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La Paz – Las Arenas Fishing Report from Tailhunter International for Week of Nov. 10-17, 2013

Rooster Ryan Chipley tags small 10-13

Surprisingly, we’ve had a pretty nice showing of trophy roosterfish the last month during a time when we normally don’t see roosters! But, they’ve been a great treat with fish like this one caught by Ryan Chipley who loves fishing the light tackle. Captain Pancho, normally smiling, helps out the shot. Note how close they are to the shore!

Mike and Bob dorado small tags 10-13

Great action continues for fun school-sized dorado like these despite cooling waters and increasingly breezy conditions. But easy limits are not uncommon like these fish caught by our good amigos, Bob Solee from Portland CEO of B & B Fishing Rods and Mike Anderson all the way from Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Marlin 11-13 tags

When you come all the way out from Wyoming for your first time fishing in salt water and you get a mess of dorado plus your first marlin, that’s pretty good for Rod Lang with amigo, Rick Kasper, outdoor and hunting TV show host. Marlin and sailfish are still in the area. This one could not be released, but fish was donated.

Pancho jack crevalle tags small 10-13

If you’d really like some light tackle or flyfishing fun, not much can top jack crevalle for attitude and power! Schools of the tough fish, called “Toro” (Bull) in Spanish are up close to the beaches and rocks right now and can keep you bent for hours as they’ll hit just about anything tossed their way. Larger ones can go up to 30 pounds or more.


La Paz – Las Arenas Fishing Report for Week of Nov. 10-17, 2014

We had some really nice weather this week.  A bit of breeze, but overall really just sunny pleasant weather.  Normally, this time of the year, it can get pretty blustery although if you’re not on the water, just a genuinely nice time to be in La Paz because the town is almost empty of tourists and traffic.  Great time to be in La Paz!

But this week, pretty calm overall and correspondingly some good solid fishing with good action on a variety of species.

Dorado continued to be the highlight with good to great results on 8-15 pound fish.  Perfect for lots of the light tackle folks and snow-bird amigos who really aren’t in town to fish, but are in town these days just to get some sunshine and maybe fish a day or so.  Some don’t have alot of experience so this size of dorado makes for great sport as well as great eating for a first-timer.  But for veteran fisher-folks as well, nothing wrong with limits of dorado ripping it up either!

I’m still amazed at how well we’re doing on the rooster fish also!  Normally, we just don’t see many rooster fish this late in the season.  However, it’s been a banner year for the big pez gallos since April, so I guess I should be surprised.  We kinda just think the roosters go away and once the dorado start showing up in May or June, the focus is away from the rooster fish and more towards the dorado and other pelagic species.

But, maybe this year, the rooster fish have been here all along!

About a month or so ago, just for grins and giggles, some of the anglers started fishing for roosters because they were just tired of so many dorado!  And whoa…we started getting into roosters again!  Not many…but certainly enough to be a nice cherry on top of a good day of dorado fishing to top it off with a bucket-list rooster or two!  And these fish have been a nice grade as well…20, 30…even 50 pound fish have been taken.

This past week was no exception with at least a rooster or two caught and released every day running in that 20-30 pound class.

As for other species, still getting into billfish by way of striped marlin and sailfish.  Again, it’s been a super event for some of our first-timers who don’t have alot of experience and suddenly find themselves attached to a leaping billfish!  Most are getting released and have been in that 80-130 pound size.

Not sure how much longer the blue water species like dorado and billfish will be along, but predictions for the week show that winds will be down so maybe our season will continue to hang on with the fish!

That’s our story!

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