La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 7-14, 2018



Weather – Not bad.  Sunny.  Just different.  Almost overnight, it changed.  It got cooler by 10-12 degrees.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s right now instead of the low 80’s.  Humidity dropped tremendously as well . And the winds came up too.  Even had a storm during the week that shut us down for a day.  Weird

Fishing – Affected tremendously by the abrupt change in weather.  Some high spots and some big fish, but overall, the fishing took a dive…or the fish took a dive.  Either way, fishing got tougher.  Hate to think the awesome tuna bite of 2018 is over.  On the bright side…huge huge pargo caught!  Incredible catches…and losses of gigantic fish too.

Fish Caught This Week:  tuna / marlin/ dog-tooth snapper / mullet snapper/ barred pargo/ cabrilla/ triggerfish/ dorado/ bonito/ skipjack / sailfish/ yellow snapper/ pompano / jack crevalle

Water – Air temps went down, but water stayed warm!  At least for now.  The winds sure made it rougher than normal and if the winds keep blowing the waters will definitely cool and the fishing will change even more.

Outlook: More winds expected this week, especially from the north which is usually a sign of winter weather approaching and rougher seas.  Possibility here and there or rain showers, but mostly sunny week ahead.




Hard to believe the size of these dog-tooth cubera snapper we were catching this week or the number of them. Have never seen anything like it! We were using whole bonito to hook them and losing many fish as well. Captain Victor poses with a smiling Jim Gatti and Nino Bonfiglio from Sacramento CA. Check out two more big pargo dogs on the table!

Jerry Weber from Prescott AZ mugs in front of his big pargo while Captain Moncho and MIke Asbury from San Diego hold the pose. There’s another big fish on the table as well!

Smiling Steve Snead from Idaho! Good to have him back to visit us this past week and he got himself a pretty yellowfin tuna in the La Paz tuna bite.

Fun Family and we enjoy every time they visit us. Ken and Terri Bodle from Spring Valley Lake CA with three sons, Weston, Wyatt and Mason…oh…and some nice tuna!

With storm clouds threatening late in the week, Pete Wilson still stuck it to this massive dog-tooth snapper fishing with Captain Victor! Check out the photo below of the teeth!

Why these pargo perro / cubera snapper are also know as “dog-tooth snapper.” Pretty fierce looking grill! This is Pete Wilson’s big doggie. His photo is above.

Wiley, Jr and Wyatt Randolph got a double-hook-up on dorado fishing north of La Paz their first day!

Great shot! Big smile! Ryan Russel from Boise, Idaho worked this big tuna with our La Paz fleet.

That’s a big dog-tooth cubera snapper (pargo) being held up by Henry Petrino from Sacramento with an assist from Captain Gerardo! Henry…I told you that you’d be in the fishing report! Congrats! 😀

Nice shot. Weston with his dad, Ken Bodle hold up a couple of legit YFT’s on the beach behind La Concha Hotel!

Our surf brothers, Jim Adair and Brad Baker with some nice pompano and tuna headed for the ice chest.


We even got pargo liso (mullet snapper) this week! It’s not springtime either! Steve and Captain Moncho do the honors!  Really unusual to get these powerful fish!

Tuna on the light tackle is a handful! C.P. Shannon with two hands fulll of tuna!

That’s alot of sashime fillets! Nothing wrong with this yellowfin tuna caught by Pete Wilson after a long fight!

Jim Adair and Brad Baker are pumped up! Fun day hitting the rock and reef fish with several great eating different species there…snapper, pargo, palometa, cabrilla…

Al Rorex got his dorado after a tough week of fishing. He lost a big big tuna at the boat after a long-battle too!

That’s a beast! We don’t usually see pargo liso (mullet snapper) this big and usually, we catch them in the springtime! Steve and Captain Moncho!

John Gibbs and Ken Campbell visit us every year and are always a kick. A couple of nice big barred pargo with Captain Armando.

First day out produced Danny Okazaki’s first wahoo on a Rapala. He wasn’t sure if they were good eating until we all assured him that it was NOT just a big mackerel!

Nice tuna for Wiley Randolph! He’s always smiling. Never seen him unhappy! We always enjoy his visits every year.

1…2..3…LIFT, Henry! Lifting this big pargo knocked one of the lenses outta Henry’s glasses! Look at the teeth on the beast. That’s why they call ’em “dog-tooth” snapper.


Brad McBride had a good day working the rocks inshore for a great variety of good-eating fish and lots of action on light tackle.

You can imagine the size of this pargo…Steve is about 6’4″ tall!

Weston and his dad, Ken Bodle with a couple of nice YFT’s on the beach behind La Concha Hotel.


Is the great tuna bite of 2019 over?  Has the season already changed over to cooler winter conditions?


After this past week, I might have to concur in the affirmative.


It was a weird strange week. First, air temperatures abruptly dropped 10-12 degrees almost overnight.  The sun was still out (most of the week…more on that in a bit), but suddenly, it was like someone threw a switch and humid tropical 95-98 degree day time temps suddenly hit the mid-80’s and the humidity almost disappeared.


On top of that it got windy from the south brought on by concurrent hurricanes Rosa then Sergio that played out in the Pacific Ocean and made landfall hundreds of miles north along the Baja Peninsula, but caused enough of a pressure change to bring in some fairly strong wind and waves from the south…all of which contributed to some really difficult fishing.


Oh…then late-week, the “rain showers” we knew were going to happen and were supposed to be benign turned into basically a baby hurricane with the sun out!

Winds of 20-30 mph whipped the ocean into a froth and strong morning rains didn’t help either.  We had to shut down fishing for the most part when the La Paz Port Captain understandably shut down all boat traffic on Friday as big waves in normally calm La Paz Bay were strong enough to throw spray on cars passing by on the waterfront.  It was like having a baby hurricane with the sun still out!


So, fishing took the biggest tumble of the season.  It went from red-hot to barely tepid.  I think the fish were as confused as we were.  There were a few high spots here and there and the fish were definitely there.  They just didn’t want to bite or they moved to other spots.


