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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Dec. 9-16, 2018


La Paz- Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Dec. 9-16, 2018




Weather – Pleasant week for the most part.  Low in the 60’s and highs in the high 70’s.  Mostly sunny.  Winds gave us a break earlier in the week but got stronger (and colder) as the week went on.

Water – Choppier and rougher later in the week

Fishing – More blue water species early in the week when the winds were down and it was calmer.  More inshore and rock fish as weather got rougher and we had to fish closer in.

Species Caught This Week:  dorado, tuna, cabrilla, seabass, bonito, snapper, jack crevalle


Gary Wagner, owner of Rancho Costa there at Muertos, hooked 4 dorado and got 2 to the boat. He had a wahoo come off and he had a tuna on for over an hour before it came unbuttoned. Looks cold!

Laura Hernandez from San Diego got out a few days earlier in the week and got into the dorado. Later, as conditions changed, some huge sierra.

Not too bad a week, for the weather.  It was just cold (by our La Paz standards!).  Tourists were still running around in shorts while locals donned long pants and jackets!  Likewise, earlier in the week, winds laid down long enough to get boats out and fortunately for our type of fishing, no one really had to go out very far.


There’s still some schools of dorado around with some nicer 15-20 pounders mixed in.  Very surprising given the time of year.  Along with the dorado, some tuna were also hooked and a wahoo did bite one of the lines but came unbuttoned which is an encouraging sign (that it bit, not that it came off!).   Plus, add in the usual bonito and way too many needlefish.  All-in-all, not too bad.


As the week went on, winds came up again and the waters changed resulting in more restricted fishing with colder-water species like sierra, jack crevalle, cabrilla and snapper biting. Hard to know when not that many folks are fishing.  Most of the visitors to town are snowbirds just looking for sunshine and an escape from even colder places.  Locals are all getting ready for Christmas.


Our annual whale-watching season is almost upon us.  Migrating yearly from the Bering Sea by Alaska, the whales are on their way to Baja to mate, give birth and hang out in the warm lagoons of the Pacific.  We have daily and overnight trips booking fast.  Contact us for more details for a great family trip!


Many of you know that my wife, Jilly, has had a program for five years whereby Tailhunter Outreach program collects clothes, toys, sporting goods, school supplies, medical supplies and more for needy folks and communities in and around La Paz. It was originally started after Hurricane Odile crashed into us in 2014, but the program just kept growing.   To date, our Tailhunter amigos and brought down over 3 tons of good that we distribute throughout the year!  Jill also has a scholarship program to keep kids in school as well.

Everyone’s favorite guy…Jorge Romero


This past week our own, Jorge and Sandra Romero donated almost 200 pounds of toys to the kids of Los

Planes (near Muertos Bay where many of our captains and their families live).  With the assistance of Gary Wagner and his crew at Rancho Costa, all these kids got something for Christmas!  Thanks, Jorge and Sandra!

Lining up the gifts

Lots of kids!

Have a great week!

That’s our story.


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of September 11-18, 2016


For those of you who like it visually…

WEEK AT A GLANCE (Scale of 1-10 being best) 

For those of you who don’t have time…

Weather – 8 (great until Sunday!)

Water – 7 (not bad until Sunday when wind and waves mucked it all up)

Fishing Quantity – 8 (if you were fishing for dorado)

Fishing Quality – 3 (if you were fishing for dorado and only got the peanut-sized fish)

6  (if you caught other species like tuna, wahoo, a roosterfish or larger dorado)

Jonathan’s Attitude – 5 (feel badly for those folks who did NOT have a good week…there were 2 or 3)

Forecast for Upcoming Week – 5 (it all depends on what Sunday’s rain will do)



For those of you who want the whole enchilada with all the sides…


Whoa! We haven’t seen many of these around lately! Brandt Knudsen from Colorado hammered this big bull dorado fishing with Captain Archangel from Las Arenas. Dorado getting a little bigger!


This is a GREAT story! Todd Jones has been all over the place for 10 years chasing a roosterfish unsuccessfully. He had only 1 day to fish and gave us a shot since we’re the “roosterfish capital of the world.” Fishing with Captain Victor, he broke the curse and got this massive rooster we estimate around 80 pounds. Todd told me he’s 6’4″ and 270 pounds so you can see how big the fish is. As excited as he was, he told me he was more heartbroken that they couldn’t release the fish although they tried mightily. The met ended up feeding alot of folks in the pueblo. Oh…he also got a big wahoo on the way in (photo down below). Todd’s from the Salt Lake City area.


Captain Jorge with first-timer, John Green, from S. Carolina who rocked this big-time wahoo and poses on the beach at Muertos.


Robert “Leon Redbone” Martinez with Clyde Dent and some of the better “yellowfun” tuna we got this week.


Capitan Moncho with Karen Gerber from Washington and a BIG roosterfish. She’s just a tiny gal too and did a great job, especially considering this was her first time fishing! The fish was released.


Texas in the house! Kevin Preuss and Randy Moe had a good solid 3 days of fishing with us and included some tuna like these in their homeward bound ice chests.


You’ll not find nicer guys than Ray and Raymond Ahner from Fresno CA and San Francisco CA respectively. They got into a school of rainbow runners in Muertos Bay. If they look like yellowtail they are cousins and very tasty eating fish. These are some of the largest I’ve seen.


Our buddy Kris Honkola brought down first-timer Chris Wilbur with him this year and it paid off with a great week of fishing including tuna, dorado, marlin and several wahoo.


Colin Jensen was great to have down. He had never seen the ocean and never fished in the ocean. Visting from Utah, he made up for it with his nice bull dorado and more!


Fun-sized dorado like these really lit it up this week. Hopefully, they keep getting bigger, but nice to see more and more of them showing up.


All the way from Finland!!!Herkko Miettinen had quite a nice week topped by this big-time wahoo on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos.


Another of our Utah amigos this week with a female dorado…the kind we NEVER even saw last season. Very encouraging to finally be better some better-sized dorado!


Jordan Rabinowe with a nice yellowfin tuna. The “footballs” are sticking around and giving us some fun action around Bahia de Los Muertos. Jordan came with his dad and sister and her husband. He’s from Portland area.


