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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2018


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 1-7, 2018


The Mexican Minute Video Fishing Report

Short Attention Span Week at a Glance

Weather – Definitely cooler although water still warm.  In the mornings, the water at 86 or 87 degrees is warmer than the air!  Daytime temps down to about 92 now.  Humidity has thankfully dropped. Quite comfortable.  However, more winds and breezes especially from the north which is indicative of the changing season and coming winter…perhaps earlier than we would like.  Winds make it harder to fish.  We even had a little mini-hurricane by Cerralvo Island that we call “toritos” (little bull) that popped up and then left complete with waterspouts, wind, waves, thunder and lightning.

Water – Still warm and blue but the presence of so many cool-water species like the pargo, pompano, palometa are indicative of cooler water moving in.

Fishing – Incredible numbers of species for this time of year.  Normally, it’s dominated by the warm water species like tuna, dorado, wahoo and billfish.  But, right now, in addition to those we also have cabrilla, pompano, several types of pargo, jack crevalle, several species of bonito and more.

Outlook for Coming Week – Continued cooler.  Might get a spot of rain. Winds increasing

The Big Picture and the Rest of the Story…


Our amigo, Rob Chambers, had himself quite a day doing the hat trick at Las Arenas with 3 exotic species. He started the day nailing this wahoo on a purple rapala (still hanging from the mouth); then he nailed a nice bull dorado (photo below) the caught and released a roosterfish off the Punta Perico rocks! Scroll down for the rest of the photos!

Walt Menda from Sacramento comes down every year and always hangs the big fish fish. This one was with Captain Jorge and he and the fish battled for 2 long hours on light tackle.

Taking a quick week off from Germany where he serves in the U.S. Army, Marcus Yoo was just outside of Bahia Muertos when he took this colorful bull dorado.


That’s alot of meat! Ira Stephens from Washington and Mike Purcell from New York with Captain Jorge show off some nice tuna plus a bonus HUGE pargo liso (mullet snapper)

First-timer, Bryan Loh, from Newport Beach with Captain Gerardo put the hurt on this pretty wahoo using a dark X-Rap Rapala.

Hector and “Aguachile” Henry do it again with a couple of fat La Paz Bay yellowfin tuna.

Our La Paz Fleet really kicked out some nice catches this week. Check out the deck spread of tuna and dorado caught by Curt and Debbie Keller from Utah. First-visit to us!

Two funny guys! Captain Armando with our bud, John Gibbs and a colorful barred pargo.

Now that’s some variety! Marcus with yellowfin tuna, barred pargo, cubera snapper (pargo perro) and triggerfish . Great eating!

Mark Bonsack and Brad Sleder slipped in a quick two-day trip that produced this wahoo.

There was no shortage of tuna for our La Paz Fleet this week which usually relies on the dorado bite! But Captain Chito and Dave Wakabayashi rolled up some nice yellowfin off Espirito Santo Island.

Alex Dombrowski from Washington started off his fishing week with a bang…dorado, barred pargo and pompano for the fish box.


Wow…that’s alot of meat! A big pargo liso to go with tuna and a mess of pompano for Walt Menda and Lloyd Okimura from Sacramento!

Our best amigo, Jorge Romero, took a day off from driving all over Baja and took the biggest tuna of the day!

We had fun with these two! Great visit for the first time from Travis Woodard and Craig Wood and their wahoo.

Another of many trips in the book over the years from Delando Pegan who fished with our La Paz fleet and poses with tuna and dorado (more fish on the stern!). He owns Relik Winery in Oregon and is opening up his new B & B as well.

Jerry Kvaternik from Washington finally made it down to see us after many years! That’s a yellowfin tuna he’s goofing with!

Hard to believe all the pompano we caught this week. I don’t recall ever seeing this many caught. Normally a spring-time fish. Even then we never caught this many! John Gibbs does the honors. Great eating!

1-2-3…LIFT!!! That’s Curt Keller, trying to take a photo with his big roosterfish so he could released it. Captain Victor tries to help!

Nice shot. Powerful fish! Yellowfin tuna for Marcus.

Love that grin, Mike Jacobson! First-time visit with us, he got into the tuna and dorado!

Jae Park and Mike Kingsmore with Captain Ramiro and a nice wahoo. They also caught tuna and dorado over the 3 days of fishing.