Although we got some nice tuna and some huge tuna were lost, the volume of tuna we’ve enjoyed for several months diminished.  Same for dorado and other species.  There were a few wahoo and way too many bonito!


Our captains and anglers had t work hard to find fish and even when they did, so many of the fish were larger that many were lost which might have made our counts look better.  But, just the same…action was way way off.


The biggest surprise was the appearance of huge dog-tooth cubera snapper (pargo perro or pargo colorado) and giant mullet snapper (pargo liso).  These huge red fish are generally a spring-time fish and during the season, maybe we get a half-dozen or so…maybe!


These huge fierce fish are not only big, but powerful and they’re in the shallows in the rocks and reefs.  They have scales like armor, sharp gills and gill plates plus set of long sharp teeth!


When the blue water fish weren’t biting, we went inshore for some action on pargo and cabrilla just to get the guys some fish and these big dogs started biting.  More than I have ever seen in more than 20 years here.


These fish were 50-80 pounders and larger ones were lost!  They were breaking 150-pound test line and the guys were using whole live bonito to hook them.  Guys were losing 2, 3, 4 or more fish in some cases and getting 1 to the boat, but it could be the fish of a lifetime.


This coming week, it looks like the winter northern winds are starting early.  The north winds are the vanguard of what we get during the months of November to April.  We are also expecting a “little rain” this week again.  Looks like winter might be starting pre-maturely.  If the winds persist, water temps will also start to drop and the fishing will change even more dramatically.



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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 1-7, 2018


The Mexican Minute Video Fishing Report

Short Attention Span Week at a Glance

Weather – Definitely cooler although water still warm.  In the mornings, the water at 86 or 87 degrees is warmer than the air!  Daytime temps down to about 92 now.  Humidity has thankfully dropped. Quite comfortable.  However, more winds and breezes especially from the north which is indicative of the changing season and coming winter…perhaps earlier than we would like.  Winds make it harder to fish.  We even had a little mini-hurricane by Cerralvo Island that we call “toritos” (little bull) that popped up and then left complete with waterspouts, wind, waves, thunder and lightning.

Water – Still warm and blue but the presence of so many cool-water species like the pargo, pompano, palometa are indicative of cooler water moving in.

Fishing – Incredible numbers of species for this time of year.  Normally, it’s dominated by the warm water species like tuna, dorado, wahoo and billfish.  But, right now, in addition to those we also have cabrilla, pompano, several types of pargo, jack crevalle, several species of bonito and more.

Outlook for Coming Week – Continued cooler.  Might get a spot of rain. Winds increasing

The Big Picture and the Rest of the Story…


Our amigo, Rob Chambers, had himself quite a day doing the hat trick at Las Arenas with 3 exotic species. He started the day nailing this wahoo on a purple rapala (still hanging from the mouth); then he nailed a nice bull dorado (photo below) the caught and released a roosterfish off the Punta Perico rocks! Scroll down for the rest of the photos!

Walt Menda from Sacramento comes down every year and always hangs the big fish fish. This one was with Captain Jorge and he and the fish battled for 2 long hours on light tackle.

Taking a quick week off from Germany where he serves in the U.S. Army, Marcus Yoo was just outside of Bahia Muertos when he took this colorful bull dorado.


That’s alot of meat! Ira Stephens from Washington and Mike Purcell from New York with Captain Jorge show off some nice tuna plus a bonus HUGE pargo liso (mullet snapper)

First-timer, Bryan Loh, from Newport Beach with Captain Gerardo put the hurt on this pretty wahoo using a dark X-Rap Rapala.

Hector and “Aguachile” Henry do it again with a couple of fat La Paz Bay yellowfin tuna.

Our La Paz Fleet really kicked out some nice catches this week. Check out the deck spread of tuna and dorado caught by Curt and Debbie Keller from Utah. First-visit to us!

Two funny guys! Captain Armando with our bud, John Gibbs and a colorful barred pargo.

Now that’s some variety! Marcus with yellowfin tuna, barred pargo, cubera snapper (pargo perro) and triggerfish . Great eating!

Mark Bonsack and Brad Sleder slipped in a quick two-day trip that produced this wahoo.

There was no shortage of tuna for our La Paz Fleet this week which usually relies on the dorado bite! But Captain Chito and Dave Wakabayashi rolled up some nice yellowfin off Espirito Santo Island.

Alex Dombrowski from Washington started off his fishing week with a bang…dorado, barred pargo and pompano for the fish box.


Wow…that’s alot of meat! A big pargo liso to go with tuna and a mess of pompano for Walt Menda and Lloyd Okimura from Sacramento!

Our best amigo, Jorge Romero, took a day off from driving all over Baja and took the biggest tuna of the day!

We had fun with these two! Great visit for the first time from Travis Woodard and Craig Wood and their wahoo.

Another of many trips in the book over the years from Delando Pegan who fished with our La Paz fleet and poses with tuna and dorado (more fish on the stern!). He owns Relik Winery in Oregon and is opening up his new B & B as well.

Jerry Kvaternik from Washington finally made it down to see us after many years! That’s a yellowfin tuna he’s goofing with!

Hard to believe all the pompano we caught this week. I don’t recall ever seeing this many caught. Normally a spring-time fish. Even then we never caught this many! John Gibbs does the honors. Great eating!

1-2-3…LIFT!!! That’s Curt Keller, trying to take a photo with his big roosterfish so he could released it. Captain Victor tries to help!

Nice shot. Powerful fish! Yellowfin tuna for Marcus.

Love that grin, Mike Jacobson! First-time visit with us, he got into the tuna and dorado!

Jae Park and Mike Kingsmore with Captain Ramiro and a nice wahoo. They also caught tuna and dorado over the 3 days of fishing.


Worth the smile after a good day fishing for Bill Bigelman from Washington with wahoo, cabrilla, tuna and dorado on the cutting table!

As good a picture as you might find. Nice bull dorado, Rob Chambers!

Lots of palometa this week which is highly unusual! Great eating fish related to jack crevalle, pompano, roosterfish and yellowtai.

That’s gonna be on a sashime plate! Andrew Bowman back for another year going home with tuna and dorado.