From the Bay Area of CA, Jeff Cassens is all smiles with one of several of his yellowfin tuna.


From Washington, Bob Griffiths, does his best to cradle this big roosterfish so he can take a photo and let it go! Jeff got this just off the Las Arenas lighthouse and the fish swam away strongly!


Capitan Boli with Karen Gerber and one of the better-sized La Paz dorado. They’re getting bigger finally!


Birthday trip for Brandt Knudsen from Colorado! He got tuna, wahoo and dorado to take home!


Kevin Preuss is holding the biggest rainbow runner I have ever seen in my 20 years here. With Randy Moe and his tuna. On the beach near Las Arenas. The guys are from Texas.


Two more Texas guys that happen to be visiting! Ed Moreno and Charles Riley on their first day ripped a nice wahoo and a couple of yellowfin tuna.


Just one more to add to his ice chest! Senor Knudsen put the wood and gaff to this nice speedy wahoo!


What a day! Todd Jones had only one day to fish! He racked a huge roosterfish then stuck this big wahoo on the way back to the beach!


If ever there was a gamer! Carolyn Knudsen from Colorado hefts up another nice yellowfin. She fished 5 of 6 days here like a trooper!


Fun dorado to start the trip for Ray and Raymond Ahner. They added to the count shortly after with a variety of species.


Our Arizona amigo, Ted “Roosterfish” Kuhn, tries his best to pose with a nice roosterfish he caught just outside of Bahia de los Muertos. He used to be known as “Bluegill Ted” before he started fishing in La Paz. Hard to find a funner guy to fish with.


Migue and Chris drove all the way down to La Paz along the mainland then took the ferry across to the Baja. Miguel with another rainbow runner and Chris with a yellowfin tuna.


It’s great to finally see so many dorado finally rolling into our waters. Ed and Jordan Rabinowe at the start of their fishing week!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 11-18, 2016

No storms.  Great weather.  Even the full moon seemed to have zero effect on the bite this week.  Dorado, tuna, big rooster fish and wahoo were all highlights.

La Paz Fishing

If you fished with our La Paz fleets this week, I could pretty much do something I never do…guarantee you fish.  There’s plenty of dorado everywhere.  You cannot help but catch dorado right now.

The downside is that there are so many “dinks”  out there that are literally the size of a big trout, it’s like you’re molesting the nursery.   But, these little guys are born hungry like little pac-man fish and they go after anything that’s in the water.  They are attacking lures twice their size.  They go after and destroy any bait you put in there and ergo, there goes your precious bait supply!   In a word, they’re pests!

But that’s the only way to catch anything even remotely larger!  If you don’t have line in the water, you’re not gonna catch anything.  And there’s some larger 10-30 pound fish running with the “children” but the issue is how many of the squirts you have to deal with to get a larger fish!

The upside here is that these fish are a load of fun on the lighter tackle or flyrods.  The other side is that dorado grow faster than just about any fish in the ocean because all the do is eat.  In a month or two, these fish will double and triple in size.  Two months ago, there were zero dorado around and we were all bitching. So, it’s hard to complain too loudly when there’s this kind of action out here.  We just want ‘em to grow FASTER!

As a little side note to the dorado, if you want to catch a billfish like a marlin or sailfish, a great color pattern for your lure would be…(drumroll)…dorado colors like green, yellow, blue and white!


This is where it was happening all week.  This past week and the previous two weeks (minus that little hurricane last week) was like what Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay were like “back in the day.”

We had wahoo between 20-50 pounds.  There’s a good smattering of yellowfin tuna in the 10-20 pound class.  We have dorado…mostly in the 10 pound size, but got some of the largest dorado I’ve seen in two years up to 30 pounds.

And, we had some monster rooster fish up to about 80 pounds!  In fact, about the smallest I think we got this week was in the mid-20’s with most in the 40 pound class.

Now, in all fairness, it wasn’t wide open and not every boat did great every day.  But over all, with most of our anglers fishing 2 or 3 days, you really had some of the better fishing we’ve had in a long time.

Here’s the ticket…we had squid!

Several weeks ago when the tuna and dorado showed up, we cut open bellies and found they had baby squid in them.  The problem is that there’s zero baby squid to be caught.  Impossible.

So, for about 2 weeks now, we have our staff head to town and buy every bit of fresh giant squid they can get their hands on.  Every night, I’m cutting up to 100 pounds of blocked frozen squid into 3 pound bags to sell to our guys.

From what I hear, we’re buying out the city and are the only ones with the squid.  The fish are eating it and, at the very least makes great chum.

This is not “bait squid.”  This is edible “CALAMARI” that’s “restaurant grade.”  It’s expensive.  But the fish eat it and it’s making a difference.

We had some good guys come to our restaurant for dinner.  They fish with a competitor however ad asked if they could buy squid from me and I regretfully had to turn them down and say it’s only for our fishermen and there’s not enough to sell to anyone else.

So, one of the laughed and said, “Well, we’re here to order dinner.  So, we’d like to order the “calamari plate.”  However, please tell the chef we want 30 pounds of it and not to cook it and make it “to go!”  We all had a laugh.

Anyway, as long as the fish are eating it and I can keep getting it, I’ll sell to our clients to be prepared to purchase it.  It’s better than headed to the water and paying the bait guys the waiting maybe 1-3 hours for them to find enough mackerel or caballitos to sell you…if they find any at all.

For the rooster fish, the best bait is still the big ladyfish so be patient.  You DO have to catch these baits and it can take a bit and you can only catch them one-at-a-time, but this is what the big rooster fish want.  Anything that can wrap it’s mouth around an 18-inch bait is gonna be big!

Lastly, we hit some monster rainbow runners this week.  These were the largest I’ve ever seen down here in 20 years.  Cousins to yellowtail, they look like smaller cousins and are great eating.  Usually, we catch these in the spring when waters are cooler so it’s a mystery why they are here now…unless waters are cooling earlier than normal.  Hmmmmm…



Don’t let it be said that I don’t put out the most up-t0-date-info that I can or that I sugar-coat things.  I really do my best not to!  Despite all my optimism…Sunday, we got some really high winds that knocked the bite down dramatically for our Las Arenas fleet as high winds produced big waves and kicked the bite to the curve.  Except for a few firecracker-sized dorado, the Las Arenas bite stunk.

