the next. Or you pull to a spot and it’s litterally a fish pond of fins…marlin or sailfish or roosters and they won’t eat a single thing no matter what you throw at them! Frustrates the hell outta you! It’s hit or miss sometimes or some guys swing for the fence with a home run and strike out going for the big fish or blue water species like marlin and dorado. When they find out that those fish aren’t there or not eating, it’s often too late to go fishing for something else. It sure keeps us guessing, but if you put in a few days, everyone is getting fish.
The bug-a-boo…freaky winds hit us this last week. I thought we were all done with that foolishness. May was incredibly windy and we thought it was done. We had about a week-and-a-half of super weather, water and fishing. Yay! At last, summer was here.
Then, WHAM…the wind came up. It turned the waters green as cooler upswellings came up frmo the deep canyons. Some areas shut down. No fish. Others just got too unfishable. That’s what happened with our La Paz fleet. It was not only rough, but real difficult fishing. So, fortunately having our fleets at both La Paz and Las Arenas we switched most of our people over to Las Arenas where waters were still green, but at least calm and there was stil action to be had. Even if it was a day full of fishing for jacks, it topped going out of La Paz Bay and getting wet and travelling far for spotty action.
Personally, I still think we’re just a degree or two of water temps away from things blowing up big time. Before the winds, the sargasso weed was starting to build up nicely in the channel. When that happens the dorado schools aren’t far behind! But the winds came up and blew all the sargasso paddies apart!
We’ll keep you posted!
It’s official. Just in case you had not heard, this past week the feds suspended the passport program requiring that all travelers to and from Mexico have passports starting this year. The surge in applications literally crippled the immigration staffs not to mention pissing off a bunch of people who had to sweat it out waiting for passports which were taking up to 4 months to process. Quite a few people lost vacations over it. Anyway, the new law says that if you can show that you have a receipt for your application and that it’s being processed and can also present a valid i.d. like a driver’s license, you’re good to go! Click this link to FOX news for more details: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,279380,00.html

That’s my story!

Have a great week…
Jonathan Roldan’s
Tailhunter International
Phone: (626) 333-3355FAX: (626) 333-0115
Office: 3319 White Cloud Dr., Suite A, Hacienda Hts. CA 91745
Mexico Office: Carr. a Pichilingue KM 5, Numero 205, La Paz, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico
“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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PHOTO: One danged big pargo liso! These are the ones we rarely see…mainly because they bite your bait, kick your butt, and take you into the rocks and you can’t stop them! So, you end up scratching your head wondering “what the….?” Well, this is what they look like, amigos. And they get bigger. Captain “Chava” Jorge didn’t have any clients this day so he decided to see what he could do on his own. That’s alot of fillets! These fish are still at the island and rocky areas.



PHOTO 1: Bob Lederer came all the way from the East Coast and got our largest dorado of the week. The mahi are showing signs of coming on stronger each week although they’re not quite here in force…yet. However, vanguard fish like this bull are showing up more often and sargasso weed is starting to build in the channel. Bob got this around the S. end of Cerralvo Island with a live sardine.

PHOTO 2: Mr. ‘Hoo and his mouth of teeth are prized catches here not to mention deee-lish-us on the plate! In the past 4 weeks, more wahoo have been hooked and landed already than we had all last year. Fish are 20-50 pound flyers with about a 1:5 hook-up to catch ratio. So many fish are getting lost or lines getting cut. Wire is nice, but you get more bites by tying on straight. Paul Shepherd from Modesto CA and Daniel Lee from somewhere in Indiana (Sorry, Dan!) got these two, but had another 8 or 9 fish fall off during 3 days. Dark Rapalas worked best and it did NOT have to be an early morning bite like usual. If you want more fish, take off the treble hooks and put on single Si-wash hooks on the Rapalas. You’ll lose less fish. At times you can see several fish on the surface and they WILL strike Rapalas or baits that are just sitting there wiggling on the surface! The fish bite some days and not others, but on the days they bite, there’s some prize meat on the beach. Fishing out of Las Arenas has been best.

PHOTO 3: Look at this slugger. The fish that is…not Terry Johnson from Denver, CO. This is one plug of a roosterfish. Terry and his son Preston got numerous fish all week on light spinning tackle and had a blast. They released almost all their roosters. This was one that did not revive but the meat was donated. The roosters are still going strong right off the Arenas lighthouse as well as around Punta Perrico. The larger fish like live ladyfish, but this one ate a sardine.