Nothing wrong with Bob Larson’s catch on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos! Tuna and dorado for ready to fillet!

Henry and Hector again! Barred pargo and an upside-down tuna!

Gary Okimoto on his first trip to La Paz with Lloyd Okimura who comes every year! Gary had a good time! Check out the first-day catch of tuna from Muertos Bay!


Armando and Choo…posing with their tuna. Big boy yellowfin!

Good form! Marcus Yoo on the stick has another La Paz tuna!


Jerry has another yellowfin! Washington in the house this week.

Good day for Rob Chambers! Just off the rocks at Punta Perico with a pretty roosterfish. Caught and released. Rob’s first trip to visit us.

Mike Kingsmore and Jae Park with another fat tuna on the beach.


The seasons are noticeably changing.  This past week temperatures seemed to have come down a good 5 degrees with daytime temps now in the low 90’s and the humidity has thankfully also eased up a bit.  But the surest indicator is that the north winds that blow during out winter off-season months have started to pick up which will surely continue the cooling trend.


The fishing, not so co-incidentally, also seemed to take a bit of a change as well.


Yellowfin tuna that we’ve had all year, but especially the last 2 months took a bit of a slow-down.  They’re still here and we caught quite a few, but not as many.  Most were in the 10-30 pound class with a few 40-60 pounders. There were some 100+ pounders hooked at the south end of Cerralvo Island, but all of those fish were lost. Still, we had to work a lot harder to find the tuna this past week whereas in other weeks, the tuna were voracious.  Some days, some pangas did not get any tuna at all which have been our bread-and-butter fish most of the season…at least for our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet.


However, remarkably, the bite was far better for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet which usually relies on a stead dorado bite to bend rods and fill fish boxes.  However, this past week, the tuna bite was actually much more solid and dependable with 25-40 pound yellowfin taking up perhaps 50% of the catch.  Whereas in normal years, we see only a handful of tuna for the La Paz fleet, this past week, our pangas were getting 2-10 yellowfin per panga per day!


Another indicator of the changing season is the variety of fish we’ve been catching the last two weeks.


Usually, this time of year warm water species like tuna and dorado dominate the fish counts.


However, in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten more wahoo which are normally late October fish.  Also, some of those big dog-tooth / cubera snapper and mullet snapper/ pargo lisos that we normally only see in the cooler spring-time months of March through May.  In addition a lot of palometa and pompano were also caught which are also spring-time fish .


We’ll have to keep an eye out for it and see if this is an on-going trend.  Or just a slight anomaly. You would have thought with the dark moon this past week the fishing would have been a little stronger.  Some boats some days actually really struggled while pangas right next to them were bent all day.  Then, it would reverse the next day.  But, overall, everyone got fish to bring home.


Jim Gatti arranged with the Sacramento Chapter of Safari Club International to have his 5 couples bring down a huge load of school supplies, sports equipment and hygiene items this past week. On top of it all, they donated money to our scholarship fund and brought enough to send 2 kids to school for two years with breakfast, books, uniforms and transportation!

Long-time Tailhunter amigos, Brad Baker and Jim Adair hauled down school supplies and tooth brushes.

Over the years, these guys have brought us not only lots of laughs and grins, but lots of donations for our Outreach Program. This week they hauled down several ice chests of new shoes, school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, and sports equipment.


As our season winds down to the last few weeks we need to give a shout-out to all of our Tailhunter Tribe who brought down thousand of pounds of donation items to our Tailhunter Outreach Program which over the past decade has distributed several tons of items to a local orphanage, a Womens Shelter, a Senior Citizen home and an under-served local neighborhood.


This past week even more great items were brought down and we appreciate everyone who found a little extra space in their ice chests and suitcases to stuff some stuff in there for our La Paz amigos. Regretfully, we don’t have photos of everyone who brought donations, but you know who you are and we’re grateful.  This stuff changes lives!

We are very blessed.  God bless you all!

That’s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 23-30, 2018



Weather – We expected some rain all week according to the forecasts especially with Hurricane Rosa not too far off in the Pacific, but other than some clouds and thunderheads, it thankfully never materialized.  Mostly 95-99 in the daytimes, but can be very humid…80-90% humidity!  Stay hydrated!

Water – Still showing mid-80’s on th surface which is where the blue-water species are hanging out, but the fact that we’re getting many species we only see in the springtime like pargo and pompano makes me think there’s cooler water down deeper.

Fishing – Pretty solid!  Can’t believe all the different species that shows up this week.  Highly unusual!  We had tuna, wahoo, dorado, dog tooth (cubera) snapper, pargo liso (mullet snapper), barred pargo, jack crevalle, marlin, bonito, cabrilla, roosterfish and more!  Have never seen so many big dog-tooth snapper this week.  Plus tuna bit for our Tailhunter Las Arenas AND our Tailhunter La Paz fleets . We usually only get tuna around Las Arenas and more dorado out’ve La Paz.  Wahoo showed up this week too!

Catching – Lost several marlin and some big roosterfish not to mention some big wahoo and tuna. But, everyone caught fish!



With no wire on his Rapalas, Dave Lindell, our long-time amigo from Pendleton, Oregon hooked 5 of these wahoo in two days with Captain Armando. Three got off (understandably) but he was the only one getting bit and landed two big ones like this!

It’s not as big as it looks, but this is still a monster dog-tooth (cubera) snapper. Laura Hernandez of San Diego had a scale aboard and it was surprisingly only 37 pounds, but a stunning shallow-water catch. She was just off Punta Perico near Las Arenas when she hooked it in the shallows. She and her husband actually got two of these big pargo.


Cousins Ron and Steve Stocking started their first day of fishing with a nice rack of yellowfin and you can see a nice pargo at their feet too!

Whoa! Yea, it was an incredible week for these big doggie cubera snapper! Paddy Christopoulo and Roger Thompson were with Captain Hugo.  For the day… Caught 6 tunas, 2 pargo and a 6-pound yellowtail.

Great shot of Clint Carey from Washington and Captain Jorge with a nice roosterfish. The fish was released.