Tropical Storm Paine came in and is supposed to make landfall way way way north of us along the Baja Peninsula.   We’re not in the target area.

But, some rain clouds moved in.  We’re supposed to get a few little quick thundershowers and then it’s over-and-done. Some showers maybe linger through Monday.   Hopefully, not too much effect on the fishing.  At least, the storm isn’t hitting us directly.  I just feel badly for our Sunday anglers!

Our La Paz fishermen did just fine on Sunday.



Bruce “BC” Champlin and Ted “Roosterfish” Kuhn had a load of clothes, shoes and other items.


Wayne Seibert and brother Ken, brought down some sports equipment for the boys plus bags of pencils.


Joe Prouty and Al McDowell from Washington with much-needed school supplies.


Millones de gracias to Ben Fischer and Dan Gleason for trooping in so much stuff as well!

High-five’s to all our Tailhunter Tribe who brought down stuff for our Tailhunter Charity Outreach programs!  School supplies…adult and kids clothes…toys…sports gear…We can’t tell you how grateful we are.  Several photos of folks never got in here either for various reasons (my cell phone hasn’t worked real great since the hurricane), but God bless you as well even if your photos didn’t make it in!

That’s our story!


Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Video Channel:


“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”


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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Aug. 7-14, 2016


Sorry, it’s a little long this week.  Had alot to go over and the video quality isn’t that good for several reason.  One, I was born funny looking to begin with.  And also, I was crushed for time to get this up on time and had to do this in just one take!  Hope it’s OK!

The Quick Summary Week at a Glance (Scale of 1-10 worst to best)

Weather – 2  (Tropical Storm Javier came through)

Water – 5  (Could be better.  Could be worse.  Blue and warm but took a step back from the storm)

Fishing Action – 6 (Really good if you were fishing for inshore species  but only a 2 for offshore bluewater stuff)

Fishing Quality – 2 (Not so good.  Big fish were scarce or folks lost them.  No medium fish to speak of.)

Forecast –  5 (Might get some rain on Wednesday and Saturday.  Nothing serious…for now)

Jonathan’s Attitude:  4  (Tired and frustrated trying to predict the fishing bite during this crazy season…Just shoot me already!)

Quote of the Week:  “Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.”


blue marlin tags frank 8-16

Our Colorado buddy, Frank Kunze looks a tad tuckers out after tangling with this blue marlin north of La Paz! He had it on light tackle and good for him…he released the fish to fight another day!

dorado lisa gibson tags 8-16

This might be the most important fish of the week. As dorado go, it’s not that big, but bigger on so many other levels! You see, Lisa Gibson has been fighting and just beat cancer. They were going to come several years ago ,but then she got the diagnosis. She said that thoughts of coming fishing here in La Paz often kept her going. So, this trip was a celebration of all things good! She and her husband, Rick, caught 14 different species of fish over 3 days!

Here's a guy who knows how to pose with a fish! Chad Stachowicz is the man behind the mask and holding one of the nicer dorado from the week! He also just got married a few days ago! Fishing honeymoon! Erin's photo is below!

Here’s a guy who knows how to pose with a fish! Chad Stachowicz is the man behind the mask and holding one of the nicer dorado from the week! He also just got married a few days ago! Fishing honeymoon! Erin’s photo is below!

Erin Chad Stachowicz trigger 8-16 tags

They literally got married and jumped on a plane to start the honeymoon in La Paz! Erin and Chad Stachowicz here with some nice triggerfish and a bonito. Chad’s dorado is the photo above. They also lost a big pargo in the rocks!

Victor Caroline tags rooster 8-16

Carolyn Broshear has to be one of the most joyous gals we’ve run across. She’s always laughing and it’s evident here with this big roosterfish and Captain Victor. She said the roosterfish really hammered her but had a blast. She also released the fish too!

Rick Gibson Pancho tags 7-16 rooster

Ah yes! The right kind. Rick Gibson from Arizona with an early morning trophy roosterfish and Captain Pancho! It was also Rick’s birthday too! The fish was released.

John Radar rooster tags victor 8-16

Another rooster in the boat! John Radar from Colorado told me, “I’m so handsome the fish are scared!” Captain Victor helps for the photo. John released the big roosterfish.

triggerfish Lisa Gibson Rogelio 8-16 tags

Captain “Jolly Roger” Rogelio and one of the big triggerfish we’ve been catching around Espirito Santo Island with Lisa Gibson. Great eating fish!

rooster frank tags 8-16

Frank Kunze again with a rooster just south of Bahia de los Muertos! The fish lived to fight and grow bigger!

Dee Dee Radar rooster tags 8-16

Captain Victor was on fire this week with the roosterfish. This time Dee Dee was on the bite just off the rocks and she takes a quick pose before letting this one go too!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 7-14, 2016

The week got jacked a bit by Tropical Storm Javier that hit us mid-week, but all-in-all, it could have been alot worse.  Mainland Mexico got hit pretty badly.  Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape got alot of rain and strong winds.  We were braced for it here in La Paz, but ultimately, we got some heavy winds the actual day of the storm with some 50-60 mph gusts and a few hours of steady but not torrential rains and thankfully, that was it.  No hurricane.  No flooding or damage to speak of.

But, from the perspective of fishing, it didn’t do us any favors.

The storm hit mid-week.  The day before it was already getting windy and cloudy.  Some flashes of lightning and thunder and the waters were already getting choppy.

The day of the storm, forget it.  It was completely blown out and impossible to get out.  Plus the port captain closed the port and kept everyone inside anyway.  So, we had to cancel all the trips and basically tell folks to sleep in; hang out and go hang out by the pool.  We had great folks with us this week and everyone was cool and just rolled with it and kept smiling.

The day after the storm, we were back out on the water, but as if often characteristic of storms, the day after, the waters are turned over and dirty.  It was still choppy and conditions weren’t exactly optimum.

So that knocked 3 days out’ve the week right there.

Overall, fishing wasn’t spectacular anyway.  Roosterfish, some billfish, lots of triggerfish, some pargo, cabrilla, jack crevalle, a few dorado and a couple of wahoo lost.  We’re expecting some thundershowers late Wednesday again.


