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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of April 26-May 2, 20022



Captain Boli gives our Oregon amigo, Jeff Killian, a hand to pose with one of his yellowtail caught around Espirito Santo Island.


Pretty sight. Another big yellowtail coming aboard! The fish this week were 15-30 pound sluggers!

Utah first-timer with us, Mike Luna caught and released 3 of these roosterfish just off the shoreline on his first day fishing.

Bob Kashka from the San Diego area had just one day to fish and had a pretty banner day with 4 roosters caught-and-released.

She’s on fire! Patty Killian took a number of these hefty yellowtail over 2 days of fishing!

Some dorado starting to show up. Rancho Costa owner Gary Wagner with Mauricia Villanueva and an early season dorado.

It’s like a cheeseboard of fish! A colorful board of fish variety not unusual in the spring with some great eating inshore species . Jim Stahlman and Dave Edwards from Idaho with Captain Jorge holding a polometa (pompano) plus I see snapper, cabrilla and a rainbow runner as well (related to yellowtail). Good start!

Big pompano! It’s that time of year for the jacks to move in. Jason Wagner with dad, Gary, show off a big tasty pompano just outside of Bahia Muertos.

A big boy yellowtail for Mike Luna. There’s another tail sticking out’ve the box at the bottom!

Related to the pompano, roosterfish and yellowtail, this palometa took a bait fished by Bob Kashka.

Beautifuly released of a roosterfish by Mike Luna. He caught three of these his one day fishing.

Rancho Costa owner, Gary Wagner with a springtime rooster soon to be released.

YIkes! Jason got himself a HUGE needlefish!

Way too fun on a trout rod! Baby roosters right in Bahia Muertos all day long with Tracy and Gary Wagner. All fish released.


Even Captain Pancho made the gallery with one of Bob Kashka’s four roosterfish.

Not a bad week at all. Mostly very cooperative warm and sunny weather with highs in the low 90’s and nights in the mid-to-upper 60’s. Things are definitely warming although I went into the water and it was still chilly as are the early mornings! Not a bad idea to bring a windbreaker or light sweatshirt for the mornings until the sun comes up!

As for fishing, we’re moving into warmer species to go along with the warming conditions. We’re seeing a few more dorado which is indicative of the warmer species as well as more roosterfish and jacks such as pompano, jack crevalle and palometas. These are all typical of spring-fish.

However, we still got some really decent cold-water fish, especially the yellowtail from waters north of the city where the waters are cooler than to the south. Some of the yellowtail have been legit 20-35 pound fish and are eating sardines, mackerel, caballitos and jigs.

Inshore fishing for big cabrilla, pargo…like dog-tooth snapper, huachinango, sierra and bonito are still there for some fun action a tad closer to shore.

It’s nice to have calm waters again mostly! It’s a pretty time to be here.

That’s my story!


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The yellowfin tuna came up barking this week! Nice 30-80 pound fish for our Las Arenas fleet and showing here with some of our buen amigos: Mary Heilman; Ed Vander Veer; Mike Whitlow and Bobby Whitlow. Great week of tuna fishing!

The picture is a little deceiving, but our amigo, Jorge "Campion" Romero is actually about 6' tall, but has to lean way back in order to lift this tuna estimated between 70-80 pounds that he rocked off Las Arenas on 50 pound test! He only got one but it was a horse!

In addition to the tuna, it wasn't like the dorado disappeared from the center stage! For the entire summer, the dorado have been voracious! Our popular Captain Chito has a big smile with a big dorado for Ed Vander Veer from Portland OR who nailed this big bull north of La Paz.

Captain Victor from our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet flanked by Bernie Pirih and Jim Cirar from Reno NV area and a whole mess o' yellowfin tuna they hooked line live caballitos. The largest of these was scaled at 45 pounds.

It was another active week for marlin and sailfish with most fish released or busting off. However, this one could not be released. Left to right: Esteban romero, Randy Bryan from Chino Hills CA , Capitan Joel , John Nagy from Marina del Rey CA.

Like a kid with a pool toy, Mary Heilman from Oregon cradles her big bull dorado she caught fishing with our Tailhunter La Paz fleet off Espirito Santo Island.

Mike Whitlow spent his birthday with us from Washington and spent 5 full days slamming dorado, tuna, cabrilla, pargo and other species. But what he really wanted was a big roosterfish. He finally got the big fish on the last day...at the last hour of fishing! "It made my trip," he said. The big fish was released. Captain Adolfo looks on.