Worth the smile after a good day fishing for Bill Bigelman from Washington with wahoo, cabrilla, tuna and dorado on the cutting table!

As good a picture as you might find. Nice bull dorado, Rob Chambers!

Lots of palometa this week which is highly unusual! Great eating fish related to jack crevalle, pompano, roosterfish and yellowtai.

That’s gonna be on a sashime plate! Andrew Bowman back for another year going home with tuna and dorado.

Nothing wrong with Bob Larson’s catch on the beach at Bahia de los Muertos! Tuna and dorado for ready to fillet!

Henry and Hector again! Barred pargo and an upside-down tuna!

Gary Okimoto on his first trip to La Paz with Lloyd Okimura who comes every year! Gary had a good time! Check out the first-day catch of tuna from Muertos Bay!


Armando and Choo…posing with their tuna. Big boy yellowfin!

Good form! Marcus Yoo on the stick has another La Paz tuna!


Jerry has another yellowfin! Washington in the house this week.

Good day for Rob Chambers! Just off the rocks at Punta Perico with a pretty roosterfish. Caught and released. Rob’s first trip to visit us.

Mike Kingsmore and Jae Park with another fat tuna on the beach.


The seasons are noticeably changing.  This past week temperatures seemed to have come down a good 5 degrees with daytime temps now in the low 90’s and the humidity has thankfully also eased up a bit.  But the surest indicator is that the north winds that blow during out winter off-season months have started to pick up which will surely continue the cooling trend.


The fishing, not so co-incidentally, also seemed to take a bit of a change as well.


Yellowfin tuna that we’ve had all year, but especially the last 2 months took a bit of a slow-down.  They’re still here and we caught quite a few, but not as many.  Most were in the 10-30 pound class with a few 40-60 pounders. There were some 100+ pounders hooked at the south end of Cerralvo Island, but all of those fish were lost. Still, we had to work a lot harder to find the tuna this past week whereas in other weeks, the tuna were voracious.  Some days, some pangas did not get any tuna at all which have been our bread-and-butter fish most of the season…at least for our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet.


However, remarkably, the bite was far better for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet which usually relies on a stead dorado bite to bend rods and fill fish boxes.  However, this past week, the tuna bite was actually much more solid and dependable with 25-40 pound yellowfin taking up perhaps 50% of the catch.  Whereas in normal years, we see only a handful of tuna for the La Paz fleet, this past week, our pangas were getting 2-10 yellowfin per panga per day!


Another indicator of the changing season is the variety of fish we’ve been catching the last two weeks.


Usually, this time of year warm water species like tuna and dorado dominate the fish counts.


However, in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten more wahoo which are normally late October fish.  Also, some of those big dog-tooth / cubera snapper and mullet snapper/ pargo lisos that we normally only see in the cooler spring-time months of March through May.  In addition a lot of palometa and pompano were also caught which are also spring-time fish .


We’ll have to keep an eye out for it and see if this is an on-going trend.  Or just a slight anomaly. You would have thought with the dark moon this past week the fishing would have been a little stronger.  Some boats some days actually really struggled while pangas right next to them were bent all day.  Then, it would reverse the next day.  But, overall, everyone got fish to bring home.


Jim Gatti arranged with the Sacramento Chapter of Safari Club International to have his 5 couples bring down a huge load of school supplies, sports equipment and hygiene items this past week. On top of it all, they donated money to our scholarship fund and brought enough to send 2 kids to school for two years with breakfast, books, uniforms and transportation!

Long-time Tailhunter amigos, Brad Baker and Jim Adair hauled down school supplies and tooth brushes.

Over the years, these guys have brought us not only lots of laughs and grins, but lots of donations for our Outreach Program. This week they hauled down several ice chests of new shoes, school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, and sports equipment.


As our season winds down to the last few weeks we need to give a shout-out to all of our Tailhunter Tribe who brought down thousand of pounds of donation items to our Tailhunter Outreach Program which over the past decade has distributed several tons of items to a local orphanage, a Womens Shelter, a Senior Citizen home and an under-served local neighborhood.


This past week even more great items were brought down and we appreciate everyone who found a little extra space in their ice chests and suitcases to stuff some stuff in there for our La Paz amigos. Regretfully, we don’t have photos of everyone who brought donations, but you know who you are and we’re grateful.  This stuff changes lives!

We are very blessed.  God bless you all!

That’s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly

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