Once again, the rooster fish factory saved the day on more than one occasion.  Big feisty fish from 20-50 pounds.  All released. Great fighting.  Thrilling if you’ve never caught one and everyone is always surprised how close t shore these big fish can be and how shallow the water can be.  But, rooster fish were once again center stage for our anglers who fished this area.

Beyond that, a few billfish hooked.  A couple of wahoo lost.  The rest of the catch was a picky scratchy mix of some jack crevalle and bonito.


This is where most of the action was.  This is where the fillets came from if you planned to take home some fish.

But strange.  We SHOULD be thick in to the dorado this time of year.  But, we’re only getting a handful a day..if that.  Still, it’s more than we were getting two weeks ago.  We SHOULD be into 10-30 pound fish.  The fish we’re getting are only about 10-15 pounds at best.  Conditions are improving, but we’ll have to see.

There’s sailfish, blue marlin and striped marlin and we hooked and released a couple of them.  We had one rooster fish come up and eat a marlin jig that was trolled over a high spot.  Never seen that before!

The main focus then was inshore stuff around the islands, reefs and rocks where there was great bite of 2-5 pound triggerfish mixed with cabrilla, pargo, amberjack and a few others.  All great eating fish and lots of the larger fish lost to the rocks and sharp teeth.



Kent Hawkins and Joey Fuschetti had a full ice chest of stuff including a ton of sports equipment. Joey is a coach and he had bags of balls plus swimming gear and even his original baseball mits from when he was a kid.


Clothes…school…supplies…book bags…just incredible from Kevin Davis, Dennis Smith, Phil France, Joe France, Del “Santa Clause” Winterfeld and Steve Gross all from Washington.


Portland OR friends in the house! Steve and Dorothy Murata brought down 72 sets of toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss for the kids!

Major shout-outs to all our awesome Tailhunter Tribe amigos who kindly brought down donations for the schookids at our outlying schools, the orphanage and the woman’s shelter.  Your big hearts go a long way and we’re grateful.  In the last month alone we’ve donated over 1000 pounds of much needed things.

Also a big THANK YOU to the kids in Lisa and Rick Gibson’s family (photos of Rick and Lisa above).  The kids took their own money that they had saved and went out and bought school supplies to donate!  WOW!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of Rick and Lisa and the stuff they brought down…or their kids who did not make the fishing trip!  😦

God bless you all!

That’s our story!

trio signature w: kitty

Jonathan and Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/pangapirate

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of July 16-24, 2016


Sorry this is such a rough video this week.  Only had time to do it in one take before the internet quit on me!

WEEK AT A GLANCE (Scale of 1-10)

Conditions:   6 – Better than it’s been

Fish Quality:  8 – Big fish with marlin in the spotlight

Fish Quantity:  2.5  Not many fish.  Just big fish!  Marlin or  smaller triggerfish.  More quality than quantity.

Water:  6 – Getting bluer and warmer finally

Weather:  8-  Hot and muggy.  Bits of rain at times.  Just enough to mess up my just-washed-car. 😦

Storm:  2 – One to the south that went to Hawaii generated some waves to south facing beaches like Muertos Bay.  Got bouncy.

Live Bait:  3 – Still tough.  Gotta work for it. Some days better than others.  We use whatever shows up.

Overall:  4-5

Jonathan’s Disposition:  Much better than the week before.  Saw lots of smiles this week.

Applause:  To all the anglers who resisted the urge to kill their billfish and released them and to those that donated so much to others who needed the food!  Cheers!



Henke Marlin tags 7-16

Wow! What can you say, Robert “Pops” Henke from Montebello CA comes to see us every year. He’s 89-years-old and his first marlin turns out to be 370 pounds! With the help of son, Bo, they fought the fish for almost 3 hours. Captain Chito “ten more minutes” Martinez from the Tailhunter Fleet handled the boat. They also got a sailfish. There were some larger blue marlin hooked and lost this week as well!  Additionally, bravo to Pops and Bo who only kept about 50-pounds of meat (to divide among a group of 14 anglers)  and made sure that anyone of the locals  who wanted or needed fish received some to eat.  It fed many families!


The laughs are non-stop for anyone around Jerry Acosta from Phoenix whenever he visits us! There were so many billfish hooked this week, it’s hard to tell if Jerry has a striped marlin or a small blue there in the water. I think it’s a small blue.

Craig and Cathy Corda pargo tags Pancho 7-16

Captain Pancho wit Craig and Cathy Corda from Calexico, our amigos, who had a great few days of fishing and kicked it off with a bookend pair of big mean dog-tooth snapper (pargo perros).

Thomas marlin tags 7-16

Thomas only had 1 day to fish with us and got his first marlin too. It looks like a striper or even a small (dare-I-say) swordfish! I would tend to say a striped marlin but the captains called this a “white marlin” and indeed, the meat was white, not orange like a striped marlin and very meaty!


Luis Arandia finally got his first marlin…a striper. He also hooked a blue and a sailfish over two days!

Pargo tags 7-16 dog tooth

And yet another big big dog-tooth snapper hits the beach. Usually, we get these big pargo in the fall and later fall. Mean fish. Big teeth too!

craig tags 7-16 pancho wahoo

Craig Corda is all smiles with a nice wahoo. Craig has gotten a wahoo the last few times he’s fished with us…which is every year!

Marco holguin tags 7-16 rooster

He has to head back in a few weeks for his 2nd year of law school in New York, but Marco Holguin did get this nice roosterfish before he released it!


Monster Jack Crevalle for Africa outfitter, out friend, Ken Khaplin who also got big roosterfish and marlin last week.

Cathy tags pancho marlin 7-16

And here’s Cathy Corda with her first marlin too! Another one of the billfish I would call a striped marlin, but was told it was a “white marlin” even tho’ supposedly white marlin are only found in the Atlantic. The meat was indeed white when we packed it and striped marlin has dark reddish/orange flesh.

Jonathan Manny pargo 7-16 tags

Yes, even I got out for just a few hours at sunset thanks to Gary Wagner and his great family for hosting us for the evening at Rancho Costa in Bahia de los Muertos. Out with his captain Manuel, we got bit off by a big wahoo; got some fat bonito; then ended the evening with a barred pargo headed to the dinner table at the lodge!  It ate a purple Rapala XRap 30.