Steve Corn from Newhall CA with dad, Ron, put the hurt on a nice batch of assorted-sized yellowfin tuna off Las Arenas!

We usually only see these during the spring-time, but Kevin Shields from San Diego got this pargo liso (mullet snapper) out’ve the rocks at Muertos Bay.

Two of our newest first-time, amigos…John and Angelica Waggy from Sacramento CA were celebrating her birthday and started off with some nice fat yellowfin.

Color!!! Nice little bull dorado on the gaff for Dan Lewis who caught this off Espirito Santo Island north of La Paz.

Nothing wrong with this model! Nathan Smith battled this yellowfin tuna on light tackle fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet when the tuna unexpectedly popped up and started bending rods early in the week.

Rich Shepherd nailed this huge mullet snapper (pargo liso), but this our our Tailhunter Captain Ramiro posing with it on the beach at Bahia Muertos.

Happy guy…Jerry Kvaternik from Washington had a grand first day with alot of meat! Nice yellowfin tuna plus some trophy barred pargo!

Captain Armando was on fire with the wahoo this week. Gino Fronti and Don Goettling pose with a fat tuna and a speedy wahoo!

From Yorba Linda, CA, Hector Arroyo holds up a hugs dog-tooth for the camera. Hector’s first time with us!

Mark Buchanan from San Diego hooked a beauty of a dog-tooth snapper just off the rocks near the old Hotel Las Arenas using live bait. The fish weight 22 pounds on his hand-scale. They also caught some nice yellowfin tuna all right off the beach .


All the way from Wyoming, Barbara and Marlin Kendall have some great -eating pargo fillets to bring home!

“King” Gama Flores fishes with us twice a year and has a knack for pargo. He’s got some nice tuna on the table and a big pargo mulatto in hand that ended up as soup at our Tailhunter Restaurant for him!

Montana in the house and pompano on the beach for Lee LeVeque. These great-eating fish showed up in numbers this week and are related to the jack family of roosterfish, jack crevalle and yellowtail.

Paddy shows off the teeth of his pargo and why they’re called “dog-tooth” snapper . What a week of snapper fishing!

Nice load of fish headed for the coolers…barred pargo and tuna for Anjelica and John Waggy.

Laura Hernandez can fish! Another colorful yellowfin in the boat and into the fish box.

Steve Harrison looks out over a day’s catch while on the beach at Muertos. Tuna and barred pargo for the cooler!  Steve’s from Washington.

Knock wahoo off their bucket list . Kevin Shields and Sean Rose from San Diego with Captain Jorge and their first wahoo.

Mark Buchanan saw a bunch of football tuna breaking so he grabbed his light spinning rod and flipped a bait. Of course, a 40 pound yellowfin grabs it instead and the fight was on . But Mark eventually won. The nearby rocks of Punta Perico in the background.

Another wahoo for Captain Armando and Oregon amigo, Dave Lindell who had a spectacular week of wahoo, tuna and dorado!


This is gonna be short…let the photos do the talking!

Crazy week of fishing!


In more than 20 years down here in La Paz, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much variety in the catches during this time of the year.  From day-to-day this week, and even from one panga to the next, I never knew what our anglers were going to be bringing in!


We had yellowfin tuna between 10 and 60 pounds.


There were schoolie-dorado up to 20 pounds


The wahoo at Las Arenas, Punta Perico and S. Cerralvo Island decided to slam Rapalas and the largest were 50 pounders.


We hooked several striped marlin and got a blue marlin.


Roosterfish between 30 and 70 pounds were caught and released!


And the inshore fishing is more like springtime.  Huge dog-tooth (cubera) snapper/ pargo were caught up to 50 pounds in shallow water as well as the big mullet snapper (pargo liso) that we normally don’t see until the cooler waters of springtime. I have never seen so many big pargo come up like we had this past week.   Plus an incredible number of delicious big pompano and cabrilla.


Add in bonito…jack crevalle…snapper and 3 or 4 other odds and end fish and it was a buffet of catches!


Occasionally one or another boat wouldn’t do well, but then just made up for it the next day.  Everyone caught fish!  And almost all the fish were pretty close to shore.  And most were on live bait.

That’s my story!



Jonathan Roldan’s

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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”




La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 16-23, 2018



Weather – It was getting pretty crummy and snotty even before the storm hit us late Tuesday when it started raining and didn’t stop until late Wednesday.  So it wasn’t real great at the beginning of the week weather-wise although the fish bit right up to the wind, waves and rain started crashing on our heads.

It wasn’t a hurricane, but it rained or drizzled or misted for over 24 hours.  The Port Captain closed down all boat traffic on Wednesday so we couldn’t fish at all.

Temperatures have dropped to the mid-90’s, but humidity is still up.  I measure 92% on morning at 5 a.m. and 88% humidity one night at midnight! STICKY! LOL

Water – I’m never sure how the waters will be after a storm as it can really be messed up.  It was choppy and rough before the storm hit.  After the storm, it was a little off, but not as bad as it might have been.  Fish were still hungry

FISHING – Tuna still center-stage from footballs up to 100 pounders.  They bit right up to the storm.  After the storm, they took about a day or two to get up to speed again, but then it picked up again.

Biggest surprise was all the tuna that showed up just outside of La Paz Bay where the fish foamed.  So, we had tuna hitting at both Las Arenas/ Muertos as well as La Paz!

CATCHING – Everyone who wanted fish to bring home had fish. But most of the larger tuna busted off…and busted up some of our anglers who ended up with sore backs, shoulders and arms!



With Captain Jorge, Dave, Tony and dad, Felix Basadre from Long Beach pulled this hefty dog-tooth snapper out’ve the rocks! Great catch!

Chris Hutto…yes, you made the fishing report, Bro! From Colorado, Chris got in on the tuna explosion just outside La Paz Bay that surprised everyone and resulted in this 60-pound class yellowfin!

Captain Armando cranks out another big tuna with Steve and Ivy Carey. Check out the all the other fish on the table too! They’re from Marysville CA near Sacramento.

