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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Jan. 3-10, 2022


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Bahia Muertos/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug. 3-10, 202



Yohan and Jessica found that one day of calm and also found some legit-sized dorado out’ve Bahia Muertos.

Tough week to try to fish in La Paz. Most days winds blew 10-20 mph plus some rain. We try to schedule folks when it looks least inclement for fishing, but it’s often hit-or-miss. La Paz has so many different micro-climates, and weather forecasting is hardly an exact science, especially in our area. It can look calm in La Paz Bay, but just outside the bay it could look like the cold crazy North Atlantic. Or, at Las Arenas Point it could look fishable from afar, but when you get there, the current and winds are so strong that only wind-surfers are out there.

Or, in the morning, you push some folks out in a boat, but two hours later after they’ve found live bait, the weather changes. Even finding live bait is an issue. If it has been rough, it’s hard to find bait in the shallows. Or, since there aren’t many fishermen out, it’s a 50-50 chance that the bait guys don’t go out to catch any bait so we might send out a boat, but find out the bait guys didn’t work that night or morning.

There’s some dorado still holding here and there which is strange since they are warm-water fish and some rumors of wahoo, but mostly if folks are out fishing, it’s a catch of sierra, cabrilla, snapper and pargo mixed with bonito or jacks. Fun inshore fish.


We did get some good news. We got our latest new IGFA World Record. Doctor Gamaliel Morales caught a 46 pound mullet snapper (pargo liso) last May at the southern end of Cerralvo Island. It beat the standing all-tackle record by a single pound. Dr. Morales saw bait breaking on the surface at the island and thought marlin might be chasing up the bait so he pinned on a caballito and got hit in about 60’ of water by the big pargo. He got it over to our Tailhunter Restaurant where we have an IGFA certified scale and we got it weighed.

It beat the former record of 45 pounds also caught at Cerralvo Island!

Congratulations to Dr. Morales who has been waiting since May to hear! 

Interestingly, we caught an even larger pargo maybe 5-10 pounds larger just a few days earlier, but the fisherman cut it up before we could tell him to get it to the scale.

You just never know what will bite if you have a line in the water and the waters around La Paz have produced a number of world records!


It’s coming up on whale watching season.  The annual migration has started as the whales come down from the Bering Sea and spend several months in the warm Baja waters along the Pacific Coast mating, and birthing.  Best time to get close to these magnificent animals is mid-February to March.  It’s an incredible experience.  Check it out and get in touch with us for an event of a lifetime!


On 2020, our hunting/ fishing exhibition tour got cut short by Covid.  In 2021, all our shows were cancelled.  However, we’re back on the road again and headed from Texas to Reno as you read this!

Three months on the road! It’s been awhile!

We have 8-10 shows on the calendar this year so hopefully, we’re coming to a city near you!

This week we will be at the Reno Convention Center  at the WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION SHOW from Thursday to Sunday!  It’s a huge show with tons of exhibitors and it would be great to see you to chat about visiting us in La Paz this year.  Here’s a 60-second video of the 2020 show.  Keep in mind this was just before Covid hit in 2020.  Pretty exciting stuff to see.

Jill and I will be in the booth every day and we’re looking forward to seeing you!
Just a head’s up!  Lots of dates are already filling up and many of your favorite captains are getting booked and hotels filled.  Don’t wait until the shows to get in touch with us.  We don’t want you to miss out on the great fishing this year!
Coming up:  The International Sportsman’s Expo at the California State Fairgrounds Jan. 2023!
That’s our story!
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