Marco Marlin tags 7-16

Marco Holguin again with his first striped marlin and Captain Jorge. Over 3 days he and his dad, Steve, got 4 striped marlin!


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of July  16-24, 2016

We just had maybe the best week of billfish I have ever seen here in the 20 years, we’ve had Tailhunters here in La Paz.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen billfish all over, but with the colder waters, they just weren’t interested in much of anything.  They were sitting on the surface and completely lethargic.

I kept saying that if the water temperatures came up just a few degrees, these fish will go.  Well, the water temps came up and the fish suddenly got hungry.   Every day, maybe 80% of our pangas hooked at least 1 billfish a day.  For every one brought to the boat, maybe 2-3 others were lost or released.  About 70% were released (way-to-go-guys!) and for those that came in or couldn’t be released, alot of the anglers donated the meat (double way-to-go!).   But, alot of fun and for alot of our folks, it was their first billfish. In some cases, their 2nd and 3rd as well.

These fish ranged from smaller 50-80 pound stripers to our largest of the week which was a 370-pound blue marlin.  There were also some sailfish as well.  Plus there were 1 or 2 other billfish that would have been larger than 400 pounds, but we’ll never know as they broke off after long battles.

Several items…we’re getting marlin that sure look like striped marlin to me.  Same shape and size.  But our captains are calling them “white marlin.”   But, white marlin are only found (supposedly) on the Atlantic.  I was dubious and still am.  They sure look like striped marlin!  But, maybe a little slimmer. But white marlin generally are smaller and slimmer than striped marlin.

However, when I was packing fish, the meat of the “white marlin” was WHITE!  Almost creamy white like the flesh of the delicious blue marlin.  The striper flesh that I was vacuum sealing was the normal orange color and very fibrous like I expected!

The other thing…I think we would have been able to release more of these fish except that alot of these fish are really deep-hooked.  Most of the guys are NOT trying to hook billfish.  We don’t troll big lures like many areas.  We fish live and dead bait.  We’re fishing for dorado or even rooster fish and  other species.

But, these billfish are just hungry.  They come up…even in the shallow areas…and they are HUNGRY.  They grab a bait and then swallow it!  Hook goes deep.  Some we can release.  Others…well…not so easy.  When you have a bait in the water, it’s not like you can pick-and-choose what bites the hook down under the surface.  A number of guys did try really hard to revive their fish!

Let me also just add one more thing…for anyone who’s doesn’t like seeing photos of the billfish…

  • Mexican regulations allow a fisherman to keep one per day
  • For every photo you see, 5 or 6 billfish were either lost or released
  • Normally, about 90% of all billfish we catch are voluntarily released
  • Many times when anglers are unable to revive a fish, they donate the meat to folks who need food
  • Even when a fish is purposely taken, many times, the anglers still donate a good chunk anyway
  • Alot of the anglers that are catching the marlin aren’t really trying to catch the billfish and are trying to catch other fish but the ocean being what it is, if there’s a bait in the water, the billfish are eating it…even in shallow water.  There’s no control of what decides to grab your bait under the water.  And, unlike a lure, a small bait goes right down the throat with the hook and makes it harder to release although we are still able to release many and lots of guys spend alot of energy reviving their fish.


After several weeks of green cold water, the waters have improved dramatically!  Our captains have commented that there are many more patches of clean blue water now although still some colder areas.  Jill and I were out there mid-week and visibility and conditions looked extremely good.

There wasn’t alot of variety this week, but as stated above, we got billfish.  There are stripers, sailfish, “white marlin” and smaller blue marlin (150 pounders) hooked.

As well, we’re seeing a little tick again of wahoo.  I was out with Gary Wagner from Rancho La Costa only for about an hour or so at sunset and the first big caballito we had in the water got torn in half like a Ginzu knife got it.  Too bad, we didn’t have a double-trap-hook set up on it because it was a huge 3 pound bait and it got cleanly severed.  Several other guys during the week also hooked and lost fish.

Additionally, some of the big dog-tooth snapper got caught this week as well.   Big fat doggies with the fangs!


There were two kinds of fish.  No in-between fish.  They were either big.  Or they were small.

There were only two kinds of fish.  Rock fish (lots of triggers…smaller cabrilla and pargo…snapper).  Or, they were big marlin 80-400 pounds!

That was it in a nutshell.  No variation!  A few dorado thrown in, but that was the whole enchilada.  Guys either went inshore to the islands and rocks and knocked the heck out’ve triggerfish and rockfish.  Or they went deeper and got billfish.

For sure the larger billfish were on this side as waters tend to be deeper and there’s more current and feed north of La Paz than Las Arenas.  There were more sailfish on this side too.


Thanks to all of those who donated to our charities this week with school supplies and clothes!

Steve and Marco Holguin

Luis Arandia and Mario Salazar

Monte and Marlene Aldridge


Big smiles and thank you to Monte and Marlene Adridge from Utah on their first trip to La Paz managed to stuff a bunch of great school supplies into an ice chest for our kids!

That’s our story!

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Jonathan and Jill

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas / Muertos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of AUGUST 2-9, 2015

rooster double 8-15 Pitts tags

Scott Pitts is a pro fishing guide from Oregon and he and his wife, Sara, came down specifically to jump on some roosters! This particular day, they caught and released big fish including this great double hook-up!

Ken Chaplin dorado tags 8-15

Lots of Oregon amigos lately! Ken Chaplin is a hunting outfitter and did good on the roosters and dorado like this really colorful bull dorado!

PITTS marlin 8-15 tags

Big smiles with Captain Joel and Scott Pitts for a big striped marlin they caught north of La Paz Bay and released.

Dustin tags rooster 8-15

The man behind the mask is our Seattle amigo, Dustin Chaplin, with another big fat roosterfish. Caught and released several nice ones.



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 2-9, 2015

I think this looks like the summer pattern for the season.  Maybe in a few weeks it will change, but for now, it appears that the fishing reports are getting pretty consistent.  Hot humid weather with occasional afternoon showers.  Great beach days and fishing fairly solid for three main species…rooster fish…dorado…and billfish.