That’s a big rooster! Dennis Wenholz and Captain Pancho were just off the rocks near Punta Perico when Dennis whacked this 80-pound class roosterfish.  They fish swam off strong after being released!

That’s the right kind! Dan Lewis from Lancaster started off his week right with this power rocket yellowfin tuna that he fought for almost an hour on light tackle just off the beach.

Our newest Washington friends, Clint and Gloria Carey (married over 50 years and still fishing buddies!) and some of their fat yellowfin.

With ominous storm clouds brewing in the background that would shut us down early in the week, John Ehlers (visits us several times a year) watches Dennis Wenholz with another tuna!

Andrew Suedkamp from Denver pulled out his flyrod the first day and whacked about a half-dozen species including this feisty bonito! Andrew brought his whole gang of 16 from Ground Engineering Consultants for 3 days on the water. Great group!

A double handful of dorado just before the storm hits for Art Sanchez from Victorville CA. They got in 3 good days of fishing before the weather arrived.

Two fun amigos from Oregon! Back to visit us is Marty Sering who came along with buddy, Mat Large with two of their tuna from Punta Arenas.

Elvin “EL” Momon was great fun to have visit us this week on his first fishing trip to La Paz and poses here with two of his yellowfin tuna.

Great colors on Ivy Carey’s bull dorado just at the mouth of Muertos Bay. Headed for dinner at Tailhunter Restaurant.

Phil Rachal has known us since way back in the day, almost 20 years ago and his first day knocked out these quality yellowfin tuna. He’s from W. Sacramento CA.

Nothing wrong with this tuna! Great colors and a smile from Mir Wong from San Diego.

I love this photo!! It’s kinda self-explanatory! John Ehlers and Dennis Wenholz having a ball!

Ivy Carey looks a bit tired after battling this yellowfin tuna just a few hundred yards off the point. Posing here with Captain Armando.

Big smiles . Captain Jorge and Clint Carey from Washington with 4 nice models of tuna!

Good shot! Good tuna. Craig Wong from San Diego with another YFT!

Colorado in the house! Tuna and dorado for Joe Zorack and Aaron Klingsworth.

Captain Gerardo shows give Debbie Omstead a hand with her big yellowfin tuna. Dave Sealy looks on. They’re from Alaska and even Dave noted how rough the waters got before the storm hit us.

Good way to start the week for Brian Hudson and Andrew Suedkamp and some football yellowfin!

Good-bye summer and hello to the fall!

What a week!


We’ve had an excellent bite for the last few weeks, especially on tuna so when the forecast said we might have a “little rain” we expected that usual afternoon localized showers of short duration or the occasional little thunder and lightning cloudburst.


What we got instead wasn’t a hurricane or anything that dramatic.  But we got almost 2 days of wetness that included heavy rain or drizzle that just never stopped!  We have had hurricanes in the past with lashing torrential rain that might last 4 of 5 hours…and then it’s done!

But at one point this week it rained for about 27 hours!  We were telling our Oregon and Washington clients that they brought their weather from the Pacific Northwest down here.  We also had some strong gusts of wind and some big seas to go along with it!


It didn’t do us any favors for fishing although the desert has exploded with green everywhere and flowers are in full bloom!


Even as the storm approached the fish kept biting, but then well…it became just too rough and the port captain even shut down all boat traffic and that was it for us . We had to keep everyone on shore for a day. No fishing.


That always worries me because you never know what a storm will do to the waters and the fishing.  Will the waters be dirty?  Will there be a lot of runoff?  Will there be a lot of debris in the water?  What about water temps and bait?  Lots of variables!


Well, we hit the water on Thursday and while fishing wasn’t up to par, we still got into fish. Much better than I anticipated.  By Friday, we were back on our game for the most part.  With each passing day away from the storm, the tuna came back harder.  The dorado were more willing to bite.  Just overall better fishing.


The tuna bite has generally been mostly with our Taihunter Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fleet all season.  Fish between 10 and 100 pounds have been the general rule and it’s been very very good for about a month. Mixed with dorado, pargo, cabrilla and a few other species, it’s been solid.


But the big surprise this week was with our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet!


Out’ve La Paz Bay, most of the fishing is dorado fishing.  Probably 90% of the catch is dorado.  It’s the “honey hole” for mahi mahi!  Well, this season we’ve little jags of tuna here and there.  Pretty surprising all by itself and a nice bonus.  But, this past week, we had entire areas bust loose with boiling, foaming tuna!  Fish between 20 and 60 pound just blasting out’ve the water and slamming every bait tossed in the water!  Friday this past week was especially explosive!  In 23 years down here ,I’ve never seen so many tuna!


Hope it continues. We might get s’more showers this week, but nothing major like this last week where the first 3 days of the week were pretty much in the dumps because of weather.


Air temps are cooling.  Most day only in the mid-90’s.  However, the humidity has been incredible!  One morning at 5 a.m. when we were sending out our fishermen it was 92% humidity. One evening at midnight it was 88% humidity!







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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept .8-16, 2018

Mexican Minute Video Report

Short Attention Span Week at a Glance

Water – Blue and warm with surface temps at 86 degrees but lower thermoclines might be cooling off since we’re seeing some species biting like pargo, pompano and sierra that we normally only see in the springtime when waters are cooler.

Weather – Pretty much every day, the forecast calls for some rain.  But this time of year, that really doesn’t mean much.  It could be raining in the mountains or across the bay, but technically, it’s still “raining in La Paz. ”  We get some lightning in the mornings from the heat then it mostly clears up.  Then, afternoons, the thunderheads build and there’s some localized showers here and there.  Then, it clears up to a great sunset.  Mostly!  Now then it rains hard!   Humidity is a scorcher . At 4:30 in the morning the other day it was 94% humidity.  Like a fog of heavy air!  Then, it got better.

Fishing – Crazy tuna biters!  Las Arenas still producing tuna very nicely between 5 – 100 pounds off Muertos Bay, the Arenas lighthouse, the opening of the bay, Punta Perico and the south end of Cerralvo Island.  Some fish are fun. Some want to kill you!  LOL.  Not kidding.  Stay hydrated.  Have had several folks pretty much keel over from the heat; fighting fish and not drinking enough water (not beer!) WATER!!!  All goggle-eyed and delirious cuz their brains were getting friend.  Almost had to call the ambulances.  Know when to way when!