PHOTO 4: Can it be? Is that a FRESH water catfish? It perplexed the hell out’ve all of us! Pete Wight from Torrance CA was fishing from the kayak in front of the Marina Fiesta Beach and hooked this interesting fish. (In 4 days fishing, Pete actually caught 24 species of fish from pangas, cruisers, the beach and kayak!). Turns out it’s a CHILE SEA CATFISH! http://www.mexfish.com/fish/cscat/cscat.htm And it has venomous spines. Put it DOWN, Pete!

PHOTO 5: We had one day where all these lazy billfish that have been hanging around our waters took a day and finally decided to come to the party! It was spectactular with many boats suddenly hooking numerous billfish close to shore. This shot is a sail going airborne off Espiritu Santo Island about mid-week. (The fish was not killed!)

PHOTO 6: Al Isham from Rancho Cucamonga CA is about 6’8″ standing next to me so you can figure how big this rooster is! Check out how close they are to the beach behind them. Al got a number of these roosters and released them all. Al just left us and booked to come back already this month! That’s famous Captain Victor behind him hiding!

PHOTO 7: Randy Johnson from Rosarito Beach, Mexico and Al Isham from Rancho Cucamonga CA have been pals longer than dirt is old. They finish each other’s sentences! And have been fishing togther for a couple of decades. Check out the big pompano they’re holding. These fish moved into the shallows near the Las Arenas lighthouse about 3 weeks ago and are fished near the bottom with a small weight and live sardine. Some of the best eating fish in the Cortez!

PHOTO 8: This smiling guy is Mitch Chavira. Mitch lives in Encinitas CA. Mitch comes down here all the time and makes us all look foolish with some of the fish he catches. Better to be lucky than good. Mitch is usually both. This is a HUGE jack crevalle! The biggest hinderance to catching a trophy rooster right now are these things! They grab the bait before Mr. Rooster can swing in!

PHOTO 9 : This smiling young man is 11-year-old Cole Chavira. Cole is Mitch’s son (see photo above). Mitch makes us all look bad. Cole usually makes his dad look bad. Cole has been fishing for years down here and has probably gotten his photo published more often than any other friends/clients I have ever had. This past week, Cole and his pops, got into a massive jack and rooster bite off Espiritu Santo Island. It was WFO non-stop. They released over a dozen roosters (lost count) plus jacks plus other rock fish. I think they even got dorado too. They were back by 11 a.m. on the beach. (Notice the cool authographed shirt he’s wearing…with my signature of course! With the way he fishes I should have asked for HIS autograph! )

The Report:

Where do I start? I guess I can tell you to just look at the photos and let the photos do the talking!!! It’s much like I tell folks about this time of year. You never know what is gonna hit your line! There has been so much variety this week, it’s incredible. No one fish stuck out, but there were a whole bunch of fish that helped to fill fish boxes and bend rods. It would be a lie to tell you it was OUTSTANDING fishing…some days were just better than others. Some spots were better than others. However, if you fished a few days there were so many opportunities to get so many different kinds of fish, it was alot of fun this past week.
Pete Wight (photo above with the catfish) said this:
“Enjoyed your operation–had a blast. Like I mentioned, the variety of fish in La Paz was outstanding. Twenty-four different species including sailfish, dorado, roosterfish, amberjack, toro, catfish, bonefish, pompano, cabrilla (two types), barracuda, pargo (red, striped, yellow), skipjack, three unidentified species of jack, striped grunt, pufferfish (two types), needlefish, one unidentified species from the kayak, needlefish, and lastly the lowly lizardfish.”
Ok…so some of these species aren’t real exciting, but just take a look at the photos above and it gives you a smidgen of what we had this week.
It was weird. One day yellowtail broke loose and then the next daythey were gone. Another day, marlin just blew up the ocean and boats had multiple hooks ups and dorado were shooting through the billfish. The next day that spot was blank…but just up the track…roosterfish decided it was their turn. So unpredictable.
Both La Paz and Las Arenas had their moments so it’s hard to say which side is better to fish on right now or to predict what the coming week will be like. I think if there’s any disappointment, it’s from guys who fully expected the dorado would be in full swing by now. They’re not. However, the waters are just a degree or two away from turning it all around. There are more dorado each week. But until then, fill the plate with whatever is biting!
That’s my story!
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