Still earning it’s nickname as the “Roosterfish Capital of the World.”  If you’re targeting rooster fish, it’s been an excellent season for them.  Some days are better than others, but overall, if pez gallos are on your bucket list and you have a day or two, you’ve got a good shot at taking in a trophy.  There’s some fun little dinky-guys in Bahia de Los Suenos running a 1-3 pounds that are a hoot on light tackle and flyrods.

Then…there are the beasty boyz!

The rest of the fish are tackle busters.  The “smaller ones” are 25-30 pounds.  The larger ones are up to 60 pounds.  And they get larger!  We have caught them over 100 pounds through the years and some big guys have been lost.  The world record 114-pounder was taken in this area.

The key is having either sabalo (ladyfish) or caballito (jacks) for bait.  On the days when it was a little too windy or bumpy to get the baits, those were the days when the rooster bite was off.  But, if you have the baits in the tanks, then you’d better buckle in.  The fish surprise alot of people to find fish this size literally just a few yards off the beach in shallow water.  The baits themselves can be as big as 12 inches.  So, anything that can put a 12-inch bait in it’s mouth is gonna be big!

Beyond that, some billfish getting hooked and a few school dorado and cabrilla.


Fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet, the dorado have been the highlight.  There’s several spots north of La Paz Bay that are holding lots of fish.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that so many of the fish are 5 pounders.  Ready to eat anything you throw at them and there’s plenty of action.  There’s larger ones hanging out up to about 20 pounds, but the little “doraditos” are so plentiful, the larger ones don’t get the chance.  However, I will say that more of the bigger fish came up later in the week and it was a marked improvement!

Still, we’re hooking some larger ones each week and the smaller ones are providing lots of fun action so everyone gets bent.

For other species, with so many little dorado around, the billfish are feeding in the same areas on the small dorado so we’re hooking marlin and sails in the same areas as the dorado.  Big bonito also that pull like freight trains.

Inshore, the waters are getting almost too warm, but there’s still some pargo and cabrilla along the rocks as well as smaller rooster fish.


High-five’s to this week’s big hearts who brought down stuff in their empty bags and ice chests for Jill’s “Pack for a Purpose” program to benefit needy kids here in La Paz!


Just-in-time for the school year for kids that can’t get supplies, John Christofferson, who runs a huge barbecue catering biz in Las Vegas showed up with some great stuff for Jill’s Pack for a Purpose Charity.



The Chacon Family (Rich, Hector, Lauren and friend Izzy) can give anyone a lesson in how to cram a ton of stuff into small places! Every year, they bring down clothes, supplies, school materials and so much more for the kids!


He’s got a sly smile, but a big heart…Paul Zech with son, Mike, from Oregon come to see us every year and pose with Jill and a big load of things for the kids! Thanks, guys!

That’s our story!  Have a great week!

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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

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from USA : 626-638-3383

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Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

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“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz -Las Arenas (Muertos Bay) Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of May 31-June, 7, 2015


Dustin Bremmer had only one day to fish and he made the most of it with this fat yellowfin tuna and also a wahoo with Captain Armando.

Caleb Davis 6-15 edit tags small 6-15

This should be on a Christmas card! Six-year-old Caleb Davis is genetically progammed to be a good fisherman. Dad runs a sportboat out’ve Orange Co. , California. Gramps is our amigo, James “Hawk” Davis who lives in La Ventana and is a stellar angler as well. Caleb rocked this big wahoo all on his own.

Mike Candi Jimenez Armando tags 5-15

From Hawthorne CA, Candi and Mike Jimenez with Captain Armando did this nice wahoo with only 1 day to fish this past week. Nicely done.

Harry and Dani Gist wahoo tags 5-15

From Sacramento, a really fun couple. Dani and her husband, Harry Gist, also got themselves a wahoo this week. Standing on the beach at Bahia de Los Muertos. They got a bunch of pargo and cabrilla as well on their 2nd day of fishing and spent a day snorkeling at the island with the sealion.


It was an incredible week for first timers and anglers who only had one day to fish! Dave Bosteter from Arizona only fished one day. He only caught ONE fish! But, check out his big striped marlin with Captain Pancho! He also did the fish on light tackle too! The fish could not be released.

Brian tags wahoo 5-15

Our son-in-law, Brian Reid, did a bit of damage this past week. He lives in Las Vegas AZ and this is one of his two wahoo he put in the tank off Cerralvo Island.

Henry harvey wahoo 6-15 tags

Our Sacramento amigos with Captain Victor, Henry and Becky Harvey managed to get a nice wahoo on but had several others almost to the boat. Henry also got himself his first marlin this week!

jessie wahoo 5-15 tags

Our gal…also our daughter…Jessie Reid of Las Vegas. She’s funny. Slept on the panga all day. Woke up for 5 minutes when her rod went off. She hooked this nice wahoo and went back to siesta! She makes alot of things look easy. Love how she rolls.

Fun photo with Orhan Gurbuz and popular Captain Rogelio "Jolly Roger"  Camacho and a nice cabrilla near Espirito  Santo Island.

Fun photo with Orhan Gurbuz and popular Captain Rogelio “Jolly Roger” Camacho and a nice cabrilla near Espirito Santo Island.

wahoo gato

Just a darned fine photo! Capitan Gato at sunrise with another wahoo. Thanks for the photo, Hawk Davis!

tags Kevin kaka verde y John nagy wahoo 6-15

Two of our fun regulars and great fisherman, Kevin and John Nagy with a pair of ‘hoos!



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia de Los Muertos Fishing Report for Week of  May 31 to June 7, 2015

At the time you’re reading this, we’ll know what, if any effect,  Hurricane/Storm Blanca will have done to us.  I’m writing this about noon of Sunday trying to get this up and posted before we lose power.  We already lost power a few last night for short perdiods.  I’m hustling to write so excuse any typos!

As I write this, everyone is watching to see what will happen.  We have been tracking this for days.  It has been like watching a roller coaster ride because it has changed up and down by the hour.

Right now…The storm sits a couple of hundred  miles south of us where is seems to vary between a dangerous Category 1 and 2.  (It was up to to a 3 and 4).   The whopper that hit Baja last year was a Cat 4-5 with winds close to 200 miles and hour.    Named “Odile”, it’s fresh in our memories and  many of us are still recovering so we’re all anxious to see what nature has in store.  But, it’s coming.