Catching – Dang, we lost some big tuna over 100 pounds this week.  Heartbreaking, especially after long fights and getting the fish close to the boat!


Yea…this is the right kinda!  Jeffrey and Michelle Martin came all the way from Michigan and had just one day to fish and stuck it! Two huge tuna for the coolers out’ve Bahia de los Muertos!

Paul Nagata, is our long-time amigo from San Francisco and tries to fish twice a year in La Paz with the Tailhunter Fleet. He shows off a gorgeous dorado he caught just outside of Bahia de los Muertos near Punta arenas on a live sardine.

Here’s trouble! Captain Armando with Jim Andrews and Terry Hudson after a nice day of fat tuna!

Leif Dover, our Georgia amigo from Atlanta with another nice fish to add to the many he has caught over the year. Roosterfish in the boat then photo’d and released!

Our new Tehachapi CA friends on their first visit to us, Frank and Annette Brooke had a really good first day with tuna and a nice dorado.

Jim Stahlman from Boise, Idaho was joined by brother, Jeff from Pennslyvania and had quite a variety during their week with us including tuna, pargo, cabrilla, and also dorado (not shown) as well as roosterfish (released).

That’s alot of meat! Scott Laughlin from San Diego and dad, Bob, from Arizona with Captain Armando posing with two 70-80 pound class tuna. One was fought for 3 hours and snapped Bob’s new rod!

Adriana Beucler is just 8-years-old from Laguna Niguel CA and joined granddad, Wayne Meriwether for a day on the water and got quite a variety including her two tuna, dorado, pargo and cabrilla that ended up at a delicious dinner that night, according to Grandpa Wayne! Good job, Adriana!  Come visit us again!

Captain Pancho looks on with our friends, Mac Treasure and Paul Jordan and a nice start to 3 days of fishing.

Fun folks from Redmond, Oregon, Ryan and Kelsey Williams pose with a couple of their yellowfin tuna.

The man of bronze! Scott Herman with another dorado caught with our Tailhuter La Paz fleet north of the city near Espirito Santo Island.

Great photo of Garrett Admiak and his 56-pound rocket tuna! It was Garrett’s first time fishing with us.

From Pennslyvania, Jeff Stahlman was able to pick up his first roosterfish. Caught and released!

The man in the cool sunglasses, Lolo Bencomo with a double fist of tuna for the cooler.

John Paladino had a big one on that got unbuttoned his first day, but came back on day 2 with this 40-pound class, yellowfin.

With the clouds, it almost looks a bit like Alaska, but it’s Muertos Bay and Dave Sealy and Debbie Omstead are actually from Alaska! Nice tuna to add to their cooler of fish!

Bob Pair has been coming to see us for year since way back in our first days almost 2 decades ago. He got a nice load of yellowfin with Captain Jorge. (more tuna on the table!)

Jamie Moore, one of our visiting firefighters poses with a nice day’s catch of mixed tuna and dorado from Bahia Muertos.

Great eating fish! We’re seeing more pargo lately than normal. Tough fighters, but delicious eating. Note the afternoon storm clouds in the distance. Not uncommon this time of year to get a tropical thundershower or two.


On the iron! Ari Caldavilla from Redondo Beach CA dropped a jig and got inhalded by this hefty yellowfin with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet where we don’t usually see the kind of tuna action we’re getting this year!

Greg West and Rich Pashley stacked ’em up on the beach. Somehow snuck a lone dorado into the pile!

Paul Nagata from San Francisco and Captain Pancho are all smiles with this hefty barred pargo!


It was pretty solid fishing again this past week and tuna left no doubt that they’re going to hog center stage right now.


With our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet the tuna bite continued to charge with fish ranging from a small as 10 pounders up to over 100 pounds.  It’s like the tuna never left from last year and we’re just gonna keep riding that horse because these are fun fish…until you tie into one of the gorillas and spend 1, 2 or more hours bent on one of these hog fish.


The thing is, most of this is on lighter tackle of 30-40 pounds. You just never know when the next fish will crush you.  In the middle of boiling footballs suddenly a volkswagen yellowfin gulps your little sardine and you’ve got no choice but to hang on.  The problem is that if you’re using the heavier stuff…you won’t get bit at all!  So, the fish already has an advantage on you!


The fish are in several spots, but you can never tell.  There’s a spot at the south end of Cerralvo Island, but they are as close as the drop-off near the Punta Arena lighthouse maybe only ¼ mile offshore.  There’s also another spot maybe 100 yards from the beach near Punta Perrico and another close to shore spot just outside of Bahia Muertos before you hit Boca de Alamo.  Imagine 50-100 pound fish that close to shore where sometimes you can see the bottom!


The biggest surprise is the tuna showing up en masse for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.  Usually for the La Paz fleets, the dorado are the main characters.  Probably 90% of the catch is dorado.  However, over the past few weeks tuna have been occasionally showing up in the middle of the dorado.


Well, this past week, the tuna came up boiling.  And these were healthy fun 20-30 pound class fish.  Not footballs.  Also some larger 40 pounders ripping around as well plus we had several folks hooked on freight trains estimate at over 100 pounds!


But, yes, there’s still dorado around. Plus roosterfish up to 70 pounds this past week. Add in some unusual big mullet snapper (pargo liso), some fat cabrilla (seabass) plus snapper and some other species and everyone had stuff to bring home in their ice chests.


The weather was variable all week.  Mostly hot and humid.  One morning at 4:30 a.m. it was 94% humidity and like a heavy hot fog!!!  Most days, rain is predicted, but it’s mostly in the afternooons after everyone is done and localized falling only here and there or enough to mess up your windshield. Then it’s gone.


Want to shout out to everyone these past few weeks who have brought down stuff for our outreach program we’ve had now for 5 years that has produced several tons of donations around the city in an on-going year-long program.  All from our Tailhunter Family and Friends finding a little space in their luggage and ice chest for everything from school supplies to shoes and toys to medical and hygiene items.

