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La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 15-20, 2019


La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Sept. 15-20, 2019


I shot this earlier than normal…two days before the end of the week as Hurricane Lorena was about to hit us and I did not know at the time if we would lose electricity and internet.  Plus, I had a feeling that the rest of week we’d have to cancel fishing for a day or two.  So, it’s a little longer than normal as well because there was alot to chat about!


Hurricane Lorena was supposed to have veered off, but at the last minute came straight for us. It could have been alot worse as it dropped rain and wind on us for about 12 hours before moving on. The biggest issue was that we had to cancel fishing and diving and lots of folks got stuck when the airlines shut down or the airport got closed.

What an incredible marlin bite we had! For several days mid-week we had the best marlin fishing we have ever seen where almost every panga each day hooked 1-4 marlin like the Lauby Brothers…Justin and Noah…who hooked for marlin in 2 days. Most fish over the week were released and much meat was donated.

One of our newest funnest Tailhunter tribe members, Mari Bedsaul had some fun with us and got into some of that fun dorado fishing with Captain Alfredo.

Captain Arcangel looks like he’s checking the teeth of this big roosterfish…or looking for the hook so they can release it! But nice first rooster for Jon Sparks! And yes…they were able to release it!

The biggest tuna of the week and her first ever for Kasey Dewey from Washington. Tough fish, especially for a first-timer and she did great!

April Perry, husband Ryan and brother Taylor Sering got this blue marlin in that great marlin bite this week tag-teaming the rod on light tackle! One of the few blues that was caught. Most of the fish were able to be released and much meat was donated.

Dave Sowards has been visiting us for several years and always seems to do well. He got this striper with Captain Chito and had several others on as well.

Love this shot!!! Big smiles from Taylor Sering and Captain Luis plus a nice bull dorado as well.

That’s quite a table of fish for Larry Axtell and Clint Lowe from Idaho with Captain Fili including dorado, triggers and jack crevalle.

First marlin for firefighter Kallie Stahley who came down with her dad and were at the start of the marlin and dorado bite this week.

Not many tuna this week, but Greg Walter poses with a couple of nice footballs!

What a great shot and a super fish! Fishing wit Captain Jorge right off Punta Perico, Mari Bledsaul started her fishing week with a hefty roosterfish caught…photo’d…and released! Nicely done!

Great color and one of our newest amigas at Tailhunter, April Perry, from easter Washington poses with a fresh dorado.

Two funny guys and their tuna! Lou Torres and Frank Marshall! Tuna were hard to come by this week just when I thought they’d turn on!

Hard to find too many nicer guys than Chris Bedsaul showing off his first roosterfish. The fish was released!

Yes, there’s still lots of big hard-charging jack crevalle around to bend rods like this bad boy caught by Stefan Zeltvay. Cousin to the roosterfish, the Mexican name for them is “toro” (bull) for good reason. They are roosterfish without the headgear!

First day on the water with a sweet bit of tuna and dorado fillets for Randy and Kasey Dewey with Captain Gerardo peeking from behind.

Double dorado on the beach for April Sering. Some of it headed to our Tailhunter Restaurant for dinner

Another dorado for Mari north of La Paz.

Wow…what a week!


Initially with the full moon, I was wondering if the lunar phase would affect the nice dorado bite we had been having.  I’m not a big believer in how the moon affects our fishing down here, but you just never know!


So, the week kicked off with no big change in the dorado bite. In fact, it got better and the fish got bigger!  Especially for our Tailhunter La Paz fleet, it was pretty typical to get limits of 10-20 or 25 pound dorado and then catch and release many many more.  Lots of fun!

How can you beat this photo! Dorado underwater! Thanks, Chris Bedsaul!

But, then the craziest thing happened…


The marlin went crazy nut insane!  In 25 years here, I have never seen anything like it.  For 4 days, almost all our pangas were hooking 1-4 marlin per boat per day!  Stripers up to 120 pounds!  Blue Marlin in the 150-250 pound range!  We even had a 600 pound marlin at one point.


Here’s what some of our folks said:


“We had two marlin on the line and another one came up and bit a 3rd rod the captain had in the water.  He was trying to figure out which marlin to chase after with the boat!”


“We hooked and released two marlin and tried to get away from them and moved the boat.  Two marlin swam after the boat like they wanted to be fed!”


“Our panga was in the middle of the dorado school and we had two fish one and I happened to look down and saw a marlin just kinda hanging under the boat.  Then, I felt a bump and realized there was another marlin bumping the boat!” 


“Pretty exciting stuff.  In 3 days, we hooked and released 5 marlin on light tackle including 4 stripers and 1 blue.  My wife says she loves fishing now! Our last fish we were on our way in and had one rod out with a little feather and a striper bit it!”


The big issue was that so many of these fish showed up while guys were going full-turbo in the dorado schools.  Consequently, they were fishing with light 30 and 40 pound test…small hooks and small baits when the marlin bit.  Many of the marlin were not only eating the baits, but also eating the dorado.


On light tackle, the fights were long and epic.

Dave again!


The bad thing was that many folks tried to release fish but the fish were exhausted.  We released the majority of the fish, but some were not able to be released but many of our anglers donated meat to needy folks here in town.  Also, because of the small hooks and lines, the marlin were swallowing the hooks all the way down and that also made it difficult to release fish!


The other aspect is that as long as some fights were…others were short and some of the larger fish, especially, the blue marlin were lost!  By day 3, many of our captains were putting some heavier gear aboard!


Then…Hurricane Lorena showed up!


Relatively small compared to many others, but it started heading towards Baja and really didn’t look like much other than maybe a little wind and rain.  Then, the “Hurricane Watch” became  Hurricane “Warning.”  It was definitely headed up to Baja!  However, the initial advisories indicated it would veer off to the Pacific and La Paz would only get the edge of the storm.


However, as sometimes happens, late Friday, the storm turned and put us right in the crosshairs on a direct collision.  So…

C’mon man…you said you weren’t going to hit us!


Airports closed…flights got canceled…the port closed and no boats were allowed out…folks started getting ready with water, candles, flashlights and extra beer.  A lot of our anglers got stuck for an extra night or two unable to leave.  Others trying to get in couldn’t fly down because of canceled flights or the closed Cabo Airport.


When the storm finally hit, it was a lot weaker than so many storms we’ve had, but enough to drop wind and rain on us for about 12 hours and keep everyone pinned indoors all night watching the storm.  Fortunately, other than some flooding and downed trees, no one was hurt and very little property damage.  It was just a big wet “inconvenient” pain-in-the-butt!


Frankly, many of our clients partied and rolled with it and were very patient with us and the circumstances.   However, I felt badly for those that lost fishing days or got stuck one way-or-the-other.

As of Saturday morning the airports opened and normalcy started returning as we dried out and dug out.


Not sure how this will affect the fishing but we’ll keep you posted!

That’s our story!

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