As of this moment, they CLOSED CABO AIRPORT and the La Paz marinas have been closed for two days.  If you’re coming down in the next few days, I would suggest you call your airlines.  This will probably last through Tuesday.  Check!  As of right now, the La Paz Airport is open.

At the  moment, predictions have the storm diminishing it’s effect on us here in La Paz.  The eye of the storm has it going west and north instead of directly overhead.  It will make landfall much further north on the Baja Peninsula and probably bring California some much needed rain.  For us here in La Paz, we’re probably gonna get a few inches of rain today and tomorrow with some winds up to 60 MPH by tomorrow.  It’s not like Odile last year, but not to be taken lightly.

It’s NOT a hurricane, but it’s a very strong TROPICAL storm

For sure . strong winds in the 20-40 mph category are predicted to blow Sunday, Monday and Tuesday which is much  more problematic.  Even though the sun will likely be out, anything in double digits will make it impossible to be out on the water for our panga fleets here in La Paz.  Even if it’s safe, it’s not gonna be fun out there.  Plus, our bite has been so great for wahoo and roosters and our dorado bite just hit stride so I’m anxious to see how the bite will be affected post-Blanca.

To the government’s credit, the CFE crews are already out and marshalled in front of Hotel Marina.  These CFE guys and their big trucks saved us all last year when the big one hit us and many of us were out’ve power for several weeks.  The CFE guys are the power company guys and boat loads of the landed after last year’s hurricane and it was like the marines had landed or the cavalry showed up!  With no power, they’re no electricity.  No cooking.  No pumps to pump water.  Nothing!  The trucks are already here now and ready to go.   We talked to one of the CFE guys last night and he said they are actually parking themselves at various hot spots ready to immediately tackle problems.

Anyway, nothing to do but wait and see.  Last year, Odile took the same track and at the last minute turned inwards and kicked the hell outta lower Baja, after we all thought it was going to pass us up.

Fingers crossed!

As of 11 a.m Sunday morning, this is Hurricane Blanca

As of 11 a.m Sunday morning, this is Hurricane Blanca


As or Sunday, tracking Tropical Depression Blanca for the next few days.


Another sidebar story…Sunday…today is election day.  NO ALCOHOL SALES IN LA PAZ are allowed.  So, with the storm and all, we figured we might as well close the Tailhunter Restaurant Bar and also let our employees spend the day with their families and taking care of their homes.

So, I ran out to the market Saturday night to stock up on batteries, tape, canned good, etc.  We are always prepared, but never hurts to have extras.  Last year before Odile, no one seemed to pay much mind and got caught flatfooted.  So, this year, everyone would be making a run of emergency supplies at the market.

I went to the market and there were PLENTY of supplies.  However, everyone was buying ALL THE BEER they could get a hold of!   People were more concerned with enough beer to get through election Sunday and in case stores are closed for several days afterwards!  I have heard that some stores have sold out of all their beer already!  Viva Mexico!   LOL

I have run into several friends who bought lots of beer on Saturday and stocked up their ice chests.  However, they ended up drinking it all up and now are in a panic now trying to find beer!

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening. It’s been a solid week!


Wow, that wahoo bite…not much to say except that in the last 3 weeks, we’ve gotten more wahoo than in the last 5 years combined.  I hate to sound cocky but this has been incredible.  Pangas are getting 1-5 wahoo per day.  The only clients of ours not getting a wahoo are those that are fishing for something else; flyfishers; or folks who are hooking them but losing the speedsters.  These fish are all quality 20-50 pounders!

We’re getting a little spoiled.  Some of our anglers have no idea just how we’re rolling in gravy.  They’re starting to complain!  LOL

“I only got ONE wahoo today.”

“I just had TWO wahoo today.  The other boats got more than me!”

Yikes!  Hahahaha…what can ya do?

Besides the wahoo, we’re still getting decent numbers of those tasty white bonito (meat like tuna!) and rooster fish have been in the 20-40 pound class.  Plus, we’re seeing pompano, jack crevalle, the occasional sierra (must be some cold water around), plus hooking a marlin or two as well as the marlin and sails are starting to wake up!

The bite diminished towards the end of the week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as big rollers from the storm to the south started coming in and bait got harder to find.  We stopped fishing the area and see how things pick up after the storm.


Our Tailhunter La Paz Fleet has been consistent for action.  Inshore stuff for pargo, cabrilla, snapper, amberjack, rooster fish,  jack crevalle and bonito has produced 20-30 fish days with lots of released fish, but lots of fun battling these fish in the rocks.

The best news is late in the week we finally started seeing some larger schools of dorado that we’ve been waiting for.  Fish are small to medium…5  to 15 pounders with many of the anglers releasing the smaller fish, but it’s encouraging to finally see the dorado moving in.

Also more billfish in the area as well which should only get better with so many more smaller dorado around.

We fished La Paz until late in the week when the Port Captain closed the port and prevented all watercraft from leaving!

That’s our story!

Jonathan and Jilly

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Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/pangapirate

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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La Paz – Las Arenas Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of May 10-17, 2015

Diana Statman tuna pancho tags small 5-15

Diana Statman from Marina del Rey CA had never fished in salt water and was a little nervous going out on “that little panga.” But, with Captain Pancho from the Tailhunter fleet, she had a bait in the water only a few minutes and got slammed! Her husband Jay was still rigging up. He got bit shortly after and they had a double hookup going. Here she is trying to hold the big fish still for the camera.

rooster burgess tags small 5-15

Nice rooster for Allen Burgess from Kansas wit Captain Jorge from the Tailhunter Fleet. Caught and released off Bahia de Los Muertos. He also hooked and released a 250 pound blue marlin after a 3 hour battle on 40 pound test and a spinning rod.

pargo cabrilla drucker 5-15 tags

Pretty typical of the nice bite around Espirito Santo Island right now for some great pargo and cabrilla and some of the best fish on the grill or plate. Captain Joel with our good amigo, John Drucker.