Regretfully I don’t have photos of everyone the past two weeks, but wanted to share some with you and the smiles they produced including one from a whole soccer team who were beneficiaries of an incredible donation of new uniforms and gear from Len Weaverling.  Thank you all!

That’s our story!

Have a great week!



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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


La Paz – Las Arenas / Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 2-8, 2018

Mexican Minute Video Report


Weather – That time of year.  High sunny 90’s during the day with high humidity.  Nights a comfortable 75.  But on and off-tropical showers during the week.  More expected this week with occasional thunder and lightning storms.

Water – Blue and mostly flat as long as the winds don’t blow at the beginning or end of a little rain squall.  Surface temps 85 degrees.

Fishing – Most folks caught more and bigger fish than they ever have in their lives.  Many caught so many fish early in their vacation or early in the day that they had to slow it down a bit or they would have too much fish.  Lots of fish released.  Tuna between 10 and 60 pounds.  Big roosters.  Dorado between 10 and 25 pounds.  Billfish showing.

Best tuna fishing Las Arenas/ Muertos.  Best dorado fishing is around La Paz.

Catching – We lost some marlin this week as well as some of the larger dorado and ALOT of the big tuna that were estimated between 50 and 100 pounds.



That’s a pig! Thick and fat! Daniel Bovee of San Diego has an understandable grin after landing his biggest tuna. Captain Pancho estimated it in the 80-pound-class!

Two of the funnest and funniest guys this week, Joaquim Perea and Rick Rumzy were visiting us for the first time and got a double hook-up on roosters! The squirming fish are kinda hard to hold onto for photos! But, both fish were released and swam off strongly. The guys are from Woodland CA.

Whoa! We don’t see to many of these this time of year and you need TNT and a crane to get them outta the rocks, but Greg Saubolle said this “was on my bucket list for years” when he stuck this 30-pound-class dog tooth (cubera) snapper.

1…2…3…SMILE! Captain Jorge helps out Greg Saubolle and Len Weaverling with a day’s catch of yellowfin tuna!

Colorful dorado for Ray Cabales who caught this mahi north of La Paz.  Pretty fish!

Know when-to-say-when! Our great amigo, Paul Nagata from San Francisco has fished with us for years and has pulled on some big fish but after over an hour on this fish that weighed 56-pounds (he had a scale) on light tackle, he knew when to hand the rod off for the last few minutes of the fight and boated a beautiful tuna! The guys brought the huge collar (weighed about 10 pounds!) to have us grill it up at Tailhunter Restaurant for 4 guys!

From Arizona, Mike Hudson finally made it down to us and posted a great first day with Captain Arcangel with tuna, dorado and pargo!

When you’re tired of catching tuna, do something else! Burke Winnie with his firs rooster! Released!

Elija Gilbert really really really wanted a marlin! So we teamed him with our Captain Chito and at the last minute…this 200 pound blue marlin. He’s on the beach with Shaina Clayburn also from Utah!

Our favorite Atlanta guys! Leif Dover and Brian O’Neill have fished with us often for years and always do well. They caught so many tuna the first few days, they chased other species or donated their fish!

This is my favorite photo of the week. It’s called “My happy place!” Joaquim Perea on his flyrod getting bent and having a blast.

Our Stockton CA contingency for the week, Vito Cipponeri and James Giovannoni hauled back a mound of fish after 3 days.

Jim Bovee from San Diego enjoys fishing La Paz so much he comes 3 times a year. And sometimes, he even comes with his son, Daniel! “We could have caught all the tuna we wanted,” said Jim.  (And I think they did!)

Now THIS is a tuna! John Bertwistle from Woodland CA hooked this powertrain tuna and hung on!

First rooster for Joaquim Perea. A quick photo then back in the water! Gorgeous colors!

Just a great photo! That’s alot of sashime after one day. Greg Saubolle was with Len Weaverling and hung a few yellowfin!

Captain Armando and Austin Reay check out Taylor’s slug yellowfin tuna! He only had one day to fish but did well!

All the way from Illinois, Pat Ellis and Clayton Demanes with Captain Arcangel had one day to squeeze in some fishing and got a couple handfuls of dorado and tuna!

Hard to tell who’s photo-bombing Captain Victor, but Mike, Dave and Austin had a pretty good day on the yellowfin.

Good start for Rick Rumzy and Joachim Perea with a full box of tuna and dorado.

Joaquim found out how tough our bonito are on a flyrod!


Despite some winds and afternoon thundershowers during the week another great week of fishing down here especially for the tuna off Bahia de Los Muertos and Las Arenas.  Just like the previous week, there were some days when the tuna bit early and hard and there were so many tuna that anglers either quit and returned to the beach early or they went off looknig for other species.


The tuna ran the gamut from little 5-pounders up to about 50 or 60 pounds with several larger fish up to 80-pounds that were beasts on the live bait and light tackle.  Several fish up to 100 pounds were lost at color!


Most folks had as much fish as they wanted and caught and released many fish or donated the meat.  They went searching for other species!


That included nicer dorado up to 30 pounds although most fish were in the 10-15 pound range.  There were more dorado with our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet which made up 90% of the catch.  But the larger dorado were with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet where the dorado mixed in with the tuna


We also got into jack crevalle, some nice dog-tooth snapper, pargo liso, cabrilla and pompano as well.


But the biggest surprise were the roosterfish!  Like the week before we caught more roosterfish this week and last week than the rest of the week combined!  There were a few days when we hooked and released at least a half-dozen gallos all ranging from 25-60 pounds!


The upcoming week shows signs of itermitent rain showers and scattered thunderstorms again, but not much wind so hopefully, it shouldn’t affect the fishing too badly. Most of the rain has been in the afternoons.  In between the rain, it’s hot and sunny!  Looks like a postcard!



The government changed the online link to purhase fishing licenses.  The new link is:


That’s our story!