Personal bests on the "bucket list" for S. Californian, Don Busse, who got his largest dorado...a 25 and 30 pounder fishing with us this past week.

Natalie Espejo probably loves to fish even more than Bob Gurbuz from Los Angeles...in fact, she's crazy to fish and, as shown in the photo, often catches the largest fish when they fish. Actually, she gets impatient with him if he takes too long to pull in his fish! Bob is actually an experienced angler but says, "She's the boss!" Fun amigos! They got into the tuna bite this week at Las Arenas with their largest fish in the 40 pound class.

It's an outstanding time to fish inshore or along the islands, largely because everyone is outside chasing the bluewater fish! However, species like cabrilla, pargo, snapper and school-sized roosters like Bobby Whitlow's fish here that he caught and released can make for an entire day with plenty of action, That's Captain Adolfo grinning in the stern of the panga.

There comes a point where your arms ache and your back screams and you have to say, "No mas! Let's go home!" That's what happened with Tom Moltzen and Al Skiff who plugged the panga with yellowfin tuna (and Captain Pancho) and were back on the beach by 10:30 a.m. off Las Arenas.

Alex Trasvina brought his dad, Victor, down for a last-minute fishing trip and got into some of the yellowfin tuna one day fishing with our Las Arenas fleet then fished their 2nd day and slammed the dorado with our La Paz fleet.

First-timers to La Paz to fish with us, brothers Steve and Glenn Libbrecht from Nevada put numerous tuna in the pangas as well as dorado. This shot is from their 2nd day fishing with Captain Jorge. All the fish were 40 pound class sluggers.


Click here for our video and still images from the week on Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nodouT1xwE

Bonus Video Clip of the Week is Martine, the Italian opera singer who stopped by to visit us on the beach!  Turn up your volume and click the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63dtVb3ZarU


La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 4-11, 2011

Overall, despite some occasional dips, it was an incredible week of fishing for both our Tailhunter Fleets here.  Not only did the dorado keep biting fast and furious for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet, but tuna popped up mid-week for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet.  It was pretty good pickings.


The tuna were a great surprise.  On and off over the summer the tuna would tease here and there with a handful popping up every few days with nothing solid.  Well, about Wednesday about 5 miles offshore between the Punta Arenas lighthouse and the south end of Cerralvo Island the fish came charging.  Accompanied at times by the porpoise schools…and sometimes not…the yellowfin were “jumping out’ve the water all around the boats!” said one of our anglers.  “I’ve never seen 50-100 pound fish like that and after catching several 40-pounders, I’m glad we didn’t hook any larger!  One guy fought one for almost 3 hours and lost it!”  


The biggest problem for our Las Arenas fleet was the lack of sardines for bait so the guys had to catch caballito and also do a bit of trolling as well (cedar plugs again seem to be the hot ticket!).  But the big caballito hit the water like candy to a kindergarten class and for several days the boats put 2-10 fish aboard each day plus losing others…many much larger.  The size range of these went from 10 pound schoolie tuna up to 100-pound pigs with most of the fish in the 30-40 pound class…perfect for most anglers.  “That was plenty big for me!” said one of our anglers.  “I could not handle anything larger.  Before this a big trout had been my biggest fish!”


For the rest of the catch out of Las Arenas, we also hooked some marlin, sailfish, roosters and a nice smattering of pargo, cabrilla and snapper for those anglers that wanted to work inshore and along the island for fun light tackle fishing.


For our Tailhunter La Paz fleet…the boom on dorado continued.  It’s been bread-and-butter all summer.  If you want to put fillets in the cooler then chasing dorado north of town with our La Paz fleet has been the way to do it.  Dorado have been incredible most days with fish from 10-50 pounds.  Sometimes it’s one fish here.  One fish there.  But, often, the guys were telling me it could go from sheer boredom to pandemonium as big schools of mahi suddenly crashed and every single rod would be bent and it was frantic fishing at it’s best. Several days this week the fishermen were back on the beach cleaning their catches by 11 or 12 noon or earlier!


Still no wahoo in the picture or giant squid…we keep getting asked about both!  But the dorado and tuna sure kept everyone busy this week.

That’s our story!

Jonathan and Jilly


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