Nyle Miyamoto tags dorado 5-15

From Washington, Nyle Miyamoto, with one of our early season dorado no the beach at Muertos. Waters are warming and we expect to see more dorado anytime now.


tags yellowtail travis craig and brett fair 5-15

Might be the last yellowtail of the season and caught by Brett Fair and Travis Craig from Portland OR off Espirito Santo Island on big mackerel.

Mike Dietzman sailfish tags 5-15

Normally, he’s out white-water paddling, but Mike Dietzman from Oregon was just with us on his first time salt water fishing and he hooked into this nice sailfish north of La Paz.



Hard to beat for just getting pulled around on a fishing rod, there’s some big schools of jack crevalle running around right now. Great on light tackle! From Oregon, Joel Ulam and Brad Carlson with a pair or “toros.”

Dorad dave cummins 5-15 tags

With Captain Chito trying to hook up another bait, Dave Cummins has a fresh one on the gaff. Nice bull dorado off Espirito Santo Island . Check out the great colors!

tuna Jay 5-15 tags small

Captain Chito with Jay Statman from Marina Del Rey CA and two great yellowfin tuna out’ve Bahia de los Muertos. Jay and his wife were double hooked and had fish going when a boat load of spearfishing free divers jumped right in the water 10 yards off our panga despite being asked not to do it. That shut off the bite. C’mon…show some courtesy. It’s a huge ocean! Still a nice catch!

Travis craig pargo 5-15 tags

Mmmmm…one of the best eating fish here! Travis Craig with a huachinango (red snapper pargo) he pulled out of the rocks near Espirito Santo Island.

Donna hammerhead tags 5-15

An unusual catch, but they are around here! Donna Drucker hooked this 80 pound hammerhead and fought it to the boat so it could be released.



La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay Fishing Report for Week of May 10-17, 2015

It was another tough week after waters and conditions settle down from the strange crazy winds and waves we got the week before that just turned everything over and around.  It brought in cooler, greener water plus residual winds and it’s taking quite a few days for things to settle down So, alot of this week was just scratchy fishing and hat’s off to all our anglers who kept grinning and kept patient and brought the smiles.  I won’t lie, the fishing was way off what it should be this time of year.

There were some great highlights to be sure.  But, alot of the week, it was either tough to find bait because of the waters or winds or, when we did find it, the guys had to work hard for their fish.  However, with each day of better weather, the conditions were coming back.  Each day the waters calmed and so did the winds and little-by-little the fishing seemed to inch better.

Las Arenas

Probably the toughest fishing the last two weeks.  There’s bunches of little dorado around that are entertaining for awhile, but I mean “really little” five pounders, if that.  Good for a fish or two to be released, then most anglers move on unless they’re playing and having fun with the light tackle. There’s also some good schools of white bonito around.  Again, lots of fun and they’re getting 5-10 per day.  These aren’t the “bad bonito” or skipjack.  These are the whites that make great eating and can fool anyone on a plate that it’s actually tuna!  The meat is not dark, but rather great pink meat perfect for sashime and cooks up white as well.

The highlights of the week for our guys…rooster fish.  Hard to come by this week with limited smaller baits so we only had the big ladyfish to use, but that produced a few of the bigger 30-50 pounders along the shores.  But, the bite was definitely off.

As well, we had some wahoo bites, but no fish landed.  All from the south end of Cerralvo Island and near Punta Perrico.  But, the wahoo are there.  (Just as I posted this Sunday night, two of our guys landed 2 forty-pound fish and lost a bigger one!)

We also had more marlin swimming around and one big-time hookup by Al Burgess from Kansas.  Allen hooked a fish estimated by our captain at 250 pounds!  But, even more amazing, Al was using 40 pound test AND A SPINNING ROD!   He battled the fish solo for 3 solid hours with a bad back and legs and they said the big fish bulldogged them and barely ever jumped…the worst and strongest kind…smart fish that don’t waste energy jumping around!  It pulled the panga with 3 anglers and a captain in circles the entire time.

Sorry there’s no photos but what happened is the guys burned up all the batteries and memory during the battle!  When the fish was finally alongside the boat, no one had any memory or batteries!  Only great stories.  And the fish was released!!!  Well done!

The other highlight was a nice jag of 30-40 pound tuna.  Another good story.

Diana Statman had never fished in salt water before!  First time down here too, although husband, Jay, is a long time fisherman and has been down to La Paz many times before.  Diana gets a bait and gets it in the water and minutes later she’s bit!!!  Tuna on!!!  Husband Jay is still rigging up!    Then, Jay gets bit!  Doubles on!

But what happens…some private spear fishermen pull up not 10 yards from their panga and jump in the water!  Despite being asked to move somewhere else…they jump in anyway.   The tuna get pulled in, but bite over! C’mon guys…some courtesy.  It’s a big ocean!!!


This is surprisingly where most of our action took place this week.  And it wasn’t our usual bite.

Of all things, with the crazy weather, our captains have found some good spots for some big pargo and cabrilla near the islands and some of the reefs.  It’s providing some pretty solid action and they’re losing some big big fish to the rocks and inexperience.  Most of the fish that are coming back are delicious 3-5 pounders, but some great stories of 10-20 pound fish lost to the rocks.   Plus some big amberjack up to 50 pounds caught at the north end of Cerralvo and larger ones being lost…some right next to the boat up to 70 pounds.

We did get a few yellowtail.  Normally, we should be getting more this time of year, but waters are warming fast so I think the yellowtail we are getting might be the last of the season.

A few dorado around but of the larger variety and we should see more every week and we also hooked a few marlin and sails this week as well.

Again, not spectacular and not our usual.  But every day seems a little better as long as the weather holds!

That’s our story!

combo-signature-black letters

Jonathan and Jilly

Jonathan Roldan’s

Tailhunter International



Mexico Office: Tailhunter International, 755 Paseo Obregon, La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

U.S. Mailing Address:  Tailhunter International, 8030 La Mesa Blvd. #178, La Mesa CA  91942


from USA : 626-638-3383

from Mexico: 044-612-14-17863


Tailhunter Weekly Fishing Report:  https://fishreport.jonathanroldan.com/

Tailhunter YouTube Videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/pangapirate

“When your life finally flashes before your eyes, you will have only moments to regret all the things in life you never had the courage to try.”

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