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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”





La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 26-Sept. 2, 2018




Weather – Could not have been better.  Daytime highs sunny and blue 99 degrees.  Nighttime cooling to 78.  Humid!  Look out.  Could be some rain showers and thunder and lightning this coming week here and there

Water – Surface temps 85. Blue and clear!

Fishing – Maybe the best of the season.  More tuna than any other week in terms of sheer volumen…our largest dorado so far…solid roosterfish too.  Wahoo showed up as did billfish, cabrilla, pargo and other species .  Limits most day and some fishing was done by late morning!

Catching – Lost some big tuna.  Lost some big dorado.  Lost some big billfish!  That’s why they are BIG fish!



Thumbs up for sure!  Captain Adolfo with Trey Shuck and Trey Nichodemis with a double-stack of tuna and dorado their first time fishing Las Arenas and visiting La Paz!

Our long time amigo, Allen “EL AL” Schneider from Orange CA with a hefty yellofin on the gaff off Punta Arenas in the thick of the tuna “honey hole! “

Captain Gerado with Stacy Florence from Kansas City…after loading on tuna, why not go try for roosters? Big boy gallo in the boat! Wow! Fish was released.

Great start! First day on the water produced a big load of tuna plus a dorado for Adam and Riley Florence who always visit us this time of year from Kansas.

First-timer luck and a big roosterfish for Sam Rumble who took this off Punta Perico. Sam is from Ripon CA.

No complaints on a fishing day that produces results like these! Lynn Marolf and Mike Wilbur had three days like this of dorado and tuna!


Tim Rumble poses with a pair of his dorado caught just north of La Paz on his first day fishing.

Check out the racing stripes on this tasty white bonito that Gordo is holding. Pretty fish.


These two are crazy fishermen and visit us several times a year, good amigos, Jim and his son Dan Bovee from San Diego said they stopped fishing for tuna by 9:30 and could have had “all they wanted.” Fishing was THAT good!

From Stockton, James Giovannoni, put the stops on this beautiful roosterfish just there in the shallows off Punta Perico with Captain Jorge. The fish was released.

Using light tackle and shorty rods, Al Schneider from Orange CA and Ryan Netherton from San Deigo CA, got tow of the larger tuna of the week . The two used to fish together as kids but had not fished together in 30 years!


Garrett Sills from Utah fishes with us several times-a-year but is a flyfishing guide on bluewater spots in his state. With Captain Adolfo, he got all these tuna and dorado except one on an 8 wt flyrod and had a blast on the lighter tackle!  “Great to strip once or twice and they’d fight to hit the fly!”

Riley Florence was with Captain Pancho when he decided to pull out a crank bait he picked up in Florida. Check it out! It’s black with white with pink polka dots? The new hot thing? It sure worked. He dropped it back and this wahoo chomped on it!

Nice pose and fat tuna for Phil Buckingham from Pennsylvania and Jared Overholtzer from CA. First timers with us had a great time.

Captain Gerardo photobombs Stacy and Josh Florence after another great day on the water!

Happy fella, Vito Cipponeri gets his first roosterfish with Captain Jorge off the rocks near Punta Perrico.

The Rumble Brothers, Sam and Tim, on the beach at Muertos with some of their yellowfin tuna.

The hat trick of wahoo, tuna and dorado for Riley and Adam! Last day and full coolers to take home!

Not a bad day on the ridge! Lots of grouper to clean for Ryan Netherton and Al “El Al” Schneider after spending a day with our Magdalena Bay outfit.

Pretty grouper on the gaff and stuck on a jig! Al Schneider rocked this one bouncing the jig on the bottom.

Forget the full moon or big moon!  I think we just had the best week of our 2018 season.  More tuna…bigger dorado…wahoo…billfish…and everyone who wanted a roosterfish got at least one!  On top of it, maybe the best weather of the year with sunny days; cool nights and flat blue waters!


Wow!  What a week.  I don’t know how long it will last, but it was sure good this week and maybe it’s shaping up to be a the kind of fall we had last year in 2017 when we had two months of fishing like this.


For our Tailhunter La Paz fleet, everyone got limits or near limits of dorado.  Fish ran in the range of 10-25 pounds and it was pretty much a sure thing .  Could not miss. The fish were scattered over a wide range and no matter which way you went out’ve the bay, you would eventually hit some dorado.  Add to that some pargo, cabrilla, some billfish and roosterfish hookups and even some unusual yellowfin tuna up to 40 pounds and, despite the occasional slower day or boat, most of our clients  were releasing fish or coming back early.


For our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet…it was nothing short of spectacular most days!


Yellowfin tuna in the 10-20 pound size were just outside of Bahia Muertos.  Most of the time…all you wanted!  Limits by 9 or 10 a.m. then go find some other species or come in back to the beach!  It was THAT good.


Go out a tad “further” (just down the beach and out a ways), the fish jumped to 40-60 pounders!


“It was stupid good fishing!”

“I”ve never seen tuna crashing that thick before…and big ones boiling right next to the boat and the water was so shallow I could see the bottom!”

I’ve caught lots of 30 and 40 pound salmon, but they were right about tuna being strong.  My arms are still shaking!”


In the same tuna areas, dorado up to 40 pounds and schools of smaller dorado would range in or could be found not far away.


“I threw my flyrod and the fish would fight each other to get it after two or three strips.  Amazing!”


Others would go looking for roosterfish and in a year when we have not caught many rooster…everyone who wanted a rooster caught one…or two!  Fish up to 60 pounds were right there.  One day we caught 8 roosters.  That was more than we’ve caught in the last 2 months.


“I caught every species on my Baja bucket list my first day out..dorado…tuna…roosterfish…pargo…cabrilla.  It was awesome!”


Even boats that thought they were done for the day sometimes could not help catching fish.  Several boats were already coming in and slowly dragging lures back to the beach and got jumped by wahoo in 20’ of water!


What a week.  Hope it holds, but this coming week, we’re watching the weather.  Looks like we’re gonna have some tropical thunder and lightning storms coming through on-and-off.  Fingers crossed.  Most times it’s in the afternoon and evenings.  As long is there’s not a lot of wind, we should be OK.


That’s our story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

from USA : 626-638-3383
from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863

Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”